New compilation: ‘Beautiful Ones: The Best of Suede 1992 – 2018’

Career-spanning 4CD and 6LP sets. Limited signed copies available

Demon Music are releasing a new Suede compilation called Beautiful Ones: The Best of Suede 1992-2018 which will be available as a 4CD, 6LP vinyl and 2LPs packages. Limited signed editions are available.

The original era (1993 to 2002) saw the band issue five albums including their Mercury music prize-winning self-titled debut (1993), the even better follow-up Dog Man Star (1994) and then after the departure of guitarist and songwriter Bernard Butler, three further albums including the hit-packed Coming Up (1996). The 2003 collection Singles summarised this period and included a couple of non album tracks, including the single ‘Attitude’.

6LP white vinyl edition with signed print (limited to 750 units)

Since reforming in 2010, the band have issued three further albums with Night Thoughts (2016) and The Blue Hour (2018), in particular, scaling the artistic heights once more.

This new Beautiful Ones compilation has been compiled by the band, and features hits (‘Animal Nitrate’, ‘Stay Together’, ‘Trash’) , favourite B-sides (‘To The Birds’, ‘My Insatiable One’, ‘Killing Of A Flashboy’) and classic album tracks (‘The Asphalt World’, ‘He’s Gone’). It obviously brings things up to date by including tracks from the last three records, including ‘Life is Golden’, ‘It Starts And Ends With You’ and ‘Outsiders’.

4CD edition with a band-signed print is also limited to 750 units.

This comes as a 4CD edition with 36-page book features photos, images of memorabilia and promotional items (lent by fans). It is also available as a 6LP white 180g vinyl set (which has the same track listing as the 4CD set). The inner sleeves in the vinyl package feature the photos and memorabilia etc.

There will also be a 2LP vinyl edition and an indies-only 2LP version as well. The latter is available via the SDE shop.

Beautiful Ones: The Best of Suede 1992-2018 will be released on 2 October 2020.

Beautiful Ones: Best of Suede 1992-2018 4CD set

CD 1

1. The Drowners
2. Metal Mickey
3. Animal Nitrate
4. So Young
5. Stay Together [long version]
6. We Are The Pigs
7. The Wild Ones
8. New Generation
9. Trash
10. Filmstar
11. Lazy
12. Beautiful Ones
13. Saturday Night

CD 2

1. Electricity
2. She’s In Fashion
3. Everything Will Flow
4. Can’t Get Enough
5. Obsessions
6. Barriers
7. It Starts And Ends With You
8. For The Strangers
9. Outsiders
10. Wastelands
11. Life Is Golden
12. The Invisibles

CD 3

1. To The Birds
2. My Insatiable One
3. He’s Dead
4. The Big Time
5. Pantomime Horse
6. Sleeping Pills
7. The Next Life
8. High Rising
9. My Dark Star
10. The Living Dead
11. Killing Of A Flashboy
12. Heroine
13. This Hollywood Life
14. The 2 of Us
15. The Asphalt World
16. Still Life

CD 4

1. Europe Is Our Playground [Sci-Fi Lullabies version]
2. She
3. By The Sea
4. He’s Gone
5. Indian Strings
6. Oceans
7. Snowblind
8. Sabotage
9. Sometimes I Feel I’ll Float Away
10. Pale Snow
11. I Don’t Know How To Reach You
12. Tightrope
13. As One
14. All The Wild Places
15. Flytipping

Beautiful Ones: Best of Suede 1992-2018 6LP white vinyl


1. The Drowners
2. Metal Mickey
3. Animal Nitrate
4. So Young
5. Stay Together [long version]


1. We Are The Pigs
2. The Wild Ones
3. New Generation
4. Trash
5. Filmstar


1. Lazy
2. Beautiful Ones
3. Saturday Night
4. Electricity
5. She’s In Fashion


1. Everything Will Flow
2. Can’t Get Enough
3. Obsessions
4. Barriers
5. It Starts And Ends With You


1. For The Strangers
2. Outsiders
3. Wastelands
4. Life Is Golden
5. The Invisibles


1. To The Birds
2. My Insatiable One
3. He’s Dead
4. The Big Time


1. Pantomime Horse
2. Sleeping Pills
3. The Next Life
4. High Rising


1. My Dark Star
2. The Living Dead
3. Killing Of A Flashboy
4. Heroine
5. This Hollywood Life


1. The 2 of Us
2. The Asphalt World
3. Still Life


1. Europe Is Our Playground [Sci-Fi Lullabies version]
2. She
3. By The Sea
4. He’s Gone
5. Indian Strings
6. Oceans


1. Snowblind
2. Sabotage
3. Sometimes I Feel I’ll Float Away
4. Pale Snow
5. I Don’t Know How To Reach You

1. Tightrope
2. As One
3. All The Wild Places
4. Flytipping

Beautiful Ones: Best of Suede 1992-2018  2LP black/clear vinyl edition

1. The Drowners
2. Metal Mickey
3. Animal Nitrate
4. So Young
5. Stay Together
[short version]
6. We Are The Pigs

1. The Wild Ones
2. New Generation
3. Trash
4. Beautiful Ones
5. Saturday Night

1. Filmstar
2. She’s In Fashion
3. Everything Will Flow
4. Can’t Get Enough
5. Obsessions [radio edit]

1. It Starts And Ends With You
2. For The Strangers
3. Outsiders
4. The Invisibles
5. Life Is Golden

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Just a heads up, Tesco have the 2 CD version on sale today (Oct 9) for £5! Immediate purchase, not sure if they made a mistake or big price drop?


well, it is release date… did ANYONE get a ship notice on the amazon exclusive signed cd box set yet? mine is on order but the credit card has not been authorized yet and right now it shows “temporarily out of stock”… meanwhile i did get charged for my amazon exclusive signed vinyl box set and it is being prepared for shipping now…


Hi Jim

I’m still waiting for mine.

If you press the “cancel item” button, it tells you what is happening.
Gives you an idea if they are getting it ready or not.
Obviously, do not cancel if you do not want to!!


Looks to be a very decent compilation! I definitely want to buy this one, especially since I got rid of my Suede CD’s (only had four anyway) some years ago.

A few singles left out (like “Positivity” which I think is good enough to be included) and maybe too heavy on the Butler era – why is there a whole disc of album cuts and B-sides only relating to the first two Suede albums? Not all of those early B-sides are great. Why no later B-sides?

Anyway except for A New Morning, and to some extent Night Thoughts (which I haven’t listened to many times), all albums are quite fairly covered.

Stan Butler

Whilst the quality of the 1992-94 b-sides is high, I agree that the collection is far too heavy in their favour. The 2CD Best of Suede was the same.
Only one b-side from 1996-2003 and even that is the reworked Sci-Fi Lullabies version of Europe Is Our Playground.
Seems strange that the band would dismiss so much of their post Butler output.


Single CD/LP versions are now listed on Amazon US. They’re listed (and priced) as imports which is interesting as they have the “London Suede” moniker. Not sure where they would be imported from as I believe that’s only used in the US and Canada. There are no signed items listed for the US as there were (eventually) for Gene and Menswe@r from DMG. I’d have been very surprised if the band had agree to sign them as it’s well known they don’t care for the “London” name. I’ve ordered mine through Rough Trade to get the “Suede” name. I’ve always thought the whole name dispute was ridiculous.

Stan Butler

Rather than giving as a collection of songs we already own (some many times over) I’d rather Suede put out a remastered Bloodsports and corrected the mess that was the release of the b-sides by inluding them all on a second disc.


What about ”Hit me”, that’s one of their best songs.

Shai Navot

Agree! Even though I have every single song here many times over, I could not resist the clear vinyl and the 4 cd box set. I’m a sucker for Suede…

Peter Collyer

I agree. Cannot believe that’s not included. Did they forget it???

Joe Col

Townsend Music has them (not signed versions). Clear vinyl, also. they ship to the US, but quite exorbitant prices. About $25 for the 4 CD set.

Phil Wilson

Shipping to the US has gone up massively from the UK as Royal Mail are having to charter planes especially due to there being fewer passenger planes going. $25 is probably less than it will cost them!

Steven C

They put the wrong version of “Europe Is Our Playground” but otherwise great! This item on Amazon ship to USA so have to pass on signed ones I guess…

Timm Davison

Some of you UK folks tell the group to please come tour America when this pandemic is over!

Brian Smith

no cover of Shipbuilding! that’s a shame. Still good though

Craig Hedges

Great cover, how many people recognise themselves?

John J

My son and I were at the Royal Albert Hall gig when this shot was taken. He is right by Brett’s thumb on his left hand, I’m partially obscured two to the right by the guy in front with his arms in the air. Amazing gig. Pre ordered the vinyl box set.


Maybe I’m like the squeaky wheel in the corner, but do you have any contact with Demon? I seriously wonder what (if anything) is going on with Kirsty MacColl’s unreissued material. We got Kite and Electric Landlady a couple years ago, but no Titanic Days, Galore Singles Collection, or Tropical Brainstorm. Unbelievably, the 20th anniversary of her passing is coming up this December, and since this tragedy produced such horrifying results in Mexico’s legal system, one wonders if her legacy is being cared for or preserved much at all. Even Steve Lillywhite has been pretty quiet on the issue. Even though they had been recently divorced, they did share kids together. I certainly hope something is being addressed here, as there is a Kirsty record coming out for RSD Drop #1 next week. If they can do massive Suede and Gene box sets…

Larry Davis

Sold out already and not being shipped to the US yet…maybe it will with price drops like Richard & Linda Thompson, or maybe avail in the SDE shop?? With all the excitement over the TFF Seeds box, missed out on this…hopefully not, looks nice & killer price…


Managed to get a signed CD set at 21.29 BST from Amazon UK. Well pleased!


Ordered both last Friday night. Suede junkie. They do see you coming…..


Despite already owning all the songs on this, some of them many times over, I’m still tempted by the 4CD set in the hope that the “Bloodsports” tracks will be remastered so as to be listenable…

Brad B.

I’m right there with you, ‘Bloodsports’ is a really good album for them but very hard to listen to sonically (especially on headphones). But even if the technical team involved in assembling the tracks does a levelling of all the tracks for volume consistency, I then wonder if the range & overall quality will then suffer for those few tracks. And a simple remix & reissue could be done; I recently downloaded a remix of an album from the group Pelican who were unhappy with a mix of their entire album due to studio equipment issues, so they simply took the masters to a new studio and had the mix redone. It was a noticeable difference, as they are an instumental band anyway so no vocal tracks to work with, and only charging $8 US for the new download. Easy to burn the new mix to a CD and put it in the case with the original CD and voila easy A/B comparison & storage! Anyway, this box set is one I’ll wait for a price drop but still tempting.

Bjorn Johnsen

Agreed! I won’t hold my breath though.

David S

This release looks a bit tiresome. Yet another ‘Best Of’ which does not offer anything new to fans of the band. Putting out signed copies and vinyl in pretty colours would not tempt me one bit to part with my cash and Suede are my favourite band.


THIS. I´ve been a big fan since the mid-90s, through thick and thin, but this is just another record label cash grab with zero new tunes. What we really need is a new album and maybe a collection of rare and unreleased material from the reunion era. Those I would grab in a heartbeat!

All this been said, if this were to show up my way for a cheap price (box set, I´m lookin at you) I might reconsider. :D

Rich E

Came across the vinyl box set as a pre order on Amazon last Friday. Couldn’t find any details about it on the web anywhere but pre-ordered in the off chance it was legit. Was hoping the pre order price would come down but not so sure now. Oh well, should be a nice set.


including the RSD 2020 releases of See you in the next life, The London Suede, the 1996 Live at the Roundhouse and this, there are 4 “new” releases within 3 months, pretty absurd. big fan of the band but will have to pass on this given i already own every album and the big color vinyl boxset from 2 years ago. plus the amazon signed boxset doesn’t ship to the US. i do look forward to See You In the Next Life and the Roundhouse live though.


2 CD pack also available for £6 on amazon UK


I’m such a sucker for Suede and for vinyl. So even though I own every song at least once I still cannot pass on this. I’m starting to think I might need to take out a second mortgage on my apartment. Between this 6 vinyl set, the Seeds of Love deluxe, the Power, Corruption & Lies deluxe, the gigantic Mansun box… as well as the RSD drops… My wallet is NOT pleased. My music heart though is thrilled. Oh well, water and stale bread isn’t that horrible fare right?


There is also a 8 track Suede live at the Roundhouse in 1996 (featuring Neil Tennant on 2 tracks including their cover of Rent) being released on Gold vinyl as a HMV exclusive on 18/09


That looks very nice, much more tempted by that


Sadly only shipping within the UK though :(. Would have jumped at it otherwise.


Does anybody have the 2 CD edition tracklist? Just wondering what tracks are included in this edition.


CD1: The Drowners / To The Birds / My Insatiable One / Metal Mickey / Animal Nitrate / So Young / Pantomime Horse / Stay Together [long version] / My Dark Star / We Are The Pigs / Killing Of A Flashboy / Heroine / The Wild Ones / New Generation / The Asphalt World / Still Life
CD2: Trash / Europe Is Our Playground [Sci-Fi Lullabies version] / Filmstar / By The Sea / She / Beautiful Ones / Saturday Night / She’s In Fashion / Everything Will Flow / Can’t Get Enough / Indian Strings / It Starts And Ends With You / For The Strangers / Sometimes I Feel I’ll Float Away


Thanks, I think the first 2 CDs of the 4 CD edition has better tracklist than this.


Is this the legit 2CD tracklist? Nothing from the last two albums?


Also seems to have Outsiders, Life Is Golden, The Invisibles & Flytipping


… I think you’re right about the extra tracks, sorry! I took the tracklist from the DemonMusicGroup site earlier, but it appears their list of songs is incomplete.

Steven Morgan

Already being listed on eBay as a pre order fir double the price.


Blimey, 4CD signed is already sold out! (or maybe not as it’s Amazon). Good job I prefer vinyl!


Signed CD solD out already

Steven Morgan

Sold out within 20 minutes. Pretty poor. thank you though Paul for the heads up


The signed versions have been selling on Amazon UK for a few days now (and have been high in their Top 10 Best Sellers list) – I was surprised they lasted so long!


This is great…if you’re not a die hard fan. There’s literally not a sausage here fans dont own already several times ov-ah.
The couple dreamily looking at each other (top centre) rather than the band is a nice touch though. Very Suede.

Miguel Rocha

Thanks for the info, Paul. Unfortunately, I’ve tried ordering the signed edition but it’s not shipping to Canada. Which is strange because I’ve ordered other items successfully through amazon.uk during the last few months.


Yes, this keeps happening to me too with Amazon UK. The signed version is not in stock so I guess it has already sold out?

Miguel Rocha

It allowed me to place it in my cart and go to the checkout, where it asked for a different address. Now it seems it’s out of stock

Ross Baker

Kind of funny that ‘Positivity’ has been pretty much written out of the band’s history at this point.

It’s their third compilation, and although it’s the first to feature post-reformation material, I’m wondering who the actual audience is here, other than people who like to buy stuff they already own.


I think that’s the only market left worth tapping Ross!

But this is a step too far for me, I’ll give it a miss – I don’t think I need a tenth (or whatever it is) version of the same songs.

At least they didn’t shove a new or unreleased track on at the end.

Neil Hunt

There is also a 2CD edition available at a good budget price. I also noticed that the sticker on the 4CD states that it contains all the singles but the track listing seems to omit “Positivity”. The 2CD edition completely skips the “A New Morning” album.

Stan Butler

I’m one of the very few who has always liked “a New Morning”.
Not perfect but very enjoyable. To me anway.


In defence of ‘A New Morning’, it has a few great tracks (‘Positivity’, ‘Lost in TV’ and ‘Astrogirl’). Some duffers on there too though and the cover is pretty poor. It deserves a bit more attention and love though.


A New Morning isn’t their best but does have some lovely songs! I know the deluxe editions of the cd version of the albums have B sides, videos and demos but I am hoping for a post reformation Rare recordings. Unreleased sessions from the last few albums and that one sided 7” track to be made available…

David Elliott

Without wanting to sound grumpy….bit of a disappointment purely because I’m a huge Suede fan and nothing new to sink teeth into! Anyway can’t stay in a mood when just ordered the TFF boxset!


My hopes were up for ‘Simon’ to be there on vinyl but…. dashed…. Ordered it anyway…


Signed Suede box-set? Oh, go on then.

Thanks as ever Paul!

Joseph Bartram

ordered great collection good price.


Metal Mickey and Animal Nitrate are two of the best songs of their era IMO. 4CD signed box set ordered. I saw them at Wolverhampton Civic 1995ish A young Catatonia were one of the support acts, happy memories.


The vinyl memorabilia individual sleeve artwork looks pretty disappointing so may just stick to the CD with this one.

Still disappointed to have missed out on the singles box sets.


A 4 CD, 46 song, ‘best of’? That’s a lot of ‘best’.


It seems that i’m the first to scroll down beneath the “Seeds Of Love”-post :)

This looks really interesting too also not too pricey…

I can remember though that the signed print that Amazon sent me back then when they reissued their debut as an SDE arrived quite battered :(