Nazareth ‘Loud & Proud’ box now available to those in the USA & Canada

The immense Nazareth Loud & Proud box set – which contains 41-discs – was announced earlier this month but fans of the Scottish hard rockers in the US and Canada were dismayed that the official store were not able to ship to their part of the world (presumably due to licensing restrictions). However, there is now a workaround, since Amazon in the UK have listed the box set and they will ship anywhere!

As a reminder, the box set will contain all 23 original studio albums (+ two live albums) remastered on CD, two triple-CD sets (Singles, EPs, B-Sides & Bonus Tracks and Rare & Unreleased), four vinyl albums (including a picture disc), three bespoke AA-side seven-inch singles, a 52-page hardcover book, various items of facsimile memorabilia (programs, lyric sheets, posters etc.) and a metal pin badge.

I was struggling to make sense of the disc count last time around, but the 41 discs break down like this:

  • 23 studio albums on CD + 2 live albums (one of which is a double) = 26
  • 2 x triple-CD sets = 6
  • 4 x vinyl albums (two of which are doubles) = 6
  • 3 x seven-inch singles = 3
  • Total number of discs = 41

The only item you won’t get via Amazon is the bonus signed photo, but those in America and Canada will get VAT deducted making this already well-priced package even better value – it should cost around $168 + shipping.

This box set is a limited edition of 5000 units. The concise 3CD and 2LP editions are also on Amazon now, too (the double vinyl is likely to be the coloured edition, but not confirmed).

Loud & Proud is released on 28 September 2018.

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Loud & Proud - 41-disc box


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Loud & Proud - 3CD set


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Loud & Proud - 2LP vinyl


Fans outside the USA/Canada can shop for all formats, including limited test pressings at the official Nazareth store

In the box set:


▪ Rampant (1974): Picture disc of original album (1LP)  ▪ Expect No Mercy (1977): Original version (1LP – previously unreleased on vinyl)  ▪ BBC Rock Hour – Live At Hammersmith Odeon, 16th March 1980: Complete gig (Gatefold 2LP – previously unreleased on vinyl)  ▪ Turn On Your Receiver – The BBC Bob Harris Sessions 1972-74 (Gatefold 2LP, previously unreleased on vinyl)

CDs (single disc unless stated), 1971-2014: The Remastered versions of 23 original studio albums and two original live albums

Nazareth (1971)  ▪ Exercises (1972)  ▪ Razamanaz (1973) ▪ Loud ‘N’ Proud (1973)  ▪ Rampant (1974) ▪ Hair Of The Dog (1975) ▪ Close Enough For Rock ‘N’ Roll (1976)  ▪ Play ‘N’ The Game (1976) ▪ Expect No Mercy (1977) ▪ No Mean City (1979) ▪ Malice In Wonderland (1980)  ▪ The Fool Circle (1981) ▪ ’Snaz (1981, Live, 2CD) ▪ 2XS (1982) ▪ Sound Elixir (1983) ▪ The Catch (1984)  ▪ Cinema (1986) ▪ Snakes ‘N’ Ladders (1989) ▪ No Jive (1991) ▪ Move Me (1994) ▪ Boogaloo (1998) ▪ Homecoming (2002, Live)  ▪ The Newz (2008) ▪ Big Dogz (2011) ▪ Rock ‘N’ Roll Telephone (2014)


▪ Singles, EPs, B-Sides & Bonus Tracks (3CD)  ▪ Rare & Unreleased (3CD)


▪ Broken Down Angel (Japanese cover) / Bad, Bad Boy (Yugoslavian cover)  ▪ This Flight Tonight (French cover) / Shanghai’d In Shanghai (Japanese cover)  ▪ Love Hurts (Japanese cover) / My White Bicycle Make this italic: (German cover)


▪ 52 page, 12”square, hardback photobook. Extensive text written by Classic Rock’s Dave Ling, with new band interviews. Includes previously unseen photos


▪ 1974 tour programme  ▪ 1979 tour programme ▪ 1980 European tour poster  ▪ Bad, Bad Boy lyric Sheet ▪ Broken Down Angel lyric sheet  ▪ 1974 Rampant album $1 bill sticker


▪ Custom-made, die-cast, Nazareth skull & wings



  • Dear John
  • Spinning Top
  • Hard Living
  • Called Her Name
  • Razamanaz
  • Alcatraz
  • Vigilante Man
  • Bad, Bad Boy
  • Broken Down Angel
  • This Flight Tonight
  • Not Faking It
  • Go Down Fighting
  • Shanghai’d in Shanghai
  • Silver Dollar Forger
  • Glad When You’re Gone
  • Love Hurts
  • Hair Of The Dog
  • Beggars Day / Rose In The Heather
  • My White Bicycle
  • Holy Roller


  • Carry Out Feelings
  • Telegram Parts 1-4
  • I Want to Do Everything For You
  • I Don’t Want To Go On Without You
  • Good Love
  • Expect No Mercy
  • Gone Dead Train
  • Place In Your Heart
  • May The Sunshine
  • Whatever You Want Babe
  • Just To Get Into It
  • Holiday
  • Heart’s Grown Cold
  • Dressed To Kill
  • Moonlight Eyes
  • Cocaine (Live)
  • Crazy (A Suitable Case For Treatment)
  • Dream On
  • Love Leads To Madness
  • Mexico



  • Where Are You Now
  • Sweetheart Tree
  • Just Another Heartache
  • See You See Me
  • The Rowan Tree / Tell Me That You Love Me
  • Hire And Fire
  • Right Between The Eyes
  • Steamroller
  • Burning Down
  • When The Light Comes Down
  • Danger Danger
  • Enough Love
  • Road Trip
  • Big Dog’s Gonna Howl
  • Lifeboat
  • Open Up Woman (Live & Unplugged 2001)
  • God Of The Mountain
  • Punch A Hole In The Sky



  • Witchdoctor Woman
  • Woke Up This Morning
  • Bad, Bad Boy
  • Broken Down Angel
  • This Flight Tonight
  • Shanghai’d in Shanghai


  • Love Hurts
  • Hair Of The Dog
  • Beggars Day / Rose In The Heather
  • My White Bicycle
  • Carry Out Feelings
  • I Want To Do Everything For You


  • Expect No Mercy
  • May The Sunshine
  • Talkin’ To One Of The Boys
  • Boys In The Band
  • Rags To Riches
  • Other Side Of You


  • Every Time It Rains
  • Let Me Be Your Dog
  • When The Light Comes Down
  • Road Trip
  • Big Dog’s Gonna Howl
  • Boom Bang Bang

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I have never had a problem with Amazon.ca The box set cost me $251, Canadian but for me it’s more than worth it as I love Nazareth and could not pass this up. Plus I will now have all their music from start to finish with Dan Mccafferty, who is tops. It was just shipped and I can’t wait to get it.


Box Set release of 2018,nothing else compares in price and value for money.
Of course you have to like the music that is also important,but compared to other releases this is unbeatable.

Bruce Hoffman

I’m in the US. Pre ordered this Nazareth loud and proud box set on amazon.co.uk when the price was only 89.35 pounds, got email from here about the good price. Now it is 121 pounds. Box never arrived. Amazon.co.uk said that the box was returned for refund. I never returned the box for refund, nor was notified there was a problem with the shipment. This is the second time now that a box set I ordered from them for a good price was purportedly returned for refund, without notification to me and without me having actually returned it since I never got it. In both instances, I don’t think they ever actually shipped it to me, they just didn’t want to honor the price they advertised. Has this happened to anyone else?

Big Nige

Up to £155 on Amazon UK……. but £99.99 at What Records :-) (£8 postage – and its fast!) I pre-ordered at £107 anyway, so I’ll stick. Might get the double vinyl too tho!

Grabbed the 4CD “Naz Box” for £15 today too. I’m such a bad, bad boy……


Hello Paul!

As always, THANKS for your postings and info. Wanted to ask: Do you have a track listing for just the 2 3cd sets with the rare/bonus material? We can’t even access the band site from over here to see that information.

THANKS for your time!


Sorry – thought those were separate compilation CD’s, not the ones with the box set. Have a great day!! Dave


I assume the actual studio CDs may have only their original track list and all the extra tracks on the various reissues are on these 6 discs? Who knows yet…..but at £109 I’ll soon find out Rampant on picture disc plus the two doubles are worth almost that…… Of course, I’ll never play it.


The track list is now on Amazon. The studio albums are the bare original track list as I guessed. A plethora of demos etc… you can work out what’s on the 2 triple CDs from this. Snaz is the full version tho: -)


Thanks Paul – I live in Australia and are a massive Nazareth fan having all of their re-mastered albums already, but I wanted this set (wants verses needs!) so ordered directly from the Nazareth site – the shipping to Australia cost me an extra 36 pounds – oh well. I have given up on Amazon and now buy directly from importcds.com in the US – they provide a good service and are often cheaper and quicker than Amazon. Hope this helps my fellow Australian readers.
Keep up the great work Paul.

elliott buckingham

is the dbl lp from amazon coloured or is it just from the Nazareth store

Liam Bastick

I think we need to start a petition about Australia. They read this. Surely we can do something? It’s beyond a joke. How about we start a sign-up? I am up for organising it if many of your readers will sign it. Licensing is one thing. This is something entirely different. If you’re not Australian, still support us – otherwise, who’s next?? It’s apathy which gets these stupid things through.


If I’ve understood this correctly (and I may not have), the Australian government are forcing Amazon.au to add tax on all imported goods – however low the retail price – so Amazon are basically refusing to let Australian users order anything from their American or European sites?

This seems like a well-meaning but perhaps misguided strategy to protect the Australian economy against cheap(ish) imports, trade deficits and what have you. I imagine Amazon could easily subsidise the additional cost but then they’re hardly renowned for their generosity where the taxman’s concerned.

I’d definitely support your petition but in the end I guess money talks – where there’s a demand, there will eventually be a supply. It’s probably just a matter of time before the companies or politicians involved realise how much revenue they’re missing out on, and then reach a sensible agreement.

PPeed Off

Australia has a Goods & Services Tax (GST) of 10% – somewhat similar to the British VAT and other similar taxes in Europe. Until recently, privately imported goods to Australia valued below AU$1000 did not attract GST at entry. That changed on 1 July, and now all imported goods attract GST.
The Australian government has decided that the agencies that sell the goods (in this case Amazon in all its guises in Europe and North America) will add the GST to their invoice and then remit this amount to the Australian Tax Office. At least two sites that I have dealt with, deepdiscoun.com and importcds.com in the US, have already begun to add 10% GST to their invoices. Amazon has decided that it will not act as the tax collection agency for the Australian government and so has decided not to ship to Australia.
So now we in Australia are missing out on all of the Amazon deals found at SDE, and anything else at Amazon sites outside Australia.. We can purchase from the Australian site amazon.com.au, but the prices here are a joke (if the item indeed is available at all). For example the Nazareth Loud & Proud Box Set is simply listed as “currently unavailable,” with no other information.
I understand that a behemoth like Amazon, where Australia is such a small sector of their market, does not wish to bow to the Australian Tax Office, and the Australian government is not going to make an exception for Amazon.
So how de we get over this impasse?
Where do I sign the petition??


Got mine from JB Hi Fi. Arrived 2 days after ordering. pretty impressive.

Rare Glam

I’m not interested in the vinyl component but at that price even discounting the vinyl content (except maybe the picture disc as an art object), the CDs which I want , the book and the rest of the toot, it’s a solid deal, I’m in! The set is just missing a DVD of a live concert etc. which would have rounded it off nicely but you can’t have everything, most else is here and live audio after all!


However, don’t bank on it. There are several items I’ve ordered from Amazon which ultimately they were unable to fulfil, despite giving me reassurance that that would be able to obtain the items. I sincerely hope that’s not the case with this one.


However, there is now a workaround, since Amazon in the UK have listed the box set and they will ship anywhere! … except Australia

Gis Bun

In any case, anything shipped to Australia will cost an arm, a leg and a couple of extra fingers.

elliott buckingham

even discogs is slapping the extra cost on to Australian orders I don’t know about ebay yet