Neil Young’s On The Beach finally reissued as standalone vinyl LP


1974 classic reissued on LP along with Time Fades Away & others

Neil Young‘s celebrated, but often elusive, 1974 album On The Beach will be reissued as an individual vinyl LP in September, along with a few other classics, including Tonight’s the Night, and Zuma.

Young’s fifth studio album was recorded after 1975’s Tonight’s The Night, but issued before it. It failed to to match the commercial success of its studio predecessor Harvest but four decades on is highly regarded, exhibiting a bleak beauty; sparse, loose and mellow. Side two in particular, with its run of On The Beach, Motion Pictures and the nine-minute Ambulance Blues, is superb and moving.

On The Beach was unavailable for decades, and it wasn’t officially released on CD until as late as 2003.  Fans have been able to pick it up as part of the vinyl box set The Official Release Series Vol 5-8, which came out in 2014, but this is first time it has been in print as a single vinyl record for an extremely long time. All four records in that box will now be available separately and are issued on 9 September 2016


On The Beach (1974)

1. “Walk On” Neil Young
2. “See the Sky About to Rain”
3. “Revolution Blues”
4. “For the Turnstiles”
5. “Vampire Blues”

Side two
1. “On the Beach”
2. “Motion Pictures”
3. “Ambulance Blues”

Tonight’s The Night (1975)

Side one
1. “Tonight’s the Night”
2. “Speakin’ Out”
3. “World on a String”
4. “Borrowed Tune”
5. “Come on Baby Let’s Go Downtown”
6. “Mellow My Mind”

Side two
1. “Roll Another Number”
2. “Albuquerque”
3. “New Mama”
4. “Lookout Joe”
5. “Tired Eyes”
6. “Tonight’s the Night”

Zuma (1975)

Side one
1. “Don’t Cry No Tears”
2. “Danger Bird”
3. “Pardon My Heart”
4. “Lookin’ for a Love”
5. “Barstool Blues”

Side two
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. “Stupid Girl” Neil Young 3:13
2. “Drive Back” Neil Young 3:32
3. “Cortez the Killer” Neil Young 7:29
4. “Through My Sails” Neil Young

Time Fades Away (live album 1973)

]1. “Time Fades Away”
2. “Journey thru the Past”
3. “Yonder Stands the Sinner”
4. “L.A.”
5. “Love in Mind”

Side two
1. “Don’t Be Denied”
2. “The Bridge”
3. “Last Dance”

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CSNY deja vu wants to see a nice and superdeluxe reissue on vinyl.

thank you very much ladies and gentlemen.


My copy of On The Beach arrived today, and in response to MiGs question of August 7th, yes it does have the pattern printed on the inside of the sleeve.


They mentioned vinyl released for these albums – how about remastered CD’s?!?!?!?!


My old vinyl “On The Beach” had the floral pattern (the pattern on the chairs and inside the umbrella) printed on the inside of the outer sleeve — I mean on the bit of the cardboard cover that is usually blank. That reproduced too? Also, if I remember, “Time Fades Away” was top-loading (or the image was on its side, take your pick). Ditto? While we’re at it, “Tonight’s The Night” came with a fold-out insert and “Zuma” had a card inner sleeve with more of those tatty drawings.

Kenneth Tilley

Don’t start me on archives volume 2, he’s taking the mickey now. He keeps giving false release dates and nothing happens how many years is it now ? Just release the bloody thing or shut up about it.


As always, I recommend Drift – driftrecords.com – a great shopnand comparable prices to those above.

Paul Wren

Why are (1) Amazon UK prices varying from £20 to £33 for the different albums which are all pressed to one piece of vinyl (2) UK prices always higher than in Europe.

My advice – shop around for other sites as well as those that Paul has helpfully detailed above for the keenest possible prices before pressing “buy” button.

Jack C

I remember bringing home Tonight’s The Night when it was released and letting the needle drop with a room full of guys. Half way through everyone said “Take it off!” It has got to be the worst of the worst from Neil.

Paul Wren

I wonder who will be remastering these and which pressing plant will be used, ie what will sound quality be like. This area has been of great interest to Neil fans all through his mid 1990’s to mid 2000’s limited new vinyl releases with a lot of care taken re audio quality.


Neil has said he will release Archives II only after the remaining Beatles sanction the release of Let It Be on DVD/Blu-Ray.


And I believe the remaining Beatles will only release Let It Be on the condition that George Lucas releases Star Wars: Holiday Special on blu ray.


I remember when these albums were reissued in the “Official Release Series Vol 5-8” vinyl box, Young was asked why not on CD… and his answer was something like – well these albums were supposed to be on vinyl in the first place anyway…
I’ll let you decide what’s the sense in all this, if there’s any…

Barrett Bowie

I echo what others are saying: how about CD releases for these fine albums!?

As much as I love him, Young is becoming even worse than Van Morrison in the treatment of his back catalog: neglectful, spiteful, inconsistent, too distracted by newer projects. Look, everyone wants to move forward and not just live in the past, but please, Mr. Young I beg you to try being a little more responsive to your fan base. If you’re too busy with Pono or whatever, I understand. But I then challenge you to have the courage and generosity to at least delegate the task of carefully curated reissues to trusted associates.

(At least Van has finally gotten his act together with excellent recent releases of the complete Them and the expanded live masterpiece It’s Too Late to Stop Now.)

Simon Taylor

I have On The Beach and Time Fades Away on vinyl, bought from ebay over the past few years. Surprisingly easy to get secondhand at a reasonable price. And have On The Beach with the inner colour sleeve. My favourite Neil album. The one i’d like to buy is Tonights The Night which i’ve never owned on vinyl.

The one that is a curious reissue is Zuma. Again, one i want to own on vinyl. Fopp have been selling new copies of this on vinyl for £9.99 for quite a while. Can anyone explain where that Fopp version originates from and why they should pay 3 times as much for this new reissue? I know the early pricing can be curious but Fopp will likely see my money for Zuma at least. I’ll wait to see what happens with the Tonights The Night pricing.

Paul Wren

The Fopp Zuma LP that you refer to is most likely the Warner Bros 2002 vinyl reissue – plenty for sale via Discogs from £10.


It was on the Pono store but that’s ‘under construction’ at moment. And I’ve a feeling it may be US only in any case.

Paul English

Where can I buy the digital download of Time Fades Away?

I already own the LP but it’s been played heavily.


Still no plans to reissue The Official Release Series Vol 5-8 on CD ?


So where does this leave CD buyers? I believe he has stated that TFA will never get a CD release so no expectations there, The existing On the Beach (no complaints with the current version) on CD and I am sure he has referred to it somewhere as being an ‘Archive’ release, even though its not part of the official Archives. So we are left with Zuma and TTN still not remastered on CD. Very frustrating and confusing being a Neil fan!


The 2003 CD of On the Beach is an archives release, there’s the logo on it stating it’s part of the digital masterpiece archive series.


Graig, OK then I assume that as an Official Release Series (no 6) release on Pono the same master is used for OTB as on the existing CD?

Michael Fremer

If these are from the official box set, but broken out singly they are cut by Chris Bellman from analog tape. Unfortunately none of the useful information is included in this story.


“Very frustrating and confusing being a Neil fan!”

Deeply so.


Young’s been cryptic and arbitrary so long on these titles, esp TFA, that to consider the needs and wants of his fans would now be the idiosyncratic action to take…he’s deceiving himself if he doesn’t think there are good quality versions of those albums readily available: I just got TFA artwork and all and it sounds fine to my ears esp as it suits the live music of which it’s comprised!


Why no cd box set of volume 5-8?


Would love to see Neil’s post-Harvest ’70s albums reissued as stand-alone CDs as well. On the Beach from 2003 is good enough – I’m thinking of Tonight’s the Night, Zuma, Comes a Time, Rust Never Sleeps, which have never been properly remastered. Haven’t heard Time Fades Away, but it’s available for digital download, which is probably good enough considering that Neil never liked it.

Mic Smith

On the Beach was last available to buy in a UK high street in 1986 before it was deleted.

Time Fades Away was deleted around about the same time, perhaps a year earlier.

It’s good to have these titles available separately again.

But where is Archives Volume 2?


Time Fades Away is arguably the bigger news here, since unlike On The Beach, that hasn’t been available on CD.

Ollie Carlisle

Time Fades Away too?!?! That’s the seriously rare one, great stuff.