Neil Young & Crazy Horse / Colorado

Neil Young & Crazy Horse will release a new album Colorado in October.

The 11-track album was recorded in a studio in the Rocky Mountains and produced by Young and John Hanlon. The current line-up of Crazy Horse features bassist Billy Talbot and Ralph Molina (on drums) and guitarist Nils Lofgren.

Young’s wife Daryl Hannah created the artwork for the sleeve, and Neil raves about her “beautiful artistic sentiment” on this post on his archives site.

The album is released on CD and as a 2LP vinyl + 7″ package. The audio actually takes up only three sides of the vinyl with side four etched. The seven-inch single features a live version of album track ‘Rainbow of Colors’ and a studio recording Truth Kills on the B-side.

Colorado is released on 25 October 2019.

Colorado CD edition

1. Think Of Me
2. She Showed Me Love
3. Olden Days
4. Help Me Lose My Mind
5. Green Is Blue
6. Shut It Down
7. Milky Way
8. Eternity
9. Rainbow Of Colors (studio version)
10. I Do

Colorado 2LP + 7″ vinyl edition

Side 1

Think Of Me
She Showed Me Love

Side 2

Olden Days
Help Me Lose My Mind
Green Is Blue
Shut It Down

Side 3

Milky Way
Rainbow Of Colors (studio version)
I Do

Side 4

Etched artwork

Rainbow of Colors – bonus 7″ which comes with the vinyl LP
1. Rainbow Of Colors (Solo – Live in Portland, May 17, 2019) – Neil Young
2. Truth Kills (Neil Young with Crazy Horse – studio)

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Ollie Carlisle

Given the comments that it sounds under-rehearsed, sparse and out of tune I wonder what you’d all make of Tonight’s The Night if that came out now!

This one reminds me a bit of the Sleeps With Angels album, which can only be a good thing for me.

Patric Lynch

This guy is so whipped.


Now that we could here it in its entirety I can only say that its a great album with an excellent!


Neil just needs some quality control, a friend maybe to let him know some home truths, it’s a bit ordinary.


That’s a fair point, Magoo. David Briggs was that friend in my view but sadly he passed away in 1995 and you could easily make a cogent case that the quality of Neil’s output has been in steady decline since. Even so, I am still looking forward to this album, albeit far more in hope than expectation. Compared to the largely third-rate material he’s been putting out in recent years, ‘Milky Way’ is ok but, if you don’t like it, I’m not sure what you’ll make of ‘Rainbow of Colours’ in which Neil takes a stand against racism. All I will say is that ‘Southern Man’ it isn’t!

John H

It does sound a wee bit underwhelming. I do like it though and enough to order the album!
One thing I’ve noticed with Neil’s most recent albums, especially the archive ones, is that the price has remained roughly the same the release date. In the past you could always be relied to pick them up about half price or so within a couple of months. Not now, dagnabit.


First time I heard Milky Way, I thought it wasn’t that great, but after giving it another chance, I really like it and have preordered the album (CD). For me there has been a lot to like about Neil’s more recent output, especially Peace Trail.


50 Euros for a new studio album release on Vinyl??? Why? This is embarrassing!

Simon Stokes

No Fabrice its not just you. I think the song is terrible.

Its little better than a jam. The singing is awful. At times he is completely out of tune. It sounds like it was recorded in a cowshed.

Great band though!


The song reminds me of Mark Kozelek and the Red House Painters (in a good way).

Steve Benson

Neil’s approach to recycling clearly applies to his chord sequences. Milky Way will be fine once he’s finished the lyrics. Or he could just revert to Cowgirl in the Sand.

mitchell w feldstein

i don’t think the single is that good , maybe it will grow on me. i don’t mind the promise of the real stuff , i think they brought needed youthful energy to the table. i did like peace trail saw well . i thought psychedelic pill was a bit bloated although i found americana snappy! i don’t have high hopes for colorado but you never know with neil.


I normally do not write comments but I really loved the man. I wasnt only a fan. I was Neil! I played his songs. But since a few years I just can’ t listen to him anymore and I fear that this is not going to be the masterpiece he promised. The song isn’t very good. The singing is bad. It all sounds like a rehearsal to me. The cover I do not like either. The nonsense with the 4th side etching and the Bonus 7″ is just too much for me. What about the earth? What about the extra plastic? And yes vinyl buyers are the cash cows of the industry and I really wonder if this vinyl release will sound so much better than the CD?


I’m hoping the 7″ is mixed in 5.1 by Steven Wilson.

Smoleń Tomasz

Is this 7″ vinyl to be played at 78rpm?!?


I think I will wait a few months after release as this is bound to be a SDE deal alert.


When I take a look at the new tool cd… not only vinyl buyers are cash cows…

Fabrice Dray

Is it me or that song is horrible ? Great line up of course but for that?

Pieter van der Velde wzn

I’ll settle for the CD, a lot easier to play in my old Volvo.


Darryl Hannah shouldn’t have given up her day job


Would fit on two sides with ease. Hate this etching bullshit. Either put it on two sides or put some bonus material on a 4th.


How Much? Dear God! I have pre ordered expecting that vinyl price to come down. And why are they giving a bonus 7″ when there is a spare side on the 12″ vinyl? Why the waste? Gripes apart I’m looking forward to this one.

Colin MacKenzie

Surely the 7″ will not be in black vinyl!!


Prices for vinyl seem to increase with every release. McCartney’s live records, Pink Floyd‘s The Later Years and now Neil Young.
Vinyl buyers are the cash cows of the industry!

Timm Davison

You might not be wrong. Vinyl buyers seem to be a captive market willing to pay for ‘perceived’ rarities. But then again, isn’t that what this site is all about…the rare and fancy ? :)