More Pink Floyd vinyl reissues


Pink Floyd continue their vinyl reissue campaign in September with 180g pressings of 1970’s Atom Heart Mother, Meddle and Obscured By Clouds.

Atom Heart Mother would become the band’s first UK number one record and was quickly followed by the experimental album, Meddle which boasted the 23-minute track Echoes which occupied the entirety of the b-side of the record.


 Obscured By Clouds, Pink Floyd’s seventh album was recorded originally as the soundtrack to the French film La Vallée but released as a stand alone album in 1972.

All three albums will be reissued on 23 September 2016.

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Atom Heart Mother [VINYL]


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Meddle [VINYL]


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Obscured By Clouds: [VINYL]



Pink Floyd / Atom Heart Mother / vinyl reissue

Atom Heart Mother

Side A

Atom Heart Mother

  • A.a Father’s Shout
  • A.b Breast Milky
  • A.c Mother Fore
  • A.d Funky Dung
  • A.e Mind Your Throats Please
  • A.f Remergence

Side B

Summer ’68
Fat Old Sun
Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast

  • a Rise And Shine
  • b Sunny Side Up
  • c Morning Glory

Pink Floyd / Meddle vinyl reissue


Side A

1. One of These Days
2. A Pillow of Winds
3. Fearless
4. San Tropez
5. Seamus

Side B

1. Echoes

Pink Floyd / Obscured By Clouds / vinyl reissue

Obscured By Clouds

Side A

1. Obscured by Clouds
2. When You’re In
3. Burning Bridges
4. The Gold It’s in the…
5. Wot’s… Uh the Deal?
6. Mudmen

Side B

7. Childhood’s End
8. Free Four
9. Stay
10. Absolutely Curtains

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Martyn Smith

I have just purchased the remastered Atom Heart Mother, Obscured by Clouds and Meddle which were released on 23rd.September here in the UK. I wish I hadn’t…all three were badly warped and the surface noise, clicks and pops were really bad. Also, Obscured by Clouds was so thin it didn’t seem like any of my other 180gram vinyl discs and was the worst of the warped discs. I have returned all three to my local shop and will wait a while before trying again.
My local shop admitted that there had been problems with the first pressings and that Dave Gilmour himself had stopped the first runs because of quality issues.

Alvaro Carbone

I buy the Obscured by Clouds in Disk Union in Jaoan, last month.
All ok to me. The disc is flat, no waves where play and the sound is great, powerful bass but a little closed the image. I pay ¥3300.


Anyone know if they are going to do a big, fat, box set containing all these new vinyl releases?

Daniel Wylie

Paul, the next batch are now up on Amazon. I’ve just ordered Animals on vinyl for £16.06.

Brian Kelly

Is it just me or is no one paying attention to the stickers on the covers of these new releases? They (the first 4 anyway) all say “Remastered from the original analogue tapes”.

Is this not so? Perhaps a bait and switch?

No matter they sounded just great to me and I will be buying them all. Except for Dark Side, The Wall, The Division Bell & The Endless River if it gets reissued. I just picked them all up a couple of months ago.

Julian H

Remastered from original tapes, but transferred to digital in the process.

Dean T

Just pick up the new Wall reissue ,it is indeed a new remaster like the others and sounds fantastic…very organic and warm…but a few to many pops and ticks and both discs are warped so it’s back to HMV tomorrow .never taken a record back to hmv before so I hope it goes alright .bit of a shame really as the first batch were near perfect pressings.


Received my Wall reissue from Amazon.it, disc 1 is slightly warped and the vinyl quality actually seems a bit worse than the first batch. Anyway I decided to keep this great album! I wonder why they gave up on re-releasing these albums in chronological order…

Johnny T.

Digital Pressed To Vinyl = FUCKING USELESS!!!!

Richard Z

Did you hear the first 4 releases?
They are among the best sounding vinyl pressings of these albums.
The sound great and I am not the only one who thinks so.
No need to dismiss these releases just because they are digitaly sourced.

Looking forward picking at least AHM up,
only have badly scratched germany copy of that one.
And perhaps Meddle also as it’s one of my favourite Pink Floyd albums and to compare it to my dutch copy.


Best is to wait for Japanese limited editions.

The previous batch (first four titles) came in Japan with an additional leaflet, a cool replica obi strip, and with a stickered clear outer sleeve. They were released about a month later than in EU/US.

So I expect the same to happen with these three next titles (fingers crossed)…

Richard Z

Not sure why you need the Japanese ones.
I understand not taking the risks on the US ones but the EU ones are excelent.
Yes you have the OBI strip a different sticker, but to pay that much extra just for that?


The Japan editions are US RTI pressings with OBI strips.


And they’ll take value over time.
Ummagumma already goes for nearly 80 Euros on Discogs.
TPATGOD for nearly 60.

Richard Z

That might be the case but I am not buying these as an investment and to resell them again at some point. If we’re talking about just the sound quality and playing the records I am fine with just the EU copies.


Atom Heart Mother is the only PF record i don’t own. I’ve struggled to listen to it for 30 years. I guess I’ll take the plunge given the very reasonable price for the reissue.

elliott buckingham

I don’t see a need for another run of the wall dark side wish or the division as these were done a few years ago and sounded great but for some reason are very overpriced on the private market

Daniel Wylie

When Paul originally posted these, (before he took them down again due to a change in release date) I ordered them on Amazon for £15.99 each. I just noticed that Amazon are honouring that price. The first four reissues sounded great and apart from the Harvest label not being replicated, these will hopefully also sound great.

Simon F

Atom Heart Mother was a far more experimental set than Meddle. Obscured By Clouds does have rounded corners to the sleeve. Look again!

elliott buckingham

is there or will there be any difference in the mastering over the 2011+ vinyl reissues

tyrone tudor

Are these also analogue transfers from original master tapes? Please please say yes!

One of these Days and Echoes are magnificent achievements

Thank you Super Deluxe. This has made my day.

tyrone tudor

Ooh ooh next up Darkside of the Moon, Wish You Were Here and Animals

Blimey I cant wait..


They are digital.

tyrone tudor

Do you know what res?
Thanks in advance Ron


If they followed the idea of reproducing the original UK sleeves, Obscured by clouds should have round corners (and that is the case), and Meddle should have a textured cover.
Pity about the absence of Harvest-like labels (just like on the last reissue of Ummagumma).


If I remember, OBC was uncoated too.


Paul The Wall & The Division Bell are announced to be available on August 26th

the mentioned 3 titles here on SDE are supposed te be released on September 23rd …

this comes from the official PF .com


darren briscoe

I have preordered the wall from amazon US for $39.99 and its due to arrive this friday….


Does anybody like the cover art for Meddle? It’s horrible. I read that was supposed to be an ear! Really?

Gary Thompson

It’s an ear under water. I received an email from the Floyd camp announcing these releases, which stated that Meddle had been released in mono & stereo!


Regarding Meddle, yes, that is rather disconcerting misinformation, especially coming from the official source. Makes me nervous about what can go wrong with the mass of stuff featured in the Early Years box.


I love the Meddle cover.
The gatefold opens out to show an ear with the ripples of sound playing over it.
I keep meaning to buy a vinyl copy to frame the cover, but have never got around to it



To quote a line from Spinal Tap: “You should have seen the cover they wanted to use…” – it was a close-up of a baboon’s anus. Actually Hipgnosis wanted to use the baboon’s bum idea, but the Floyd thought that it wasn’t quite right.

In hindsight, I think the ear is probably a better idea…

Michael Fortin

I’ve never been able to see an ear, no matter how long I look at it…




You mean it? Try opening the gatefold and turning it upright.
I love this cover, though even Hipgnosis don’t like it. A sort of witty representation of ripples of sound and a reference to the underwater theme of “Echoes”.