New book: Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin

Official 50th anniversary book produced with the band

Another ‘must buy’ book for this autumn (along with Ricochet and Imagine John Yoko) is Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin, the “first and only official illustrated book to be produced in collaboration with the members of the band”.

This 400-page book celebrates 50 years since their formation and features photos of Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham on and offstage, in candid moments and in the recording studio.

It includes unseen photographs and artwork from the Led Zeppelin archives and contributions from photographers around the world.

This volume is being published by Reel Art Press and the book is 30cm high and 24.5 cm wide. It will be released on 2 October 2018.

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Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin


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To all
Two choices; Buy or not.
LZ(s) music will live forever. ABB EC SRV
and more have borrowed and used licks from the Delta and Chicago blues bygone era.
So what’s the beef? And most every 70s
Rock Icon have used hard drugs and smoked. BFD…only Ted N. claims he never touched the stuff…whoopie…he ain’t that good anyway..
I don’t need anymore confessions of drug use… I’ve seen Aerosmith taking shot guns of smoke in Louisville Ky from the people upfront and many bags of pot being thrown on the stage during a Humble Pie concert, Louisville…So unless you are the personal priest or religious leaders for LZ..than no one needs a confession from them..
The music of the 70s will always out class the 80s and beyond… Vinyl rules cell phones suck.. social media steals your personal information and Led Zeppelin fuckin ROCKs
Those were the “salad” days!!✌️


Please do not mention any backstage parties or after gig activities. Crossroads anyone?

Chuck O

Excellent! I was hoping for a nice book to go with the basic edition of the remastered albums.


I’ll hang on until Fopp or that discount book shop that every town has is knocking it out for a tenner. As inevitable as night follows day!

Not Available

Unless Page finally admits how he ripped off Spirit (not to mention countless other blues artists), the book is a waste of time.


Jealous much??? The greatest band since the Beatles and you dismiss them LOL.


Check out Rick Beato’s channel on YouTube (someone that actually knows about music ) and you may find that there is a bit more to this story. If Spirit want credit for the intro, let them have it as it’s more known for Wayne’s World (please no stairway) than anything else. Led Zeppelin can take credit for the rest of the song which is where the magic is. It’s like the builder of a 2 bedroom house trying to sue the builder of a 30 bedroom mansion cause they both started with a concrete slab

Keith Moon

Good Lord, this book release seems to be going over like a Lead ______”

Dean Taylor

Heroin or not.. I saw zeppelin at knebworth when I was 15..still one of the greatest moments of my life.. will never forget it. As for In Through The Out Door.. time and the recent remaster have been kind to that album..I have always been fond of it.. again good memories around this one, bought on day of release with a 50p deposit at Tracks Records in Hertford, still got it and play it.
Never once thought I was short changed because of a drug habbit ..
Roll on the 50th..

Dean Taylor

Well Gary .. saw zepp at knebworth . Still only 15 at the time .. first major gig I went too with a bunch of mates .. camped out by the gates and were some of the first into the arena in the early hours of Saturday.. heroin addiction or not it’s still one of the defining moments of my life.. totally blow away by it..only seeing floyd do the wall at Earl’s Court first time round comes close.
As for In through the out door…
Well what can I say .. the only zepp album I had on pre order with my 50p deposit at Tracks Records in Hertford and pay for with some birthday money (now just turned 16, its me birthday on Monday) so will forever have a soft spot for that one, but aside from that I think time and the current remaster have been kind and have shown how great that album really is.. try going back to it with more open mind.. it’s great..
So I guess what I’m trying to say is heroin or not I have a life long respect for the band because of the memories tied up with them.


I totally agree with you Dean, I too saw Led Zeppelin at Knebworth on the 4th and 11th of August at 15 and my mates and I came down from Edinburgh. It changed my life and I have never experienced anything like it since! And bought In through the outdoor on day if release! A lot of groovy kids going around then!


I’d have gone for this if they’d done a Beastie Boys and included a recipes section.


How about a companion cd to go with this?

andrew R

Ref Jimmy’s use of drugs .Frankly when every other 2 bit star has to give you the details
of their umpteenth overdose/visit to rehab/counter meds abuse, i find it refreshing that Page has never mentioned or alluded to it. One of the reasons maybe tied up in his beliefs that you had to use certain substances to release creative “magick” if you buy into the initial success
he had must be difficult to admit you were wrong. Ref the book my question would be ,how much new content can there be ? Zeppelin were only in existence for 10 years, most of the gigs were professionally photographed and are in the public domain.The 50 th anniversary is turning out to be a damp squib (or deflated baloon) i am afraid.

Charlie Waffles

Come on, Jimmy. The Song Remains the Same big box set is still overpriced. I’ll buy the book but I hope Land Shark or Left Shark bites you for the high price on TSRTS.


I welcome this book cause I preferred the “simple” remastered album edition to the much overpriced SDEs. They are nothing more than the remasters in Vinyl and CDs (who needs both?) in big shelf filling boxes coming with books full of photos. Paul made a point: Buy the remasters and good books instead of overpriced coffetable SDEs. Look at the Trojan Box, they sell the CDs/Vinyls and the book separately and as a bundle.


I’m gonna hold out for the Jimmy Page re- photoshopped super deluxe edition.

Larry Davis

Dunno…just a maybe…


The question to me is – how many pictures previously exclusive to the SDE’s of their discography, appear in the book?

Gary Japerson

I don’t wish to sound cynical, but I wonder in the 1976-1980 section of this book if Jimmy Page will finally admit to the fact that he had a major addiction to heroin during this time frame?? He has spent the past 40+ years denying it and being very hostile towards journalists who bring it up when EVERYONE knows it was an issue. His playing sucked throughout a great deal of the 1976 tour (although he had some moments), and while he was a bit better in 1979 and 1980, he still was the worst bit for wear. He also suffered at least two different drug busts after Zeppelin disbanded. I am not saying he needs to talk about his smack addiction in every interview he gives, but you cannot tell me that he is not ashamed of some of his playing from 1976-1980. I have a bootleg DVD from Seattle 1976 which is a total embarrassment. The fans deserved better. It would just be nice for him to finally admit in this book that dope was a problem for him, and that he feels sorry for how it effected his playing at times. Keith Richards has done it. Joe Perry the same. Steven Tyler the same. I mean, Page is my favorite musician in the history of rock music. The man is brilliant, but I have always been troubled by his routine denial of this part of his life. The fact that he overcame his addiction could be an inspiration to others. I don’t buy the “it’s my private life” argument. Not when you play like crap for a show I paid to see, or didn’t even show up half the time for the “In Through The Out Door” recording sessions, which severely hurt the quality of a record I bought with my hard earned money. If he would just acknowledge his problems in the book, he could tell journalists, “Look, I said all I need to say regarding my smack addiction in my book. I apologized to the fans for some of the gigs I played and for my lack of contribution to our final studio record. There is nothing more to be said.” And then it could be over with. BTW – I find it interesting that if you post ANYTHING about Jimmy’s heroin addiction on the official Led Zeppelin message board, the moderators delete your post, and if you do it a second time, they ban you. Why is this such a big issue? The music world is littered with ex-junkies. It’s been ages since Page was addicted. I am tired of the denials and the treatment of this as some forbidden subject. Not when it DID effect the music.

Doug Milne

there wasn’t a 76 tour, surely you mean 77?

Friso Pas

You know it, every Zephead knows it. Why is it so important to you that he admits to it, 40 years after the fact? He doesn’t need to do what everyone else did and admit to stuff in some biography. I’d say those others artists only tell the stuff they want you to know, because I’m sure they do not share all of their debaucheries. Besides, Page is not like everyone else. Page is Page. Just let it go. If he doesn’t want to share those details, that’s his prerogative. Life’s too short to make a fuzz over these details. Like you said, it has been ages. Enjoy the music (and the pictures in the forthcoming book that go with it).


“but I have always been troubled by his routine denial of this part of his life”

Seriously?! I don’t think it very healthy to be so precious about your idols. Anyhow, it’s a photo book. What are you hoping for – photos of him shooting up?


Great response, RJS!


RJS has got it right.


They never toured in 76. Plant was still recuperating from injuries sustained from his auto accident in 1975. You’re probably thinking of the 77 tour.

Kafir Yadumi

They never toured in 1976. Why does a musician owe you a confession or mea cupla? Worry about your own life… particularly with the accuracy of the information you convey; Mr. 1976.


You’re a tad obsessed with Page’ Heroin addiction. I think he had a problem, but admitting it now won’t make any difference. The legacy of Jimmy Page will be the music, not the drugs. An apology for what happened in 1977?!? I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t make a bit of difference now. Why are you so obsessed with it?


I agree about Jimmy’s ‘mardyness’ about his former habit… Keef has no problem in talking bout his past, same with Townshend and Clapton, and neither did Lennon and Bowie (God rest their souls). I don’t see it as a big deal… I alsowonder if Peter Grant will be shown in his real light in this book? We all know about the Oakland incident and the hiring of Mr Bindon. But Rod Stewart only recently (this month’s Uncut) said that Grant was a ‘prick’ and a ‘nasty piece of work’ who had people beaten up for getting too close to the stage at Zeppelin gigs.

Mad Earwig

It is a shame that you are ‘troubled’ by this part of Jimmy Page’s life. I do not believe I have ever given it a thought…you must have a personal reason that this is important to you.

As for posting on Led Zeppelin notice boards about drugs, I would agree with them about deleting your posts- surely these are for mutual appreciation of the band’s music?

I have admired Jimmy as the most un- rock star like rock star, polite, humble and love the guys playing even on all the 1977, 79 and 1980 bootlegs and especially on ‘Presence’.

Go play ‘How Many More Times’ or ‘Ten Years Gone’ and just enjoy it.


A rock star doing heroin in the 70s? Heavens to Betsy!
Seriously though, we do know all about his dope addiction and if he has nothing to say about it, that’s his prerogative. The real question is why has he had such a nonexistent and pretty lousy solo career? Compared to Percy, he’s barely in the game at all.


I like the Bob Dylan and Van Morrison angle on Life, Music and the World we live in.
Let the Music do the talking!
Not a big fan of the double screaming guitar solos but JPs life is his business.
How many train wreck stories do we need to read.
He is alive and kicking and thats all that needs to be said about those years.


I hope there are photos of the shark incident. Really graphic photos. Ha ha ha.

Harold Land 45

Regarding the Shark Incident = Carmine Appice said that a buddy of his (forget the name) videotaped the whole thing, but when he tried to develop the tape many years later, it couldn’t be developed. Carmine also said that none of the members of Led Zep were involved in the incident. It turns out that the crew were really the instigators in this incident and many of the other pranks, but it sells more books if you say that the members of Led Zeppelin were a part of it.

Paul Trotman

Ah, that’ll be because you develop film, not tape. :-)

Lisa Timmons

While I am very much pleased with the publication of this book, I was really hoping for a career spanning, definitive autobiography. This appears to be a “group” version of Jimmy Page’s photography book with maybe a little more text. Page and Plant have constantly complained over the years about “The Hammer of Gods” and Cole’s book and how their history has been distorted one hundred times over. The way to put an end to this is to write their own autobiography. They could write it in the style of Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way” where the members, through their own words, tell their own history and their own personal perspectives on things. I personally have zero interest in the sleaze that is a part of most Zeppelin bios. I am interested in the music, and the magical connection that Zeppelin shared with their audience without having hit singles and doing all the usual things that would lead to a band becoming the most commercially successful rock group in history (if you consider the Fab Four a pop group as I do). I want to find out how “Ten Year’s Gone” was written. I want to know why Robert and Jimmy felt compelled to travel to the English countryside to write their third album. I want to find out how it took 3 albums for John Paul Jones’ “musical” composition “No Quarter” to finally make an album. I want to know how the band felt the first time they played “Stairway” live when Led Zep IV hadn’t even been released yet. I want to know what special things they had planned for the 1980/81 North American tour that never happened due to Bonzo’s passing. I want to know about the music, their childhood backgrounds, their inspirations…..in one place. Not in a bunch of interviews that have been conducted in a gazillion magazines over the years. Led Zep is one of the only rock bands to not have a definitive autobiography, and no band deserves to have their story told in their own words more than them. They also don’t have a DVD along the lines of The Beatles “Anthology” or Tom Petty’s “Runnin’ Down A Dream” which worsens the problem. You have all these other people telling Led Zep’s story besides the real guys. A book of photographs with random commentary isn’t going to provide that. Not that I won’t buy it. I have it on pre-order.


Yes! Perfectly stated.


I’d like them to admit the blatant theft of part of ‘Stairway’ from Spirit, but… they won’t.

Glen Buchanan

You do know that Led Zeppelin had huge hit singles in North America? Starting with Good Times, Bad Times, Whole Lotta Love, Imigrant Song….

Bill Z

Depends on how you define ‘huge.’ They had many popular singles, but Whole Lotta Love was the only one to reach the top-10 in the US.


“…if you consider the Fab Four a pop group as I do…”…that is utterly ridiculous!!!


I’m sure there must be a unreleased super deluxe of live recordings just in time for the 50th anniversary and Christmas


Wait, no exclusive limited super deluxe edition with glowing in the dark title, signed by Jimmy Pages janitor sold for € 599,99?


Is there anything to read in it or is it just pictures?

Paul Wren

The Led Zepp book is £49.95 via their own website pre-order. Amazon it is then!

Ted Gallagher

I’m in.


Thank you, Paul!
Interesting! I even wanted to buy!
Time will tell…


This new Led Zeppelin book looks very handsome. Yet it seems to me a bit superfluous, since each of the Led Zeppelin SDE box sets already have lovely pictorial books.


Squeeze my ledger till the print runs down




Nice to see books here!

Ian Hartley

Any sign of a limited edition bound in snake leather yet ?

Seth Hollander

or sharkskin…