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Morrissey will release his new album Low In High School on in November.

The first single, Spent The Day In Bed, has been unveiled today and in SDE’s opinion, it’s a great pop record. The new album features twelve tracks including Who Will Protect Us From The Police?, Home Is A Question Mark and When You Open Your Legs.

There was a suggestion for a while that the cover with the boy holding the ‘Axe The Monarchy’ banner – and an actual axe – would prove too ‘controversial’ for UK retailer HMV and that this had led to problems for the record company, however BMG took to twitter to specifically deny this.

If the standard CD or vinyl of Too Low In High School isn’t enough for you then the official Morrissey store has 16 different variations and bundles including a seven-inch vinyl box set, multiple coloured vinyl editions, a cassette and a T-shirt. I’m pretty sure the standard vinyl (on Amazon etc) is CLEAR vinyl, but I’m not going to state that categorically until it’s properly confirmed.

Low In High School will be released on 17 November 2017, a month after The SmithsThe Queen Is Dead reissue. The standard prices below will come almost certainly down.


Low In High School – vinyl LP

Side 1
1. My Love, I’d Do Anything for You
2. I Wish You Lonely
3. Jacky’s Only Happy When She’s Up on the Stage
4. Home Is a Question Mark
5. Spent the Day in Bed
6. I Bury the Living

Side 2
1. In Your Lap
2. The Girl from Tel-Aviv Who Wouldn’t Kneel
3. All the Young People Must Fall in Love
4. When You Open Your Legs
5. Who Will Protect Us from the Police?
6. Israel

Low In High School – CD

1. My Love, I’d Do Anything for You
2. I Wish You Lonely
3. Jacky’s Only Happy When She’s Up on the Stage
4. Home Is a Question Mark
5. Spent the Day in Bed
6. I Bury the Living
7. In Your Lap
8. The Girl from Tel-Aviv Who Wouldn’t Kneel
9. All the Young People Must Fall in Love
10. When You Open Your Legs
11. Who Will Protect Us from the Police?
12. Israel

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See a Deluxe Edition 2LP being release Dec 7, 2018. Will this be out on CD?…

Side A
1.My Love, I’d Do Anything For You 04:43
2.I Wish You Lonely 02:58
3.Jacky’s Only Happy When She’s Up On Stage 04:19
4.Home Is A Question Mark 03:59
5.Spent The Day In Bed 03:31
6.I Bury The Living 07:25

Side B
1.In Your Lap 04:35
2.The Girl From Tel-Aviv Who Wouldn’t Kneel 04:57
3.All The Young People Must Fall In Love 03:36
4.When You Open Your Legs 03:17
5.Who Will Protect Us From The Police? 04:05
6.Israel 05:55

Side C
2.Back On The Chain Gang
3.Never Again Will I Be A Twin
4.This Song Doesn’t End When It’s Over

Side D
1.You’ll Be Gone [Live]
2.Rose Garden [Live At The Grand Ole Opry, Nashville]
3.Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way? [Live]
4.I Didn’t Know What To Do [Live]
5.Judy Is A Punk [Live]

Ed Moss

Pre-order? What utter nonsense. Either you order something or you don’t order something. Stop the pre-order nonsense

Digital Dan

So many whiners about the album cover, yes it’s absurd, could have been better man, Moz and the Monarch gettin’ old, blah blah blah. So then WHY put up with it!? Just change it on your digital copy or hardcopy, change the album tag to something you want it to be or make up your own! Be creative! I’ve done this with plenty of albums that either do not have artwork or ones i cannot stand. Dew Eiiiit!

Mar Wolfgang

Thanks Paul for pointing out that the green vinyl was still available at HMV. I ordered it and now it has sold out.


Absolutely LOVE the album cover, and from the 4 songs I’ve heard already, LOVE the new stuff. I don’t know why some people are so critical. I can only put it down to jealously or something. Everyone’s a critic. I went to the Hollywood Bowl gig over the weekend and the album cover was shown pre-show / post-show all over the digital boards. Looked amazing against the backdrop of the Hollywood Bowl. Morrissey was simply amazing.

I’m just so happy that in 2017 we’re seeing albums released by some of my all time greats; Morrissey, Paul Weller, Noel Gallagher, Liam Gallagher, and The Charlatans. This doesn’t even include all the wonderful re-releases. What an amazing year.


Got a green vinyl from HMV, thanks for the head up about it still being in stock.


With all due respect: £42 gets you the 12 tracks across six clear vinyl singles in a box -> aint no stupid

[…] new album, Low In High School, was announced this week, and it surely set some kind of record in terms of the number of bundles and variations. […]

[…] The new album will be released on 17 November. You can read more about it here. […]


Five different fonts on that front cover (counting the hand-written placard). As a trained graphic-designer whoever put that mess together should hang their head in shame.

The artist/title font looks very much like a typeface Neville (The Face) Brody designed back in the eighties. I’m not up to date with Moz’s music but I don’t see Brody’s post-modern, but now dated, designs being a good match.


As a trained graphic-designer, what are your thoughts on the number of fonts the Sex Pistol’s “Nevermind the Bollocks” are using on the reissue?


Jamie Reid’s work for the Pistols is more anti-design and owes debts to previous art movements as well as (for NMTB) appropriating the cut-out newspaper type associated with ransom notes so in that context the hodge-podge of typefaces is entirely appropriate and doesn’t it just replicate the original from 40 years ago anyway? I doubt anyone at any point suggested they redesign, clean-up or otherwise homogenise such an iconic graphics.

Morrissey’s cover is just bad design which is somewhat odd as my understanding is he’s pretty much the guiding-hand on all his covers going right back to The Smiths and those Rough Trade singles and albums are rightly regarded as highly evocative, if simple, marriages of stock-pictures and type. He clearly had an eye for design but that seems to have deserted him if this latest work can be laid at his door.


I like the artwork on his new album, makes me laugh a bit.

Alan B

First 1000 orders for the green vinyl LP from HMV get a free 12 x 12 inch print (the kind of print some artists are now trying to charge you up to £10 for)

Paul E.

Johnny Marr never did anything like this…should have all the “Low In High School” vinyls collected in time for The Smiths’ reunion.


7″ single of Spent The Day In Bed is available at ‘indie’ record stores in the UK. Pre order on rough trade, norman records etc

Larry Davis

It IS a good tune…it took me a LOOOOONG time to appreciate Moz and the Smiths, as initially, I couldn’t stand his voice!! But it grew on me. And his moaning is actually funny!! The 2 Israeli references in songs…either doing an anti-Roger Waters thing, an anti-anti-Semite thing, or about the mideast or Israel-Palestine conflict?? All the songtitles just crack me up tho…and the single is likely anti-Trump or anti-fake news…looking forward to this…


I can’t believe someone actually says that he’s glad singles are over! I can’t! I just can’t. Bye.

I would love the 7″ box set but I think it’s overpriced, so I’ll just get the cd, and if I find a cheaper price for the clear vinyl maybe that too.


Well, what can i say?, if you were located in the UK CD singles were pretty easy to get, if you are located in Mexico city for example singles were a pain to collect each single one, double the price, broken cases, low stock etc…i’m glad they are over (at least for me)
However theres a 7″ vinyl single coming with judy as a punk as bside for those interested. I’m not interested because is vinyl an not a CD.


If he wants to axe the ‘British’ monarchy surely it should be ‘Low in Secondary School’? As in the things we have in Britain….. ;)


I have had quite a bit of trouble enjoying his music because of his views. Thanks for taking care of that for me. This song is so bad I no longer have this inner struggle.


Can’t help but laugh at you folks that say that buying multiple variants of the same album is crazy.

You guys buy reissues all the time. C’mon!


The lyrics are infantile. The tune is just listenable. I won’t be parting with my pounds on this piece of primadonna pish.


Good song. Artwork, blah. A selfie picture would have been better. At this stage fans can get together and make their own for itunes anyway. I know people buy 7″ box sets for albums, and they are cool for a variety of reasons, but has anyone here ever actually put it on the turntable and listened to it if it did not contain alternate mixes or anything special?

Alan Jones

My name is Alan and I’m a coloured vinyl addict. 4 x colour vinyl ordered and a green one to come. I think the cover is OK too! Please pray for me.

Rik Skyline

I strongly suspect he doesn’t like the queen.


It’s not exactly Foxbase Alpha is it?!

I guess he would have been in high school when Low came out. 25 years after the Dame covered him, we can at least pretend it’s a Bowie ref.

Larry Davis

There are similarities to Foxbase Alpha & Foxbase Beta…but with a boy and an axe…so Moz!!

Stan Butler

Wouldn’t mind a The Next Day type white box over this cover. ( I do know that was covering ‘Heroes’, not Low). Might have to make my own up.


Dear me, what a lot of reactionary Daily Mail readers SDE appears to have acquired. That album sleeve is totally brilliant and just what we need in a world where everyone walks around on eggshells, totally scared to say or do anything that might offend someone else. Well done Moz.
I love the look on that kids face. Similar to the classic Diane Arbus photo ‘Child with Toy Hand Grenade in Central Park, New York City’ (1962) which I was looking at this morning after learning that he was the inspiration for Bart Simpson. Check it out here; http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/works-of-art/2001.474/ and see what I mean…

Dave Richards

I think it is cool that the 10 year old who designed the cover is also on the cover, very clever Sir!


Everything seems available to me on the Morrissey store, just ordered the 7″ box set on it’s own. Postage a bit juicy taking total price to just over £50.


In the last paragraph, the album title is incorrect. It is “Low In High School” not “Too Low In High School”.

Did anyone notice that MPorium does not show any shipping options to seal-clubbing Canada?

And did anyone also question why the Japanese version is on yellow vinyl?

The email we received from Morrissey’s Gmail also stated that there is a 7″ preorder for “Spent The Day In Bed”. Anyone come across a link for that yet?

Mark Porter

Doubt I’ll buy this. At a push iTunes only and that leaves a sad gap in the collection I have on CD.


Spent the day in bed and came up with the forgetful little number.

Mark Porter

Remember the generic blank 7” single sleeves from 70’s and earlier – which I hate – (always have to have a picture sleeve) I would rather have one of those than the sleeve he has chosen for this.

James Dawson

There should be time to change that disappointingly bad cover before November, which would be nice. Also: With song titles “The Girl From Tel-Aviv Who Wouldn’t Kneel” and “Israel,” it will be interesting to hear Morrissey’s musical takes on the Mideast…


That cover looks like a petrol station Smiths compilation designed by someone who has a vague idea that Morrissey is a bit ‘edgy’ and doesn’t like the queen much.


I’ve only listend once to the single “Spent the Day in Bed”. And I have to say that I like this song, it’s a catchy tune.

Jeremy Kay

Recordstore have the cassette individually to pre-order in case it floats anyone’s boat. We have lost some options on the moz website (mainly the 7″ set ones) but I’m a bit disappointed with the choices available and may just get it on cd, it’s all a bit excessive and cash in. Where’s a decent deluxe edition with extra tracks? A limited box set maybe for the collector?, Who really needs all that vinyl, it’s just all novelty till the vinyl craze wears off again and a bit against what moz always stood for, can’t imagine he needs the money either……


People moaning about anything to do with morrissey is funny


Can anyone tell me what the items were that have sold out from the webstore?

Alan B

Believe it or not the cassette is no longer available so must have sold out! You usually can’t give the cassette version away as it is a totally useless and defunct format.


James sold quite a few cassettes of their last album through their webstore, that may have been the “inspiration”.

Digital Dan

Yes Alan B. I agree! I have no idea why anyone would want to own a cassette these days, so dreadful, remember the days of fast forwarding, flipping, trying to record to cd, stop, rewind, pause, cleaning tape deck heads, uggh the madness! WHY!? why are cassettes coming back, plus i don’t get the vinyl craze either, such a heavy noisy inconvenient hideous medium…lossless format is digital and much better, all this must be nostalgic hype…i mean, how often with our busy lives do we have time to sit and listen to a vinyl, and where are you going to listen to that tape? In your car tape deck! Get real, get modern, go digital, go streaming…nuff of this you crazies, even CD’s are out of date!

Darren Briscoe

No American links yet Paul?


US Morrissey shop: https://us.mporium.org/


I like choice in the vinyl options. But this is a money making farce and not one I would have associated Morrissey with but I guess pop truly does eat itself. Will await a deal on the vinyl but not on my must have list this time


unless im blind ( possible) couldn’t see any cassette version on morrisey store

Gary C

DL card with the cassette Paul?
I’m bracing myself for track 12

Ben Williams

Has anyone mentioned the “tacky badge” yet? Is this Morrissey having a little joke with us?


I had the exact same idea and HOPE the Moz is a little tongue-in-cheeky on this one!


Must admit, completely befuddled by the formats – the completist in me would have appreciated a tad few less options… I collect what I can but having trouble justifying shelling out for the four different colour variations of the one record, four different prefect badges and assorted t-shirts etc. I nabbed the 7″ box just in case they go (no mention of limited quantities, though?) in the bundle with CD and cassette (the last I admit purely for nostalgic reasons, and it was the cheapest bundle with the box). Once I can afford it, I know I’m barking but I still can’t decide whether to settle for the standard clear vinyl, badge and t-shirt or the full monty vinyl set… Can’t wait for the record though, especially after losing so many special artists recently it’s a good feeling knowing that there’s a new Morrissey album on the way. Long may he reign. Haven’t heard the single yet, but plan on doing so with a glass of wine before bed.

Bassel hassouna

When “World peace is none of your business” was releasefmd, best buy in the states had a limited copy with a second cd of bonus tracks. Wonder if the same will happen now


“When WILL you open your legs”. or “When You Open Your Legs.”
It’s one or the other.

Alan Wilson

There’s a fifth vinyl colour….. Indies only green vinyl as well

Alan B

Indies and HMV. If you remove both of those who exactly is left in terms of actual shops? So basically the green vinyl is for all shops only. Hardly exclusive is it? You couldn’t make it up.


Like everyone else, what a dreaful cover. Its not so much the poor photoshop quality but this is an issue Mozzer has been barking on about since the 80s. Each to their own but in 2017 I think there are more relevant and worthy targets.


No 3xl t shirts for us fatties then ? Total disgrace considering he released a single called You’re The One For Me, Fatty.

Tony Orwell

not professional fatties like me though :-(

Chris Squires

You call 3XL a fattie? Pah, amateurs.

On Topic, awful cover, at a time like this it’s just dumb. I hesitate to use the word irresponsible as I have never looked to “Rock Stars” to be role models or be responsible…*BUT* in 2017 with the world as it is, putting a kid outside a Palace with an AXE is just twattish. It just shows what a top class asshat Morrissey is to either a) think it’s ok or b) that he knows it is not ok and still go ahead. Can’t comment on the music as I stopped taking notice a long time ago.

Burger Chef

Neil, Morrissey hates fatties, his pretentious album Leader of The Tormentor describes that about America. I’m surprised he doesn’t just sell small and medium and puts a ban on all large and x+ larges he hates fatties so much he sings about it just like meat


First solo Morriswey record without a pic of him on it?

Stan Butler

He wasn’t on Southpaw Grammar. Mind you, that was a better cover than this.


…and the ‘…Morrissey Limited Edition “M Harrington” Jacket with Morrissey crest embroidery and tartan lining’…slightly Alan Partridge….

Colin Harper

Still, at least he’s put a stop to all that lumpen Boz Boorer band stodge.


It seems Mr M has bought wholesale into the marketing industry he always formerly denounced…I mean, a literal Morrissey Fan for a Morrissey fan?!?!