Natalie Merchant Collection / 10CD box

Nonesuch Records will issue The Natalie Merchant Collection next month, a new ten-CD box set that brings together her eight studio albums along with two bonus discs.

This new box starts with Merchant’s 1995 solo debut Tigerlilly and includes all her long-players, including 2003’s acoustic album The House Captain’s Daughter, the Leave Your Sleep double album from 2010 and the 2015 reboot of her debut, Paradise is There.

In terms of the bonus discs, Butterfly is a new studio set featuring four new songs and six reinterpreted selections from her catalog, all arranged for string quartet. The final disc is Rarities 1998 – 2017, a collection of fifteen rare and previously unreleased tracks including home studio demos, album outtakes, live tracks, and collaborations with artists like Billy Bragg, David Byrne, The Chieftains, Cowboy Junkies, and Amy Helm.

The package includes a 100-page lyric book and “pictorial history” of the singer-songwriter’s solo career.

The Natalie Merchant Collection will be released on 23 June 2017.

Disc: 1 – Tigerlily (1995)
1. San Andreas Fault
2. Wonder
3. Beloved Wife
4. River
5. Carnival
6. I May Know The Word
7. The Letter
8. Cowboy Romance
9. Jealousy
10. Where I Go
11. Seven Years

Disc: 2 – Ophelia (1998)
1. Ophelia
2. Life Is Sweet
3. Kind And Generous
4. Frozen Charlotte
5. My Skin
6. Break Your Heart
7. King Of May
8. Thick As Thieves
9. Effigy
10. The Living
11. When They Ring Them Golden Bells (with Hidden Track- Ophelia Reprise)

Disc: 3 – Motherland (2001)
1. This House Is On Fire
2. Motherland
3. Saint Judas
4. Put The Law On You
5. Build A Levee
6. Golden Boy
7. The Ballad Of Henry Darger
8. The Worst Thing
9. Tell Yourself
10. Just Can’t Last
11. Not In This Life
12. I’m Not Gonna Beg

Disc:4 – The House Captain’s Daughter (2003)
1. Sally Ann
2. Which Side Are You On?
3. Crazy Man Michael
4. Diver Boy
5. Weeping Pilgrim
6. Soldier, Soldier
7. Bury Me under the Weeping Willow
8. House Carpenter
9. Owensboro
10. Down on Penny’s Farm
11. Poor Wayfaring Stranger

Disc: 5 – Leave Your Sleep (2010)
1. Nursery Rhyme of Innocence and Experience
2. Equestrienne
3. Calico Pie
4. Bleezer’s Ice-Cream
5. It Makes A Change
6. The King of China’s Daughter
7. The Dancing Bear
8. The Man in the Wilderness
9. maggie and milly and molly and may
10. If No One Ever Marries Me
11. The Sleepy Giant
12. The Peppery Man
13. The Blind Men and the Elephant

Disc: 6 – Leave Your Sleep (2010)
1. Adventures of Isabel
2. The Walloping Window Blind
3. Topsyturvey-World
4. The Janitor’s Boy
5. Griselda
6. The Land of Nod
7. Vain and Careless
8. Crying, My Little One
9. Sweet and a Lullaby
10. I Saw a Ship A-Sailing
11. Autumn Lullaby
12. Spring and Fall: to a young child
13. Indian Names

Disc: 7 – Natalie Merchant (2014)
1. Ladybird
2. Maggie Said
3. Texas
4. Go Down Moses
5. Seven Deadly Sins
6. Giving Up Everything
7. Black Sheep
8. It’s A-Coming
9. Lulu (Introduction)
10. Lulu
11. The End

Disc: 8 – Paradise Is There: The New Tigerlily Recordings (2015)
1. San Andreas Fault
2. Beloved Wife
3. Carnival
4. River
5. The Letter
6. Where I Go
7. I May Know the Word
8. Seven Years
9. Cowboy Romance
10. Jealousy
11. Wonder

Disc: 9 – Butterfly
1. Butterfly
2. She Devil
3. Baby Mine
4. Frozen Charlotte
5. Ophelia
6. The Worst Thing
7. The Man In The Wilderness
8. My Skin
9. Vain and Careless
10. Andalucia

Disc: 10 – Rarities 1998 – 2017
1.The Village Green Preservation Society (Ray Davies)
2. Too Long at the Fair (Joel Zoss)
3. Order 1081 (David Byrne)
4. To Love Is To Bury (Mike Timmins & Margo Timmins)
5. Saint Judas
6. Birds & Ships (Woody Guthrie)
7. The Lowlands of Holland (Traditional Arr. Paddy Maloney)
8. Sonnet 73 (William Shakespeare. Arr. Natalie Merchant)
9. Learning The Game (Buddy Holly)
10. My Little Sweet Baby (Traditional)
11. Political Science (Randy Newman)
12. Build A Levee
13. Sit Down Sister (Traditional)
14. The Gulf Of Araby (Katell Keineg)
15. Portofino

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The maniacs were awesome and ive heard those guys described as middle of the road too. Since when were the subjects natalie comments on and the skill she uses to describe them considered anathema? These songs are so beautiful and interesting. A welcome contrast to the surface obsessed hookerettes operating today. Natalie has a career to be proud of. This box set proves it. And the albums average at about a fiver each which is kinda cheap..im excited. We need artists like her. Screaming or whispering she rendered 9,999 superfluous madmen mute. And that rocks.


Saw her in concert this past weekend in Seattle. She paused to promote the box set twice during her set. She commented about it being an archaic format now in our streaming world. She said she had to fight to get the record label to put it out and that they had doubts about doing it. She mentioned [jokingly?] that she didn’t want to get stuck with a bunch of them after her tour and have to keep them in her garage. Was a great show.


Amazon in the U.S. has this set for only $43.89 with free shipping for Prime members.


Ehh, Elektra needs to get busy remastering and issuing the 10,000 Maniacs albums, with bonus songs and unreleased material. A friend of mine once said that “Natalie left a popular band who was just ready to break through to even bigger success to embark on the most boring solo career in the history of Rock.” I tend to agree with most if that statement. Sorry, Natalie.

Charlie Waffles

Tigerlily is the best album she ever did. This is a bland collection. You need to rock again, Natalie!


I was so hoping this would include a DVD of all the videos. I really wanted to toss my VHS of Ophelia”. Bummer.


Beauiful cover photo. The face of a life well lived.
This will be a good set for some of us that need to catch up.


She lost interest in her own genius after Ophelia and so did I.

Charles K.

Cash grab with two discs as the carrot, pass. Love Natalie though!


This is about $10 cheaper from the Nonesuch store (link from Natalie’s website) – and you get a free signed print and mp3s to sweeten the deal. $9.99 international postage is not too shabby either.

I’m in!


I dropped off in my collecting for Natalie Merchant at some point, so my studio albums end around Carpenter’s Daughter. This seems like a good way to catch up and get the new material as well, so I’m in for it.


Folks, this is the same situation with the Bowie’s last set… two boxes with 2 “new” albums each… as a fan of David & Natalie, I have all the limited editions and box set… I guess that we are in a new marketing bizz world, where “they” doesnt care if you already have one or all the discography, just is biz…

Sadly, other example… the remastered editions of previously released are the same, just with tech they are increased in volumen and new filters.

Ps: I found the 2 cds of Bowie’s @ ebay sold separatelly… I know is not the same to have the box, but, I denied to pay more than 120 bucks for them.



This is a somewhat mixed bag. For a start i would say it includes all 6 1/2 studio albums because i count “Leave Your Sleep” as 1 and “Paradise Is There” as 1/2, “just” re-recording pre-existing material.
Plus i, too, don’t really understand why “The House Carpenter’s Daughter” is included, the “Elektra”-released “Live”-album is not. At least the “Rarities”-CD doesn’t duplicate much of the “Rarities”-Ltd.Ed.-Bonus Disc from “Retrospective 1995-2005”.
So that leaves us at about 2 CDs of previously unreleased or hard-to-find material plus the book and hopefully, regarding Nonesuchs other releases, a nice packaging for currently about EUR 55 / GBP 47 (if you are outside the US), which might not be too much, if you look at the pricing for FITD ;-)

Btw: The Rarities CD is going to be incomplete again next month because Nonesuch then will release a CD with new material from the Kronos Quartet (strings) who recorded folk songs with several guest vocalists, among them (you guessed it) Miss Merchant.

Eric M.

I have a deep appreciation for Natalie’s work, and will consider getting this, but leaving off the popular radio remixes of “Wonder” and “Jealousy” from her (solo) debut seems completely wrong. At least they are already (I think) available on her years-old ‘Retrospective’.

Robert Mah

I would have to agree with everyone who has posted here. I really loved the 10,000 Maniacs and the first two solo albums and Leave Your Sleep were monumental successes. The rest of the catalogue is quite spotty, at best. Unless this package receives a vinyl release or stand-alone release for the bonus CD’s, I will reluctantly give it a pass. Curiously, the live album is missing but the independently released House CARPENTER’S Daughter is included.

Richard Starkey

Wow, I will never forget seeing 10,000 Maniacs play small concert halls in western NY State circa 1986-1987. Natalie used to thrash about the stage while performing, tossing her long locks to & fro, dancing like a, well….like a Maniac.!


I love Natalie, this is clearly aimed at fans, but I’m not paying out for a load of records I’ve already got, sorry.

Mic Smith

I haven’t got everything by her – Ophelia and Motherland aside the others I do have don’t get played that much. Think I’ll have no problem passing on this one.


Frustrating! A new album and raraties for over £40 for a fan with all the previous releases and limited edition compilation. I guess that’s marketing but my pocket won’t stretch to that so unless its in a later sale or the 2 “new” discs receive a standalone release I will have to miss out.

CJ Feeney

I have to agree with you on every point.

I have the very beautiful Leave Your Sleep 2CD package, which I wouldn’t want to get rid of if I duplicated it with this set. I doubt the packaging of these CDs will match the original releases.