Morrissey’s new album on green vinyl

HMV and indie retailers offering exclusive green vinyl

If the vaguely ludicrous number of variations of Morrissey‘s new album Low In High School on his official store wasn’t enough, it turns out there is an ‘indies-only’ GREEN vinyl pressing (not available in Moz’s shop).

Whether you feel HMV in the UK qualifies for ‘indie’ status is neither here nor there, since they are stocking this limited edition green vinyl of Low In High School and you can order online with free shipping (UK only). As a bonus the first 1000 orders come with a free art print of the album cover.

This is the print that comes with the HMV green vinyl of Low In High School

Also, as predicted, in recent days the standard vinyl – which I think is clear vinyl (would be nice if BMG would actually confirm this) – has dropped to just over £18 on Amazon UK. And you can buy the cassette tape from Amazon Germany, if you so wish!

The new album will be released on 17 November. You can read more about it here.

HMV Pre-order limited indies-only green vinyl of Low In High School

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Low In High School - standard vinyl LP


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Low In High School - cassette tape

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Low In High School – vinyl LP

Side 1
1. My Love, I’d Do Anything for You
2. I Wish You Lonely
3. Jacky’s Only Happy When She’s Up on the Stage
4. Home Is a Question Mark
5. Spent the Day in Bed
6. I Bury the Living

Side 2
1. In Your Lap
2. The Girl from Tel-Aviv Who Wouldn’t Kneel
3. All the Young People Must Fall in Love
4. When You Open Your Legs
5. Who Will Protect Us from the Police?
6. Israel

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Paul Wren

Morrissey’s previous “World Peace Is None Of Your Business” album received a 1,000 orange pressing via Hot Topic in the USA – the other vinyl version was standard black vinyl. The orange version literally took months to sell out, so don’t panic about not getting the coloured version of the new album that you want.

Peter Muscutt

The influx of coloured vinyl reminds me of when ELO released singles back in the day – weren’t black vinyl 7″ singles by them actually more collectible than the coloured variants? Still, I’m a total sucker for coloured vinyls – the ‘Stranger Things’ soundtrack 4LP box set looks amazing…


update the morrissey green vinyl on hmv the print is limited to 1500

[…] bundles and variations. There’s five coloured vinyl editions for a start (that includes the HMV exclusive). Some of these include lyrics in Japanese, French or Spanish. Additionally, you can buy what is […]


Diehard Moz fans like me will be hoping against hope that the actual songs are better than the song titles (not the case with Years of Refusal or World Peace). And that cover is awful, by the way. The first solo LP not to feature a picture of the singer himself.

If he really wanted to shake things up he would get a new songwriting partner(s) and march out of the comfort zone he’s been in for the last 10 years or so.

But, I am thankful he’s still releasing music and there is always the prospect to be pleasantly surprised….please?


Southpaw Grammar and world of Morrissey didn’t have him on the cover either – and world peace is a great record – much better than years of refusal and ringleader imo


For those of us who follow Morrissey the song judy is a punk is not a big deal, i mean we’ve already listened that song many times before, it’s a great song but short and only edited on vinyl which is useless for me.


So for us outside the UK it’s not possible to order HMV’s green LP.
Great ! :-((

Enrico G.

OMG! Judy is a punk is one of my most fav.

Marshall Gooch

All this complaining and worrying about whether things will be delivered as promised sounds like the premise or title of an actual Morrissey song.


This is Morrissey going all guns blazing to try and get a no 1 album. He is very into chart positions and likes to remind people that he has had no 1 albums in three different decades. This album going to no 1 would obviously make that four decades.

Gary C

thanks for reminding us about those chart positions that Moz likes to remind people about :)


Thanks Paul, Ive ordered the HMV green vinyl in the hope of getting the print but to be honest if my past experience of HMV is anything to go by I won’t get one. Ive pre-ordered limited items in the past within seconds of them being available on line and not got one. Complaining to their customers services didn’t help.

David Bly

I am in the US and I only saw this today (24th), and as such I assume that I would not get the print if I ordered it now. I would think that just in the UK alone, at least 1000 would want to get the print, and when you add in the rest of the world, well – that’s it – no chance.

But I wrote to agree with you and others about HMV (and others) not letting you know if you will get a special item. They should be able to set it up so that the item is listed on the webpage, and then once the limit has been reached, that info is automatically gone.

This is something that small independent labels are able to do.
In 2017, there’s no reason that HMV can’t set up a programme to do this sort of thing!


paul I have ordered this due to limited print but my order does not indicate a print?

Peter Muscutt

It mentions about the print on the actual item description on the site, but agree, it doesn’t state it on the ‘basket’ when you actually pay for it. I initially thought it was a signed print (as many artists include such items now) but even if its not, its a bonus if I happen to get one.

Paul Wren

It’s a pre-order and they will probably press up as many copies with the print as there is pre-order demand for. And we’ll never know how many are eventually pressed up as record companies are quite secretive about this sort of thing.


vinyl is so over-saturated with color variations now its becoming ridiculous


Will they keep that ‘here’s a bonus’ incentive posted long after the first 1000 have been ordered I wonder?

Rune T

And I thought Mute and ZTT were sometimes milking it with their numerous mixes back in the 80s. They have nothing on this release.

Ben Williams

There’s also a clear 7″ single of Spent The Day In Bed on various Indie stores online, such Rough Trade & Banquet Records, with postage, around £6.99.

B Side is a cover of The Ramones’ Judy Is A Punk, of which I am very excited to hear.

Glad there will be a 7″ single released before the album, something that was lacking with World Peace… (his last album)

Tony Orwell

would be great to know if it is going to be clear vinyl and if that is the case are we then looking at no black vinyls?


I reckon I’ll settle for the CD with this one, shame there isn’t a deluxe version like his last album.

Gary C

There is a 7 inch single too, with a Ramones cover on the B-side