Neil Young / Tuscaloosa

Latest ‘archive performance series’ release coming in June.

Neil Young has announced the release of a new archival live album, Tuscaloosa.

Recorded on February 5, 1973 at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa comes from Young’s tour with his backing band the Stray Gators (Neil Young: vocals, guitar, piano, harmonica Ben Keith: pedal steel guitar, vocals Jack Nitzsche: piano, vocals Tim Drummond: bass Kenny Buttrey: drums), which was documented on his Time Fades Away LP.

Discussing the release with Rolling Stone earlier this year, Young said “It’s really trippy to be down in Tuscaloosa [Alabama], and singing those songs from Harvest and the songs that we were doing for Time Fades Away before it came out. I found this thing and it had such a great attitude to it. I just loved the whole night, so I put that together with John Hanlon.”

Tuscaloosa is available on both vinyl and CD and is released on 7 June 2019. The vinyl is a 2LP set with the fourth side an etched disc.

1. Here We Are in The Years (3:56)
2. After the Gold Rush (4:42)
3. Out on The Weekend (5:29)
4. Harvest (4:14)
5. Old Man (4:17)
6. Heart of Gold (3:48)
7. Time Fades Away (6:10)
8. Lookout Joe (4:59)
9. New Mama (3:01)
10. Alabama (3:50)
11. Don’t Be Denied (8:09)

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Justin (UK)

Whilst I am disappointed that part of the set is omitted, I’m chuffed to have any songs from this tour in such glorious sound quality. Yes, NY does exactly what he wants and he’s earnt that right. He plays loads of bum notes on After The Gold Rush but it still sounds ace. It would have been nice to hear the other tunes (especially Cinnamon Girl, as I named my daughter after it), but most are available elsewhere in abundance. I’m just disappointed that we don’t get Last Dance, which is barely available to say the least.


I have just received the lp and have a situation with Face 1 of the first vinyl.
A small piece of sticker is stick on the After the Gold Rush track. It seems to be slightly hollow because I rubbed it with some fluide and a hollow appeared.
Any similar case ?


ANYTHING from the ’73 tour is worth having. There’s very few circulating boots that sound good so this is welcome.


Why in Italy it’s so expansive?

Enrico G.

Approfitta del prezzaccio su AmaUK.


It looks like Neil Young speeds up more and more the frequency in releasing records . What is the purpose? I am afraid it is not to please fans but to gather as much money as possible. Several artists when they get old (eg the Rolling Stones) have the same obsession. It is quite unpleasant and disappointing, especially when not all the material can be regarded as gems

SDE Hall of Fame

Complaining that an artist is being “quite unpleasant and disappointing” by releasing records and putting out reasonably interesting archive releases is slightly ridiculous if you don’t mind me saying. We all know how long NY took for his first Archives box and the second still hasn’t been released. Money is not his motivation.

jon turpin

i don’t mean to sound disrespectful …..but if you think Neil does ANYTHING for money…..you don’t know much about Neil Young at all,
please have a wonderful day!


This is a really misinformed statement. Neil has been conceptualizing a “sequel” to Time Fades Away for decades. He even talks about it in his autobiography. In my opinion every release so far in the Live Archives series is of extremely high quality and has a distinct purpose. These are not thrown together releases and if you don’t want them, don’t buy them!


Relax. Those who have been listening to crappy audience tapes for decades have been asking for these for years. Neil has plenty of money and no one is making you buy anything. And it’s on Spotify.


I’ve heard the Odeon/Budokan album will follow this pretty shortly afterwards. Recorded with Crazy horse in 1976.

Jarmo Keranen

“The Loner was out of tune”. I own Neil’s cd’s from years 1969-79 and to my ears he’s out of tune most of the time. What a lame reason to leave it unreleased on record!

SDE Hall of Fame

Except he’s not and it’s a legitimate reason.

Donal M.

It is perfectly legitimate, would you send in a CV for a job opening, without spell checking it forst, i don’t think so.

The artists decides what goes in, it’s their art and their call.

SDE Hall of Fame

You sound like you are contradicting me when I was saying the same thing…


I think that Donal is agreeing with you, Paul. :)

Donal M.

Paul, can you check this:
this appears to be listed here as a single vinyl release but those track times look quite long, totalling over 52 minutes, and Neil would never squeeze that much onto two sides of vinyl, due to sound quality deterioration, i strongly suspect this is actually on 3 sides of vinyl with a 4th side etching, like the format of “Roxy (Tonights The Night Live)

SDE Hall of Fame

You could be right. I did go to Neil’s store to double check and it’s not listed as such, but I think I saw ‘three sides’ somewhere else also.

Chris S

Yes, this is 3-sided 2LP set. See Warner Music Canada & Australia sites.

peter chrisp

Paul well there is some news on the album. Looks as though i can help a few people in regards to the availability of the release, hope this helps. At the moment it’s listed in Japan only. One is on vinyl & apparently 3 tracks were omitted due to time? Although i cannot read Japanese i think most of us are in same situation. Here goes. Go to Tower Records Japan & type in Neil Young this one is double vinyl, link down below number 2.
Detail number 2 go to Amazon Japan type in Neil Young and go to link number 4. You can also read a couple of reviews in English.


He didn’t have a problem squeezing 63 minutes of Ragged Glory. Although that was in 1990 when he thought digital was the future of music.

paul wren

OK, well that’s the vinyl ordered via Amazon UK. Lots of comments about missing tracks etc, but at least we are getting a lot of archival stuff now which is a cause for celebration.

stephen gilmour

So has Archives 2 no longer happening in May??

SDE Hall of Fame

Are we really surprised? :)

Arthur O'Brien

Could this actually be “Time Fades Away II” that he has mentioned several times over the years, only with a new title?

Donal M

Thats my understanding, an alternate live album to what was actually released.

Donal M

That great cover Photo was taken by Joel Berstein who did a lot of work for Neil, and is involved in his mamoth Archives project.

As for, the non complete show queries, some additionsl insight:

Neil Hannon says:
“I mixed the album in Studio 2 at East West in Hollywood over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays from analog 16 track 2” masters to ¼” 30ips tape, sending my mixes daily to Neil in Colorado to listen to. Then Neil would send his comments to me live as he listened. Suggested changes made, I then assembled the final mixes for three master album reels for three sides of vinyl, based on sequencing done previously with Neil in the digital realm. During the sequencing, two songs, “ON THE WAY HOME” AND “THE LONER” were dropped. ‘On the way Home’ has already appeared on many live records. ‘The Loner’ was out of tune.”

And on Neil Young Archives, Neil himself said:

“On NYA: “We don’t like to release a lot of songs on many albums, so ‘On The Way Home’ went by the wayside. ‘The Loner’ was just not good enough. I still make those decisions because I am here on the planet. However, those two versions will be available in the archives for members to hear. I have no plans to release everything I have ever recorded. Some of it is just not good enough.”

I am okay with Neil insisting on top grade wuality control, and “Songs For Judy” had some “editable out”crowd talk, so at least he is varying these things.


This adds more clarity. Appreciated!

Dona M.

This is Performance Series # 04, turning out to be an amazing adventure. To put it in context, Dreamin man ‘92 ( Harvest moon era) is # 12.


whoa! what a superb cover!


Man I wish this was a complete show…such an incredible year for NY.

Sergio Falcone


Seth Hollander

“I just loved the whole night”, he says. And then he drops almost half of it.

All shows on this tour opened with “Tell Me Why” and had an identical Stray Gators set: The Loner / New Mama / Alabama / Don’t Be Denied / Lookout Joe / Time Fades Away / Cinnamon Girl / Southern Man, followed by an encore of Are You Ready For The Country? or Last Dance or both.

So this release omits Tell Me Why, The Loner, Cinnamon Girl, Southern Man, Are You Ready For the Country and/or Last Dance.
Only about half the Stray Gators set is on this CD. Never trust Neil to do an archival project! As annoying as Jimmy Page!


You might want to research why Neil is releasing it this way. He doesn’t want to release what he considers sub-par material on physical release. Although those songs are not included here, they will be available on his archives website. He may have “loved the whole night,” but he certainly didn’t love every performance equally.


More research:

“The Loner” was apparently out of tune. One of the songs Neil feels has been released too many times. (OK. That reasoning does seem strange.) The rest were not recorded.

Mark Snowden

The setlists changed throughout the tour. TMWhy was 1st song at only 5 of the 62 shows, On The Way Home was more often first song as it was at this show.
Also missing are:
The Loner (after HoGold) and
Southern Man and Are You Ready for the Country? (After DBDenied)

Check out sugarmtn.org for NY setlists info.

peter chrisp

Seth i just jumped online and there is a 2disc set released in Japan only. Although i can’t read Japanese the massive surprise i am going to Japan very soon, & this will be my second time & will visit the biggest record store in the world Tower records. Looks as though they have a copy there


P C –

Could you please provide a link/URL referencing the 2 CD edition? Thank you.

peter chrisp

Peter now here we go, it looks as though it’s only vinyl. Although i cannot read Japanese.
I’d imagine it’s the same one “Toronto” 1973 Neil Young & Stray Gators. Go to Tower Records Japan & link number 2 hoping that will help. I have also checked a couple of other Japanese record stores & this one looks pretty rare.


Tuscaloosa opened with On the Way Home.

Yves Vandezande

yes, this is one to get. unlike some of Neil’s others.