New content added to Debbie Gibson ‘We Could Be Together’ deluxe set

We Could Be Together, the forthcoming 13-disc Debbie Gibson deluxe set has had some last minute additional video and audio added after some fans petitioned Demon Music for extra content…

This is still a 13-disc set (ten CDs and three DVDs) but two brand new remixes have been added to CD 9 (“The Remixes”). They are:

  • • Shake Your Love [Luke Mornay Remix]
  • • Electric Youth [7th Heaven Club Mix]

More significantly, the third DVD in this package, which previously consisted of a fairly short Live In Nashville set, now adds Live In Tokyo, a 16-song performance from Debbie’s ‘The Possibilities World Tour’ in 1991. Demon Music have managed to locate a master, although there is a slight caveat: “due to the archive nature of footage, sound and picture quality may vary”.

Incidentally, if you’re wondering where the Medley [Debbie Gibson Mega Mix] has gone (it was on CD9), it has now moved to the end of the first disc.

Gibson has endorsed and approved this new content, which will be a welcome bonus to those who have pre-ordered and should make the set even more attractive to those sitting on the fence.

We Could Be Together will be released on 7 November 2017. Signed sets sold out almost immediately (back in July), but the standard edition still available. Update: As of 9am on 20 September, signed copies seem to be back in stock, although probably not for long.




  • 1. Out Of The Blue
  • 2. Staying Together
  • 3.  Only In My Dreams
  • 4. Foolish Beat
  • 5. Red Hot
  • 6. Wake Up To Love
  • 7. Shake Your Love
  • 8. Fallen Angel
  • 9. Play The Field
  • 10. Between The Lines

Bonus Tracks:

  • 11. Only In My Dreams [Extended Club Mix]
  • 12. Shake Your Love [Club Mix]
  • 13. Out Of The Blue [Club Mix]
  • 14. Staying Together [Remix]
  • 15. Foolish Beat [Extended Mix]
  • 16. Medley [Debbie Gibson Mega Mix]*

*moved from CD9


  • 1. Who Loves Ya Baby?
  • 2. Lost In Your Eyes
  • 3. Love In Disguise
  • 4. Helplessly In Love
  • 5.  Silence Speaks (A Thousand Words)
  • 6. Should’ve Been The One
  • 7. Electric Youth
  • 8. No More Rhyme
  • 9.Over The Wall
  • 10. We Could Be Together
  • 11. Shades Of The Past

Bonus Tracks:

  • 12. Lost In Your Eyes [Piano & Vocal Mix]
  • 13. Silence Speaks (A Thousand Words) [Acoustic Mix]
  • 14. No More Rhyme [Acoustic Mix]
  • 15. We Could Be Together [Campfire Mix]
  • 16. Electric Youth [Latin Edit]
  • 17.  Over The Wall [Dub Version]
  • 18. We Could Be Together [Extended Version]


  • 1.  Another Brick Falls
  • 2. Anything Is Possible
  • 3. Reverse Psychology
  • 4. One Step Ahead
  • 5. Stand Your Ground
  • 6. Deep Down
  • 7.  It Must’ve Been My Boy
  • 8. Lead Them Home My Dreams
  • 9. One Hand, One Heart
  • 10. Sure
  • 11. Negative Energy
  • 12. Mood Swings
  • 13. Try
  • 14. In His Mind
  • 15. Where Have You Been?
  • 16. This So-Called Miracle

Bonus Tracks:

  • 17. So Close To Forever
  • 18. The Most Beautiful Love Song


  • 1. Love Or Money
  • 2. Do You Have It In Your Heart?
  • 3. Free Me
  • 4. Shock Your Mama
  • 5.  Losin’ Myself
  • 6. How Can This Be?
  • 7.  When I Say No
  • 8. Little Birdie
  • 9. Kisses 4 One
  • 10. Tear Down These Walls
  • 11. Goodbye

Bonus Tracks:

  • 12. Eyes Of The Child
  • 13. Love Or Lust
  • 14. Kisses 4 One Percappella
  • 15. Losin’ Myself T-Ray’s Acoustic Mix
  • 16. Free Me Extended Mix


  • 1. For Better Or Worse
  • 2. Didn’t Have The Heart
  • 3. Will You Love Me Tomorrow?
  • 4. Dancin’ In My Mind
  • 5. Dontcha Want Me Now?
  • 6. Can’t Do It Alone
  • 7. Think With Your Heart
  • 8. Too Fancy
  • 9. You Don’t Have To See
  • 10. Two Young Kids
  • 11. Interlude / Tony’s Rehearsal
  • 12. Let’s Run Away

Bonus Tracks:

  • 13. Call Yourself A Lover
  • 14. You Know Me


  • 1. Prelude
  • 2. Ode To A Would-Be Lover
  • 3. Moonchild
  • 4. Only Words
  • 5. Naturally
  • 6. Nobody’s You
  • 7. Cry Tonight
  • 8.  Where I Wanna Be
  • 9. Butterflies Are Free
  • 10. Give Me Your Love
  • 11. Just Wasn’t Love
  • 12. I Can’t
  • 13. People
  • 14. Don’t Rain On My Parade
  • 15.  I Will Let You Go

Bonus Tracks:

  • 16. My Boyfriend’s Girlfriend [Maxi-Pop]
  • 17. You Belong To Me
  • 18. Only In My Dreams [1997 Dance Edit]
  • 19. Only Words [Dance Edit]
  • 20. My Boyfriend’s Girlfriend [Unplugged]

CD7 / M.Y.O.B.

  • 1. M.Y.O.B.
  • 2. Your Secret
  • 3. What You Want
  • 4.  Down That Road
  • 5. The One
  • 6. Wishing You Were Here
  • 7. What Part Of No
  • 8. In Blue
  • 9. Jaded
  • 10. Knock Three Times with Tony Orlando

Bonus Tracks:

  • 11.  The Last Word
  • 12. Light The World with Peabo Bryson
  • 13. Comes Right Back [Campfire Mix]
  • 14. M.Y.O.B. [Dance Mix]
  • 15. Your Secret [Hot Vocal Radio Mix]


  • 1. Tsunami
  • 2. Say Yes
  • 3. I Love You
  • 4. Roman Hikō
  • 5.  Suddenly – Love Story wa Totsuzen ni
  • 6. True Love
  • 7. Hitomi o Tojite
  • 8.  Sakurazaka
  • 9. However
  • 10. Robinson

Bonus Tracks:

  • 11. Lost In Your Eyes 2010 [English Version]
  • 12. Sekaiju no Dareyori Kitto with Eric Martin
  • 13. Lost In Your Eyes 2010 [Japanese Version]

CD9 / THE REMIXES (new content in bold)

  • 1. Shake Your Love [Luke Mornay Remix]
  • 2. Electric Youth [Deep House Mix]
  • 3. We Could Be Together [House Mix]
  • 4. Anything Is Possible [12-Inch Remix]
  • 5. One Step Ahead [Club Mix]
  • 6. Losin’ Myself [12-Inch Masters At Work]
  • 7. Free Me [Smoove Free Club Mix]
  • 8. Only Words [Arena Club Vocal Mix]
  • 9. Only In My Dreams ’98 [Club Mix]
  • 10. Your Secret [Secret Party Mix]
  • 11. Electric Youth [7th Heaven Club Mix]


  • 1. In The Still Of The Night (I’ll Remember)
  • 2. Come Home (Wonder Years)
  • 3. Without You
  • 4. Someday with Chris Cuevas
  • 5. Hopelessly Devoted To You
  • 6. You’re The One That I Want with Craig McLachlan
  • 7. With All My Heart
  • 8. Someone You Love with The O’Neill Brothers
  • 9. Sounds Like Love
  • 10. Say Goodbye with Jordan Knight
  • 11. Naked
  • 12. Already Gone
  • 13. Rise
  • 14. Promises
  • 15.  Wonderland [Cutting Room Floor Mix]
  • 16. Snake Charmer
  • 17. Famous
  • 18. RCVR with Big Black Delta
  • 19. Rise [Revolution Mix]
  • 20. Dance Dance
  • 21. Cougar
  • 22. Pop Circus
  • 23. Only In My Dreams 2016 [Acoustic Version]


  • 1. Only In My Dreams
  • 2. Shake Your Love
  • 3. Out Of The Blue
  • 4. Foolish Beat
  • 5. Staying Together
  • 6. Lost In Your Eyes
  • 7. Electric Youth
  • 8. No More Rhyme
  • 9. We Could Be Together
  • 10. Anything Is Possible
  • 11.  This So-Called Miracle
  • 12.  One Hand, One Heart
  • 13.  Someday with Chris Cuevas
  • 14.  Losin’ Myself
  • 15. Shock Your Mama
  • 16. You’re The One That I Want with Craig McLachlan
  • 17.  For Better Or Worse
  • 18. Didn’t Have The Heart
  • 19. Only Words
  • 20. What You Want
  • 21.  Already Gone
  • 22.  I Love You

Bonus Footage:

  • 23. Shake Your Love [12-Inch Version]
  • 24. Out Of The Blue [12-Inch Version]
  • 25. Electric Youth [Long Version]
  • 26. We Could Be Together [Long Version]
  • 27.  Anything Is Possible [UK Version]
  • 28.  Only Words [Dance Version]
  • 29.  Electric Youth Reloaded with Jace Hall

DVD 2 / LIVE IN PITTSBURGH: The Out Of The Blue Tour, 1988

  • 1. Staying Together
  • 2.  Foolish Beat
  • 3. Shake Your Love
  • 4. In The Still Of The Night (I’ll Remember)
  • 5. Lost In Your Eyes
  • 6. Should’ve Been The One
  • 7. Out Of The Blue
  • 8. Only In My Dreams
  • 9. We Could Be Together
  • 10. Crocodile Rock

LIVE IN ATLANTA: The Electric Youth World Tour, 1989

  • 1. Who Loves Ya Baby?
  • 2. Over The Wall
  • 3. Lost In Your Eyes
  • 4. Don’t Flirt With Me
  • 5. Dance To The Music
  • 6. Love Under My Pillow
  • 7. Should’ve Been The One
  • 8. We Could Be Together
  • 9. No More Rhyme
  • 10. Electric Youth

DVD 3 

New! LIVE IN TOKYO: The Possibilities World Tour, 1991

  • 1. One Step Ahead (Live In Tokyo: The Possibilities World Tour, 1991)
  • 2. Another Brick Falls (Live In Tokyo: The Possibilities World Tour, 1991)
  • 3. Shake Your Love / Out Of The Blue (Live In Tokyo: The Possibilities World Tour, 1991)
  • 4. Electric Youth (Live In Tokyo: The Possibilities World Tour, 1991)
  • 5. Only In My Dreams (Live In Tokyo: The Possibilities World Tour, 1991)
  • 6. One Hand, One Heart (Live In Tokyo: The Possibilities World Tour, 1991)
  • 7. Without You (Live In Tokyo: The Possibilities World Tour, 1991)
  • 8. Stand Your Ground (Live In Tokyo: The Possibilities World Tour, 1991)
  • 9. Reverse Psychology (Live In Tokyo: The Possibilities World Tour, 1991)
  • 10. Foolish Beat (Live In Tokyo: The Possibilities World Tour, 1991)
  • 11. Motown Medley (Live In Tokyo: The Possibilities World Tour, 1991)
  • 12. It Must’ve Been My Boy (Live In Tokyo: The Possibilities World Tour, 1991)
  • 13. Anything Is Possible (Live In Tokyo: The Possibilities World Tour, 1991)
  • 14. We Could Be Together (Live In Tokyo: The Possibilities World Tour, 1991)
  • 15. Lost In Your Eyes (Live In Tokyo: The Possibilities World Tour, 1991)
  • 16. This So Called Miracle (Live In Tokyo: The Possibilities World Tour, 1991)

LIVE IN NASHVILLE: Tin Pan South, 1995

  • 1. For Better Or Worse
  • 2. Didn’t Have The Heart
  • 3. Your Love Amazes Me
  • 4. Too Fancy
  • 5. Lost In Your Eyes
  • 6. Let’s Run Away
  • 7. Will You Love Me Tomorrow?

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Currently around £67 in amazon’s prime day sale. Quite the steal for the amount of content.


Any idea how well this has sold? Am hoping if it did well other releases will follow.


Anyone else absolutely disappointed in the quality of the DVDs? My transfers from VHS to DVD came out better.

Charles Nagle

Does anyone know why the “Colored Lights” cd wasn’t included in the box set? It appears that just about everything else is there but this one album!


The label associated with that album and Demon couldn’t come to an arrangement.


I took out my Jap 3″CD & listened to Over The Wall Dub. That is exactly the same as on Wounded Bird’s: a Vocal Version. So mistake was made by WEA back then THEN. What a pity.


Debbie Gibson – The Singles A’s & B’s-Disc 1 (69:54)

01. Only in My Dreams (Vocal) 3:54
02. Only in My Dreams (Dub) 4:43 @

03. Wake Up To Love 3:44 Shake Your Love-B side
04. Shake Your Love (Vocal) 3:45
05. Shake Your Love (Bad Dub Version) 5:03 @

06. Red Hot (Vocal/LP Version) 3:54 Staying Together-B side

07. Out Of The Blue (Vocal) 3:55
08. Out Of The Blue (Edited Dub) 4:16 @

09. Fallen Angel 3:44 Out Of The Blue/Foolish Beat-B side
10. Foolish Beat 4:24

11. Staying Together (Vocal) 4:20 @ I strongly believe this is the LP Version – Vocal Re-Cut as LP=4:07
12. Staying Together (Dub Edit) 4:35 @

13. No More Rhyme 4:14
14. Over The Wall (Vocal Version INSTEAD OF Dub Version) 4:26 No More Rhyme/We Could Be Together-B side

15. Lost In Your Eyes 3:34
16. Silence Speaks (A Thousand Words) (Acoustic Mix) 3:39 Lost In Your Eyes-B side
17. Lost In Your Eyes (Piano & Vocal Mix) 3:33

Debbie Gibson – The Singles A’s & B’s-Disc 2 (70:57)

01. We Could Be Together (Edit) 4:40
02. No More Rhyme (Acoustic Version) 4:13

03. Electric Youth 4:57

04. One Step Ahead (Hot Radio Mix) 4:17
05. One Step Ahead (LP Version) 4:52

06. Anything Is Possible 3:44
07. So Close To Forever 3:01 Anything Is Possible-B side

08. One Hand, One Heart 4:35
09. The Most Beautiful Love Song 3:14 One Hand, One Heart-B side

10. Without You 4:17

11. This So-Called Miracle (Edited Version) 4:15
12. This So-Called Miracle (Full Version) 7:27

13. Shock Your Mama (The London Apprentice Edit) 3:16
14. Love Or Lust 3:58

15. In His Mind 3:33

16. Eyes Of The Child 2:20
17. Love Or Money 4:05

I received my copy of The Singles A’s & B’s! No vinyl rips as far as I hear. But it is very random, not A then B, some singles are missing like Losin’ Myself & Free Me, b sides like Only In My Dreams (Dreamix) 4:18/Foolish Beat (Instrumental) are missing, but 12″ track is included here Lost In Your Eyes (Piano And Vocal Mix) & Over The Wall VOCAL VERSION is included instead of the Dub Version! Will Wounded Bird going to correct this? I have the Dub myself. But for the people who doesn’t have it, it’s a pity. They could have included 4 or 5 songs extra easily, like the missing A’s and/or B’s as there are plenty of disc space left unused. But I’m still happy to get the @ tracks!


There is a 12″ PWL and 12″ American (sorry forget the correct name) so who knows…..the we could be together house of trix radio mix should be on here but don’t think the extended mix has ever been released: so cool!
Summer Nights single version was never released. Wish it would be.
With the new stuff I am excited. Hope my comments helped get OSA Tour on this….nothing I say is meant negatively. Just want this set to be a MUST HAVE for fans! And to SELL!

I’m getting so excited for this release but i really want to see if some items can be added. I know licensing is an issue, but….

Larry Davis

Welllllll…maybe I will get the A’s and B’s set, maybe I won’t because I’m in the minority here in that I don’t really care if I don’t have EVERY single remix…I just care about the songs themselves… If the song itself (regular version) is missing, that gets to me…a missing remix?? Not so much.


It’s 15 American on http://www.amazon.com

Larry Davis

Everything on that Deb A’s and B’s 2CD set is on the box…plus it’s Wounded Bird…so it will look REALLY cheap!! I like and don’t like Wounded Bird… The music they reissue… Great choices, but packaging too basic looking, hardly any liner notes, and they go out of print too quickly…for me, the best reissue labels are Real Gone, Omnivore, Edsel/Demon and Cherry Red…and of course Rhino…

Chris Squires

Wait a cotton pickin’ minute…That’s real? wow, nasty.


That’s not true (about everything being on the box). There are a few tracks on the A’s and B’s not on the box set, “One Step Ahead” (Hot Radio Mix) and “Shock Your Mama” (London Apprentice Edit) being just two of them.

elliott buckingham

demon can make a huge change but sony cant even tack a single track onto the deluxe version of predujice 27


Speaking of Debbie Gibson – I notice Amazon have also been showing this item for a month or so: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Singles-As-Bs-Debbie-Gibson/dp/B074V5RPCP/ref=oosr

I mentioned it when it was listed, but my comment seemed to get lost. I was hoping for some details about tracklisting. I suppose the title gives it away (Singles A’s and B’s) but it would be nice to get some info – see if there’s anything that doesn’t appear on the boxset. At £22 for only 2-discs, it’s an expensive punt – especially if there’s nothing exclusive.

Chris Squires

That, without doubt, is the dog on the cover of the original Hergest Ridge.

The dog’s name by the way, I would never insult the Gorgeous Debbie G.


I posted the tracklisting in the original thread for the box set….and Amazon lists it :)


I did some googling and found out these 2 are newly done remixes (so not the archive remixes from the golden era of the extended remixes)!

Shake Your Love [Luke Mornay Remix]
Electric Youth [7th Heaven Club Mix]

I don’t think the fans are asking for the newly done remixes. From what I read, many were/are asking for the missing/vinyl only/promo remixes! Still not buying as I already have more remixes from her first albums than they can offer in this box, unless the price comes down a lot. And I really want to know know what Demon/Edsel’s for Debbie Gibson. I just don’t want get this box for a handful of remixes. Then perhaps they will come with the induvidual albums in 2CD set each with a few more remixes! After that maybe a singles box like Bananarama/Belinda Carlisle with even more remixes. And then again with 3CD set of Remixes & Rarities with the rest of the archive remixes. Keep milking us the fans for our hard earned money.

As for the George Michael set, where do they put the download code then now the sets were manufactured/sealed & stored in the factory? Not that i like the new mix that much. It’s just so unfair for the “early birds” who pre-ordered & getting the most complete/expensive set. Just put the new mix on a CD in a plain paper sleeve & stick it on the sealed box set.


Hahaha, English is not my mother tongue. I thought you meant NEW to this set or unreleased NEW! As i dug up all the released tracks/mixes in the other post. And these 2 didn’t come up. So i wanted to know whether these were special promo mixes or something not even listed op discogs yet.


So it’s ALL or NOTHING. Well not a real 100% fan with all those DVD extras.
It should be split in three different packages. 1) Albums (with bonus mixes)
2) – [1)+remixes] or 3) – [ 2)+ extras + DVD’s].
How it is now – only die hard fans will buy.
Ok, nothing for me & quite pricy package.


Dare i mention Sony and say LOOK It can be done….in regard to adding to the upcoming George Michael box set a slipcase with the fantasy remix CD inside?


Those George Michael box sets are shrink-wrapped and stored in warehose somewhere ready for distribution. It’s only ONE song and you’ll get a download link for it…

lee bowler

Ive already pre-ordered and was lucky enough to get the signed edition. The more I look into the track listing, there are many remixes missing (i.e. PWL mixes of Anything is Possible, London Apprentice Edit of Shock your mama, 12″ promo mixes of Losin’ myself) etc etc but i’m not knocking the boxset – i’m ecstatic that this is being released! I’m hoping for individual album releases (similar to Belinda Carlisle and Bananarama) but it hasn’t happened for Dead or Alive after the Sophisticated Boom Box releases


Great news! Mine’s been pre-ordered since SDE announced it, and it’s great to see an effort being made to make it as complete as possible.


It’s good to see fans are helping the label.

I very much doubt anyone from the original release is still working at the label so specific knowledge from fans is always a help!


Im not really a fan – I prefered Kylie back in those days, but looks like a great well put together set.


be careful Neal, you may upset her army of fans like I seem to have done! LOL – There were only 750 Signed Copies of this set and they went pretty fast just like the T-Rex (Limited red Vinyl), Belinda Carlisle (Signed) releases and even the Ball & Boe Signed sets (the first collaboration) sold out before release date. Point is weather to Flippers or genuine fans the ‘Special Edition/Signed Edition/Amazon Exclusives or whatever they call them WILL sell out quickly because there is a market for the ‘LIMITED EDITION’ these days. The George Micahel release is fair enough as that was planned before hes passed away ‘Last Christmas’ Day but the miriad of Bowie releases since his death (the 7″ Pic Discs aside) are just ludicrous and money making releases for the label/Bowie estate. Have a go at me if you must but it’s just MHO!

Larry Davis

Fan of both Debbie and Kylie, got the Deb signed set right in the nick of time, and I collect Kylie, but for me?? Sandra trumps them all…I know you are like WHO?? Sandra…solo, Arabesque, and to a lesser degree, her ex-husband’s project she was on, Enigma…


I am a huge fan of Sandra and really wish her albums were remastered and expanded. To hear some of the album tracks re-mastered for her Greatest Hits collection is divine, compared to the original CD’s (“Just Like Diamond” for example).


“Well done Demon on this one. Sad I missed the signed version.”

I wouldn’t be too concerned. If the other supposed Amazon LEs are anything to go by (Blancmange, T-Rex, Saxon etc) the 500/1000 copies will miraculously last well past that point coming back into stock several times and in-depth, not just the odd one or two copies from customer cancellations.


the Blanc Tapes set was available for the second time for a long time though, it cant have been just returns – mine was freshly wrapped, stickered and mint.


It was available in-depth and long past the point where pre-orders lapsed. AND the Blancmange set kept getting re-stocked through those subsequent periods a month and more from release. This was most definitely NOT a small handful of no longer wanted/customer cancellations turning up. I was monitoring quantity and as soon as it got low, down to single figures Amazon would suddenly have another 20+ copies and this pattern persisted for some time. Back to being “Currently unavailable” again now.

Larry Davis

I missed the Dead Or Alive signed set…sold out lickety split…didn’t want to take my chance on the Debbie Gibson one…being she’s almost like a hometown artist for me…passed up the Shadows one and Blancmange…not into either enough…if I come across a signed DOA one for a good price, I will snatch it up and sell mine…


Aw man… still no Circle Jerks collaboration.



Larry Davis

Ya know, I remember that and thought it was funny but hadn’t actually heard it…until I found a copy of that Circle Jerks CD for a quarter…I listened to it, and it was a whole lotta NOTHING…Deb wasn’t even the only guest singer on it…it was just dual harmony, and if you didn’t know Deb was on it, you would not have noticed… No big loss!!

Chris Squires

As many will be thinking….. It can be done. If it matters and you, as a company, are bothered it can be done. Content, discs, words can all be found late or the mistake/omission can be realized by yourself or when pointed out by fans.

Well done to all concerned on Debbie Gibson and yah, boo sucks to those that cannot be arsed.

Someone once told me something about the car industry and I was too shocked to believe it and I guess if it works for them it works for the music industry. Most models upon imminent launch have as many as a dozen, but most likely half a dozen known faults. But it is cheaper overall to go ahead with launch and wait to see if anyone notices and then put things right as they appear through dealer recall/servicing. Even if they just read SDE most music companies would realize the mistakes that have been made before launch… however they have little intention of correcting them, or think maybe a download will suffice. IIRC The Dead or Alive box set had so many faults you almost got a brand new set delivered to put the errors right.

Well done Demon on this one. Sad I missed the signed version.


Not really a fan of Debbie Gibson, but props to Demon Music for going out of their way to add two more songs and a concert to this set. It’s also nice to see that Debbie approved of this. Heck, I know other box sets where people are vocal about stuff that’s missing but never gets added.


Paul, you still have the megamix listed as track 11 on the remix CD.

Ruthy Cowan

How about the PWL mix of ‘Anything is Possible’ ?

Russ Kasim

I’m almost certain the (12 Inch Remix) of “Anything Is Possible” is the PWL Mix. I have the CD single of that song from the UK and the PWL mix is labeled as the (12″ Remix) on that CD. There was another remix done by jellybean on a the US Promi CD single that was called the (dance mix).


The set looks great and it is always nice to have additional content added. I pre-ordered a signed set as soon as it was announced, really looking forward to receive it.