More Peter Gabriel 45RPM vinyl sets

A year on from the issuing his first four albums as acclaimed 2LP half-speed remastered 45RPM vinyl sets, Peter Gabriel will complete his studio album discography by releasing So (1986), Us (1992) and Up (2002) on exactly the same format.

As before, the albums have all been half-speed remastered and cut to lacquers at 45RPM in an attempt to deliver the maximum dynamic sound range. Matt Colton at Alchemy Mastering has again cut the vinyl with Tony Cousins at Metropolis responsible for the mastering (overseen by Gabriel’s main sound engineer Richard Chappell).

So has now been issued on vinyl a number of times including its original 1986 release, the EMI100 centenary from 1997, the 2002 Classic Records audiophile set and as part of the infamous 25th Anniversary box in 2012. The new version will maintain the ‘re-order’ of the track listing, which puts In Your Eyes at the end (this was first done in 2002) and will include This Is The Picture (Excellent Birds) which wasn’t part of the original vinyl release.

us_pgPrevious vinyl versions of Us and Up were already doubles, so for these 45RPM sets the 10 tracks on each album are spread across three 180g vinyl records. However, both have five sides of music and an etched sixth side of vinyl.

Each album comes in a gatefold sleeve utilising imagery from the initial first LP pressings, sourced and re-scanned from original artwork.

These are limited editions and all individually numbered and will include download cards with a choice of digital download (Hi-Res 24-bit or 16-bit).

All three will be issued on 15 July 2016 and can be pre-ordered below or via the Peter Gabriel store.




LP 1

  1. Red rain
  2. Sledgehammer
  3. Don’t give up
  4. That voice again

LP 2

  1. Mercy Street
  2. Big time
  3. We do what we’re Told (milgram’s 37)
  4. This is the picture (excellent birds)
  5. In your eyes



LP 1

  • A1. Come Talk To Me
  • A2. Love to Be Loved
  • B1. Blood of Eden
  • B2. Steam

LP 2

  • C1. Only Us
  • C2. Washing Of The Water
  • D1. Digging in the Dirt
  • D2. Fourteen Black Paintings

LP 3

  • E1. Kiss That Frog
  • E2. Secret World
  • D: Etching of the US logo (no music)



LP 1

  • A1. Darkness
  • A2. Growing Up
  • B1. Sky Blue
  • B2. No Way Out

LP 2

  • C1. I Grieve
  • C2. The Barry Williams Show
  • D1. My Head Sounds Like That
  • D2. More Than This

LP 3

  • E1. Signal to Noise
  • E2. The Drop
  • D: Etching of the UP logo (no music)

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Robert Morgenstern

News from Pledge. There is a vinyl Reissue campain. Funny thing is that US and UP descriped as 2 Disc half speed not 3 Disc. Maybe a fault. There are although bundles to order.

AllMusic describe Peter Gabriel as “one of rock’s most ambitious, innovative musicians, as well as one of its most political”. Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Genesis in 2010, and as a solo artist in 2014, Peter’s classic solo albums have finally got the vinyl reissue treatment that they deserve.

Starting with 1977’s Peter Gabriel, through to 2002’s Up, Peter’s classic solo albums have been half-speed remastered to heavyweight vinyl LPs (2 x LP for Us & Up). The vinyl was cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy Mastering, mastered by Tony Cousins at Metropolis and overseen by Peter’s main sound engineer Richard Chappell.

As well as the English language versions of the records, 3 and 4 are available in their rarely-heard German language variants. Featuring original sleeve artwork, authentic inner bags, and a complimentary hi-res download code with every album, preorder the LPs on PledgeMusic now, ahead of the December 2nd release date.

View Project

Mister Stick

Download sites have ignited. Seems to me this was the same with the reissues of the first four albums… As if they weren’t ready on release day, but then someone turned on a switch. One upside: The high-resolution downloads are advertised as 44.1 kHz/24-bit. They appear to be 96 kHz/24-bit.

Hats in the air.

Mister Stick

I’ve received my copies of So, Us, and Up… But the download codes don’t work at all. Each card sends you to a page within petergabriel.com, and that sends you to a B&W page, where you enter your card number, and download links are e-mailed to you. Trouble is, the download pages do not load. Has anyone else had similar troubles?

Phil G

Received my bundle today – anyone know why the two tracks on Side B of US are numbered 4 and 5 rather than 3 and 4? Just wondered!

Brian Scott

My 3 PG albums arrived today and as with the previous releases the sound quality is amazing but … the quality control clearly isn’t !! Half of the discs are warped and one of the So discs arrived scratched and with residue on it. Disappointing !!


Hey Pete, give US a new album please … boring this reissues.

elliott buckingham

id like his 16 golden greats issued in this format

Chris Squires

There is a wonderful Classic records 200g (from 2002 I think) version of 16 Golden Greats. It sounds terrific. If they do not get around to that album in this re-issue frenzy.
To be frank with the nay-sayers, so what, people obviously want this, PG seems to have put some thought to it, they are and will be lovely packages and the sound will be good. As stated above, this seems a very strange site to come and complain about re-issues or people buying re-issued albums.

[…] Read more about Peter Gabriel vinyl reissues here. […]


Would be nice if the “Up” Hi Res download included the 5.1 mix that I have only found on the SACD, which I have never been able to afford… Anyone knows if this 5.1 mix could be included?


Just listening to the vinyl of so from the 2012 box set. It’s not very good. I’d love a descent vinyl remaster of so but not sure I’m gonna shell out again for it

Johnny Feathers

…and I still wait for any more unreleased stuff from any album besides So….


I’m really only interested in the 24-bit downloads, so they’re not really ‘free’ if I have to buy the vinyl which is superfluous to me as I can’t just buy the downloads on a reputable site.


But you could of course sell on the vinyl should you wish, which would reduce the outlay for the HD tracks…


Yes that’s possible… one thing I neglected to mention was that I’m from Australia and the postage for packages such as these is usually ridiculous. So that cost added on is usually prohibitive, and there’s also the issue of hoping that they turn up in one piece! I guess I’ll wait and see if I can get the 24/96 alone.


You could have my download codes if interested.

Donal Murphy

@Paul English
Yes, the Peter Gabriel store does charge at the time of ordering, i’m okay with that, as it’s a £70 saving approx on amazon, you pay by Pay Pal, so it comes with protection etc.

Jay Kranz

36 bucks each with shipping isn’t too bad with the real world bundle I think I paid a similar amount for the others from amazon Germany last time. maybe I’ll try and sell my classic records copy of us to cover it and more if the discogs prices are accurate…

Paul English

@ Donal Murphy

Good call. Just one thing – does the artist store process the transaction on your card straightaway? Pending transactions on a debit card are a major pain in the ass. One thing that attracts me to Amazon is that you’re not charged until the item ships.


Is the greater convenience worth paying more than twice as much though? Worth a mention in the main piece…


Precisely right Paul.


Once again you can buy these superb artefacts from the Peter Gabriel shop for essentially “nothing” … with the cost of the bundle (which has 8 LPs and “free” HD downloads) being slightly LESS than just getting the HD downloads of the same 3 albums from any other retailer. Whilst on one hand I applaud PG for this approach – if you love music enough to buy vinyl the free download you get should give a choice of HD not just a poor MP3 substitute – it just proves how incredibly overpriced HD downloads are.

Having said that, this IS a good deal and will be added to the first four I bought last year.


Ha Ha Ha,

Sorry to bang on about it – but another case of the world of music going mad. Two tracks a side for the most part, with two sides blank but for a logo.

Makes perfect sense. :D


Reminds me of laserdiscs – 30 minutes per side for CAV discs and an hour for CLV ones meaning every film needed at least one flip. And for that kind of inconvenience you paid a premium with some single film sets costing £50-£100 imported. Ringing any bells vinyl fans…?

This vinyl fetishism is comically out of hand now.

Chris Squires

Isn’t that what is wonderful about opinion and free thought. Just because one or two people are convinced this is a stupid thing and Vinyl should be confined to the history books, we don’t all have to agree and we are free to choose how we wish to spend our money. One opinion is in no way superior to another thank goodness.

PG has form on getting it mostly right, good to see he is not prepared to compromise to squeeze things in.

Now Peter, when you are done, pop over and see your old mucker Kate and have a word in her shell-like, get her to put her latest Neil Gaiman and choccy digestives down, get her off the chaise longue and into the studio purlease. Re-issues or something new don’t mind either.

mikey roberts

This is great news Paul. Us is my fave PG album – definitely my most played. It sounded amazing on cd back in 1992, and the SACD from a few years back was incredible: so I await the vinyl with something approaching excitement. Maybe I should get out more. That said, the first 4 LP reissues really are impressive, so PG and team have ‘form’ on this vinyl release malarkey.

Donal Murphy

There is a great lesson here on “over reliance” on amazon, the artist website has both the bundle of all three vinyl sets, and also each individually, for less then half price of amazon.

Paul, the artist store prices surely deserve a mention here,(i notice the prices don’t get a mention above) £50 for all three, and currently almost £120 on amazon.co.uk, an unbelievable difference


$90 for America…not bad for three albums…actually cheaper than I thought


It never ceases to amaze that people are so willing to keep buying the same music over and over again!

Phil Morris

That’s an odd comment to make on this site, of all places. Pointless, in fact.


agreed !
especially in audiophool formats of dubious merit !


Through the PG website all told, $160CAN for the bundle delivered. That’s pretty steep! Nah, I’ll wait.

Mic Smith

The 11 track promo version will never appear on vinyl – effectively when Gabriel agreed to remove BYUBYD and the two alternative mixes of Growing Up and Don’t Leave/No Way Out he was rejecting that particular version in favour of the mix/running order that appeared in the shops.


Need to check my collection when I get back – but I *think* I have a vinyl promo that features the 11 song track listing…

Phil Morris

Will be very interested to know if that exists. I have the CD but have never come across a vinyl version.


Yup, just checked my LPs, and I do indeed have a promo copy featuring BYUBYD – it’s the first track on side three.

Catalog number is PGLPP01.

At the time of writing, there is a sealed copy of the promo LP available via auction on eBay – it ain’t cheap, though…

Mic Smith

Thanks for confirming the existence of the 11 track promo vinyl…. It’ll be interesting to see how much the eBay listing reaches. I had no idea of this pressing until your post on here. I appreciate you providing the catalogue number. That’s very helpful.


How about a vinyl issue of the promo Up, complete with BYUBYD?


Just checked on the PeterGabriel.com website to find the bundle of Steam, Us and Up for £49.99

CJ Feeney

The bundle of PG 1-4 is currently £56 on the PG website – a massive bargain, the two German album are available as a bundle for £31.

CJ Feeney

By bargain, I mean you would pay that amount (or more) for 24 bit downloads of these albums at most “reputable” web sites, getting them bundled with high quality vinyl gives you the best of both worlds.

Phil Morris

Not “complete” – as you state – until we get Birdy, Passion and Long Walk Home.

Phil Morris

Why not? Because they’re soundtracks? Still studio affairs. Oh, and OVO as well, of course.

Mic Smith

By ‘proper’ I assume you mean ‘song based’ – I get that – but all three albums that Phil refers to are products of the studio and in the case of Passion I’d say this is deserving of equal status along side his song based albums. Birdy is essentially reworkings of PG3/4 music with a few new pieces added in but it’s a short album. Long Walk Home is the least commercial of his soundtracks and it would be a surprise to see this in the 2x45rpm format but a pleasant surprise all the same. Be good if he does a vinyl version of Ovo too. I ocould see him doing smaller pressings of these 4 albums as per the German language versions of PG 3 and PG 4.

Phil Morris

Mic makes a particularly salient point concerning the German releases. As they were part of this “campaign” – and seemed to sell ok – then I would hope that the remaining four studio releases will follow. It makes sense to bundle these soundtracks together, although I also acknowledge Mic’s point concerning the length of Birdy in this context/format.


Totally agree regarding Passion which btw is much more than a soundtrack, given most of the tracks don’t even appear in the film and on top of that the album doesn’t even bear the actual title of Scorseze’s film which is The Last Temptation of Christ, NOT Passion :)

Mic Smith

I’ve already pre-ordered from Petergabriel.com in a bundle for just under £50 plus postage (£7).


Excellent… I’d just bought these from Amazon france… By the way, shouldn’t it be “Don’t give up” instead of “Do not give up” on “So” ;)

eric slangen

Looks good. As I already have the other titles this is again a must buy.