My Bloody Valentine reissues

Newly cut vinyl and CD editions

Domino will reissue My Bloody Valentine‘s three studio albums as new vinyl pressings (and on CD) along with EP’s 1988-1991 as a two-CD set

1988 debut Isn’t Anything, 1991’s Loveless and 2013’s m b v all come in gatefold sleeves and pressed on 180g heavyweight vinyl. m b v additionally includes a set of five card artwork prints (264mm x 264mm).

There are actually two versions of each vinyl, one standard which is cut from digital and a ‘deluxe’ which is analog-cut, and comes in a slightly thicker ‘tip on’ sleeve. The latter were rather limited and appear to be sold out in most places almost immediately (note that the prints in MBV come with both versions). In fact, the digital-cut vinyl is already mostly sold out at Rough Trade in the UK!

m b v vinyl comes with five artwork prints

The two-CD EP’s 1988-1991 (which was first issued in 2012) is newly available, although it isn’t being issued on vinyl and still remains officially unavailable on that format.

All three studio albums are also available on CD with card gatefold sleeves. Loveless is actually a two-CD set, contained in a six-panel wallet, with two versions of the album:

  • CD1 – loveless (Remastered from original 1630 tape)
  • CD2 – loveless (Half inch analogue tape)

The former is a digital format while the latter clearly isn’t! Incidentally, all of the vinyl comes with download cards for MP3 and/or WAV files.

All the My Bloody Valentine vinyl and CDs are released on 21 May 2021.

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my bloody valentine

Isnt Anything - vinyl LP

Shop Price gbp Stock
Amazon uk   22
Amazon de   26.32
Amazon fr   17.99

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my bloody valentine

Isnt Anything - CD edition


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my bloody valentine

Loveless - vinyl LP

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Amazon uk   22
Amazon fr   17.99

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my bloody valentine

Loveless - 2CD edition


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my bloody valentine

EPs 1988-1991 and rare tracks - 2CD edition


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my bloody valentine

MBV - vinyl LP


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my bloody valentine

MBV - CD edition



Isn’t Anything My Bloody Valentine /

    • Side A
      1. Soft As Snow (But Warm Inside)
      2. Lose My Breath
      3. Cupid Come
      4. (When You Wake) You’re Still In A Dream
      5. No More Sorry
      6. All I Need
    • Side B
      1. Feed Me With Your Kiss
      2. Sueisfine
      3. Several Girls Galore
      4. You Never Should
      5. Nothing Much To Lose
      6. I Can See It (But I Can’t Feel It


Loveless My Bloody Valentine /

    • Side A
      1. only shallow
      2. loomer
      3. touched
      4. to here knows when
      5. when you sleep
      6. i only said
    • Side B
      1. come in alone
      2. sometimes
      3. blown a wish
      4. what you want
      5. soon


EP’s 1988-1991 My Bloody Valentine /

    • CD 1
      1. you made me realise
      2. slow
      3. thorn
      4. cigarette in your bed
      5. drive it all over me
      6. feed me with your kiss
      7. i believe
      8. emptiness inside
      9. i need no trust
      10. soon
      11. glider
      12. don’t ask why
      13. off your face
    • CD 2
      1. to here knows when
      2. swallow
      3. honey power
      4. moon song
      5. instrumental no. 2
      6. instrumental no. 1
      7. glider (full length version)
      8. sugar
      9. angel
      10. good for you
      11. how do you do it


m b v My Bloody Valentine /

    • Side A
      1. she found now
      2. only tomorrow
      3. who sees you
      4. is this and yes
    • Side B
      1. if i am
      2. new you
      3. in another way
      4. nothing is
      5. wonder 2

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there is a repress underway – according to ochre (bleep support)


Ian what you mean there is a repress?


test comment

Padraig O’ Shea

While it appears that the mislabelled CDs from the 2012 reissue of Loveless will be rectified on the 2021 edition, can anyone confirm that the glitch at the 2.46 mark of ‘ what you want’ on CD1 of the 2012 reissue will be fixed?

Larry Davis

Re Javier…the obvious reason Domino is reissuing these titles is because they signed a new deal with Domino & that includes 2 new albums & reissues of their catalogue 1988 on…and the first thing they are doing are these reissues…me I didn’t buy the Sony reissues from 2012 at the time & I need m b v back…and never had that EP collection either, so getting all these…but the 2 Sony titles are not much different from the new ones (not the 90s Sire ones), I got those 2 as I found them for a good price…and no big whoop on the disc error on Loveless either…for me…


Wonder what the “deluxe edition” exclusive to the FNAC store will be. It is not impossible that they are the all-analogue edition that sold-out instantly on the Domino website. At 22 euros, this might be a bargain…

javier murillo

I thought that Sony CD editions were not sold out and they are not so old. Why is Domino releasing them again?

martin farnworth

For purely selfish reasons (and possibly indefensible) I was a little bit crestfallen when I saw this post. I enjoyed having my highly collectable MBV 2018 reissues!




You can still collect your 2018 records. Records are for listening to. They are not stocks or savings bonds.


In FNAC France there is another: Loveless Edition Deluxe Exclusivité Fnac.

Graeme Ewan

Merci Domingo.


Thank you so very much for posting about this, Domingo…just ordered the Loveless and Isn’t Anything deluxe editions! Fingers crossed my order won’t get cancelled.

Rob (Toronto)

I have the 2018 vinyl releases, the Japan mini lp box, as well as original Creation CDs of ‘Isn’t Anything’, ‘Loveless’ and the various CD single/Ep configurations. Analog versus digital? Well, let’s just say that sonically, the MBV experience is certainly mind-blowing and compelling, but it’s hardly ‘audiophile’ in anything like the ‘straight wire with gain’ sense. This is no contender for some indie equivalent of a Blue Note Tone Poet release. ‘Loveless’ is layer upon layer of overdubbed sound, to the extent that it’s a small miracle that the original studio master tapes weren’t completely saturated to begin with. But that was the whole point anyway: A big wall of noise with beautiful melodies shifting in and out of focus. If you don’t already have these and you let yourself get too hung up on the ‘analog versus digital’ sourcing issue before you decide to spring, then you just might miss out…again (well, at least until the next limited release, which is pretty much inevitable).

Dr Volume

Spot on Rob. I think part of the reason the 2018 Vinyl cuts are going for £200+ on Discogs was that it was Kevin’s perfect version and he’d gone to extraordinary lengths to get there including trying multiple test pressings to check quality control. Indeed I was lucky enough to get a bonus test pressing of ‘Isn’t Anything’ in my parcel with the 2018 reissues so they didn’t go to waste. Ultimately I would suggest that anyone who is interested in MBV and wants them get these Domino CDs (or the previous issue 2nd hand) because a great deal of care has been taken over those too (to the point of the Loveless having those two different masters) so you’re getting a pretty definitive version and particularly Loveless I feel is CD Music not Vinyl Music – I’d say the same for Blue Nile or Cocteau Twins.


I had read, and I don’t know how accurate this is, it may be part legend, that due to the track limitations, that during the recording of isn’t anything while getting frustrated working to achieve a unique sound, that the tracks are all sounds which were run through reverb and the original tracks erased in the process. That all that exists on the masters are the processed echoes of the recording thus… what you are hearing “isn’t anything.”


Two different vinyl versions?

I’ll bet Macca is already planning a new reissue campaign.

Tim Barton

Much praise to Domino, who did such a nice job with the Buzzcocks reissues. I have my sights set on the vinyl. Haven’t decided whether or not I need CDs again. The Sony reissue editions are still adequate, but if the sound on them is an improvement, I can see myself getting them. Japanese CD editions will be UQCDs, so there might be an additional incentive to buy those.

Anyway, Domino could do a nice Franz Ferdinand reissue series as well, while they are at it!


Right. Time for an old man rant. What’s the point of doing this? Having such a ridiculously limited number of “special” copies available for a pre-order? Damned things probably don’t even exist yet. To absolutely no-one’s surprise eBay is awash with these being listed and selling for £60-80. How is anyone benefiting other than the pondlife flippers? Why not have the pre-order open for 2 weeks and manufacture that many? Surely everyone is happy in that scenario, no-one is getting screwed, the band/record co. get their money and the records are still “limited”. I’m sick of these artificially manufactured rarities (don’t get me started on bands selling “test pressings”). The reason originals of the first 2 albums are solidly over £100 is because practically nobody bought them (but everyone that wanted a copy got one), not because they manufactured a fraction of demand.


Where in the US can I find the all analog Loveless re-issue?


You can’t now. Domino wasn’t even selling them to the US on their store, and every other UK-based store sold out of them nearly instantly – I checked about eight or nine places right after I received an email about it from Bleep.


At least with this CD reissue of Loveless you’ll have the discs the right way round. The first reissue pressing in 2012 had the DAT and 2″ tape labelled the wrong way round. They corrected it with second pressing but you can only tell if you have a correct/incorrect version by the matrix codes. I have a little note inside mine to remind me but the completist in me is telling me to get a correct copy all the same!

Larry Davis

Firstly, huge MBV nut since 1991 when I heard “Soon” on the Glider EP…saw em live supporting Loveless in 1992 opening for Dinosaur Jr…loudest effing band I ever saw…my hearing was gone for a week…bought the EP collection on Amazon…preordered the new M B V CD but had the original vinyl in 2013, as it came with the CD inside the vinyl & the original CD on its own looked so cheap!! As for Loveless & Isn’t Anything, I just bought the Sony/Creation 2012 issues…prob close enough to the new ones…but I may get the new vinyl reissues on Domino down the line, we’ll see…looking forward to new music from the band & Kevin Shields whenever that happens…with perfectionists like him who take years/decades between new records, no one ever knows when new music will drop so I never hold my breath…

Dr Volume

I have the 2018 repress of Loveless and Isn’t Anything and they are exceptionally good quality. As for the different masters of Loveless it’s hard to pin down the differences you’d need to be a massive audiohead. Kevin is a notorious perfectionist and he can hear and feel things in those different cuts that I can’t but tbh my first copy of Loveless was the Creation cassette and even on my crappy Walkman it sounded breathtaking and unearthly.
There is the promise of two new LPs according to NY Times but we’ve been promised many times before, although they did actually preview two new songs on the last tour so there is definitely new material. Here’s hoping…maybe it’ll come out before the next Scritti, Prefab Sprout or Andy Partridge solo album.


Given that Shields blew out the treble end of his hearing range playing ultra-high volume concerts, I expect it’s the other way around, and you’re hearing things that he can’t.


Are the CDs straight reissues with different packaging?

Track listings are identical to the CDs I already have for all as far as I can see.

Mike M

Fantastic news this, was delighted to hear this. I’m in for all deluxe LPs and the EPs CD set.

Matthew James

As far as Loveless goes, the deluxe vinyl is all analogue but is technically a remix because the master for the original CD and vinyl were digitally mixed. It was evidently difficult to achieve the same mixing results when creating an analogue mix for the deluxe vinyl (and disc 2 of the deluxe CD), and so there may be some slight variations. But the goal was not to create a deliberately different mix. Confusing, no?

MBV sold the AAA deluxe versions of the first two records themselves, but now they have signed a deal with Domino for distribution of their back catalogue and for supposedly forthcoming albums. My guess is that repressing the AAA vinyl cuts were a bargaining chip in those negotiations. While the preorders sold out, I don’t think they’ll necessarily be limited.

Steve W

How were the original multitrack tapes in ‘91 digitally mixed?


The album was originally mixed from the analogue tapes to a digital master. So the common pressing is going to sound more familiar than the deluxe set which is a re-creation of the original mix. I was never a big fan of creation vinyl, so I am sure this pressing will sound a lot better. Actually I think this is the first time, Loveless has been legitimately reissued (not counting the plain reissue) in it’s original mix.


Signing to Creation is still being treated as Year Zero then – shame, I’d love ‘Ecstacy’ and the ‘Strawberry Wine’ and ‘Sunny Sundae Smile’ singles on CD in particular

Dr Volume

It’s a bit like the early Kraftwerk albums they’re kind of not seen as canon, but Kevin has apparently suggested he might remaster them. I’d rather he finish the next album then spend 10 years remastering Ecstacy and Wine although a straight reissue would be nice as there are loads of counterfeits around.


pays for another couple of Jazzmasters i guess. at least print enough of Loveless eh. ffs, come on, joker.

Joseph Bartram

I for one was excited I thought there were due to be releasing new material no such luck.


What’s the difference between these “deluxe cut” and those reissues made by MBV itself a couple years ago?

Steve W.

Sigh. This could start another annoying trend in vinyl releases, a separate digital cut and an ‘special limited’ analogue cut. A money spinner creating double the revenue from serious completists.
Cannot understand why they thought this would be worthwhile, apart from reinforcing the snobbery of the ‘full analogue is best’ crowd.
It also creates another limited collectible format for scalpers.
Having one CD of a two CD set mastered from DAT and one from tape is mystifying unless that is all available.

Surely the idea of a reissue is you use or tweak the best definitive master you can and press up from that?


The All-Analogue cut from 2018 – of which this is believed to be a repressing – included analog recreations of the previously digital-only interstitial sections. It was an entirely new master rather than a reqorking of either of the masters on the 2CD set which, as far as anyone has been able to ascertain, is a straight reissue of the 2CD from 2012.
Yes, it makes it all a bit complicated – this (the AAA LP) will be my 4th copy of “Loveless” and, it seems my fourth different master. Still, it is a masterpiece, after all.

Steve W

Thanks for reply, totally agree ‘Loveless’ is indeed a standout masterpiece.
As I’m not an MBV completist (no disrespect intended to those who are tho!),
I’m limiting my rebuys so I’m personally carefully considering what I get out of this bundle of reissues.
I’m just not sure this analogue master versus digital master approach is necessary and just as you say, it creates confusion.


Steve, please don’t be giving Bowie’s marketing team any ideas!

Steve W

Haha, indeed!
They are probably working on this as we speak for RSD!


Anyone know if these are the 2012 remasters for Sony or new for Domino?

Here’s hoping the Weatherall mix of Soon finally gets a reissue soon.

Steve W

We absolutely need the Weatherall ‘Soon’ mix reissued.
Would be a nice RSD item…

Rare Glam

I have the Japanese mini LP CD box set of the two albums and EPs disc along with a UK issued card sleeved MBV that sits in the same box nicely. They all look to be the same sort of format as these newer CD editions. The tracklistings are all in Japanese only though so can’t be sure. ‘EPs and Rare tracks’ is an 8 panel card sleeve (very thick card) with the same printed design as the accompanyign booklet on this new edition. It is also two CDs. ‘Loveless’ is a double CD in again, thick gatefold sleeve. ‘Isn’t Anything’ meanwhile is in a single card sleeve not as thick as the other two. MBV is the same mini LP CD size dimension card sleeve but is a standard UK issue. It also has very low mastering volume compared to the others.


For decades running, MBV was a reliable source for “upcoming release” April Fools Day pranks.
Had to double-check the posting date on this.


According to Pitchfork, Kevin Shields has stated that there are two new albums upcoming.
We’ll have to see I guess – the words ‘cry’ and ‘wolf’ come to mind- but would be great to get new material.

John Slimin

EP vinyl is coming for RSD 2021 apparently


Domino have said there are no plans to reissue the EPs. Whether or not this rules out putting the “EPs 1988-1991” release onto vinyl (which is not the same thing) remains to be seen.


How on earth can the deluxe vinyl sets be sold out if it’s not being released until the end of May. Most copies then to be found on Fleabay at extortionate prices. Bands complain about not earning money from physical media with audiences turning to streaming. No wonder. It’s to much fricking hassle, collecting records for the pleasure has turned into a hobby for the elite. Bollocks to both record companies and artists. I’ll be streaming from now on and if you get the scraps, tough.


Perhaps it’s indulging another of Kevin Shields’ eccentric whims?


” increases the chance of cock-ups, packing errors etc ”

Which is exactly what happened with the Loveless CD reissues last time…


One was deluxe and limited and the other was not. Seems like a standard concept for this site. It sold out in a couple of hours. Looks like they made some fast money. Probably could have made more, but as they say “keep them wanting more,” so they can go back to the golden goose later if they need more money. Nice for them. It is likely an homage to the fact thst the original loveless was deleted by Creation upon release. It is funny now, how this album has become recognized as a somewhat mythical masterpiece, while in it’s time it was derided in the press and blamed for nearly bankrupting Creation records. NME/Melody Maker percecuted shoegaze in it’s day. It is nice to see MBV get the last laugh.


You’re obviously not familiar with the concept of pre-orders, then. These limited edition vinyl reissues were aimed at the fans, and if you were on their mailing list or social media you would have been notified in advance that they were going on sale and could have snapped one up if you wanted. Don’t see the problem to be honest, are you just sore for not getting one?


I’m quite familiar with the concept of pre orders, release is the end of May so I should be able to still pre order in a normal world. You think I should be on every bands mailing list I love just in case they decide to screw themselves to a limited release? It would be impossible as I love over six decades of music. However, I’m sure I’ll be able to purchase it for four times the price from a third party arsehole who has purchased five copies. Greed stripping the enjoyment from music lovers who purchase for the love of music, made possible from a business complaining they make no money due to streaming. I brought all of MBV’s records on the day of release. Once upon a time a band would release an album and you would walk into your local record shop and buy it. Simple times. I can enjoy the records from 24bit streaming services but still choose to purchase physical media as this is fair for the artist and great for the experience of listening. But this type of cynical record marketing is making a mockery of customers who have for years invested in their love of recorded music. Make the records readily available for people to purchase the music and bloody stop the exploitation of decent hardworking music fans.

Vince Hibbitts

Chris – could not have put it better.


I would object that being a fan of an album should not have to mean following being attuned to their email list or fanclub.


Great news – the first two albums particularly are stone cold classics – Loveless still unlike anything I’ve ever heard. I ordered the deluxe vinyl versions, although I couldn’t actually figure out how they were different to the regular vinyl and were only three quid each more. None of the sites seemed to say anything about the the analogue cuts, so I guess the three quid is getting you a slightly thicker sleeve which seems a bit odd. Coloured vinyl versions would have been nice (white, pink and blue respectively in keeping with the sleeves), but there we go. Hope they release the EPs on vinyl too.
Stay safe all.