Mötley Crüe / Dr Feelgood 30th anniversary box set

Anniversary box set filled with music and trinkets

Mötley Crüe‘s 1989 album Dr Feelgood is 30 years old and to celebrate, the band are issuing an extravagant deluxe box set.

The album topped the US albums chart back in the day and features songs like ‘Kickstart My Heart’, ‘Without You’ and the title track (the last two were top ten singles in America).

The box set comes with a green vinyl LP of the album, a digipak CD edition, three seven-inch picture discs, a coke bottle, deck of cards, prescription notepad, drumstick pens, pins, plectrums and band aids, all house inside a leatherette satchel! The image below lays it all out…

Those three seven-inch picture discs are for ‘Dr Feelgood’, ‘Kickstart My Heart’ and ‘Without You’. The demo for each track is on the A-side with the standard studio version of the flipside. Not bad, but in truth this box is as much about the merch within as it is the music.

This 30th anniversary box set of Dr Feelgood will be released on 10 April 2020.

Dr Feelgood

Side A:
T.N.T. (Terr ‘n Tinseltown)
Dr. Feelgood
Slice Of Your Pie
Rattle-snake Shake
Kickstart My Heart
Without You

Side B:
Same Ol’ Situation
Sticky Sweet
She Goes Down
Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)
Time For Change

Dr. Feelgood 7″ picture disc
1A Dr. Feelgood (Demo) 4:45
1B Dr. Feelgood 4:50

Kickstart My Heart 7″ picture disc
1A Kickstart My Heart (Demo) 4:31
1B Kickstart My Heart 4:42

Without You 7″ pictured disc
1A Without You (Demo) 4:15
1B Without You

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Michel Banen

Just discovered this album and I love it ! Couldn’t resist buying this :-)

Mathew Lauren

Where’s the 5.1?

At least half the songs have already been DD5.1 remixed to decent review.

It’d have been nice to have the whole album in
hirez 5.1.

I must agree. This is a blatant cash-grab and a MISSED opportunity to revisit the surround mixes, ESPECIALLY AT THIS A$K!

Total pass!

Michel Banen

Where can I find the 5.1 mixes that are available ?


Ridiculous prices for german and french customers for a load of crap – company should be ashamed. THIS virus is called “greed”.
I guess, the Crüe in their heydays would have used far more appropiate vocabulary than I did.
Anyway, great record – by far the best from MC.

What? Gene Hunt? Worry?

Just out of general interest, who signs off on this merch crap?

Dan T.

Love this album, was the first CD I owned that was recorded and mixed digitally (remember the “DDD” on the back of the CD?), and sounded great. And that’s the thing… Primarily it’s about the music, and this set doesn’t accomplish that very well. At least the Floyd sets gave us more music along with dust collector trinkets… This one is just trinkets. Pass.

Paul Wren

Where’s the can of hairspray?


Now wouldn’t a deluxe set from Canvey Islands’ very own be a thing of beauty…..

Bill Z



This would pair nicely with McCartney’s Traveler’s Edition of Egypt Station.


Aren’t those demos the same ones from the 2003 remaster (which actually had more bonus material)? The varios 2009 20th Anniversary reissues had some live tracks from the tour. The least they could have done here would have been to round up all the previously released bonus material and then supplement with a full show from the tour and/or add anything unreleased from those sessions. Sorry, MC, this is a pass.


There’s an interview with Vince Neil from late 1988, when he was on the film set of Police Academy 6. He mentions they just cut 21 demos for their upcoming album, which would turn out to be Dr Feelgood. 21 demos! Why could they not include any or all of those?!

Richard Cosgrove

Not be be a pedant (well, alright then I am being one) but shouldn’t this be the 31st Anniversary if it was released in 1989 :-)

Plus, as a Motley fan (I like hair metal, sue me!) I’d rather have had live stuff, DVDs, a decent book than all the dollar store crap.

It’s a no from me, I’m afraid.

Shawn C.

Motley Crue were always crap, IMO, but this may well be the most ridiculous box set I’ve ever seen (ok, other than that Kiss casket). I’m not a big fan of stuffing box sets full of useless junk. Maybe a few things for fun- like the dumb Marbles in the Floyd sets – but good god, what is an adult going to do with all the junk in this thing? You’ve basically got, I don’t know, maybe 50 bucks worth of actual music-related material (vinyl, cd, singles) and then a bunch of dollar store crap stuffed into a pleather sack.


Just because you don’t like a band means they’re crap. Different people have different tastes.

Stuart Russell

There’s also a single CD version that appends the 3 demo tracks from the 7′ singles to the running order


CD £10
LP £20
7″ picture discs £12 ea
Bag of merch £84!!! Hey real leatherette wow.
Not really a music release at all is it?
In the current heath and economic crisis I’d be amazed if they sold many. I’d have been embarrassed to own this tat by age 20 and how many 14 year olds can afford £150?


I saw the final concert of the Dr. Feelgood tour in Chandler AZ. As documented in the biography “The Dirt” they had lost all interest in matters related to music at that point. What the book did not mention was that they only played 12 songs during the show and when they had gone (as they themselves described it, you could still hear the last notes of the cymbals floating in the air when they entered the private jet) people were shocked and angry how obviously disinterested they were. When they came a few years later to Tucson AZ inviting people to chat with them in downtown Tucson, practically nobody came. This time, they were shocked at the disinterest, blaming it on MTV, and yes, it was funny when the then MTV VJ (and current wife of famed author Michael Lewis) Tabatha Soren made fun of them, but it was first and foremost their attitude (at least in AZ). Hence, I do not expect this release to be hot in AZ.

James A Gates

The greatest rip off yet from these hacks :-/


Between the satchel here and the Egypt Station suitcase, I sense a trend. We could eventually wind up with an entire luggage set (though I wouldn’t be surprised if Kiss or somebody actually has that).

This really looks like a set of those promotional novelty items you used to see around major releases. Not a lot of music here, but if you want to accessorize you’re in luck

Dave R

Kiss released their box set in a rather impressive mini guitar case a few years back. Gene Simmons went way beyond that though with his ultra expensive ‘Vault’ set that came packaged in its own safe whichever for a few thousand dollars, he would deliver to you personally. Lots of ‘thanks Gene, just leave it at the door….’ jokes.


It seems kinda childish all this gimmicky stuff, where is the music? More toys than music
Silly but I still love the band


Quite possibly the LAMEST anniversary release. I challenge anybody to name one that’s worse.


I think we have an early contender for worst box set of 2020. It gets my vote. It’s a blatant cash grab. No new master, no new bonus material, just some slightly amusing trinkets. Between this and them ripping up their contact to never tour again (surprise surprise) you get the sense that perhaps one or more of the Motley gang is in a bit of a financial bind of some kind. This is embarrassing.


Can some Motley maven tell me the significance of the “coke bottle”?!


Well, I think we all needed a laugh, right? Bit early for April fools, though.


Yeah, hard pass. I would’ve been all over a 2-CD edition.

They could have easily included the bonus tracks from the various CD reissues (1 unreleased track, 4 demos, and 5 live recordings) – plus the promo edit of “Don’t Go Away Mad,” the new tracks from Raw Tracks II, and maybe the 1990-1991 tracks from Decade of Decadence – instead of a few demos on vinyl.

(I don’t recall if Supersonic and Demonic Relics has any additional songs that were recorded in this era.)

Friso Pas

Love the album, but this is crazy. Way overpriced.
Luckily, I already have an excellent green vinyl pressing from 2016, cut by Kevin Gray, and the deluxe CD. Weird that the CD in here is not the deluxe version with more tracks. In 2009, they even released a 20th ann. 2CD version. So … easy pass.


I got the title song as a 7″ single and that’s all I need from this. Keep well, stay safe. And if you can’t, Doctor Feelgood gonna make you feel alllllllriiiight!!!!


Have they lost their marbles?

Johnny Spasm

The Motley Crue version of Locked’n Loaded. I can’t wait for them to break up some of the unsold sets, and sell pieces of it on their website. Some hair bands never learn…

Christopher Merritt

Agree 100% Hard pass – way, way, way overpriced and too much – how does Paul say it? “Tat”

Dave R

By the way, there IS a straight jacket in the package. The bottle is packed inside it…..

Dave R

Loved the band since the original Leathur records days back in 81 (still have a sealed copy of the first pressing of ‘Too Fast For Love’), but whereas at one time I might have gone for this, the much older me just looks at it and thinks what an awful lot of tat for a hefty price tag. And surely that bottle should be Jack Daniels shaped?!


Pass as usual, Mötley should take a note from Metallica on how to do these boxsets.

Dave R

Agreed, I think quite a few artists could learn from Metallica as to how to compile a box set!


Ill pick it up for £68 on a SDE alert instead!


Lots of toys and little music. Which music fan buys actually these things??

Was there no live material? live video footage?? Anything?

Ken A.

I think the industry is slowly crossing the line between reissues and a merch store bundle

Tom m hans

This would look a little awkward next to my Egypt Station Suitcase. I think I pass. Be safe everybody. Peace.


No marbles, hard pass.


Good record for its time… but probably as desirable as the GnR super deluxe. More landfill fodder.


What? No marbles or straitjacket??


And no extra tracks? Unusual marketing approach!


Obligatory marbles comment.

Colm O' Meara

The three 7″ are Kickstart My Heart, Whithout You and Dr. Feelgood, with the demo for each song on the b-side


The 7inches as stated on discogs:
Dr. Feelgood 7″
1A Dr. Feelgood (Demo) 4:45
1B Dr. Feelgood 4:50
Kickstart My Heart 7″
1A Kickstart My Heart (Demo) 4:31
1B Kickstart My Heart 4:42
Without You 7″
1A Without You (Demo) 4:15
1B Without You


Dr. Feelgood (9:35)

Side A: Dr. Feelgood (Demo) (4:45)

Side B: Dr. Feelgood (4:50)

Kickstart My Heart (9:13)

Side A: Kickstart My Heart (Demo) (4:31)

Side B: Kickstart My Heart 4:42)

Without You (8:45)

Side A: Without You (Demo) (4:15)

Side B: Without You (4:30)


So basically some music and a bunch of stuff few will care fore. They couldn’t throw in a live concert on CDs or maybe dig up some demos or out-takes?


Sounds like a 2 CD edition for $20 or so would have been enough. This is just trying to squeeze more money out with stuff I do not want and do not even want to make room for. Hard pass.