Neil Young and Crazy Horse / Return to Greendale

Limited edition box set • 2LP vinyl • 2CD

Neil Young continues his ‘Performance Series’ archive releases with Return to Greendale a CD, vinyl and box set offering with audio and video from his 2003 tour.

On the tour, which supported the Greendale album (issued in 2002), Neil Young and Crazy Horse were joined on stage by a large cast of singers and actors to perform the story Neil Young wrote about the small town of Greendale and how a dramatic event affects the people living there. The ten songs from the original album are performed in sequence, with the cast speaking the sung words. It blends together the live performance, the actors portraying each song, with the story occasionally enhanced by scenes from the Greendale – The Movie.

Return to Greendale is being issued as a two-CD and 2LP vinyl set but also as a limited edition deluxe box set which includes both CDs, both vinyl records along with a blu-ray of the full concert film and a DVD of Inside Greendale (the making of the album documentary). The box sets are numbered.

Both the live concert film and the Inside Greendale documentary are directed by Bernard Shakey (you know who that is) and produced by L. A. Johnson.

Return to Greendale will be released on 6 November 2020. You can pre-order the box set from the SDE shop using this link or the button below.


Side A

01 Falling From Above (Live)
02 Double E (Live)
03 Devil’s Sidewalk (Live)

Side B

04 Leave The Driving (Live)
05 Carmichael (Live)
06 Bandit (Live)

Side C

07 Grandpa’s Interview (Live)
08 Bringin’ Down Dinner (Live)

Side D

09 Sun Green (Live)
10 Be The Rain (Live)



01 Falling From Above (Live)
02 Double E (Live)
03 Devil’s Sidewalk (Live)
04 Leave The Driving (Live)
05 Carmichael (Live)
06 Bandit (Live)


07 Grandpa’s Interview (Live)
08 Bringin’ Down Dinner (Live)
09 Sun Green (Live)
10 Be The Rain (Live)

Blu Ray: Film Version Of The Live Concert

DVD: Inside Greendale – making of the album documentary


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Carl Jacobs

Do you know what the number of the edition size?
BTW mine arrived this morning, superbly packaged thanks Paul, from the SDE shop. Number 6038.

George Kazepis

Hi, A stupid question, bec I’m a prehistoric dinosaur who does Not have nor understand the Blu-Ray concept. I have 100o’s of VHS tapes & a 1000+ DVDs. I tend to just collect them & rarely play them. I am an avid Neil Young fan & collector. I’ll probably buy it all 3 versions anyway, however, re: the LTD ED BOX SET, WILL THE BLU-RAY of THE CONCERT of NY’s “RETURN to GREENDALE” PLAY in a NORMAL DVD PLAYER??? I see there is a DVD of the DOCUMENTARY, however, the Concert itself, is only listed as a Blu-Ray. I already have every version of every different “Greendale” release on every format… Thank U Very Much!

Carl Jacobs

Hiya George,
Blu rays are high definition coded discs so the technology is different and therefore cannot be read by a lower specification DVD.
Consider it if you would, VHS v Betamax v Video 2000.
However in the opposite way Blu Ray players will play DVDs so long as the region spec is compatible.
Have you got the DVD – A of the original album?

Donal Murphy

Neil confirmed in the “Letters” section of his website, that the bluray would be available seperately

Carl Jacobs

I’ll see Rogs versions and raise him:
Greendale CD with DVD of the Vicar St Dublin solo performance
Greendale DVDA
Greendale 180g LP box Classic Records
Greendale 200g LP box set from Classic Records
Greendale 2nd edition with DVD of the band in the studio
Greendale DVD of the film
Soft back book of the Greendale images – missed out on the exclusive hardcover version, now going for silly money.
Greendale graphic novel

So, so called deluxe box set, separate LP and CD are a no brainer espec8ally since Christmas is coming.
This will compliment the Archives ii box set and all the other bands stuff like Paranoid and Delicate Sound Of Thunder etc etc ad nauseum ad infinitum. Sounds like I’m a sceptic. “No this is no no bad dream”, merely succumbing to the industry suits Dogs perchance putting stuff out there for us Sheep to willingly consume.
This from someone who has 25 different versions of Genesis To Revelation and 10 copies of SEBTP etc etc

Mike Shawyer

Have them all except the box sets and the hard back book.
I have pre ordered to vinyl only.
Cannot justify the £90 just to get the blu ray.
Hoping the blu will get a seperate release at some point.
I too have multiple versions of SEbtP, 2 x Vinyl, 3 x CD and a Blu Ray audio.


Wow, you win! I always meant to get the books but never got around to tracking them down.

No Greendale LPs for me either, almost all of my Neil Young albums are CD (don’t tell Neil that!).


Wonder if Neil will ever get around to releasing “Weld” in a box set?


I keep wishing… Including a blueray!!


Same here. I’ve had to hang onto the VHS!

Paul MacLennan

Now we’re talkin’!!

Paul Rowena Wren

Too much moaning about NY here. I’ve ordered the double vinyl – thanks for the alert!


I was hoping for Ragged Glory II. I’m sure a lot of us were. Which is probably why Neil decided to release this instead.

Matt R

Homegrown and The Times already this year.
Archives II out on 20 Nov as well….

Another pricy box is quite a lot to add.

I’ll get this in some form. maybe not a day 1 purchase though.


Ever since BS I’ve been hooked, a new NY album was an event to behold, my favourite artist ever!
Then suddenly you find yourself getting restless in the middle of an Album (Colorado) (Though the rot had started long before that) you try but the magic is gone, Colorado was dire, CH with Nils back in the fold! I didnt even buy it, a one track wonder at best, maybe 2 . A missed opportunity for a power house album, where was Nils? I saw them together on the Trans Tour with Bruce Palmer, sublime!
I’ve seen him many times over Europe over the years, I had my Colorado trip planned, Covid 19 saved me a lot of money. As much as i love Neil it seems he has no pride in what he releases anymore. RIP NY and Crazy Horse. Give me a reason to believe it’s worth shelling out to see you live again. It seems to be “Ship ’em out and Coin it in” now. The last NY Album I put on and listened to non stop was “Le Noise” As for this new offering, think I’ll pass, I think Neil, as with many other older “rockers” has lost his Mojo. Time for the Porch rocking chair methinks. :(

Arthur O'Brien

I’m a huge Neil fan. Can’t say I totally disagree with your take, but I’ll still get this. I do think Neil has way too many irons in the fire which spreads his energy too widely.

If he decided to focus on organizing his legacy (Archives, etc.) and occasionally releasing a little new music, I’d be OK with that. If he did the opposite, I’d be OK with that, too. Focus on films instead? OK. Focus on activism instead? OK. Write books? OK. Engage in quasi-journalism on his website? OK

If he settled on the first option I presented, fine. There certainly seems to be plenty of material in the can and he’s released enough great music to keep me listening for the rest of my life. If he settled on any of the other options here, he has trusted archivist Joel Bernstein to handle his Archives/legacy on which he can advise and consent.

Until he realizes that he can’t do everything himself at a high level we’ve come to expect. Since Neil will do what Neil will do, I won’t sit back and harrumph because things aren’t the way I want them to be. My money (and others’) will flow his way so we can get what we can get in terms of new and archival music. I’ll weed through the new material in hopes of a few more nuggets, and perhaps will one day see that he hasn’t got unlimited time on this Earth and focus his energies where they will be the most satisfying for him.

Perhaps not. Neil will be Neil. I love him unconditionally.



John Lloyd

Well done Paul on managing to undercut Rough Trade so much on the box – which is a ridiculous one, with surely space for all the visuals on the one blu-ray. I’m surprised this column is not full of people moaning about the digital aspect of the box being mixed media, as it were, let alone the CD/vinyl together argument. Finally, I guess this all means they didn’t have the rights to reprint the graphic novel version for inclusion as well, because that would have put another $50 on the asking price, surely?!

Alan Blevin

Greendale along with Chrome Dreams 2 is one of my 2 favourite Neil albums from the first decade of this century.Disappointed that the concert Blu-Ray is only available in one of those overpriced “jumpers/cardigans” boxes so I will have to live without it.I am getting to the stage where I am grateful if there is a CD option without vinyl for music.
I watched about half the tracks when he was previewing them on his site but held off watching all of them because I would see them on the Blu-Ray.Bad decision.There may turn out to be another option.They have been talking about introducing a video on demand subscription for the Archives site and if this happens I would expect this to be on there.
In comparison to the other forthcoming Archives releases this is a bit of a niche product and I am staggered to think of the money a Neil Young completist would be up for between now and February.Using US dollars you would have this ($100+),Archives Vol 2($200+), and similar boxes for the 4lp Rust Bucket($150+) and Young Shakespeare($100+).Then there are the 15 archival releases he has said will be out in 2021.

Mark McKendrick

Prolific, that Neil Young.


I love this album, really liked the live acoustic show that was put out on the CD version years back. I’ll probably get this on vinyl, but I’d much prefer the original album reissue on vinyl! Can’t bring myself to watch the concert movie – saw a clup of the actors and it made me cringe…

Mike Shawyer

Vinyl and Blu ray.
Or CD and Blu ray.

But i will pass, want the vinyl, but cost is too much inc postage.


This is likely one of those comments people will say is unnecessary, but as a decades-long Neil Young fan I find nothing in his entire catalog more of a chore than anything related to Greendale. Good mercy, I dislike this album, even more than Storytone. But, I will buy it and be happy about it…


Your comment Unnecessary :my bahookie! Your comment sums up our collective condition more that most will admit.

Whether it be Neil young, in your case. Or the Beatles and Jackie leven, in mine.

And noyoucomon, I laughed out loud when I read you write “and be happy about it”

Now, I’m going to search out my unlistened to copy of greendale to see what the fuss is about….


Fogarrach, intrigued that you mention Jackie in a thread on too much substandard product. What were you getting at?

John MC cann

Why would you be happy to buy something, that you obviously dislike immensely ?


Well, now I know how Pegi felt — screwed over by Neil. I can’t believe the film isn’t available separately, or at least for less than $100 (and that it doesn’t include the encores, as mentioned elsewhere). Now it’s already sold out on Amazon, at least temporarily, so even those who would be willing to pay the premium can’t even get it. I happen to be a long-time fan who loved the Greendale concert, but this (after the no-Blu Ray decision on Archives 2) is another big f-u from an artist now seemingly indifferent to his fans.


I actually love this album – really high on my list of NYCH albums. However again I’m not buying a sill box with CDs (which I love) and vinyl (which I don’t) – so its a pass for me until record labels understand we don’t want mixed box sets

mark stack

You don’t like mixed boxes, I do!


Me too!


I don’t, it’s a tie! :-)

Paul Gray

I think I made it through the album once and have never listened to it again. I really love Neil but most of his output since Silver and Gold has been very meh.


I’ve essentially got 4 versions of this so far:

CD album + Inside Greendale dvd
CD album + Vicar Street dvd
Greendale film dvd
CD of Vicar Street (admittedly, a nicely packaged digipack bootleg)

I’d love the concert film but not sure about the rest, if it’s only available in the boxset. I think it’s a really underrated album though. The song ‘Sun Green’ in particular.

John Chamberlain

I actually enjoyed these shows, saw it twice on it’s 2 trips to the LA area, but i’m disappointed they’ve left off the encores which were smoking;
take a look at this encore!

Richard Magill

As a side note, I really like the Greendale album.


Pass on this for sure BUT Whatever happened to the release of the 2LP ragged glory Album which is definitely worth having in all formats.


Where’s the post-Greendale “encore” part of the live set (where in Atlanta NYACH burned through Powderfinger, Hey Hey My My (Into the Black), left the stage & returned for Like A Hurricane with Greensleeves as the outro)?

John Phillips

I saw the show in New Jersey and the encores would fit. Maybe he’ll get us to double dip again when the Archive covers this era in 20 years going by his pace. If I remember correctly, the performance didn’t extend the Greendale any longer than the album version, except maybe Be The Rain. I liked it, but I the Friends and Lovers tour was better.

Norman Reid

Ordered Paul!! Thank you.

Joseph Kyle

Love Neil Young, but hard pass on this.


I was at the Hammersmith gig as well. I will *not* be returning to Greendale.

James Rainbow

I was also at the Hammersmith gig, the half dozen songs after the Greendale bit were good but the first half was pretty dull. My wife actually fell asleep for most of it. Neil seemed to suck all the energy out of the Greendale songs with long monologues about the dull characters between each one.

Mike Share

Can’t get the blu-ray without the vinyl? Really?


Such an incredibly disappointing album. The trip I made to Hammersmith for Greendale concert was a waste of a night…and I am a long term fan

Daniel Pitterman

I’m sorry if I missed it but after reading it twice, I’m not sure if the box set is just vinyl and the video discs or does it also contain the CDs. I guess the bottom line is I’d like 4 optical discs and don’t need the vinyl


My first visit to Greendale was enough,I will not be returning.


Warners really pushed this at the time. I’ve got two CD versions with two different DVDs.


And one of the DVDs (Inside Greendale) is in this box as well!


And I was at that show when it was recorded!

Richard Magill

How does it go from £26.99 for double album to £90 because they add 2 DVD’s. Madness.


I couldn’t agree more, it is totally ridiculous the amounts of money being asked for some of these sets, especially by the established artists.


I’ve noticed some box sets now add a single disc in their “super” incarnation and the price leaps $100.

Adrian Johnson

Indeed. 27 quid for a double album, 14 quid for a double CD, but 90 for those two plus a DVD and Blu-Ray. So that’s basically 49 quid for a DVD, a Blu-Ray, and a big box to put them all in. Oh and for somebody to print an individual number on it. I’m not a fan of boxsets where I’m paying for both vinyl and CD of the same material either. I’m afraid for me this is less return to greendale and more return to sender.