New David Bowie exclusives for Brooklyn exhibition

Five years (that’s all we’ve got…) after the David Bowie Is exhibition opened in London’s V&A – having travelled to eight further cities around the globe – it reaches its final destination in Brooklyn, New York in two days time. An apt location, given that David himself settled in The Big Apple.

As with many of the other stops on the tour there will be exclusive limited Bowie vinyl for sale at the Brooklyn Museum. Non-sordid details, following…

There are actually three items, two of which are completely exclusive to Brooklyn.

Time (U.S. single edit) b/w The Prettiest Star (7” silver vinyl single / rare picture sleeve)

This is a translucent silver vinyl version of the 1973 Time/The Prettiest Star US 7” single complete with a reproduction of the original ‘undistributed’ picture sleeve.

Live In Berlin (1978) (eight-track orange vinyl mini-LP) 

Perhaps most excitingly given we are in the middle of the 40th anniversary of Bowie’s ‘Berlin Trilogy’ the second exclusive is this eight-track mini-LP on transparent orange vinyl, recorded live in Berlin at the Deutschland Halle, Berlin on 16 May, 1978. Four of the tracks are completely unreleased and the remaining four were only issued within the last six months, three on that blink-and-you’ll-miss-it digital streaming E.P. and one on the B-side of the 40th Anniversary Beauty And The Beast seven-inch picture disc released last month.

iSELECT (Red vinyl LP)

The red vinyl edition of the iSELECT album is making another appearance at Brooklyn due to ‘overwhelming demand’. The iSelect compilation features tracks chosen personally by Bowie along with sleeve notes on a fold out insert. This LP has only previously been available in very limited quantities at other David Bowie is exhibition shops. This is an interesting compilation, noted mainly for being the only place to find Time Will Crawl (MM remix), a fabulous version of the song.

I’m delighted to say that I will actually be in New York in a couple of weeks’ time and will of course be taking the opportunity to visit the Brooklyn Museum to see this David Bowie Is exhibition. Obviously, I will be hoping to acquire this exclusives while I’m there…

The David Bowie Is exhibition opens at the Brooklyn Museum on 2 March 2018. CHANGESTWOBOWIE will be issued in April on CD and vinyl LP.

‘TIME’ (U.S. single edit) 7” SILVER VINYL (David Bowie is Brooklyn Museum Exhibition Exclusive)

Side A

Time (U.S. single edit) (3.41)

Produced by David Bowie and Ken Scott
Arranged by David Bowie and Mick Ronson.
Mixed and engineered by Ken Scott.

Side B

The Prettiest Star (3.31)

Produced by David Bowie and Ken Scott
Arranged by David Bowie and Mick Ronson.
Mixed and engineered by Ken Scott.

LIVE IN BERLIN (1978) 8 TRACK ORANGE VINYL MINI-LP (David Bowie is Brooklyn Museum  Exhibition Exclusive)

Side 1.

1. “Heroes” (7.21)
2. Be My Wife (2.51)
3. Blackout (3.39)
4. Sense Of Doubt (3.18)

Side 2.

1. Breaking Glass (3.36)
2. Fame (4.05)
3. Alabama Song (4.08)
4. Rebel Rebel (3.37)

Produced by David Bowie
Recorded live at the Deutschlandhalle, Berlin on 16th May, 1978.
Cover photography by Antoine Loogman © 1978 Antoine Loogman

iSELECT RED VINYL LP (David Bowie is Exhibition Exclusive)

Side 1

1. Life On Mars?
2. Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing (Reprise)
3. The Bewlay Brothers
4. Lady Grinning Soul
5. Win
6. Some Are

Side 2

1. Teenage Wildlife
2. Repetition
3. Fantastic voyage
4. Loving The Alien
5. Time Will Crawl (MM Remix)
6. Intro/Hang On To Yourself (from Live Santa Monica ’72)

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Matt H

Hello – this is probably the umpteenth comment on this thread along these lines, but is there any kind hearted soul attending this exhibition who would be prepared to buy some or all of the vinyl and bring it back to the UK (specifically the West Midlands) – all costs fully reimbursed of course !!
(and it’s not just so that it can be stuck on ebay)


Jeff D

Was just there on Saturday and it was absolutely amazing….am definitely going back before it ends in July….i highly agree about getting there when it opens at 11am….we also had the “lightening bolt” tiks which allowed us to go right to the elevators and we had no exact time which we had to be there….bring your patience, it was absolutely packed….the lines queued to get in by the time we left were insane….was able to pick up the Live In Berlin LP and the Time 45…though I did not see the ISelect album….i was surprised to see so much Bowie swag in the gift shop….my one friend put it perfectly when he said “i am not so sure what David would have made of Never Let Me Down coffee mugs or Blackstar pencils”.


ohhh, just saw this article. If anybody is going to the exhibition and is able to pick up a copy of the Live album and would be willing to post it to the UK then please let me know. Would love to see the exhibition again after London and Berlin but NYC is a bit of a push this year what with RSD and all :-)
email : rhys.sinnett@gmail.com and make a happy man very poor!


I happened to be in nyc this week for work and was able to snag a ticket to go yesterday (Sunday). The exhibit was very good but rather crowded so I recommend going to the very first time (11am) if possible. You can also pay an extra $10 to go in at any time for the day rather than an assigned time. They were very strict on the assigned time deal and shooed me away from even lining up at the exhibit until 15 mins before my scheduled ticket time (which meant I wandered the normal exhibits for a few minutes). The exhibit is on the top floor of the museum so it can take a while to get there (especially elevator, I gave up and took stairs but museum floors are big so 5th floor felt more like 10th floor)

As for the shop the single is $15 and was behind the counter while the two LPs are $25 each and were in the record bins (T-shirts are in some of the bins so don’t pass it up).

Pete {in Australia}

I was lucky enough to see the Bowie exhibition in Melbourne, towards the wnd of it’s run, loved the exhibition, but did not like the lengthy queues, to just look at something, at several of the exhibits. The exhibition was timed and we went during the week, so unusre why it was so overcrowded. Also some of the sensored videos, if stood between two, they both started playing, so you got a bit of both songs. ACMI normally do exhibitions great, in the end we left as just become unbearable.

The opening day, i made a special trip doqn in the city, and scored one of the 7″ Let’s Dance singles. Only one per person, as only 500 pressed.
Slightly annoyed that one record store, started selling several copies on Ebay days after the exhibition opened at around $200Aus and of recent days selling at $900Aus, now some places are asking around $1,500Aus………


How about a SDE USA readers meet up in NYC when you visit Paul? At a record store? Drinks after?

Todd R.

Just missed you – was in nyc for a conference….jetted over to the shop to pick up the live in berlin and the 7″. Selling fast!



Henrik Moberg Jessen

I would love to get one of those orange beauties.

Anyone in NY who would buy it for me and send to me in Denmark? I will of course pay the record and shipping. However I can’t pay more than the actually price.

Please someone help me.

Send me an e-mail to moberg5@hotmail.com



Jeff D

Paul…..If you are there on March 10 and I see you, I will personally thank you for running such a great site and for driving me closer to the poor house!!!! Lol!!!!

Alex Francis

Anyone from Australia in the USA during this time who could pick me up a copy of these? I’m in Melbourne.

Nuno Bento

Will any fellow Bowie fan in NY kindly buy one copy of Live In Berlin for me and send it to London? :)

The Golden Age Of Freebies!

No probs!

Jeff D

I will be there on Match 10th….I hope to pick these up….CAN’T WAIT!!!!


Still waiting for the Lady Stardust picture disc from Tokyo to come down a bit. Only one of the 40th picture discs I’m missing. Anyway ‘Live in Berlin’ is not on the RSD list:


Here’s some more interesting stuff coming out on RSD 2018:



Yes, the Chicago exhibition was great. (I went twice!),
Sadly there wasnt an exclusive vinyl for Chicago. ( an elephant man item referencing his play performance in Chicago would have been Cool). Add me to the list of someone looking for these great-looking Brooklyn only records.

O(+> Peter B

I went to this exhibition in Melbourne (while Bowie was still alive), it was brilliant and I was totally immersed in it. I didn’t buy any vinyl though – the prices were far too high.

Mic Smith

Surely the Live in Berlin will get a wider release hopefully as an expanded version and not just for RSD…..


I saw the exhibit in Chicago and I want to say all they had by way of “exclusives” was one of the 40th-anniversary picture-disc 7″ singles. All of these deluxe albums are enviable!


Wonder if anyone managed to get to all the venues and picked up all the exclusive vinyls???

Paul Murphy

Alternately, the most profitable.


It’s the type of record shopping that someone could actually write a memoir about.

Martin Tolcher

Hi Paul,

Thank you for the details of the exlusives available at the exhibition.

I shall be there with my wife on 1 April, so really hope you haven’t nabbed everything before then…


Already have tickets for the exhibit, let’s see if anything is left for me to buy on the day I picked to go!


ohhhh want want want :))) all 3
wishing you a very very good time overthere!
greets from the Netherlands


oh dear, looks like I will miss out again. I wonder, is there a limit on how many copies visitors to the exhibition can purchase? If anyone in New York was able to pick me up a copy of these I’d be very grateful indeed.


In Paris, it was: 2 iSelect Red LP’s per person.

Kevin M

In London, I can’t recall exactly what they had, but the fancy department store Selfridges had a temporary Bowie shop running at the same time as the V&A exhibition was on a couple of miles away. You could buy the exhibition stuff there without going anywhere near the exhibition itself, which had probably sold out of the best stuff anyway. Maybe people in NYC might find something similar happening in one of the fancy Manhattan stores or somewhere in town? There’s another investigation job for you Paul, as well as doing Europe’s Bowie shopping for it :)

Have a good visit. Give my love to his Station to Station tour waistcoat (love that tour).


The duration of the MM Remix of TWC on the iSelect CD is 4m55, but on the Nothing has changed 3-CD 4m20….
I have no idea which on is on the vinyl


I don’t have iSelect but according to wikipedia Time Will Crawl has 30 seconds of silence at the end of the track there thus explaining the difference in track length with Nothing has Changed. Besides that the version on NHC appears to be a remix (of the remix….)


They look lovely but following so soon after the announcement of the Aladdin Sane and ChangesTwo reissues, I really think we’re reaching saturation point. Especially as they’ll be another box set later in the year as well as the inevitable RSD releases. I’m a big Bowie fan but not a completist when it comes to multiple releases, so personally I can quite happily pass on most of these. However, I’m beginning to feel that the constant working of his catalogue is becoming exploitative. Does anyone else think this?

Kevin M




You are just now beginning to feel that the constant working of his catalogue is becoming exploitative? hahaha… good one!

Kevin M


Sure thing, it seemingly gets worse but is nothing new. I reckon this all started with those expensive 7” picture discs years ago now. If people hadn’t been so willing to buy those, things could have been very different, arguably better, for fans willing and able to buy lots of Bowie, but who care primarily about the music, rather than what are to some of us merely baubles or fashion accessories disguised as music releases.

It seems likely to me that the signal was sent to the powers that be years ago, via the picture disc 45s, about how low the bar needed to be set to make people part with their cash.


“Does anyone else think this?”

No, I don’t think it exploitative. Personally, I have no interest in any of these releases – I own the two songs on the single already, I picked up the newspaper giveaway of the iSelect CD and live tracks hold no interest. People have the choice to buy or not to buy and most people that do choose to buy probably won’t even open them, let alone play them. They’ll end up as record shelf ornaments or auctioned on eBay.


Totally agree.


Oh Paul, you lucky bugger! Pick us up a copy, will you? ;)


50 copies of the Live in Berlin disc up for sale on the SDE shop would be much appreciated Paul. Just saying ;-)

Phil Salter

I’ll buy from you!

Adam Shaw

Very jealous, I’m not going to be there until end of March ! Probably be sold out by then .
Love that silver single .

stephen king

Hi Paul, saw the exhibition in London and was impressed (though they had included a 70s reissue of his debut single instead of the original) so hope that you enjoy it. Bit annoyed that the live material is exclusive as I had a hunch the Berlin concert might be out for RSD after the track on the last picture disc. Any chance you could pick me up a copy of each when you’re there?!? I’ll love your website for ever… though actually I would regardless!


Can I be the first to ask you to bring a spare copy of the Berlin and iSelect LPs for me please if possible ? A hefty commission/courier charge would of course be payable to you :o))

Chris Hanington

Hey Paul
Can you pick up a copy of all three items for me? Would love to have them but being in Ontario Canada with no travel plans in place, it would be great to get a copy without paying eBay prices. Have been collecting Bowie stuff since I was 15, that’s almost 30 years. I can reimburse including shipping with PayPal. Thanks.


i really dont understand why all the bowie alums are ltd..when there is huge demand..its just creating a flipping zone on ebay…makes a mockery of his music..


I wonder if they will do full LIVE IN BERLIN (1978) on black vinyl for RSD this year,


Would love to read your thoughts on the exhibition and of course a video showing the details of the 3 items should you be lucky enough to pick them up!


Used to love all the record stores round the village but they became way too expensive last time I was there. Rebel Rebel and Subterranean were 2 of my favorites. Not sure if they are even there anymore. Both neat bleaker street records and bleeker bobs.

Larry Davis

Record Runner too…nope, both gone…Generation is still there, as is Academy, but their prices went up…

Larry Davis

Hey Paul…what are the details of your visit?? Would love to meet up with you while u r here… Missed it last time…keep me posted…


The inclusion of the Live In Berlin LP as a coloured vinyl exclusive adds support to the idea that this release will appear in some form as part of the year’s Record Store Day.
Personally I was/am hoping for a full concert recording (akin to last year’s Cracked Actor 3LP) but it may be that – if the only available recordings are of those 8 tracks – it’ll be a black vinyl version of the Bowie Is exclusive.
If this is the case then, hopefully, as with Cracked Actor, we’ll also see a CD edition later in the year.

Paul Kent

The MM Remix of TWC is also on the 3-CD Nothing Has Changed, is it not…?