New international retailers to feature on the SDE price comparison widget

Three new retailers from across the globe

I’m pleased to announce that with immediate effect a few new retailers will be available on the SDE price comparison tool, commonly referred to as ‘the widget’. We are looking to support our global readership and in this instance these retailers are from the UK, Canada and Australia.

First off, the SDE shop will now appear on the widget, where applicable. So while much of what we sell on the SDE shop is unique (e.g. signed) – or perhaps an indie retail exclusive – where the product is widely available (for example the new Rain Tree Crow vinyl reissue) you will see an SDE shop listing alongside Amazon, JPC etc. The SDE shop ships internationally. See below for a demonstration of this, ‘in action’.

Secondly, for our friends down under, Amazon Australia will now be listed too. I should stress that, at the moment, for this locale there is no international shipping outside Australia, so this is very much for the SDE-reading community in that country. Also, as has been reasonably well reported, the offering on the Australian site isn’t as comprehensive as other sites, so don’t expect every product to necessarily be available. If it is, you will see it on the widget. Australian Dollars (AUD) are now a currency option too, so if you look at the widget below, you’ll see that the new Keith Richards box set (out tomorrow) is cheaper to buy from the Australia site than it is here in the UK (albeit available in Aus via the USA and Amazon’s ‘global stores’ initiative).

Finally, you will sometimes see offerings from the MusicVaultz site in Canada. This is Universal Music’s D2C (direct-to-consumer) store which offers a fairly wide range of standard product as well as exclusives like coloured vinyl and box sets (for example you will find the ‘Traveller’s Edition’ of Paul McCartney‘s Egypt Station for sale on this site). Sometimes, they will have an exclusive edition of a standard product, for example the Rolling Stones‘ recently announced Honk hits set is available as a 4LP coloured vinyl. While you are not comparing like with like in this instance, it still makes sense to highlight that product in the widget with some text to differentiate it (an example of this is below). MusicVaultz do ship internationally, although specific products can be restricted, sometimes.

I should add that these changes are not retrospective, so this will apply moving forward and with immediate effect. I hope this proves useful to SDE readers and if any other retailers out there (particularly with international reach) would like to appear on the widget, do get in touch.

SuperDeluxeEdition.com helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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Thank you Paul for adding us Aussies to the widget – hopefully it might encourage Amazon Australia to become more competitive in terms of pricing/range. Then again, we’re pretty much ‘locked out’ of other Amazons – and they know it – so they probably won’t be losing any sleep.

Hans Lindskog

Thank your for the price comparison possibility. I have just recently tried jpc.de for the first time. I must ask you, even though this is out of subject, has anyone of you had an order from pledge fulfilled in the last month? Best regards, hans

Alex Jennings

Thanks from down under!! great to keep in the loop with pricing.. at least we can buy from us amazon with more competitive prices … juno records are great too!

Robert Styles

Thanks Paul for the New Release Schedule and for Aussie pricing. I can now more accurately plan when i will be going bankrupt. Please keep up the excellent work.


You sponsored by amazon Paul? Juno is very competitive price wise and certainly better on service. Be good to include them.


Got to throw a few in there to throw us off the scent.
But seriously, I’m based in New Zealand and have found Juno very competitive in its price, shipping and certainly customer service.


Very cool, even better for us fans to get the goodies we need…


Congratulations Paul for your constant work and enthusiasm in improving and adding to the site.
You are a great reference for all of us.

paul wren

This is great site development news – well done!


Hello Paul , thanks for looking out for those of us in Oz . Appreciate the site , check in every day . Cheers , Sandy .

Stephen B.

Thanks Paul from Sydney Australia. We will now be able to see how much Amazon is overcharging us at a glance!

Trevor Smith

Slade are all doing well. And there’s a boxset of singles coming soon I believe!

tom m hans

Should my wife ever file for divorce I will have to blame your widget – I hope it has liability insurance. Great Job! Ta!

Brian Smith

one day, even New Zealand will be there! :)


“I should add that these changes are not retrospective” – Don’t you mean “retroactive”?
Any chance with the currency pull down, it can remember the currency we want?


[re: currency remember]
I use IE sometimes. It doesn’t. Firefox does.


Always grateful Paul. What about Dodax? They have sites all over Europe (.at, .de, .it, .de, .nl, .es)…


Paul puts a lot of time and effort into running the site but it shouldn’t be assumed he can do that just for kicks.
Referrals to sites will help pay for the costs of hosting etc (as it doesn’t carry much/any?) advertising.
I also assume that the sites SDE promote also have a API of some sort Paul plugs into to make it easier to keep track of movements on the widget (??).
So if Dodax, WowHD etc were to offer referral fees / have a interface to aim the info through there may be options in future?

The Goden Age Of Srange Days Indeed

Dodax are not to be trusted, they went bust recently, I believe some customers nevver received their orders or money back.

I used to use them and although I didn`t stung by them I no longer use them.


The widget is great.

What we need is a widget that allows us to enter the album titles we’re looking for. ;-) There’s a web site out there to compare Amazon’s, but yours look better.

Kevin Fitzpatrick

Thanks for this Paul. Any chance of making the widget with an open search field so that we can enter an item of our own choosing, and get results from all the relevant retailers? Send like the next logical step for such a useful widget…

Wolfgang Mintrop

How about adding WOWHD (e.g. http://www.wowhd.co.uk)?

Chris S

WOWHD are a bunch of thieves, they stole my & many other’s money some years ago when there was a ‘change of administration’ & never fulfilled orders. I would not like to see such rogues on the wonderful SDE site!

Roel Glas

@ Chris S.
WOWHD are now run by Import CDs and a much better operation (although usually, going direct to Import CDs is usually cheaper)

Friso Pas

Indeed. I have had a couple of issues in the last 2 years (not arrived items and damaged items) and they were handled by customer service.

Friso Pas

Great feature, Paul. Thx so much for helping us music lovers to get the best deals possible. I highly appreciate it. I have saved already hundreds of euros already, ever since you introduced this comparison tool. Much obliged.

Robert Laversuch

Awesome – thank you so much for good work. And thank you for Mansun cd box and Josef K vinyls – perfect packaging, excellent all around.


Congrats Paul, well done!!! Your site continues to be amazing and brings joy to so many all over the world. About that, be great to get Amazon Japan in the widget as well. I know you ackowledged in the comments below that you are working on that so great.

Mark Carroll

Tch, Couldn’t help but notice the Keith Richards boxset is the most expensive on Amazon. uk. THEY DON’T CALL THE YOU KAY TREASURE ISLAND FOR NOTHING EH ?…..


Wonderful. Thank you so much, Paul – especially for the AmazonAU addition. Have been waiting for this! SDE improves yet again… very grateful.


Cool updates! Thanks for all the hard work you put into this site Paul!


Thanks from Sydney, Paul. When amazon international pulled the plug here I knew that it wasn’t just sweet bargains I’d be missing; just as significant a loss was the dialogue and sense of community on this site. Much appreciated!


For us Aussies, all we need is for amazon Australia to drop some prices and increase the product ranges. I won’t be ordering from amazon Australia as I get all of my music from overseas. Hardly anything gets a proper release in Australia. Just an example – the new Kiss cd – Kissworld isn’t available on vinyl in Australia so I had to order 8 copies for myself and friends from importcds.com
Keep up the good work Paul.


I’m sure everyone appreciates the work you put into the site Paul and this is another example of that. Bringing on Japan also would be extremely useful. It’s just a brilliant website all round, cheers Paul

Dennis Versteeg

Any chance you would consider adding bol.com?
This is (by far) the biggest oline retailer in the Netherlands (and Belgium?). They have a product choices and international shipping at prices similar to the various international amazon affiliates.

Kevin Sims

I’m in the UK, so won’t benefit from the additions, but I still want to say thanks to you, Paul, for the thought and effort you put into this site.

(My bank balance respectfully disagrees!)



Thanks from Down Under Paul. Does this also mean deal alerts for Aus and akso inadvertantly USA??


Paul! お疲れ様!(o-tsukare-sama!) Which means thank you for all your hard work.

Superdeluxeedition is becoming more and more of an indispensable site (although as far as I’m concerned, it’s already indispensable!).

Many thanks for all your efforts, and best wishes for the continued prosperity of SDE!!


Rickjapan will more than likely know better of Japanese retailers, but i have used CDJapan (http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/music/) on many occasion for releases of the cardboard/vinyl replica sleeve kind, or new releases that have that elusive exclusive Japan only bonus track!


Amazon Japan does one of the best jobs of shipping box-sets, they are shipped with tracking all the time and arrive within a week, when in stock, packaged safely with hardly a scratch. Out of all the Amazon sites (including US) I would vote them as #1 for packaging! Thank you for all of your efforts Paul, Cheers!

DJ Control

Australia says…Thank-you!

O(+> Peter B

I second that emotion

elliott buckingham

I thought the 4lp coloured honk was overpriced at £50 on the rolling stones own site

Alan B

It’s actually £75 from the official store. You can also get a tote bag for £20. And there is a lithograph (basically a 18 inch by 18 inch piece of printed card) for £60. It’s a cash grab.

gary oliver

no SDE tribute to Ranking Roger ?

gary oliver

agreed.. thanks for a great site, by the way.

Chris Squires

And as a lunchtime viewing of our wedding video from only 25 years ago shows, time marches on (dead, dead, divorced, dead, no longer speaking to, dead, not seen from that day to this, dead) and the obits will be coming thick and fast soon.

We looked through parts of my collection last night and there aren’t many people under 60 in it. Plenty of 70 year olds and the vast majority of my 1978 – 1985 pomp era are just circling under pensionable age. Julia Fordham is about the youngest at 56, which was all poor Ranking Roger got….

Here’s a thing I was thinking about the other day as the wonderful Agnetha turns 70 next year (the baby of the group). Are there any other groups with three or more members where they have all survived into their 70s? Most have lost one or two along the way. Genesis, I think must be getting close. You can’t have the Stones unless you completely discount Brian Jones.


Kraftwerk are all still alive and kicking, although not playing together.


Blondie… all original members are still alive.
Most of the members are 65+