New Garbage album: Strange Little Birds

Garbage will release their sixth studio album, Strange Little Birds, in June.

Four years after 2012’s ‘comeback’ album Not Your Kind Of People, Shirley Manson, Steve Marker, Duke Erikson and Butch Vig will again put out a self-produced long-player on their own Stunvolume label.

Strange Little Birds will include Empty which can already be previewed on Spotify. The 2LP vinyl set (designed by Ryan Corey and Jeri Heiden at SMOG design) looks stunning and the 11-tracks are pressed across three sides of vinyl, with the fourth side featuring and etched design.

There are no deluxe CD editions or box sets, although the Garbage store is offering a T-Shirt and vinyl bundle. The Japanese edition is looking like it will have an as yet unconfirmed bonus track on the CD version; you can pre-order that here from JPC.

Strange Little Birds is out on 10 June 2016.

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Strange Little Birds [VINYL]


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Strange Little Birds



1. Sometimes
2. Empty
3. Blackout
4. If I Lost You
5. Night Drive Loneliness
6. Even Though Our Love Is Doomed
7. Magnetized
8. We Never Tell
9. So We Can Stay Alive
10. Teaching Little Fingers to Play
11. Amends

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Has anyone made it to the end of this cd in one sitting? Unbelievably compressed!!!!! This loudness wars b******s has to stop now! This is just awful, I can’t bring myself to play it again so that’s a waste of £12!!! Which I don’t suppose the music industry is bothered about seeing as they’ve already got my cash!
Would be interested to hear what anyone with the vinyl version thinks of the dynamic range or if anyone has both formats and has done a comparison.


Don’t waste your money buying the vinyl. I’ve not bought a single version of this new album (because I heard in advance that Emily Lazar mastered), but I bought both the CD and vinyl versions of their last album – and they were identical in their compression. The vinyl of Not Your Kind of People had slightly better dynamic range, but when it was pushed – like on the bridge of “Control” – the vinyl was clearly compressed the hell too. Garbage obviously use the same master for both their CDs and vinyl. I’ve given up on Garbage, really. They’ve had consistently awful mixing/mastering since Bleed Like Me. I’m done wasting my money on crap I can’t listen to all the way through.

Robert Morgenstern

Today the Japan CD has arrived. Sadly there was no kind of bonus content on it. So the vinyl seems to be the winner with this fantastic bonus track.

Dean T

Playing this right now… WOW…my socks have just been blown off.If your a fan buy buy buy…

Robert Morgenstern

Hallo, there is a Bonus Track on the etched Side D “Fucking with you”. Maybe it is the japanese Bonus Track too.

Mark Jensen

I was not super excited by Empty, though it has grown on me now. However, Even Though Our Love Is Doomed is absolutely the best new song I’ve heard by anyone since the new Spector album last year! Now I’m definitely buying this album, even if that’s the only great song.

Ian M

I love the look of this vinyl edition and will definitely buy it! Well done Garbage for your innovation and giving your fans another fantastic special release!!!!


The RSD pink vinyl also had a super wide spine, even for a three-panel gatefold for 2LPs.

David H

I just hope the packaging on the CD is nothing like the 20 anniversary edition 2CD edition of Garbage. The spine is far too wide for the contents so it doesn’t fold properly.

It may have worked if there was going to be a third CD folded within so I wonder if there was ever going to be a remix CD. Needless to say the spine sticks out of my shelf like a sore thumb!


They better release a deluxe version with like 3 extra tracks or I’ll be pissed.


Perhaps they don’t care as much about whether sales in Japan are domestic or imported considering they (and PSB) are putting out their new music themselves nowadays?

Have to respectfully disagree about Bleed Like Me. It’s not particularly bad, and has a handful of stunners on there, but to me it always registered as the band saying “well, looks like the public strongly dislikes us experimenting, let’s just give them what they want and do back-to-basics rock.” Which in itself would have been totally fine, except that 4-5 of the songs (in my view) don’t really hold their own at all and blend a bit indistinctly. Again, not terrible (except maybe “Why Don’t You Come Over”) but just not much to make me want to listen to half the record again. I liked the varied experimentation and energy level they brought to BG even if it didn’t always work, but that seemed gone, and I find myself going back to that one more.


Track 11 ‘Amends’ is listed as the bonus track on cdjapan at the moment, but that’s on the main album already. This happened with the recent PSB ‘Super’ album when they stated the final track, ‘Into The Air’ was the bonus track.


@paul: where did you found the info that on the japanese release there will be a bonus track?


Why is it that japanese Version almost always have this nice Little Bonus track? Are japanese fans better People? Do they deserve something extra? Are the fans at home not worth one more track on an Album? Is it okay to let These fans spend a lot of Money just to get hold of an extra track? Are they not good enough? Is it okay to treat some fans as second class fans? I always hated this behaviour, and I always will!


I believe it’s because albums are more expensive in Japan so they try and give them their moneys worth. That’s what I’ve read anyway.

I’ll definitely be buying the 2LP, it’s gorgeous and I love Empty, I also love that it’s 11 tracks across 3 sides rather than 4 sides, I hate it when albums with 11 or less tracks are across 4 sides, if you have to spread it out because of length, put it on 3 sides! Hopefully more artists use 3 sides instead of 4 for 11 or less tracks going forward.


It’s really both reasons – Japanese CDs are more expensive, so the bonus tracks are an incentive to buy locally made products instead of the cheaper imports.

Of course the downside is, it makes ME buy the expensive Japanese CDs instead of cheaper locally made products. Sorry Australian manufacturing industry, I need a bonus remix that I probably won’t even like, LOL.

But I always do a little research on Discogs first, sometimes the ‘bonus’ track can be found on a CD single. And sometimes, a kind-hearted person uploads the track(s) to YouTube.

And if push comes to shove…..8007L365! (Not that I or Paul/SDE would encourage such things, nudge nudge wink wink)


Bleed Like Me in my opinion is their 2nd best album. It was raw, it was rock! They needed to return to that.


Unfortunately the vinyl is just black, but at least it’s not overpriced for a 2LP and the etching is a nice plus. @SimonP, I feel you there but worth noting that they’re not always the best at representing their albums with first singles/promos. “Blood For Poppies” (IMO) was hardly a highlight of their last album and kind of made me worried, but the album itself had some major standouts and redeemed them after the so-so “Bleed Like Me” in my eyes. Also “Androgyny” being the lesser of the four singles released… So first tastes are not always make-or-break for them.


Is that green vinyl…?


Strange little title, as there seems to be more of a cat theme going on. Just listened to Empty and it’s alright, I suppose, but not making want to rush out and place an order…


That does look like a stunning vinyl. Usually go with CD format for them as it often stays on hand in the car for a while, but will probably go for the 2LP this time!

Craig Chenery

I couldn’t agree more. It’s nice to see artists giving us a reason to buy the physical formats over soulless digital.