Neil Young + Promise of the Real to release soundtrack to ‘Paradox’

Young stars in and produces music for Daryl Hannah’s directorial debut

Next month, Neil Young (with Promise of The Real) will release a soundtrack album to the film Paradox.

The movie is a Western, the directorial debut of Daryl Hannah, and it stars her boyfriend, a certain Mr Neil Young! Described as “a fantasy, a loud poem and a free-spirited tale of music and love”, the film is premiering at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas next week and is set to debut on Netflix later this month.

Also in Paradox is Willie Nelson and his sons Lukas and Micah who are in Young’s backing band Promise Of The Real. No surprise then, that Young and his band have provided the music for the soundtrack.

This soundtrack album will be issued on 13 April on CD and vinyl.

1 Many Moons Ago in the Future
2 Show Me
3 Paradox Passage 1
4 Hey
5 Paradox Passage 2
6 Diggin’ in the Dirt (Chorus)
7 Paradox Passage 3
8 Peace Trail
9 Pocahontas
10 Cowgirl Jam
11 Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground
12 Paradox Passage 4
13 Diggin’ in the Dirt
14 Paradox Passage 5
15 Running to the Silver Eagle
16 Baby What You Want Me to Do?
17 Paradox Passage 6
18 Offerings
19 How Long?
20 Happy Together
21 Tumbleweed

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Tony Orwell

Nope, cant watch another minute

Tony Orwell

Free to watch on Netflix right now, I am about 30 minutes in and whilst some of the scenery shots are quite nice I feel that it is going out of its way to become a cult film and for me its a pile of crap, the soundtrack album will be a better seller than the film but to be honest that is not too hard.


“It should have been his final record.” — easy, tiger


Daryl Hannah’s directorial debut was the 2002 documentary “Strip Notes”.


Wayne Olsen

I love Neil but SLOW DOWN with ALL THE RELEASES!


Nice cover photo.

Jan Burnett

A re recording or new version of a classic or two as well which interests me.


Wondering if that’s a peter Gabriel cover?!? Ordered this and the Roxy cd.

Chris S

It’s not out yet.
“Netflix announced today they have acquired worldwide rights to the film, which will debut at the 2018 SXSW Film Festival (March 15), as announced in February, before launching globally on Netflix on March 23, when it will also receive a limited theatrical release.

Jim Breeds

Has anyone seen any reviews of this movie? Has anyone seen it? :-)

David M

Doubt the movie will be competing with Citizen Kane….

The Golden Age Of Shakey`s Epic Movies

I have to have this. Right. It`s Neil innit? Look I have `Journey From The Past`.

Mic Smith

Looking forward to hearing this although with the last few NY new studio albums failing to impress there’s a lot riding on this for me.


Mic, if the last few albums have left you unimpressed (How far back does this go? The two Promise albums, Psychedelic Pill, Le Noise, further?) then I suspect this soundtrack album is not going to bring you round…

The departure of Crazy Horse meant a change in sound which I felt would mean more solo albums like the tedious experiment of Letter Home or the patchy Americana but I was taken aback by the quality of the Monsanto Years. Still not sure about the Earth ‘live’ album though.

Tom M Hans

I lost interest after Psychedelic Pill, it should have been his final record.


I disagree Tom. The world will be a poorer place when NY hangs up his guitar. I don’t like all his stuff but like Mark E. Smith and Prince he is a creative with a clarity of vision and he answers to no-one. Not his band, not his fans and certainly not the record label. I like that in a musician.