Mumford & Sons / Sigh No More 7″ box

Mumford & Sons / Sigh No More seven-inch box set

Mumford & Sons are reissuing their 2009 debut Sigh No More as a seven-inch box set.

This is a limited edition collectors’ box set and celebrates a decade since the release of the album. There have been special editions before – notably the 2010 2CD+DVD deluxe – but of course this new set is all about vinyl. The 12 tracks are spread over six seven-inch records and are housed in a “bespoke gatefold holder”.

This Sigh No More collector’s box set will be released on 13 December 2019.

Single 1
1. Sigh No More
2. The Cave

Single 2
1. Winter Winds
2. Roll Away Your Stone

Single 3
1. White Blank Page
2. I Gave You All

Single 4
1. Little Lion Man
2. Timeshell

Single 5
1. Thistle & Weeds
2. Awake My Soul

Single 6
1. Dust Bowl Dance
2. After The Storm

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I think for Mumford 1 song at a time is enough for one sitting. Over the course of 10 years, perhaps you will get through this set, but most people who buy this will not even do that.

Norn Cutson

I have zero interest in their music but this is TOOTHSOME design!

paul wren

I forgot to mention – nice packaging job by the label, definitely super deluxe in my opinion!

Paul Wren

Tenth anniversary edition? This all seems to be way too soon, ie 25th or 50th anniversary is more appropriate when the passage of time will lend perspective to whether or not this is a great album. I know, I know, record companies are here to make money etc…………………


Erm. Yes. What Caroline said. Hopefully at least each sleeve had stunning individual artwork, otherwise there is no point releasing this.

thomas solimine

Labels come up with the most elaborate ways to fleece the fans.


You can pick this album up for 50p at every char….. oops, sorry Paul

Stan Butler

What’s the problem with this? You only have to get up eleven times to flip the record over or take it off the turntable. All part of the vinyl “experience”.
12 tracks for £50. Bargain.


Could anyone apart from the band members and their immediate families like the album enough to change disc / sides 12 times to listen to the whole thing and pay 50 quid for the experience?!

John McCann

Stan says 11,rjs says 12 ,I need to know exactly how many times you have to get up to listen to this.

Stan Butler

Imagining an unlikely future scenario where I would buy this, I had to leave the final 7″ on the turntable, as the whole experience left me so emotionally drained that I was physically unable to move from my armchair.
RJS, obviously being of a more robust constitution, was able to take it off and place it back in its sleeve. Hence accounting for the extra movement.

John McCann

Thanks for clearing that up stan,,,Viz magazine was great back in the day wasn’t it,all the best.

Little Lion Man

Wow..! Are you assuming that anyone who “buys” this is actually going to play it..?

I bet less than 5 % of the people that buy it will do so.

Paul E.

It’s all about adding more “steps” to your activity tracker. Can’t wait for the new “vinyl” activity setting (next to “walk” & “run”) on my Fitbit- my turntable is downstairs so I’m looking forward to spending a few pounds to shed a few pounds. The compact disc is just so lazy.


Just pop the step counter on the turntable (33 rpm, it might fall off at 45) and go spend the 50 quid on some beer.

joel ivins

This right here is the kind of thing that gets me into trouble…although i am not a big enough mumford fan to buy this…this is the kind of beautifully put together thing that if it was say, tears for fears, alison moyet, sara mchlachlan, siouxsie and the banshees…my bank account would simply weep in anguish…lol


Mumford’s work on the Dylan New Basement Tapes project was excellent so I had always planned to revisit my opinion of his day job band, but this does not work for me. I’m sure some will be all over this, but I’m not sure who?

Mike the Fish

I picked up an album as a box of 7″s (partly because I read someone complain about how short one of the sides was) and for whatever reasons I hardly play it. It’s a hassle, not particularly attractive and hardly the best way to approach sound quality on vinyl.


Mark E Smith had the right idea about them (although, in fairness, his execution was not appropriate…)

£50 for an old album on 12 sides of 7″ vinyl for maximum inconvenience? One born every minute.

Richard Cosgrove

Couldn’t agree more, Caroline! I can’t imagine having the patience to change the record for every single song, but then again I suppose this is one the fans will buy just to stick on the shelf (as we all do with our favourite artists)!


Hi Caroline,

It’s fair to say that ‘£50 for an old album on 12 sides of 7″ vinyl for maximum inconvenience’ does sound like madness. I’m not a Mumford fan, so this holds no appeal. Yet, if it was released by one of my favourite artists, then I may well be excited by this type of release, even if the reality is it wouldn’t get played (no I wouldn’t play an album changing the record after every song).

The price is also high, and yet major label artists would probably charge more, so it’s hard to gauge what’s fair. £35 – £5 a single sounds right. I used to buy lots of 7″ singles (about 15 years ago) when shops sold them for 99p, £1.99 and groups like Maximo Park would release three versions of a single. The minute prices jumped to £5 a few years later that killed regular 7″ purchases off for me. Now they are £10 (ludicrous) and worse still on record store day.


Martyn Alner

I’m sure there are lots of fans of their music, but I just remember Charlie Brooker calling them “The Trust Fund Wombles”! :)