Neneh Cherry / Raw Like Sushi reissue

3CD deluxe • 3LP vinyl • Loads of bonus remixes

Neneh Cherry‘s debut album Raw Like Sushi is being reissued as multi-disc CD and vinyl sets for its 30th anniversary in January.

The 1989 album was actually 30 back in June, but such quibbles aside, it was an enormous success back in the day, spawning two top ten hits on both side of the Atlantic, including the best known single Buffalo Stance.

This seems to be a fairly ambitious reissue campaign with a 3LP vinyl super deluxe which includes the remastered album with two records of B-sides, remixes and extras and a 3CD set which adds more remixes. However, unless there’s been an error with the track listings, a close look reveals that ‘Kisses On The Wind’ B-side ‘Buffalo Blues’ is included on the 3LP set but not the 3CD package. Weird. Incidentally, original CD bonus tracks ‘My Bitch’ and ‘Heart (It’s A Demo)’ are retained, while the remixes from the end of the 1989 CD are moved to the other discs.

Also, the 3CD set is large format with a 48-page book, which might account for the eyebrow-raising cost. The 3LP set isn’t cheap either and again that comes with the book. As you can see the cover art has been reworked from the familiar photo on white background.

Single disc remastered CD and vinyl are also available for those who want it.

Raw Like Sushi will be reissued on 24 January 2020.

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Neneh Cherry

raw like sushi - 3LP vinyl


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Neneh Cherry

raw like sushi - 3CD set


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Neneh Cherry

raw like sushi - remastered vinyl LP


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Neneh Cherry

raw like sushi - remastered CD


Raw Like Sushi 30th anniversary 3CD set

CD 1 – Original album
Buffalo Stance
Kisses on the Wind
Inna City Mamma
The Next Generation
Love Ghetto
Phoney Ladies
Outre Risque Locomotive
So Here I Come
My Bitch
Heart (It’s a demo)

CD2 – extras [items in bold not on the vinyl set]
Buffalo Stance (Sukka Mix)
Buffalo Stance (Electro Ski Mix)
Buffalo Stance (1/2 Way 2 House) Remix – Arthur Baker
Buffalo Stance (Nearly Neue Beat) Remix – Arthur Baker
Buffalo Stance (Kevin Sanderson’s Techno Stance Remix One)
Manchild (Old School Mix)
Manchild (Massive Attack Remix)
Manchild (Massive Attack Bonus Beats)
Manchild (Smith N Mighty Remix)
Manchild (Smith N Might More Bass – Less Vocal Style)

CD3 – extras [items in bold not on the vinyl set]
Inna City Mamma (Re-recorded Extended Version)
Inna City Mamma (Cold Blooded Remix)
Kisses On The Wind (12” Spanish Mix)
Kisses On The Wind (David Morales ‘A Little More Puerto Rico’ mix)
Kisses On The Wind (Dynamic Duo + Latin Rascals Mix)
Kisses On The Wind (Lovers Hip-Hop Extended Version)
The Next Generation (Rap One Mix)
The Next Generation (Sub-Woofer Mix)
Heart (Club Mix)

Raw Like Sushi 30th anniversary 3LP vinyl set

LP 1 (Original LP)

Side One

Buffalo Stance
Kisses on the Wind
Inna City Mamma
The Next Generation

Side Two

Love Ghetto
Phoney Ladies
Outré Risqué Locomotive
So Here I Come

LP 2 (extras) [items in bold not on the CD set]

Side One

Heart (Its A demo)
Buffalo Blues
Buffalo Stance (Sukka Mix)

Side Two
Buffalo Stance (Electro Ski Mix)
Buffalo Stance (Arthur Baker Nearly Neu Beat Mix)
Buffalo Stance (Arthur Baker 1/2 way to House Mix)
Buffalo Stance (Kevin Sanderson Techno Stance Remix One)

LP 3 (extras)

Side One

Manchild (Old School Mix)
Manchild (Massive Attack Remix)
Manchild (Smith N Mighty Remix)
Inna City Mamma (Re-recorded Extended Version)

Side Two

Inna City Mamma (Cold Blooded Remix)
Kisses On The Wind (David Morales ‘A Little More Puerto Rico’ mix)
Kisses On The Wind (Dynamik Duo + Latin Racals Mix)
The Next Generation (Rap One Mix)



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David Adams

Those nice people at Fnac just delivered it to my sister in law in France, ordered the cd but got the vinyl version, at €12.99 inc post I’m not complaining!


do you know email adress to ask for a reprint of cd03 ?
the morales mix of “kisses on the wind” is NOT on the cd because track 03 and 4 are identical

Jonathan Riley

I just went to Neneh cherry online store and explained the situation to their customer service and see if that would help matters any
How hard is it to have good quality control.
The box set looks really nice anyway


Yep, just noticed, too, the exact same mixes…
Appreciate if you can update here if they replace the cd. thanks!


any news Jonathan ?




on cd 03 , the tracks
Kisses On The Wind (12” Spanish Mix) and Kisses On The Wind (David Morales ‘A Little More Puerto Rico’ mix) are identical !!


any news about the problem on cd03 ?

I dont know where to complain, about this…



Can anyone spot differences between `Kisses On The Wind [12” Spanish Mix]` and `Kisses On The Wind [David Morales `A Little More Puerto Rico’ Mix]`?


these tracks are identical dude .
they should have put BUFFALO BLUES instead

Stephen Curtis

If you listen to Manchild (Old School Mix) on the original 12”/cd single is ends smoothly. It chopped off half a second or so on the album version and it appears they’ve used that chopped off version on this reissue. Streaming is good for checking these things out before buying


Hurray, only paid €12.99 for the CD box set at Fnac.com a few weeks ago. Temporary glitch or not, they honored my order.


same here,just received it,thx for the tip!!! (at the official store it’s almost 50 euro)


thanks to whoever left the fnac comment, 30 euro for both the 3xCD and 3xvinyl is the bargain of the year, loads of people must be very happy they piled in! arrived today, looks beautiful.


I receive mine today too
Very good deal indeed

Richard Lloyd

I loved this album when it came out – it’s just about the only “rap” CD in my collection. This reissue is somewhat bizarre – the 3-CD version is ludicrously overpriced and the 1-CD version is inferior to the original CD (2 pretty good remixes left off the end).

In fact, the original 14-track CD can be had for 3 quid on Amazon UK at the moment from https://www.amazon.co.uk/Raw-like-sushi-Neneh-Cherry/dp/B000092CCO/ – a way better buy than anything in this re-issue. If you happen to have Amazon Prime, the 14 tracks can be streamed for no extra cost from https://music.amazon.co.uk/albums/B001JLBH2O


I’m glad i jumped on this when it was first announced , despite being a little steep, there is no way i’d pay anymore for this..£53??? They having a laugh ???


It wasn’t worth £36 let alone £53. Given Neneh doesn’t have an extensive fanbase, the sales figures could be distinctly lacking!


£53 now for this surely somebody is having a laugh.


Along with the omitted radio mixes. I have this US promo CD of Heart with rare radio edits that should be included also: https://www.discogs.com/Neneh-Cherry-Heart/release/2642593. Plus there was at least one Kisses On the Wind radio edit that may be US only. Not sure if any of her other singles had something going on like that: https://www.discogs.com/Neneh-Cherry-Kisses-On-The-Wind/release/1045874.


Big fan of Neneh. Love this album and have been long hoping for a deluxe reissue, but…

1. “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” is missing.
2. Several mixes are missing.
3. Both formats feature exclusive content meaning that, if you’re a big fan and want everything, you have to buy both the vinyl box and the CD set.
4. Also missing (and this is the biggest problem, IMHO) is a Blu-ray or DVD featuring the music videos, “The Rise of Neneh Cherry” VHS release and other possible bonuses like a hi-res version of the album and other footage from the period (her Top of the Pops performance of “Buffalo Stance”, for example).

Yes, the price is a bit steep too, but I would gladly stomach that if the above issues were fixed.

Looks like a lovely set but, unless the omissions I and many others have mentioned are addressed, it will be a big missed opportunity. :(


I’ve got you under my skin wasn’t from that era. It was, I think, about a year later.


I’ve Got You Under My Skin from the Red Hot + Blue project? And the stunning video by Mondino would’ve been a nice addition to the DVD, had there been one…

David Regan

Thanks David for keeping an eye on this! They were all gone Tuesday night and Wednesday – I was gutted. But looks like they’ve got more in! Yes! Just ordered! Cheers!


Already sold out!


I can buy 3 boxsets for an extra £18 on Amazon UK. Total of 16 cds.
I only bought RAW LIKE SUSHI the other month for £3.50 delivered off eBay


Would buy the 3 cd immediately if it was around 20 quid, but this price is ridiculous.


Sadly missing the Paisley Park production „I‘ve got you under my skin“ and the mixes……

Hanna Affi

She signed the cassette of this track personally to me in Brussels and we talked about her visit to Paisley Park Studios. Magical woman

Nass Khan

Does it need to be remastered?

The sound quality of the original cd is very very good.

Jim Brady

Another overpriced, missed opportunity. I’m in the USA and I’m expected to pay tax and postage on a handful of remixes I already have ripped into my laptop. I love Raw Like Sushi as much as the next guy but I’ve gotta give this one a pass.


Was really looking forward to this release, but they have totally botched it. No single versions/7″ mixes? There’s sufficient room for them all on CD1, but I guess they’ve been left off because there probably isn’t room for them on the vinyl edition without adding another record. Damn vinyl revival ruining everything! Not to mention, what is the the point of remastering something if it’s going to be released on vinyl (that is, if the vinyl collectors will even play this)? You still get the snap, crackle and pop. No DVD of the music videos included is also another missed opportunity. And that price for a sub-par product?!


I sincerely hope “Buffalo Blues” is actually included on the CD version–it’s an essential track and one of my favorites from her. I have it on the original CD single, but I’d prefer it remastered and included with the full release, where it belongs.


Amazing album! More tracks for that price would be better though tbh! What about this original version of Buffalo Stance for instance? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igcNxCyErog

Paul English

The 7″ versions of Buffalo Stance, Kisses On The Wind & Inna City Mamma did not feature on the CD singles, they weren’t on the album, Neneh hasn’t released a Greatest Hits and now they’re missing from this reissue. A clear example of the vinyl tail wagging the CD dog. Excluding tracks when there’s plenty unutilised space on the discs = no sale.

Kevin Hughes

The 7″ single version of ‘Buffalo Stance’ can be found on Ministry of Sound’s 2012 compilation 90’s Groove:

The 7″ single version of ‘Kisses on the Wind’ can be found on volume 16
of Now That’s What I Call Music 1989 UK CD edition:
and the single remixes on a US Promo CD:

The ‘Heart’ (Radio Edit) and (Edit) can also be found on a US Promo CD:

‘Inna City Mamma’ (Completely Re-recorded Version) 7″ Mix has never been officially released on CD, only vinyl:


The prices are on the “expensive side” but are still not that silly. They may be high, compared to Jethro Tull or Marillion CD and blu-ray, and yes the DVD (or BR with a high resolution stereo version of the album and its B-sides, added to the documentary ) would have been a good idea, but for a more mainstream act, who Neneh is compared to the two aforementioned, it is still affordable.
As for content, they was such a silly number of (re) mixes in that day and age for that kind of artists, that including them all would be, in my humble opinion, a bit on the “far too much” side.
All in all a pretty good re release (not really a SDE) of an album which has stood the stand of time for the most part, though some of the tracks are really too “end of 80’s” sounding to my ears today (though I really loved these in my teen age.)


So glad that record labels dont base their decisions on if extra content on reissues sound current today!


Will there really be a sizeable market for this? You regularly see her albums ans 12″ singles (in great condition, so not played much it would seem) for a pound or two at charity shops and car boots.

Marko G.

Why go only halfway if you could do it properly and include everything?
I mean, I just don’t understand the criteria. Why include some and not others.
Too bad. Seems like a missed opportunity to satisfy the die-hard fans. :(


I can wait for sale of this. Because this is just not everything it should be for that price.


3 x CD is Too Expensive!


I’ll settle for the 1-disc remaster. I don’t think I’d want to listen to 5 mixes of “Buffalo Stance”in a row, followed by 5 mixes of “Manchild”. Furthermore, several of the remixes sound a bit dated, more so than the album which still sounds fresh.

Bruno MacDonald



Great set, but I really can’t understand why quite a few (previously unreleased on CD) versions, even though there is enough space left on CD 1, 2&3, are omitted, like:

Buffalo Stance (Radio Edit)
Buffalo Stance (Instrumental)
Buffalo Stance (Scratchapella)
Buffalo Stance (”The there’s nothing wrong mix” – Sukka Mix II)
Manchild (The Original Mix) = (Massive Attack Mix) ??
Buffalo Blues
Kisses On The Wind (Radio Edit)
Kisses On The Wind (Extended Album Version)
Kisses On The Wind (Dub Wise…)
Kisses On The Wind (The Dynamik Duo Radio Remix)
Kisses On The Wind (Lovers Hip-Hop 7” Version)
The Next Generation (Final Mix)
The Next Generation (Dave’s Dub)
Inna City Mamma (Completely Re-recorded 7” Version)
So Here I Come (7” Edit)

And a bonus DVD/Blu-Ray featuring “ The Rise Of Neneh Cherry” should be present as well.

So, this ‘super deluxe edition’ is far from completely. As there is a lot missing I think I’ll pass this pretty expensive re-issue…


Just gave it another thought…

This should/could have been a real “Raw Like Sushi” box set, including:

– “Raw Like Sushi” original album
– “The Rise Of Neneh Cherry” Blu-Ray/DVD
– “Buffalo Stance” Expanded cd-maxi
– “Manchild” Expanded cd-maxi
– “Kisses On The Wind” Expanded cd-maxi
– “Inna City Mamma” Expanded cd-maxi
– “The Next Generation” Expanded cd-maxi
– “Raw Like…Neneh Cherry” 48-page book

This could easily made as a CD box set, as well as a vinyl box set including download codes.

James Barker

I second thoughts, you may be right. Seems expensive for it not be definitive. These remixes and a Blu-Ray would be so good. Still something is better than nothing and maybe these could be issued on another expanded set at some point?!


Tongue in check & a bit silly maybe but I loved “My Bitch” and am disappointed to see it didn’t make the vinyl cut. Too many differences between the editions too. I’ll leave this unless I ever see it heavily discounted


I do love Neneh Cherry, and I am very curious about the bonus tracks that I am just now discovering in this post; but I’m more likely to shell out that kind of money for an anniversary edition of Homebrew or Man.

Uncle Ruru

Finally! I was waiting for this for a long time. Such a great album, a true classic of the late 80s. Saw her live in Barcelona this year, I wasn’t impressed too much, frankly, as she played the songs in very stripped down versions, similar to her new output. But anyway, this is great news.

And now Seal’s first album, please, with all the remixes. That’s another one which is overdue!


OMG the first TWO Seal albums please! MONSTER records of the 90s! What’s the hold up? You’d think with him being on the Masked Singer in the US something would have been announced!!

Bruno MacDonald

By accident rather than design, 1989 is my favourite year for albums: Like a Prayer, Disintegration, Rhythm Nation 1814, Hunkpapa and New York just for starters.

Raw Like Sushi is definitely one that helped make that an extraordinary year but I’m finding it tricky to get excited about this – partly because of the insane price, but mainly because of the unimaginative presentation of the remixes. Listening to multiple versions of a song was boring back in the day (unless it was Nine Inch Nails, where remixes were reinventions) and the thought of doing it now makes my heart sink. Heretically, this might be one instance where 2019 mixes might have made it more attractive.

All that said, it’s a great album, the cover is as sexy as it was when I was seventeen, and if you don’t own it, you really should.

James Barker

Yes! Finally :) been waiting for her stuff to be reissued For so long!! Very happy, will the rest of her fantastic albums follow?! Tad expensive but well worth it!!


Great reissue… at last!

Just one thing, the 6-track video release “The Rise Of Neneh Cherry”, originally released on VHS, should have been included as “first time on DVD/Bluray” additional disc in the set.


A dream comes true! The Massive Attack & Smith’n’Mighty Mixes of “Manchild” on CD, finally. Thanks for the great news!


Great great album. Good selection of tracks, though in 1989 multi mix land, a few missing but reasonably comphrehensive. Problem is the price for the 3cd set, feels more like £25 and not sure the book is a reason to add £10 for something that will be skimmed imho.

James Blair

This looks like an essential purchase and long overdue, even if it’s not as complete on the remix front as this obsessive would like!
Can anyone confirm the difference between the Spanish 12” and “A Little More Puerto Rico’ mixes of “Kisses…”? I thought they were the same. There were quite a few other Morales mixes on the US 12” that would have been nice here.
Either way, it’s a pre-order for me!


Hey James.

Spanish 12″ and “A Little More Puerto Rico” are in fact the exact same mix that got a different title in different regions, so unless this is a misprint and the first mix is in fact the English 12″ (which is what I’m hoping for since it’s never been released on CD), then it’s going to be the same track twice in a row. I’d really hope they wouldn’t do something that daft, but we all know better.

Almost all of these remixes have been on CD before, so I’m kind of baffled why they wouldn’t be trying to use the ones that haven’t.


Outstanding record from a singular artist. Even have the “Buffalo Stance” 3″ CD-single from back in the day – will be nice to get the Arthur Baker remixes on this set. Easy CD purchase for me, hope “Buffalo Blues” is actually on it.

mino gagliardi

I listened to Buffalo Stance yesterday on Pose

Scarlet Jupiter

Gold like sushi! Asking for ridiculous prices for LP or CD boxes makes music look as if it is a thing of luxury to have. It is not! Companies seriously need to understand that music is something that can be found for free. As an avid buyer and collector, I feel cheated keeping up with the ridiculous prices they charge. Ordered just the gold vinyl this time.


It seems little bit steep in price for the 3CDs, but still slightly cheaper than the Chemical Brothers Surrender reissue, and for that reason I’m in !!


This is a bomb of a record. For me the record of the year in 1989. The combo of pop, rap, dance
& R&B was groundbreaking at the time and every song is outstanding. A very well deserved re-issue. I really would have liked Buffalo Stance Instrumental on there and I do hope it is a mistake that Buffalo Blues is not on the cd version. That’s a great song too. Regardless this is brilliant and will get this for sure.


Nice released – Prob pick up the single vinyl for the memories and the 3lp if it pops up in a deal. Great release in the day and funnily enough one that has stood the test of time

Mark S

Good Vinyl with signed lithograph available from recordstore.co.uk

Paul Taylor-Greaves

Must’ve read my mind. I was listening to the Kisses Puerto Rico remix yesterday and wondering why this album hasn’t had a deluxe reissue! Definitely up for this. Wore down the cassette to snapping point in my Walkman going to and from my exams when this came out


I’m so delighted to see this. Like the beats International albums, I thought this was an album that I would never get any kind of love. And great to see so many mixes on there as well, including the inner city mamma 12 inch with a great mixes. Very happy!