Morrissey / I Am Not A Dog On A Chain

Morrissey / new album 'I Am Not A Dog On A Chain'

Morrissey will release a new album, I Am Not A Dog On A Chain, in March.

His 13th studio long-player follows last year’s covers album California Son and like that record I Am Not A Dog On A Chain has been produced by Joe Chicarelli.

The producer describes the forthcoming album as “his boldest and most adventurous album yet. He has pushed the boundaries yet again – both musically and lyrically”. Chicarelli has now produced the last four Morrissey albums, beating the three album run of Steve Lillywhite in the 1990s when he worked on Vauxhall and I, Southpaw Grammar and Maladjusted.

The album can be pre-ordered now via Morrissey’s official store which has an exclusive clear vinyl and various bundles and there is also a coloured vinyl edition available from bricks-and-mortar indies (see below).

I Am Not A Dog On A Chain will be released on 20 March 2019 via BMG.

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I Am Not A Dog On A Chain - vinyl LP


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I Am Not A Dog On A Chain - CD edition


Morrissey / new album 'I Am Not A Dog On A Chain'

Vinyl LP

Side A

Jim Jim Falls
Love Is On Its Way Out
Bobby, Don’t You Think They Know
I Am Not A Dog On A Chain
What Kind of People Live in These Houses?
Knockabout World

Side B

Darling, I Hug A Pillow
Once I Saw the River Clean
The Truth About Ruth
The Secret of Music
My Hurling Days Are Done

Morrissey / new album 'I Am Not A Dog On A Chain'

CD edition

1. Jim Jim Falls
2. Love Is On Its Way Out
3. Bobby, Don’t You Think They Know
4. I Am Not A Dog On A Chain
5. What Kind of People Live in These Houses?
6. Knockabout World
7. Darling, I Hug A Pillow
8. Once I Saw the River Clean
9. The Truth About Ruth
10. The Secret of Music
11. My Hurling Days Are Done

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Paul English

Just been playing this last week – seriously strong album; very unexpected twists and turns and well worth a purchase. Best since Maladjusted.

The Misnomers

So I just got the album and listened to it all the way through twice. I think it’s really good. The opening track is surprisingly good. The album moves from song to song with great little musical surprises. I don’t like the sax interlude on Bobby (sax has made a comeback in the last 12 months it seems, but I don’t like it here) – in fact I think this track and Secret of Music are the weak points (although they are musically interestingly weird enough to keep my attention). Knockabout World is a highlight. Hurling Days is a good song but not quite as epic sounding musically as the opening bars suggest it could be. Overall I really enjoyed the album. The packaging is cheap feeling – exactly the same as California Son.

Tony walton

So another Morrissey album..when he was in the smiths he was young and edgey fantastic band….No he just bores me he hasn’t got much to say I want to hear in is views or he’s songs his star no longer shines..when I see on stage now he just looks like a cabaret act….

Erick Haight

If you are a fan of Morrissey’s music, this album will make you happy. Generally strong songs throughout, presented with more stylistic diversity than he’s had in years, zigging when you might expect a zag. And Moz’s vocals are top-notch, at the age of 60 no less. Of course, if you’ve already cancelled Morrissey — and heaven knows there’s reasons to have done so — feel free to give it a pass.

Kai Steinemann

Ehm, I guess the cover is an ironic (?) reference to those often terrible covers from the 60s and 70s. But juest guessing.


The song is rather good, and definitely elevated by Thelma’s vocals. But like so many of his recent songs, it outstayed its welcome, and could definitely have done with an edit. I like the cover – it isn’t a work of art for sure, but I think that is the point. It is a pastiche of those awful Elvis compilations that littered Woolies during the arse end of the 70’s. Those records and sleeve art are very much in the Mozza biosphere.


Actually, those Elvis album covers look pretty good compared to this. At least Moz has control over his product. Right?


Crikey – the cover looks like a bootleg. My “hurling” days are done – is he referring to the sport or the act of vomiting.


Rubbish cover, hope the music is of a good standard. Am i in a minority, by not actually being bothered about Morrisseys “views”?
If some people hate his views so much, why do they still listen to him?

John McCann

Roll on, physical music day,


Paul, I’ve just read your article on “format wars” and thought it was great.
I feel that instead of vinyl fans being played against cd fans, and vice versa (maybe by record companies with their own agendas), fans of each format should embrace each other, and join together to collectively save physical formats, which could only be a good thing. I would like to see a future with more options than just drm infested, watermarked poor quality downloads/ streaming.
Maybe rebranding rsd as “physical music day” or something could heal the wounds between fans of different formats?


Some people like CD’s, some like Vinyl and some like streaming.
Each to their own I say.

No sarcasm here – just a straight point of view.

Tim Barton

I am looking forward to it. I like California Son, the previous album not so much but World Peace was better than most believed. His records can be patchy, but all have had some pretty great moments. Still a fan, so here’s to a new Moz album!

Steven Turnbull

What is this “Axe The Monarchy” album you Morrissey fans are talking about?? :)


A really really good song! I did love “Spent the day in bed” from the last album & the whole album did turn out to be a bunch of arse so I will remain cautious on this album until I’ve heard much more before I decide if to buy this. As a long long time Mozzer fan, he hasn’t really done a great album for at least 10 years so hopefully this will be another return to form. We all need something & if one of the greats returns to greatness, it will be great. Artwork is absolutely awful though.


Are you kidding? Low In High School was an amazing album. Songs like; My Love, I’d Do Anything For You, I Wish You Lonely, Jacky’s Only Happy…, In Your Lap, When You Open Your Legs, et all are fantastic. As good as any other artist from the post-punk era that’s still putting out relevant music. In addition, I guess you didn’t spend much time listening to World Peace as that album is fantastic with some absolute gems on it. I also therefore, would NOT call you a long long time Morrissey fan. More like a short term fan still hoping for the next Suedehead or a Smiths reunion!


Shallow or not, some people enjoy the cover and packaging as much as the music and include it, along with liner notes, etc as part of the entire experience. I agree that the music is the main course and why we buy this stuff to begin with, but there seems to be a large percentage of folks who lament the days when the artwork was given as much attention as the music itself. Personally I don’t find that to be shallow, but that being said, I will still give this a listen.

John McCann

I wouldn’t buy this because of the cover,so suddenly its worth a listen,make your mind up Stacey,

Antony Hudson

Ironic sleeve indeed. Clever Mix!

Stan Butler

The shallowness of the responses here is unbelievable. 44 replies so far and only 10 of them mention the actual music. I’m not expexting Steve Hoffman style in-depth analysis, but really!
If the rest of the album is as good as “Bobby, Don’t You Think They Know?”, I’ll not be worrying about the cover. Then again, I never do. It’s the music within.
Good to see Moz putting out new material despite everything. Long may he do so.


To be fair, we can’t actually comment on the music without hearing it. I don’t like the cover art and haven’t liked the past few albums cover art, but I think California Son was excellent. I don’t play the cover, but I do miss Jo Slee.

Wayne C

That cover is absolutely horrible, surely even Morrissey himself can’t find that appealing – even the recent Pet Shop Boys covers have a bit more about them than this – and that’s saying something !!


All these negative comments, mostly just about the artwork are getting quite tiresome especially as it appears they often come from people who dislike him. Employ your time in a more constructive manner please and let those who like Morrissey enjoy this post.
As for those who always claum they could do a better jib at promotion, producing, lyricis, cover design…. well it’s always like that. Did you ever stop to think that maybe thats in youe world, of what YOU like? I know the world is full of idiots with a job but why don’t you give credit to an artist to agree with the appaearance if his last album? Maybe he actually wants it like this and earned the eight to pit a picture of a turd in his album if he likes.

Paul Fraser

There are people who dislike Moz, it’s true. But I think the negative comments here are coming from fans who have loved him dearly and feel let down by his recent output. His political views are also disappointing but we’ll set that aside. His artwork and his lyrics, over which he used to take such care, seem a bit knocked out these days. Axe The Monarchy was the first Morrissey album where I personally felt the music was better than the lyrics. And that’s a sad thing to say about our Mozzer. We’ll all listen to the album when it finally arrives and make up our own minds as to its merits.

Antony May

Like others here I hate the cover!

To be honest though it doesn’t surprise me these days. Morrissey seems to have lost most of his creative edge since ‘Ringleader…’ and is now seemingly happy to make ‘that will do’ kind of records. The rather smug looking grin he has on the cover here is almost like him thinking to himself like Marc Bolan did towards the end that ‘There is always someone who will buy whatever I put out’.

Seem a bit harsh?

Maybe, but then I hold Morrissey’s best work in VERY high regard and know what he is capable of! I may be well off-base and no, I haven’t heard any of the actual music yet but the last three or four albums have been poor and this cover does little to restore my confidence in a revival…

Paul Taylor

Sad that the biggest gripe is the cover, very little said about the music. Still, we should be grateful that nobody has yet started on his ‘right wing views’.
I don’t think he’ll be giving much of a toss about our views on the artwork, as I’m sure California Son testifies.
I thought Low In High School was a great album, albeit a grower. I’ve ordered the clear exclusive and indie red vinyl from Rough Trade. I don’t expect it to resonate instantly but I also don’t expect to be disappointed. The song titles build up the anticipation of what we will hear within (although I did chuckle at No(z)Fan’s updates!)


Lots of comments about the cover, but my main problem with Morrissey now isn’t the artwork but rather his seemingly obnoxious current views. It makes me struggle with whether I can continue to buy his albums. Not that I’m advocating ‘background checks’ on artists:) I’m just really disappointed after being a fan since Hand in Glove.
Still at least we have Johnny Marr!

Dr Volume

He can come up with a good song title, I’ll give him that. He’s perhaps become the Indie Van Morrison – churning ’em out with increasingly terrible photoshop sleeve art. I know Paul doesn’t like us getting political so it remains to be seen what these songs are about, but could someone clear up after that elephant in the room please cos it’s stinking the place out!


The complaints about this cover art makes one think they never saw California Son’s cover, a contender for worst cover by any major artist in the last decade.

Andrew Thomson

I absolutely love this new track; the musical direction he appears to be going in. He sounds revitalised after the awful Axe The Monarchy. Now, to my eyes, the cover for that album was painfully unsubtle & gaudy (like many of the lyrics to the songs within). Which probably was the point. This cover reminds me of 1960s single & album covers. I quite like it. Either way, it won’t influence the fact that I’ll definitely buy the album on the basis of this new track.


Hey, Moz. For your next album, please hire me to do the cover. In fact, I’ll do it for free! It can’t take too long, judging by the last few albums.

Mark Porter

Might do what I did with LowIn High School and wait for deluxe edition with a better cover!

Stacy V

I wouldn’t buy this just because of the cover.

As a brand developer, I have always looked at the Smiths LP and singles artwork as consistently and meticulously designed pieces of commercial art that lended a feeling to the music. All the Smiths albums had that same look. Duotones of random people, mostly from the 1960s, with ‘The Smiths” set in the same font (with some exceptions). They weren’t stellar but they served a purpose of giving the band a unique and consistent look.

Viva Hate wasn’t a huge departure in terms of cover image. Morrissey used his own image rather than that of a film star, etc. from the past. After VH the covers bounced around from color to duotone. Southpaw Grammar revisited the timeless Smiths formula. And then Maladjusted screamed 1990s—it is the most dated of all the covers, in my opinion. After this he opted for quirky photo shoots (e.g. You are the quarry, Years of Refusal).

But I am not sure any of his LP covers are as bad as this one (or maybe it is tied with Maladjusted). It’s almost like the record label didn’t want to deal with him so they simply handed over a hard drive with outtake images to an entry-level designer.

I became a designer because of album artwork (Upstairs at Eric’s, Junk Culture, Unknown Pleasures, Power, Corruption & Lies, Reid Miles’ Blue Note covers, etc). But Photoshop introduced the world to the concept that anybody can be a designer, combined with the fact that, in these current times, the cover need be no larger than a few hundred pixels and… well this is the result.

Jonathan Shapiro

There was nothing really random about the people selected for Smiths sleeves. Morrissey chose writers and actors he admired like Shelagh Delaney. Their unique aesthetic was carefully designed to show artistic influences beyond rock music of the contemporary period

Tom Walsh

Brilliant, Brilliant single contrasts massively with an appalling cover. Along with Axe The Monarchy and California Son covers, this is poor from Mozzer.


When I saw that cover I thought it was another compilation cover, that the world really needs right now. That’s not even “Art”! That was done by a visually impaired work experience student in the dark!

Rod Mas Farquharson

nobody noticed that the cover of the new single (bobby…) is the exact same as the album cover? so, I guess the company did not pay attention of what the fans want (morrisey´s albums = lyrics, music and cover art)or they don´t care.


Morrisseynews.com has confirmed that this track listing was the first draft, missing the following important additions in parentheses:

2. Love Is On Its Way Out (Of The EU, Thank God)
3. Bobby, Don’t You Think They Know (That The Media Are Liars, Especially The Guardian)

5. What Kind of People Live in These Houses? (Hopefully Not Foreigners)

10. The Secret of Music (Please Tell Me, Johnny Marr?)

Hopefully this helps.

Stan Butler

It doesn’t.

The duet with Thelma Houston is the best thing he’s done in years. Looking forward to the album.

Brian Smith

I like the song supplied. hate the album cover though


Serious contender for the most ugliest cover this year


I don’t particularly like the cover; but I don’t see it as worse than the cover of _Viva Hate_. In fact, the only significant difference I see between them is the passage of 32 years.


His face takes up so much room on the cover, there’s not any room left for him to sign copies as “David Bowie” or “Prince.”


I used to buy Smiths and Morrissey albums on release date up until Years Of Refusal in 2009. I tend to think his last great album was the Tony Visconti produced Ringleaders of the Tormentors in 2006. I also stopped going to see him live about 10 years ago. I don’t care anymore. Morrissey became a parody of himself. Always rehashing the same stuff over and over.

Mr Smyth

I fully concur Poptones. Crap songs, no funny interviews anymore. “I know it’s over”

Chris Squires

The issue for new albums is that they are not remotely interested in creating a decent cover because 90%+ of sales of this, or any new album, will involve at best a 1″ square picture on a streaming tuner, iphone, ipad etc with whatever service is used.
The discussion has been had here before about how big the cheques used to be when the likes of Brian Cooke, Trevor Key, Storm Thorgerson and Roger Dean were called in.
(Tens of?) Thousands
It’s a snatched photo and some photo-shopped text. That’s it. Designed by the tea-girl (or boy) cost = zero.

The sad thing of course is that companies are looking at making profit from vinyl sales of new albums but that thought process hasn’t stretched to investing in a cover as it just doesn’t matter any more. Very sad indeed.


Already the worst cover of the year, put together in Microsoft Paint in 5 minutes tops. Don’t like his music either, sorry.


Surely that’s not the final artwork? I’m a fan but that cover and font are a long way from the glory days of The Smiths and ‘Vauxhall and I’. Perhaps he is self-conscious of his hairline and wants to show off his bushy eyebrows instead? He’s starting to look a lot like Don Revie (which sounds like a good title for a Moz track).

Stephen D Jackson

Almost as poor a sleeve as the horrendous ‘Swords’ compilation, which looked like ol’ Mozzer trying to stave off a lethal Quorn parp in a forest.


He looks a lot like Robbie Williams here

I’ve missed his last 2 albums so not sure if I’ll be getting this


Awful generic cover. When I saw it I presumed it was some budget live offering. Can sit alongside the designs for “Maladjusted”, “You are the Quarry”, “California Son” for me. Far cry from the imagination and style of The Smiths.


I guess you’ve all forgot about the negative publicity the art work for The Queen Is Dead received back in ’86.


Fantastic song. Can’t wait for the album. If anything like the last album, this is going to be a belter.


That cover is hideous. Thought at first it was a live album with a sweaty Morrissey on the cover.


That sleeve hasn’t been designed – it’s been perpetrated!

Nigel Day

Lost it with Morrissey after Vauxhall. That’s class.
However, I now have no desire to hear anything new. I liked a couple of B Sides. Is there one called No One Loves Us ? That’s really good, but the albums I’ve heard don’t give me a semi anymore.
Can’t even listen to The Smiths

Paul Fraser

Nobody Loves Us is a belter of a track. Every time I hear of his latest misguided mutterings I play that and remember the talent he used to wield.

Charles Christopher

When I first saw this, I honestly thought it was an Onion style parody. (The song titles don’t help that impression either.) I realize sleeve art is basically non-existent now, but the difference from the artful sleeves of The Smiths on Morrissey’s own early solo albums is stark.
One of the joys of super deluxe editions, for me, is when a release celebrates the package design, but there’s nothing to celebrate here.


Thank you, Charles Christopher for saying it and saying it so well. I couldn’t agree more. I look back on the beautiful artwork of the Smiths releases and early Morrissey and compare them to what he is releasing these days, and I shudder. Sad. I also wondered if someone was poking fun at him when I saw the artwork for this release.


Thanks for the Blackstar Bowie tribute.
Made me smile / sigh

Have a super year SDE


Ditto! :)

gary oliver

you can tell its him by the song titles alone !

Electric Sydney

Thank God for Morrissey, those song titles made my day.


Thanks for the link to the exclusive clear vinyl!
There’s also an indies store exclusive coloured vinyl but not sure if it’s the same.
Anyway ordered, can’t wait.


The cover’s similar to This Is Morrissey – an up-the-nose shot I call it.

Some indies are also listing a coloured vinyl, presumably this will be different to the above?

I’d quite like a colour more interesting than clear.

Ben Williams

Darling I Hug A Pillow is probably the most Morrissey title ever, can’t wait to hear that one.
Nice to see this one will be on tape too!