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Paul McCartney will issue another batch of coloured vinyl exclusives in May, with four albums reissued from three different decades.

The albums in question are Thrillington, Wings Greatest, Chaos and Creation in the Backyard and New. Like the previous vinyl reissues on Capitol, these are all available as black vinyl pressings and single CD digipacks along with the limited edition coloured vinyl offerings (from selected retailers).

Thrillington is actually an orchestral/lounge version of Paul’s 1971 album RAM (released under the Pseudonym Percy “Thrills” Thrillington) and was recorded in that same year, but not issued until 1977. Although a CD of Thrillington formed part of the 2013 RAM deluxe set, it wasn’t issued on vinyl at that time and, in fact, hasn’t been issued on the format since the original release 41 years ago. The coloured limited edition is a red/black marbled 180gram vinyl LP.

Wings Greatest was issued in 1978, about eight months after London Town and featured a selection of 12 hit singles, including the record-breaking Mull Of Kintyre (still the biggest selling non-charity single in the UK). Such was Macca’s success in the 1970s that there was no room for US number one Listen To What The Man Said. Wings Greatest hasn’t formed part of McCartney’s Archive Collection campaign but this new edition is available on limited edition blue vinyl and includes a 20 x 20″ poster.

The vinyl reissue(s) of Wings Greatest comes with a large poster.

Chaos And Creation in the Backyard was produced by Nigel Godrich and issued in 2005. It was Paul’s last album for EMI and despite critical acclaim was only a modest seller. Some say this prompted Paul’s move to Hear Music for 2007’s Memory Almost Full. The limited edition vinyl is gold-coloured and comes with a 12×12” insert.

In some ways, it’s a surprise to see Paul’s most recent album New reissued here on coloured vinyl when Flowers in the Dirt still hasn’t received the same treatment. It’s a great record though and features the production talents of  Giles Martin, Mark Ronson, Ethan Johns and Paul Epworth. The limited edition version is pink vinyl with a 12 x 12″ insert.

All of the above are released on 18 May 2018. As before, you can only get the coloured vinyl via sites like uDiscoverMusic.com. Also, CD Japan are issuing mini-LP CD (vinyl replica) editions of all four albums (see below).

Japanese mini-LP CD vinyl replicas from CD Japan

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Percy 'Thrills' Thrillington

Thrillington - black vinyl LP


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Percy 'Thrills' Thrillington

Thrillington - CD


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Wings Greatest - black vinyl LP


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Wings Greatest - CD


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Paul McCartney

Chaos and Creation in the Backyard - black vinyl LP


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Paul McCartney

Chaos and Creation in the Backyard - CD


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Paul McCartney

New - black vinyl LP


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Paul McCartney

New - CD



Side A
1. Too Many People
2. 3 Legs
3. Ram On
4. Dear Boy
5.  Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
6. Smile Away

Side B
1. Heart Of The Country
2. Monkberry Moon Delight
3. Eat At Home
4. Long Haired Lady
5. Back Seat Of My Car

Wings Greatest

Side A
1. Another Day
2. Silly Love Songs
3. Live and Let Die
4. Junior’s Farm
5. With a Little Luck
6. Band on the Run

Side B
1. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
2. Hi, Hi, Hi
3. Let ‘Em In
4. My Love
5. Jet
6. Mull of Kintyre

Chaos and Creation in the Backyard

Side A
1 Fine Line
2 How Kind of You
3 Jenny Wren
4 At the Mercy
5 Friends to Go
6 English Tea
7 Too Much Rain

Side B
1 A Certain Softness
2 Riding to Vanity Fair
3 Follow Me
4 Promise to You Girl
5 This Never Happened Before
6 Anyway


Side A
1 Save Us
2 Alligator
3 On My Way To Work
4 Queenie Eye
5 Early Days
6 New

Side B
1 Appreciate
2 Everybody Out There
3 Hosanna
4 I Can Bet
5 Looking At Her
6 Road

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Don’t think CD Japan are “issuing” the CD “mini LP” versions, that would be the Universal Music Japan. Disk Union are offering a nice Wings Greatest design box for those that buy all four CDs.

Gis Bun

Including New was an add one [because it’s his last album]. But at least they didn’t scr?w some of the fans like me by releasing a deluxe edition. I already have 2 editions of New [Collectors & Japanese editions] and surely don’t need another one.


Paul, have you heard of any problems with the colored vinyl? I’m in America, and I pre-ordered the 4 colored bundle on Macca’s website, but I have received nothing – and his webpage says “pre-order” yet also says “in-stock”. Shockingly another fumble by the MPL/McCartney team – unless I am the only one. I pre-ordered the day they went onsale thanks to your website. Keep up the great work

Tam Jockson

Coloured vinyl version of Chaos and Creation currently sold out on both SoV and uDiscover. Not sure if that’s genuinely the case or if it’s a mess up as initially happened with the last batch in November? Was any indication given as to how many copies of the coloured vinyl were to be made available? Certainly some of the November batch are still available from SoV & uDiscover. (BTW free shipping over the bank holiday weekend on SoV with FREEUKDELIVERY code.)

Terence McAnulla

Hi Paul! This is scary news … when the coloured vinyl of the first 8 came out in 2017 UDiscover marketed it online and it was a disaster. In stock position was never stable and customer service through UDiscover.us was awful. Very slow in acknowledging orders with issues and resolution often took weeks after that. I am worried these coloured vinyl releases in May will be more of the same. I look forward to receiving them, but will buying from UDiscover ever again! I will be price shopping as well. Buyer beware … peace & love.

Terence McAnulla

… obviously I meant to say , ” but will NOT be buying from UDiscover ever again!” The colored discs do sound great though, I have all eight of the November 17 bundle …

[…] here, I’m a bit of a sucker for a coloured vinyl pressing, but surely Paul McCartney‘s recent batch of ‘reissues’ takes things too far, by including the ex-Beatle’s MOST RECENT ALBUM among the selection. […]

Choba b CCCP

Personally, I’m happy with these coloured releases and if I were a novice, the coloured versions of McCartney LPs would be the right choice for my collection. But even being a hard longtime fan I long for all this stuff anyway. That shiny orange vinyl of WATSOS looks wonderful and how deep is the blue colour of Tug Of War! The cover artwork comes with detailed pictures as if the albums have just been published for the first time.
Yes, I am the one who’s waiting impatiently for the rest volumes of the Archive series, but well, all can I do is hope.

Philip Cohen

I wouldn’t expect any more archival releases from Paul McCartney. The reality is this: these days, his main income comes from touring, and he has little or no interest in the market for music recordings, be they old or new. McCartney and his manager Scott Rodger alienated fans of “Physical Product” with the fiasco of the “Flowers in The Dirt” boxed set, but McCartney & Rodger won’t swall0w their pride and do right for the fans.


…zzzzzzz – I’m not sure where to begin on this marketing mess since 2016. From 2010-2015 this reissue campaign was smooth sailing then all of a sudden:

1. A random Best-of cd/vinyl/dl set [Pure McCartney]
2. Record label move to Capitol (best-of I suppose was the final contractual release)
3. An 18 month gap finally ends with the next Archive Release of FITD (with all the issues of the downloadable content for the SDE buyers)
4. A random re-release of the straight album (non-deluxe) on black & color vinyl sets of the the previous 8 album releases (sans WOA)
5. MPL/Capitol mum on any indication of whether or not the Archive series will roll on again.
6. Another random re-issue campaign – for Capitol to capitalize on another ‘collector’ set for people to re-purchase again.

I put the square blame on, not Paul but, his record label for what was a pretty neat reissue series that started in 2010.

More power to the people whom see value in these re-issues of re-releases/random albums but for the die-hard fans who have enthusiastically invested in the wonderful Archive series – they are pushed aside until MPL/Capitol receives enough capital funds they see fit before they causally push the next Archive series to the market; if that is even happens again. I believe there will be more sets but this is now at a snails pace.

I know this was a harsh response but this current marketing team seems to be more focused on these non-essential random color vinyl releases than the original mission statement campaign eight years ago.

My gut tells me to be patient because the Archive series is far from being over but it’s a little annoying to see the plan diverge over the last couple of years.

hendry doran

I don’t think it a harsh response at all but have to disagree slightly when apportioning blame.
Many fans/collectors that I know see McCartney and his company at fault showing little respect for his record-buying fans.
When he returned to Capitol I’m sure he must have had discussions on how they were going to treat both his back catalogue and any future releases. As I mentioned in a previous post these 12 reissues (8 past, 4 to come) show no logical reissue path and appear to me as if Capitol are trying to recoup your man’s signing on fee as it were by the haphazard way they are being released. Flooding the market seems an appropriate description
The archive series has been carefully put together albeit at a slow pace and although I’m a sucker for coloured vinyl I would have much preferred that the Archive series took preference over the recent reissues.


Hi Paul,

In your preview for this year, you predicted another part of McCartney’s Archive Series. Do you still think that there is going to be another album in the Archive Series ?

I also have a question about these four releases. Are these albums going to be remastered ?


Had the vinyl once when I was 15 then lost it i will buy the jp mini cd..Paul i am the french guy who got a small talk with you at the R.A.H Wednesday evening arena bar do you plan any review of Steven show ?

hendry doran

I ordered the 4 coloured vinyl albums this morning and will wait a few months before buying the standard black ones. Mind you given that the initial 8 coloured vinyl albums are still readily available from Udiscover/thesoundof vinyl you could perhaps describe them as standard issues also.
Paul it would be interesting to know the logic behind the selection of the titles released and to be released in May or is this just Capitol spewing them out in any order to recoup some of the money they paid Sir Paul to come back


Wings Greatest has always had a special place in my heart. I had to get up at 6am to catch the the bus to school. My Mom got up before I left so she could give me my birthday present, the recently released Wings Greatest Hits.


I was just about to say these were on Amazon US site this morning at US$21, and I preordered, but they are all now showing as unavailable…here we go again..the ridiculous ‘will i get my order’ or have to look elsewhere to buy…

Andrew Mogford

am I right in thinking all the stores with coloured vinyl charge on order rather than dispatch?

hendry doran

Udiscover and The sound of vinyl charge on despatch in the UK

Andrew M

really? That’s fantastic, thank you. I will order! Cheers!

Kenneth Tilley

does anyone know if the download card that comes with the LPs is for mp3 or hi-res ?


Does anyone know if „Chaos…“ will have a FOC just as the original release did?

Kevin Barrett

Blinking ‘ell, why on earth can you not get the individual coloured vinyls for a decent price. Discoveries have the four as a bundle and Amazon Italy have Wings Greatest for £36, for chrissakes. Geez …..

Ken Evans

Think about this – the time since New is equal to the time between I Want To Hold Your Hand and Lady Madonna.

Lee Taylor

I’ve ordered from uDiscover twice in the past and both times had an absolutely miserable experience. Wondering if that’s typical or just my poor fortune…?

Peter Warwick

I had a similar experience – didn’t provide all albums ordered and didn’t let me know they couldn’t provide Band on the Run. Poor service

hendry doran

I bought all 8 coloured vinyl from Udiscover but the box only contained 7. They had omitted to send McCartney. Fearful (what a fool I was) that I would miss out I immediately ordered a copy of the album before letting Udiscover know that they had not sent the album initially. The replacement they sent me was damaged along the top spine but they gave me more than a full refund and allowed me to keep the damaged album


Where are the Deluxe editions with Bonus tracks from “McCartney Archive Collection” ????? “Wild Life”, “Red Rose Speedway”, “London Town”, “Back To The Egg”, “Flaming Pie”, “Driving Rain”, “Chaos and Creation…”, Memory Almost Full”, “New”,…. !!!!! They make us start to buy a collection and they stop it ! Very disappointed !!!

Larry Davis

Being I dont have any of them…I have seen and/or heard them all…some were just straight reissues like “Chaos”… And there was a deluxe 2CD/DVD of “New” in a nice blue bookbox…if this program had the breaks put on it, I might just get the regular 2CD sets instead and new reissues/releases going forward. I too HATE when they start a program like this and don’t finish it. Incompleteness is one of my pet peeves. It’s one thing to just do a super deluxe box of someone’s lone huge album which had a ton of extras, like say, Def Leppard’s landmark “Hysteria”, and nothing else…but Macca’s is a frikking PROGRAM!! Big difference. I also wonder…that 4CD “Pure McCartney”… Is that gonna go out of print or be redone?? The reissued “Wings Greatest” makes me think it is likely… Same with the 2CD “Wingspan”…


Yeah, doesn’t look good for expanded CDs of Back to the Egg, Red Rose Speedway, Wildlife etc any time soon. I’ll pick up the digipack CDs of Wings Greatest Hits and possibly Thrillington, but I have no interest in coloured vinyl and anyway I have Wings Greatest Hits on vinyl from back in the day. New and Chaos I also have on CD (both are really fine albums) but with no bonus content I’ll stick with what I already own.


Yes, Stevie, same here.


I know some of this, juding by the write up, is getting a first time vinyl reissue etc., but do people who keep re-buying the same music over and over again ever feel somewhat underwhelmed when the initial excitement subsides and they’re left holding in their hands a record that they’ll probably never play and that they know inside out already?




nope, not at all. plus reissues often come with bonus tracks or other goodies

Andrew M

you’re on the wrong site I think mate. This is, after all, a reissue blog! That would be like me going on to a Beatles fan club site and saying “don’t you ever get a bit…..you know….sick of the sound of the Beatles?”


Collectable or not, I got only colored vinyls of albums I like. I’ll do the same this time if I see it and definitely pick up Wings’ Greatest.


What a weird selection. I’d be more interested in Back to the Egg (or London Town) than any of these, I see the Udiscover website has all the black vinyls @ £20 and the coloureds at £26, or in batches with no discount. Be interested to see how long before Universal have to discount them..

hendry doran

They haven’t as yet discounted the albums released last year. Amazon UK was doing a good deal on the black vinyls a few months ago. I managed to get them all at around £13-£14 each, post free of course


I’m in for the black vinyl Wings Greatest and Chaos. After much hemming and hawing, I settled for the black vinyl copies of McCartney, RAM, Band, Venus/Mars and Speed of Sound, which were retailing for $15 a piece on Amazon, the price of a CD. I was totally happy with my decision. It was lovely to have mint, flawless copies of those albums on vinyl, finally. And since I went with black for the first round, my collector’s impulse compels me to keep my collection uniform. Bonus that it’s also the cheaper option.


Interesting. I think Chaos and Creation is a great album. Does anybody knows how the coloured vinyl sounds? I don’t think we have to hurry cuz all the “old” coloured vinyl by McCartney is still available. So It doesn’t looks like they are very “limited” at all. But nice to have…

Andrew M

Damn – that’s really annoyed me now! I tried to buy them originally and they were all sold out. So I bought the black versions. And now I find out I can freely buy the coloured versions had I waited?

Not happy.

Chris Squires

Pathetic I know but the previous batch of coloured Vinyl is just about the only thing I have resisted from this wonderful site. I have leapt at just about everything else, almost universally without regret. But for some reason I feel a little bit of internal pride that I turned down the opportunity to own 8 McCartney albums on coloured vinyl for the bargain price of £208 plus postage. Now I will feel a similar internal pride in turning down the opportunity to own the next four for £104 plus postage. Don’t know why I feel so antagonistic to this campaign of coloured vinyl, as I have shamelessly bitten on everything else from Red Vinyl T-Rex remixes to Captain Beefheart Box Sets. And I do have all of the SDEs right up to FITD so it’s not an anti-McCartney thing per se.

David M

You buy everything else featured on this site? Wow.

Chris Squires

Ha, within reason of course. I don’t buy Metal and many other things I don’t like or understand, this set is about the only thing that I like and would want, in the normal scheme of things, that I have resisted. I can easily resist something I don’t care for. (naming no names as to not upset anyone). But if I like it, know it or it looks worthy of investigation I generally trust Paul and the other punters here and will give it a go.

Auntie Sabtina

So they seem to resolved the pricing for the coloured vinyls then at £26 plus postage, rather than £30-35 the first lot were in October last year?

hendry doran

They were £26 last year and still are

Chris Squires

Not initially, but £26 is where they settled and have stayed (available) to this day. It’s a very odd and unsatisfactory story.
Released as “limited edition” many here have asked the question about what does that mean. It seems to be a lot as they are still knocking about. They launched somewhere about £35 to £45 each, then disappeared, then came back, then disappeared and finally returned at £26. Throwing many, including me, into a panic thinking, wow, must have sold out so maybe “limited” meant 1 or 2,000. The consensus seemed to be it was either a) a mighty cock-up or b) clever / stupid* manipulation (delete as necessary).
It’s a story and a half but the pricing issue was an *issue* even though it did all settle at a rock solid £26 I think Venus &Mars was originally offered at £45 (someone here will know the exact figure).

Carl Homes

And still i wait for Back To The Egg and London Town.

I have the set from the previous farce and have to admit they sound really good, even if they did cock up the side 1 and side 2 labels on my copy of Ram (How hard can it be?).
Only really interested in the Wings Greatest Hits but the OCD in me is just giving out an evil laugh. Muahahaha

Craig H

Hi Paul,
I think the price listed for the Thrillington Black Vinyl LP at Amazon USA is the CD price. Was gonna jump on it at that price, but will wait!


Craig H

Looks fixed now, sorry for the post.

Andrew M

A good opportunity for me to check out Chaos and Creation and New which I have never listened to. But having heard cuts from them on the deluxe greatest last year I’m certainly interested in doing so.

David M

Chaos is in his top 3 post Beatles for me.

Ben Williams

Agreed! I am very happy this is getting a vinyl reissue.

Andrew M

Just listened to chaos and creation……on Apple Music with the missus.

When we started she was “you are not buying any more vinyl until after our summer holiday”. By the end she was “what a fantastic album! You can buy this!”

You guys were right. Stunning album. Will listen to New tomorrow.

Larry Davis

I have the 2CD/DVD deluxe of “New” and I love it…one of my fave-ever Macca albums…I wonder how rare that blue New bookbox is now…

Larry Davis

I love it as well…on an equal with Flaming Pie to be honest… And I may be in the minority, but I enjoy Driving Rain quite a lot…


These in black coloured vinyl are exceedingly rare. I for all four need to start saving money.

Craig Hedges

So does this mean Macca has abandoned the archive process that has been running since 2010? In all honesty it hasn’t pleased a lot of fans. The best way forward would be for a multi disc McCartney Anthology of unreleased material (when will Waterspout ever get released!!!!), A compilation of B-sides, releases of complete live shows and the original albums released. In physical formats, not downloads. As great as Lindas photos are they would be better complied in separately available books then being made to feel like your are forced to buy them.

Ben in Colorado

I don’t really go in for much vinyl, so this won’t be a purchase, but it did get me ruminating…

I was thinking about this last night, when a Tull tune from the new “Horses” box set played on my device, and I thought, “We’ll never get a deep box set like this from Macca, until he is gone, and others are making the decisions.”

Sounds awful, I know, but in previous posts I have expressed my frustration with the slow roll out of Macca and Beatles rare stuff, and noted many times that the original fan base are old, and are departing this mortal coil every year. There’s a ton of stuff and they only release a few bits at a time, and at this pace, we’ll never get to have it all.

For Paul, his archive set releases were more of a tease than an event.
*”We’ll spread tracks from a great live show over 4 separate box sets, and still won’t give them the full concert.”
*”We’ll put in three books”
*”We’ll have 30 minute long bonus CDs”
*”We’ll price them like they are sacred artifacts.”

The FITD SD set was so depressing…. the Costello and Paul collabs…..and the “extras” were so pointless I sold my copy for a loss on eBay, because just looking at it made me feel ripped-off and gullible.

I’ve said it many times: McCartney must have a sh*t-load of studio out-takes, and interesting stuff, so why the heck doesn’t he release it? WHAT are THEY waiting for?


An unusual selection and surprised that the remastered CD of Thrillington is being broken out of the Ram box, or does it mean, as I susupect, that Capital will never reproduce the Hear Music box set. I have preordered the SHM Mini-LPs, the last bunch are real beauties and I am convinced they sound better.


I found Chaos & Creation too expensive to get on vinyl after the fact so I had given up – until now!? I might get Thrillington too that is fun. Thanks Paul.

Marshall Gooch

I’m with you, Marty. Thrillington will cool to have on vinyl and I’ve never seen Chaos & Creation vinyl, so those two I will get (hoping I can afford the colored wax). I have New on vinyl already and it’s so recent that I don’t see any need for a new copy. Wings Greatest is a nice collection but I’ve got two or three of ‘em and since it’s all stuff readily available elsewhere I may pass… unless it’s a great mastering job.


Here we go again. How will these releases be cocked up then? I only got Venus and Mars in the end from the last batch of these McCartney releases. I ordered At The Speed of Sound from HMV but found out they only had the black vinyls and had to cancel my order. Probably only interested in ‘Wings – Greatest’ from this batch. Thanks for the update SDE!