More details on Prince 4EVER


Seven tracks new to CD

Despite being targeted firmly at the casual fan, the new Prince 4EVER compilation (due next month) will contain a number of well-known tracks in variants that have never before been issued on CD, according to Warners.

Twenty-two out of the 40 tracks on Prince 4EVER are single edits, as follows:

  • 1999 3.36
  • Little Red Corvette* 3.08
  • When Doves Cry 3.49
  • Let’s Go Crazy* 3.46
  • I Wanna Be Your Lover 2.57
  • Soft And Wet 3.01
  • Uptown 4.09
  • Controversy 3.35
  • Let’s Work* 2.56
  • Delirious 2.36
  • I Would Die 4 U 2.57
  • Take Me With U* 3.39
  • Sign ‘O’ The Times 3.44
  • Alphabet St.* 2.25
  • Batdance 4.06
  • Girls And Boys* 3.27
  • If I Was Your Girlfriend 3.46
  • I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man (fade) 3.39
  • Glam Slam* 3.28
  • Diamonds And Pearls 4.20
  • Gett Off (single remix) 3.59
  • 7 (Album Edit) 4.23

Warners are claiming that the tracks marked in bold and with an asterisk are “previously unavailable on CD” although labels are notoriously unreliable with information like this, so SDE readers can confirm if this is indeed the case!

Other points of interest include the fact that Nothing Compares 2 U is identical to the version on The Hits/The B-Sides and that Diamonds And Pearls wasn’t edited for the single in the UK, therefore the US 4.20 single edit must be what is being used. Of course as well as this Moonbeam Levels is included which is completely unreleased.

4EVER will be released on 25 November (22 Nov in the US). The full track listing is below.


1.    1999
2.    Little Red Corvette
3.    When Doves Cry
4.    Let’s Go Crazy
5.    Raspberry Beret
6.    I Wanna Be Your Lover
7.    Soft and Wet
8.    Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad
9.    Uptown
10. When You Were Mine
11. Head
12. Gotta Stop (Messin’ About)
13. Controversy
14. Let’s Work
15. Delirious
16. I Would Die 4 U
17. Take Me With U
18. Paisley Park
19. Pop Life
20. Purple Rain
21. Kiss
22. Sign ‘O’ The Times
23. Alphabet Street
24. Batdance
25. Thieves In The Temple
26. Cream
27. Mountains
28. Girls & Boys
29. If I Was Your Girlfriend
30. U Got The Look
31. I Could Never Take The Place of Your Man
32. Glam Slam
33. Moonbeam Levels
34. Diamonds and Pearls
35. Gett Off
36. Sexy MF
37. My Name Is Prince
38. 7
39. Peach
40. Nothing Compares 2 U

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“Nothing Compares 2 U” is NOT identical to the version on The Hits/The B-Sides. It’s an edit, released in 1993 on “Peach” single and as promo on its own, both on vinyl and CD.

I just did a comparison:
Both versions begin abruptly, without ‘proper’ live intro. The edit cuts the first 27 seconds from the long(er) version. Further 15 seconds are cut from 4.11-4.26 on the longer version. On ‘Hits’ the audience noise at the end of “Nothing” is cross-mixed with that on the live recording of “Adore” – but the edit obviously has the ‘unmixed’ ending.


Any true fan would have all the album versions, and yes 1999, Doves, and Corvette are better in their original full length versions, but as a long standing fan I have wanted official digital versions of these previously unreleased single versions forever! So personally I’m very happy that so many 7″ versions have been included.

For me the only travelsty is the omission of tracks from Come and Gold Experience including of course the Most Beautiful Girl. Warner never acknowledge tracks from that era on these compilations.

Rob Wilson

The Little Red Corvette edit was commercially available on the Backtrax series https://www.discogs.com/Prince-1999-Little-Red-Corvette/release/2787645

Phil Wilson

Now available for £10 on Tesco.com, may be only for UK buyers though (in that they only deliver to the UK)



ill stick with the hits/b-sides, still the best collection of Prince

Mark Franklin

I was hoping for the edit of Gold but it’s not here sadly. Not a bad track listing but like others have said, some of the edits aren’t good at all.


Is I Would Die 4 U single version actually longer than on the Purple Rain album?

Some of the edits work well actually, like Uptown, Controversy, Delirious. Can’t wait for the edits of Alphabet St. & Girls And Boys!


Only very slightly Danny, the 7″ version has about 8 secs longer at the end with an “echo” finish, instead of going straight into Baby I’m A Star like the album version does.


Thanks, now I remember!

What about Kiss, are they really going to use the album version with abrupt ending? I thought the longer single version would be a given for that one…


I’m pretty sure Kiss is going to end with the guitar fade out like the 45 does


I think so too but we don’t have confirmation on that, Swiss site lists album version running time.


…Although appreciate that the UK 12″ mix of Pop Life is still unreleased on CD.


John – there was the extended Fresh Dance Mix of Pop Life on the Ultimate Prince compilation back in 2006 if you’re looking for that on CD. It has some other first time on CD 12″ versions too.

I think overall it’s not a bad compilation. WB were never going to make everyone 100% happy but this hits a few good spots for most. Though a couple unreleased tracks would have been better!

elliott buckingham

the uk 12″ of pop life is far better than the us fresh dance mix version

Charlie Waffles

Looks like Warner Brothers is starting to ruin Prince’s music. I would gladly pay more for the full versions on a three disc release. What a shame…

Paul English

The full versions are already available on the albums. Because they’ve included single edits here, I’ll be buying.

Henry W

That’s a bit harsh…plenty of single edits used on The Hits which presumably Prince had some sort of approval over and I don’t remember anyone saying Prince was ruining his own music by doing so!
I’d argue that whilst the full versions are in most cases far superior to the edits, there’s absolutely a place for the edits on a greatest hits – it’s what most people got to hear on the radio at the time. It’s not as if the original albums are unavailable.


Glad to see the Alphabet Street edit, that is after all the version in the video. When Doves Cry edit is a crime, even the video is for the FULL song. 1999 edit is understandable although I always feel the full length should be on any best of.

It would have been a good time for the UK 12″ extended version of Pop Life to get an official CD release as well, missed opportunity there.

Have they wrangled this onto being on Spotify?


Partyman ??


I have read somewhere that the Purple Rain Deluxe Edition will be remastered. Is this greatest hits compilation also remastered ?


Glad they’re including the 7″ versions of Girls & Boys, Alphabet St., Glam Slam & 7. But Warmers PLEASE include Anotherloverholenyohead and I Wish U Heaven!!


Aye probably Paul, Mountains is a better song too in my humble opinion. Personally, I’d prefer to have them both though, Prince in his prime. Ditch Gotta Stop (Messin’ About). Probably too late for amendments now anyway… Still, looking forward to it!!


“The Crown Jewels” is still the best title for a Prince compilation, someone at WB back then clearly had a sense of humour!

Richard Littler

The good thing about including edits is that it keeps the casual listener happy, the hardcore fans get alternate versions of the tracks on CD and let’s face it, people are more likely to dig out the albums to get the original ‘album versions’ if they really get into his music. Hopefully a 1994-2016 compilation will emerge at some point.


I wish this whole set was remastered! Don’t we diehard fans deserve that since we been waiting for DECADES!?

Eric M.

I’m not following… is part of this release remastered and part not?


No Prince edit is superior to its full-length original version.

Personally I think it’s a travesty that Let’s Go Crazy’s full intro & When Doves Cry’s full coda section will not be present on this – which will be many peoples’ introduction (and maybe go-to collection) to his work. To a slightly lesser extent, 1999, Alphabet St, Sign “O” The Times etc suffer from being hacked down to size but I understand the necessity and it’s probably more important to get a many of his brilliant songs on there as possible.

Vinyl box would be lovely too. And original 1982 Moonbeam Levels, please…


This should be released on viny as well…gotta have it!


I meant vinyl


Already over 50 comments and this is just the first greatest hits release – imagine how comments once Purple Rain Deluxe Edition is announced!

Obviously in the grand scheme of Prince releases this package is a drop in the ocean but really all the estate could manage with Warner Bros in time for the Christmas shopping season. One would think that Warner Bros are in pole position when it comes to moving forward as the sole Prince distributor but only time will tell.

I’m sure many will agree we still don’t know who will be responsible for curating the vault and putting forward new releases for the fans who already have everything – official or otherwise. Bring on the much- celebrated August 3, 1983 First Avenue show!

Colin M

There’s also a 1 disc version up on Amazon.com…


In semi-related news, Warner Bros. have released a set containing Prince’s three movies (Purple Rain, Under the Cherry Moon, and Graffiti Bridge) on blu-ray. The packaging promises “dramatically improved video and audio”—but the sound quality of the musical performances in Purple Rain is horrible. It sounds as though they were recorded with one of those boom boxes with “automatic level control”—it’s especially obvious on “Let’s Go Crazy” and “Computer Blue” (and slightly less obvious on “Purple Rain”). It’s been long enough since I’ve seen it that it could just be that way on the soundtrack, but you’d think that they would take the extra time to clean up the audio as long as they were working on the image (the picture quality is very good).

Donald Marshall

So happy it’s the edit version of let’s go crazy….love that edit start.


Looks like whatever record labels do, people will always complain. If they put album versions on, people want the single mixes. If they put single mixes on, people want the longer album versions. Longer album version means you’ll get fewer songs on a 2 disc compilation.
If you’ve already got the albums, make your own mix/match version of desired album/7 inch versions. Technology is at your finger tips. It couldn’t be easier.

Michael khalsa

No would just prefer some real care. Would be pretty simple to do a great Prince compilation. The Ultimate one I liked the Hits 3 CD the sound is not very good.

Randy Metro

@ Andreas: Agree with you 100%. I make my own fabulous compilations. Never any whining at my house.

Michael khalsa

Prince is one my favourite artists would love remastered versions but this tracklist & the edits would mean probably not worth buying for me.


I dont think anyone can complain, unusual for anyone to care what goes on a GH set. Good on Warners for bothering.


The serious fans ALWAYS care what appears on their favourite artists compilations as it can often mean rare edits, 7″ remix edits, and other tracks never before available in remastered form or simply appearing for the first time on one of their compilations. Its why Paul’s drawn our attention to what’s included here.


Happy to have the single edit of Alphabet St. finally on CD because it works, unlike the single edit of When Doves Cry which doesn’t.


The single edit of Alphabet St has been available on CD single 1988. It’s on the USA CD Promo which is widely available.


I really don’t like single edits, especially of Prince songs! I may pick this up anyway though. It would have been nice for them to include some of the killer B’s like Irresistible B, 17 Days, Erotic City, She’s Always in my Hair, La la la He he he, or Shockadelica.

Hopefully we will get the 1999 era Xtraloveable on the Purple Rain reissue next year. There are rumors of a whole disc of songs from that era coming with the set along with Wednesday, and Fathers Song, plus the full version of Computer Blue. Also rumored to be included is his birthday concert from First Avenue, which is available now as a bootleg, If only half of this is true I am all over that one!

Does anyone know if there will be a vinyl edition of this set, maybe even a purple one haha!


A vinyl edition is inevitable, almost compulsory nowadays!

Florian M. Kranz

Just one example that Discogs is a way to search for certain versions of songs. In this case Alphabet St. (single edit, on CD).

elliott buckingham

what we don’t want is the edited when doves cry. I want a comprehensive 12″ collection have most on vinyl but would love a remastered set. amazon are listing some 12″ singles for 2017 release


We all love physical media, but I would have thought that “previously unavailable on CD” is less and less an attractive selling point with a thousand ways to buy stuff as downloads these days. “Unavailable on CD” isn’t the same as “Unreleased”.

Eric M.

I think that’s a shorthand for “previously unreleased in digital quality”, which is an important distinction to make, as they are not truly “unreleased”.

Eric M.

Right. My point to the original poster was just that it would be woefully inaccurate to label these tracks “unreleased”.

I think there’s still plenty of consumers interested in titles previously “unreleased on CD”. God knows I am. I love my vinyl, too, but to only have that one option for the old single mixes/edits is frustrating. Anyway, I didn’t mean to second guess your notations– just meant that when I see “unavailable on CD” in relation to older music like this, I pretty much make it synonymous with “only previously available on scratchy 45’s and dull cassettes!”

Still excited for the few new tracks here – I think it’s a sign of good faith for any more forthcoming reissues.

lee bowler

Oops Thieves is there (my bad)!

lee bowler

Really really wanted the Edit of ‘Purple Rain’, but i’m still loving this compilation. Yes it omits essential listening (Gold, Thunder, Most Beautiful Girl, Partyman, Thieves etc etc) but hey ho


It’s o.k.! This will allow those to be on a 2 c.d. compilation and there are FAR more compilations of hits and best ofs that can be done in the years to cum that can be FAR more extensive than all of this! Hopefully those would have the full versions you all are talking about, eh!

Rob Wilson

Gonna go download the bootleg “Virtual 7″ Singles Box” to try to listen to how some of these are edited


Blu-ray audio would have been a great one-disc format for this, much like the Rolling Stones’ GRRR!


From the list above, these are the songs that are different lengths from the versions on Hits 1/2.

(Hits 1/2 length listed second)

Little Red Corvette* 3.08 (4.56)
Let’s Go Crazy* 3.46 (4.39)
Alphabet St.* 2.25 (5.39)
Gett Off (single remix) 3.59 (4.30)
7 (Album Edit) 4.23 (5.09)

Disappointed that Little Red Corvette and Let’s Go Crazy are shorter versions. OK with the rest.


I believe those are the album versions on the Hits set


I personally love the “Cat, we need you to rap!” part of Alphabet Street.


Me too! :-)

elliott buckingham

will sexy mf be the clean version I hate 7″ edits especially 1999 it sounds awful


In reply to the edit concern of Sexy MF, no it is not a clean version. It is fully expletive. Phew.

Steven C

Great. The Crappy edit of “When Doves Cry” where they chop off the epic guitar ending from the album version. This is what happens when people who shouldn’t be putting these things together are given control…

Rob Wilson

i am so glad I am not the only one who is fed up with the neglect of the Album Version. Prince’s screeches at the end completely make the song for me!


The album versions are superior on When Doves Cry, Delirious, and I Wanna be Your Lover they should be included!!! 1999, Controversy, and Purple Rain actually got better in edited form.

Eric M.

With all respect due to other opinions, the LP versions are always going to be a part of their parent albums. “When Doves Cry” and “Let’s Go Crazy” album versions are set to be included on the remastered Purple Rain next year. For those of us who like to have the 45 versions collected, a best-of, or greatest hits like this would have to be the proper place.


a shame if purple rain is the full length album version. the rest is good news.

David mcIntyre

If I am not mistaken, unless the version of take me with U is a different mix which I am unaware of then it has appeared on CD, Purple Rain, although on the album it runs to approx 3.47, maybe it fades out quicker.

Re: Elliot Buckingham.

Yes, Prince did record Manic Monday, with Vanity (Denise Matthews) on lead vocals and himself on backing vocals, originally intended to be on the second Vanity 6 album, which never happened due to Vanity leaving the Purple Rain tent before the movie was underway which opened the door for Patricia (Apollonia) Kotero to take the rains (see what I did there?) on the renamed Apollonia 6. It seems that P didnt feel that such a good tune should end up on such a mediocre album. It then eventually ended up with the Bangles. I have heard a rather murky version of the original and it is pretty much the same arrangement as the released version albeit with Susannah Hoffs on lead vocals.
On a side note, Take me with U was originally slated to be on the Apollonia 6 album before Prince held that one back for Purple Rain.


Thanks for the update Paul! I, personally, can’t wait to own the Batdance edit finally on CD!

Chris Brown

AFAIK that ‘Alphabet St’ edit was on a promo CD, but not the commercial CD single. I suspect that applies to a few others too.


what, No LP? Life is so unfair. Cue rant!

Eric M.

*that awkward crossfade

Eric M.

Thank you for this clarification! “Glam Slam” is the LP edit judging by the length, and not the Pettibone 7″. The LP edit has •technically• been released on promo radio station CD, although not to the public. I think “Girls and Boys” has been out on a CD single with “Kiss”, but I am not 100% sure on that. “Little Red Corvette” was out on a backtrax CD single with “1999”.

“Let’s Work”, “Let’s Go Crazy” and “Take Me With You” are true 1st time on CD occurrences. I predict a lot of pissed off listeners when they hear thay awkward crossfade on the intro of “Crazy” but I, for one, can’t wait.

Eric M.

Oh! Sorry if i read too fast and missed that. Be warned there are two different “single remix”‘es of “Gett Off” as well, depending on whether you’re in the US or UK. The US mix was closer in length to the LP version.


I’ve checked my archive….

Little Red Corvette edit is on the Crown Jewels CD Promo – obviously not commercially available.

Alphabet Street edit is also on the Crown Jewels and the USA Promo Single – again not commercially available.

But there are two errors…..

Girls And Boys Single Edit is on CD2 of the Peach CD Single – cat no : W0210CD2.

Glam Slam Single Edit is on the Glam Slam CD Single – cat no : W7806CD.

Eric M.

Yes – I had forgotten to mention “Alphabet St” in my comment below. Agree on all these

elliott buckingham

i wonder if prince ever recorded manic Monday b4 giving it to the bangles

Geert De Wilde

Yes: he recorded is a duet with Apollonia in 1984. Her vocal is prominent.

Matthew Hudson

It was Vanity, not Apollonia


Is it really so timeconsuming to write “before” instead of “b4”?

Paul Murphy

Well, no more onerous than titling an album ‘Prince Forever’ one might posit.


is there a running length for moonbeam levels published officially?

fans are wondering what version it may be. the original 1982 version or the 1987 version (which is basically the same as the 1982 version but mixed differently), or a rerecorded version such as from 2010 like when he rerecorded extralovable (he rerecorded 1,000 hugs and kisses and large room with no light in the last 10 years too)


The Warner Music Switzerland website has the track times listed here: http://www.warnermusic.ch/catalogue_detail-n28-i93624914600-sD.html

Eric M.

Well, they also list “7” as running for one second, so maybe don’t take it as the final wors just yet LOL

Raven Campbell

Do you know if Moon Beam Levels will be released as an official single?

Peter Jeno

Re: Moonbeam Levels: if it’s not the ’82 version (minus tape hiss a’la bootlg), I’m not buying the paperweight of single versions.

Rob Wilson

it would have to be the 89 version, seeing as they place it between Glam Slam and Batdance.


…but it’s not a strictly chronological CD, so I’m still assuming the original ’82 version.