Mott The Hoople vinyl reissues

British rock band Mott The Hoople‘s first four albums are being reissued on vinyl next month.

These are the Island albums that were the focus of the extensive Mental Train six-CD box of last year. The four albums are Mott The Hoople (1969), Mad Shadows(1970), Wildlife (1970) and Brain Capers (1971).

Indeed, these have been cut from the Andy Pearce masters used for that box and the artwork replicates the original sleeves right down to the free eye mask in Brian Capers.

All four albums are released on black vinyl on 13 September 2019.

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Mott The Hoople

Side A

1. You Really Got Me
2. At the Crossroads
3. Laugh at Me
4. Backsliding Fearlessly

Side B

5. Rock and Roll Queen
6. Rabbit Foot and Toby Time
7. Half-Moon Bay
8. Wrath and Wroll

Mad Shadows

1. Thunderbuck Ram
2. No Wheels to Ride
3. You Are One of Us
4. Walking with A Mountain

5. I Can Feel
6. Threads of Iron
7. When the Mind’s Gone


Side A

1. Whiskey Women
2. Angel of Eighth Avenue
3. Wrong Side of The River
4. Waterlow
5. Lay Down

Side B

6. It Must Be Love
7. The Original Mixed Up Kids
8. Home Is Where I Want to Be
9. Keep A-Knockin

Brain Capers

Side A

1. Death May Be Your Santa Claus
2. Your Own Backyard
3. Darkness, Darkness
4. The Journey

Side B
5. Sweet Angeline
6. Second Love
7. The Moon Upstairs
8. The Wheel of The Quivering Meat Conception

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Neil Wilkes

What would be great to get would be High Resolution 24/96 versions of these, preferably on Blu-ray if at all possible. Failing that, how about a Mott retrospective compiled with the same care & attention to every last detail of Ian Hunter’s “Stranded In Reality” box set? I took a chance on that box because Ian’s website assured me the albums were all remastered properly & not aggressively limited for volume – and in all seriousness I have not heard some of them sound as good before on CD – and not only do I have no regrets I would go further & say to everyone here who is a Hunter fan to go get a set whilst stocks are still available, as there will not be any more once they are gone it seems. This is not a marketing speech either, but serious praise for a (pricy) box set that was done properly – including the music.


Will there eventually be CD reissues of these 4 albums individually at some point?

Chris S

So are they remastered or the this same as what is in Mott The Hoople ‎– Complete Atlantic Studio Albums (Rhino OPLP-8862) that came out on PopMarket a few years ago?

Nass Khan

About bloody time.

Matthew Nobile

Mott and Ian are timeless and stand up with most Rock band of the era
Glad to see the release, will get this all, don’t have a copy of Wildlife, still playing my original issues.
Zep, Who, Mott the Clash the only bands that matter.
Shared this on the Horses Mouth…a Review of Dylan’s Street Legal ended with “still the best Dylan album is the original Mott the Hopple album” immediately took MTH album out to play for my Dylan freak house mates telling them it was rare Dylan release…the loved it, astonished when I showed them the album.
Ian’s songs have always and still have much so much meaning.
Still writing and recording great music.

bruce kelso

the pysch/rock band the mandrake memorial third lp called puzzle also had a escher cover. the drummer j kevin lally met with escher to ask his permission. also I will admit for those who do love vinyl this is a great deal.also the first u.k. pressing of the self titled lp did not have backsliding fearlesslyon it but had road to birmingham as track 4 side one.


Shame these are not being issued on coloured vinyl? Maybe that will happen on record store day?


I was not aware that Mott the Hoople had used an MC Escher drawing as cover art. Very nice! And no, he is not a rapper!

Paul M

Same regarding Escher – this is one of my favourites but I’ve never seen this colourised version before. Also – Wikipedia entry for this Mott LP says Jagger asked Escher to do the cover of Let It Bleed and he declined.

Chris Squires

I was drawn to Esher when, as a young kid I went to see the Platinum tour by Mike Oldfield. Mike was using an artist called Ian Emes, who had already been working for Oldfield a couple of years and Pink Floyd too. But when you are 13 you think you are discovering everything for the first time. Ian draws heavily on Esher’s work and there is a youtube video of the work that was back-projected during the 1980 tour.


Of the 1st four, I really like Brain Capers a lot. The absolute best LP you never heard, I really hope the Columbia recordings (Dudes, Mott, Live, The Hoople, & Greatest Hits) get good remastered LP treatment. And then just out of perverse curiosity Drive On & Shouting and Pointing would be interesting, to say the least, although I might be the only buyer. Very Spinal Tap Ish I think. But still enjoy!!!


J – without Drive on and Shouting and Pointing, there possibly may never have been a Motley Crue – whether that’s a good or bad thing depends on your pov . . . .
Sixx was in a band called London and apparently put an ad up in a music shop looking for a vocalist who “sounds like Nigel Benjamin” . . . Benjamin applied and got the job.
Early Crue stuff borrows a lot from those Mott albums.

As for the Island albums – all 4 are great. MTH is typical Dylanesque Hunter; Mad Shadows is brilliantly moody proto-prog; Wildlife is proper country-rock with a mad loon-out R&R live medley at the end, and Capers . . . when all the kids were wandering about in their kaftans, gripping Yes and Genesis albums, the boys on the corner (well, admitedly not many of them) were smokin’ tabs and kicking the can to this – it kept the spirit of rock and roll alive and was arguably just as influential on punk as Raw Power or anything else from across the pond. An essential listen.

John Fleri

Agree, among my all time favorite albums. The band was a great musician combo. Ian Hunter composed great melodies, comparable to any Brit based band of the 60’s to present.

Michael John

Easy decision. All ordered. Curious to see the labels and if they also match the originals.

bruce kelso

really no need for these to be on vinyl when the box set came last year.

Nik Yeomans

Rhino released an Atlantic vinyl box set, on 180g vinyl, back in 2014 in the US.

paul wren

A great band and well deserving of a reissue programme. I bought all these as early pressings about two years ago, otherwise I’d be straight in for them.

Steve j

Great four album release
Really good price £68/70
Shame they are not doing a box release like other Island artists from that time period ie
Traffic,Free and Spooky Tooth


Tried to get the Dylan set and Amazon Spain won’t ship to my US address. Ah well!

Mick Aves

Brilliant !!! I bought all four when they were originally released…

Murray Robbins

Would anyone care to comment on the remastering Paul mentioned? Having everything on Cd and vinyl meant I passed on that box set. One wonders whether it will hold a candle to First Press Island originals. Doubtful really.

Brain Capers is a stone cold killer record, courtesy of the crazed genius, Guy Stevens in tandem with a great band. It is the nearest to capturing the live juggernaut ( just ask Mick Jones) that was the first incarnation of Mott, not that that was really possible.

Long live Ian Hunter! Really hope the Rant Band tours again soon. Two years is too long!


Murray the CD box mastering is very good (not as smooth as the Japanese card covers though) and they haven’t edited out “This one’s for you Brian” either . . .
This being said I still like the old Atlantic CDs, which were absolutely fine. I’ve got all original vinyl too – it’s horses for courses . .

Murray Robbins

Thanks Tonk

I looked again at the Mental Train box which I had not scrutinised in terms of content. I’ve now ordered it. For some reason the scale of the unreleased material had escaped me. So I will not order this new wax and will stick to my Island pressings.

I’ve got all the Atlantic CDs as well and once upon a time I’d have moved them on but not anymore.

Fantastic to see the shared love for Brain Capers here and if just one person who has never heard it buys it it’ll be just great. That’s the beauty of your great site Paul!


Hi Murray – glad to be of help – pretty sure you’ll enjoy it.

I take it you have all the Angel Air live things too – just fantastic examples of quite possibly the best live band Britain ever produced . . .

I think it was the sweary bit in The Moon Upstairs that got most ‘kids’ into Capers . . I used to have to leap up and quickly turn it down on the stereogram so as I didn’t upset my Mum ‘;0)

Murray Robbins

Hi Tonk,

Yes I’ve got all those. Thanks for the thought.

The Mental Train box came yesterday and it is very nicely done with no silly brick-walling. I spent the afternoon thinking particularly of Overend, and dug out his South West footpath book to accompany the music. Many years ago I went over from Cheltenham to Hereford and spent a lovely half hour talking to him at the Dinosaw market collectables shop he ran for many years . Loved seeing his bass hanging on the wall. What a guy!

Anybody who wants a superb read should search for a copy of the book. It’s called “The Man Who Hated Walking: The South West Path” I think he may well have signed the whole print run.