New Order / Education Entertainment Recreation (Live at Alexandra Palace)

2018 live show in full on CD/vinyl/blu-ray

New Order‘s 2018 show at London’s Alexandra Palace is to be released on audio and video formats, in May, as Education Entertainment Recreation.

The 9 November gig was their only UK show of that year and was a two hour and 20 minute journey through their history, mixing New Order classics, tracks from the at the time relatively recent Music Complete and covers of Joy Division’s finest.

Education Entertainment Recreation will be issued across a number of formats, including 2CD and 3LP vinyl, however the pick of the formats has to be the 2CD+blu-ray which combines the audio and concert film. There is a £120 big box – only available via New Order’s online shop – which combines every format and adds art prints, book etc.

Education Entertainment Recreation is released on 7 May 2021.

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New Order

Education Entertainment Recreation - 2CD+blu-ray


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New Order

Education Entertainment Recreation - 3LP vinyl


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New Order

Education Entertainment Recreation - 2CD edition


New Order are:
Bernard Sumner – lead vocals, guitar
Stephen Morris – drums
Gillian Gilbert – keyboards
Phil Cunningham – guitars
Tom Chapman – bass

  1. Das Rheingold: Vorspiel (introduction music)
  2. Singularity
  3. Regret
  4. Love Vigilantes
  5. Ultraviolence
  6. Disorder
  7. Crystal
  8. Academic
  9. Your Silent Face
  10. Tutti Frutti
  11. Sub-Culture
  12. BLT
  13. Vanishing Point
  14. Waiting for the Sirens Call
  15. Plastic
  16. The Perfect Kiss
  17. True Faith
  18. Blue Monday
  19. Temptation
  20. Atmosphere
  21. Decades
  22. Love Will Tear Us Apart

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Just found out today the download code from the Music Complete CD gives you hi-res 96/24 flac files for the Complete Music CD.
I never bothered at time of release because I thought they were going to be standard CD quality and there’s no mention you were downloading hi-res files.


New Order are in my top three most boring concerts (that I’ve recollected in the last five minutes, so this is not exactly that well thought through). The other two were Radiohead and Ryan Adams and the Cardinals. The combination of tired legs from standing and being bored is not a good concert experience.

The only concert that put me off an artist was Morrissey, and the music wasn’t all that bad; more that he was a miserable so and so. I’ve not spent a penny on his music since.

Someone puked on my wife at a Pogues concert, so that didn’t end well!


I think my worst was Tool, each song was over 11 minutes long, Maybard was singing behind what appeared a shower rail and no seated tickets so after 3 songs I gave up the ghost. Ironically the shower rail thing might catch on now with this damn pandemic…

Chris Lancaster

Looking at the track listings on the NO website, it looks as if Tutti Frutti is only on the BluRay, but is omitted from the CD and vinyl. That’s a bit disappointing, as for me it’s the best song they’ve done since the days of Technique.

Anyway, have ordered the big set from the official site. As for Hooky, I’d sooner have NO without him than no NO at all — and to say that without him they are just a tribute act seems pretty insulting to Bernard, Stephen and Gillian.

fernand de Beauvoir

if only they stopped performing Crystal… in fairness, the song is great, but the lyrics are cringe worthy.
it makes me think that this live box set would be great in Karaoke version— the updates are great.

but … hey-hoo, the (modified) lyrics to Crystal does seem applicable:

We’re like crystal (Hey); We break your bank account easy (Hoo)
I’m a poor man
I don’t know what to say; You don’t care anyway
I’m a man dismayed; With this boxset, I feel betrayed
Here comes this boxset
It’s like honey
You can’t buy it with no money
You shook me to the core of my fandom-y.


New Order lyrics in general are terrible. It’s a large part of their charm.


It’s not New Order without Hooky I don’t care what anyone says. If anyone has’nt, I strongly recomend his book “Substance”. Very informative & hilarious. I think their performances back then were a shambles because of the technology problems and now, it’s probably more professional & more of a “big” presesntation but the personality in Hooky’s bass cannot be underestimated or replicated.


I love ‘Substance’ and Hooky’s two other books. I was at the Ally Pally gig and it was great – for New Order, so I won’t be shelling out on this overpriced set.

It was sad when Hooky left but for me ‘Music Complete’ is the best New Order LP!


I was there and of course I’d have loved Hooky to have been there but hey ho he wasn’t. I’ve seen them live before, both with and without Hooky and I thought this particular night was one of the best I’ve seen so box set for me. Love the Ally Pally as a venue btw.


New Order without Hooky? New Order without Gillian? Pfffft.

New Order without Factory is more like it.


I will buy this live for simple reason. November 9, 2018 was my 50th birthday and my wife bought me tickets for this concert as a gift. And I missed my plane ….. that will be a form of consolation for me. The sound looks good and the song list is pretty cool.


Eventually I managed to see them live in Lucca 2 years ago at local festival (together with Elbow). I found them entertaining despite the limitations of Bernard voice and the overall shyness of the band. But they looked pleased to play and all Joy Division numbers received extraordinary participation. That was my last concert before pandemic and I really miss seeing bands live. I’ll buy this as soon as Amazon.it will align price, I’m afraid I’ll be a victim of Brexit UK stores won’t be an option anymore and I find unacceptable spending extra money for postage and taxes. Pity that New Order went for another live release instead of new album, I’m afraid they are holding new releases – like many other bands – to be able to play live, but they way it’s going who knows when it will be possible?!!


I’d have to hear how this show was before I spring.
New Order has been one of my top favorites since the 1980’s but I saw them in their heyday and the show was one of the worse I’ve seen, and still is. It seems they be a hit or miss .


I saw them once in the 90s…most boring show ever.


Great comments from all! But, if I were to spring for this release, it would need so much more. Straight forward concert films are great, but I like the documentaries that usually come with them. Give us a little background on why the gig was chosen for release, interviews with the band (even though as many have said before no Hook = no New Order). The song choices were predictable and safe. There’s nothing more lame than a predicable and lame live LP. Even worse is packing them together with a live CD of the same content. I know there’s other choices but…nah. I’ll stick to what I have: the Movement box set and the Power 2 CD deluxe from ages ago. Pulse a few other regular CD releases. I am mainly a Joy Division guy, but I guess I love the first LP b/c it’s like a 3rd JD LP. I like the 2nd LP b/c it was still somewhat rooted in JD.


I may have to spring for this, as I do enjoy a nice concert blu-ray, and don’t have anything from NO. My only gripe here is basically retreading the NOM15 release, which I actually like. I don’t really need another live album from the same era. They should have just made a standalone blu-ray available, rather than including yet another live album.


I’m a sucker for New Order and will buy this but let’s face it…Bernard is not a very good live singer and he always looks positively bored when he performs. When I saw them live some time back he really looked like he didn’t want to be there. All sulky and kept his head down a lot.

Michael Benstead

Is that you, Peter?

Tom Walsh

People moaning about New Order not being great live are wrong. They were immense live in their day…always on the point of collapse and full of an incredible intensity not matched by any of their peers in the 80s. Those saying Barney hasn’t got a great voice are wrong too- I love the fragility of his voice. If you want a mighty set of lungs and perfect diction then I believe Michael Ball had a new lp out at Christmas that you might be interested in. As for this , I’ve zero interest in buying it. The song catalogue is second to non but its got too slick and there are far too many live releases. Time for another LP: Music Complete was ace.


Tom…that was perfectly said and I couldn’t agree more…except I will be buying this…because it’s (a version of) New Order and I can’t help myself.

John MC cann

I would skip Michaels Xmas album,,it’s not one of his best imo,,I would highly recommend his 1996 album ,, first love !
Top of his game on that one!


a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist.

Paul Hargate

This gig was awesome, great sound and visuals plus an almost perfect set list. As someone who was followed them all the way I have got over Hooky, he can’t get on with the other members so what do you do ? Carry on
That said the deluxe is too much and happy with Gs 2CD version

Paul Edwards

Bernard Sumner is like George Harrison. Nice, endearing voice when recorded well but just not powerful enough to do it live. Always sounds so weak. And I say this as someone who likes New Order


Agree. Now you have me wondering if that is the reason for Barney’s whoops and yeahs during the performance.

Peter Jongeneel

I heard a rumour Ian is thinking about re-joining Peter Hook’s band.

Rik Skyline

For those still bothered about the departure of Hooky, think about me – Bernard Butler left Suede in 1994 and I’m still not over it.


I think the comments about Bernie foregoing his guitar to sing only being a mistake are spot on. I like NO, but found this video somewhat boring IMHO. Nice light show though.


Is Barney still doing that dreadful yelping delivery?


No Hook = no order.


That 15 year old chestnut zzzzz

martin farnworth

have to agree. absolutely comatose but also at the prospect of another live album to be honest.


He left in 2007. It is now 2021. So not 15 years.

Marty D

It might sound sad, us Hooky acolytes, banging on about NO not being up to much without him.. But, at least for me, he was an integral part of what made the NO sound. I saw them at their”come back” gig in Liverpool when Billy Corgan was moonlighting and I was struck by how much of a presence Hooky was. Not just his signature bass noise, but also the way he patrolled the stage. I must have got lucky, but they were fantastic that night. Maybe Mr. Corgans presence helped. I didn’t realise it but the bloke is an absolute giant and his attempts at hiding at the back of the stage with his head down didn’t work. No-one can replicate Hookys sound, so it’s a NO for me.


I think even the Rolling Stones might consider FIVE live albums in 10 years to be a bit much. A blu-ray of ‘So It Goes’ would have been great – that looks like it was quite a visually impressive production – but I can’t really see the USP for this?


I’m sure the Rolling Stones releases more than 5 live albums – probably even in 5 years. Especially with all the vault stuff.


Vault stuff aside, no. In any case, I find it sad to see New Order going the same way.


i do agree. i’m actually ok with the rolling stones to releasing a lot of live albums because they are better live. that can’t be said about new order though, and i say that as a fan.


Sure – I love them both. And I understand that tours are where the money is these days, with live albums being easy potboilers. But whereas we’ve all come to accept the Rolling Stones as predominantly a greatest hits gig machine*, I still think of NO as a going concern creatively. ‘Music Complete’ is excellent but it’s now over five years old, and I’d much rather hear some new material than yet another live release (especially one that doesn’t look particularly imaginative).

I stopped buying live albums by the Stones about 20 years ago because there are only so many performances of ‘Satisfaction’ or ‘Brown Sugar’ that I need to hear – and the same goes for ‘Regret’ and ‘Blue Monday’.

* What the hell is going on with the new Stones album?? They’re making the Stone Roses look industrious!


Just ordered the ‘Ultimate Bundle’ which has the exclusive triple clear vinyl / limited numbered print / badges and T-shirt … bittersweet memories for me … great night but was with my now ex girlfriend …

Honestly DM and New Order will be the death of me


I am glad to see the lads (and gal) have not waded into the waters of greatest hits concerts, a la Echo and the Bunnymen, Go-Gos, and other peers. Though I don’t yearn for the later songs as much as the 1981-89 era, I still appreciate they are pumping out the songs and putting them in front of fans at shows. Will be interesting in how this one sounds.


Looks nice – no one can accuse NO of skimping on packaging design throughout their history , but as someone else said – not the greatest live, bless ‘em, so will pass. I got a good deal on the ∑(No,12k,Lg,17Mif) New Order + Liam Gillick: So it goes.. (Live at MIF) coloured triple vinyl a couple of years ago from Amazon France at £25 so don’t feel an immediate need to expand my NO live collection unless this vinyl comes down to a similar level.
I’ll also save my money for the Low Life deluxe box – here’s hoping it will appear this year and they’ll carry on with that excellent reissue series.


Greatest hit gigs is all they do nowdays
Boring but hey we still go

Mark Jensen

People complain about the band losing their original bass player, but what about their original guitar player. And he’s still in the band, but would just rather hire someone else to play his parts? What’s up with that? Yes, maybe Bernard can sing better if he only focused on that, but still seems like just as big of a loss for the performance as Hook being replaced.


I thought I just might be out there on a limb on my own when my initial reaction to news of this release was…ummm, well…not much reaction at all. For me, New Order without Peter Hook has always had pretty limited appeal. And, unless you’re talking Miles or Monk or early Dead or Zappa, I don’t really need another multi-disc live release from anyone, thanks. Mind you, I’ve watched a few Youtube videos of Peter Hook and The Light and they’re pretty damned good…


I went to this gig and couldn’t see a bloody thing so I’ve bought the bluray to check there was actually a band on stage that night!


Looks good but I really need Ceremony in the set. Might be a dealbreaker.


There was one astonishing ‘social distancing’ concert from last november (2nd period of lockdown) which I REALLY liked. The song ‘The Perfect Kiss’ was played perfectly live by Peter Hook & Co. It was like Monaco played a new song ;-)

Stephen K

The setlists slowly evolve between their live albums. You get the stuff from the most recent album, and a few old pieces that get dusted off for the first time in decades, and then you get the “greatest hits” that pop up on every live album of theirs. But, they do remix those greatest hits from time to time.

In contrast, Depeche Mode do the same sort of thing, but with barely any attempt to bring back songs into their setlists that weren’t part of their greatest hits. And pretty much, their setlist history begins with Black Celebration, and good luck hearing anything from before then. And while Depeche Mode’s sonic strength is remixing their tracks a bit so that you aren’t simply listening to “their album, but with people screaming” (which ironically is how many rock bands sound), they don’t seem to do that for the post-SOFAD tracks. So Depeche Mode’s live sets sound incredibly stale, compared to how they played live in the 80’s. And while Anton Corbijn worked magic with their Violator tour, tour projections since have looked lazy. The Violator tour was the best I’ve seen from any band. I can’t even pay attention to their post-SOFAD tour videos.

I could add that Depeche Mode’s live sound got incredibly boring once they added the “excitement” and “spontaneity” of a live drummer. They do much with that, do they? The guy bangs the drums a bit in some short solo bits, in a typical rock music fashion, but it is nothing as technically accomplished as good drum machine programming. I mean, no one thinks the Pet Shop Boys would benefit from a live drummer on every track, right?

And yet, New Order have a live drummer, and they sound fantastic. (Maybe helps that he’s an actual band member who writes the drum parts to begin with.)

And both bands are still making good albums, so it isn’t the material that’s at fault.


I found live drumming in DM sets over last 20 very disappointing for all songs pre-Songs Of Faith And Devotion, they were designed for drum machines and that sound was integral part of the songs. Later catalogue fits better with live drums and some of the live “rework” have given new life to some tracks. But DM are a total different experience compared to NO, Dave is a live animal and every DM concert for how predictable is an absolutely fantastic experience. Every time I leave the concert I start plotting when To repeat the experience….


Very relieved I am no longer a sufferer of completist syndrome …….some of my favourite bands would have me bankrupt.


Any word on if the blu-ray is region locked?


The reason there is a New Order with/without Hooky attitude is PASSION. There’s very little on show as Barney auto pilots through the live clip in this post.I was just too young to catch Joy Division but caught NO on every tour.I have seen Electronic.Revenge.Monaco. Bad Lieutenant and The Light in concert. All great bands but the passion and energy Mr Hook puts into his shows compared to the current New Order is night and day. The years are passing and many people will have seen New Order post Hooky. I am sure they enjoyed them but they are SUB STANDARD without him.

Michael Monkhouse

120 quid for a history lesson? PUNK!


Haven’t they released virtually the exact same product twice in the last decade ?
A huge fan , but no thanks. I feel sorry for the completists.

Raymond Hovey

Great – here we go with all the ‘not New Order without Peter Hook’ comments! He left the band well over a decade ago. I don’t understand the continuing obsession with this…
Looks like an interesting package!


£58 for a triple lp? I think not.

Alan B

Is it me or are various arms of the entertainment business pushing price boundaries to see who high they can get away with? £60 for a triple LP? And a live one to boot with no studio recording costs to pay for. Box set looks great but £120 for 3 vinyl records, 2 CDs, a blu ray, 6 prints and a 48 page book? The upcoming Gang of Four Tribute Album has a store exclusive double red vinyl album for £50! The black variant is £25.
And its not just the music industry pushing the boundaries. A ticket for the upcoming cricket test series between England and India at Lords costs £135 for a day’s play. Prices have more than doubled in the last 5 years on a like for like basis.


Alan B it’s not you it’s them. The Gang of Four 79-81 box set is £85 for the 4CD set and £120 for the 4LP version

Nick King

Aaarghh, as a completist, it’s going to cost a lot!

Unfortunately, the Super Deluxe box doesn’t include the black vinyl variant (an extra 60 quid) but includes the exclusive clear vinyl.

So, that’s at least 180 quid, and then there’s the 2xCD (minus blu-ray) variant.

The joys of being a collector!


“New Order | education entertainment recreation (Live at Alexandra Palace) [Super Deluxe Boxset]” https://store.neworder.com/eu/education-entertainment-recreation-live-at-alexandra-palace-super-deluxe-boxset.html

Nick King

Doesn’t include the black vinyl nor the 2xCD!

Dave W

Surely a box set of the ∑(No,12k,Lg,17Mif) New Order + Liam Gillick: So it goes.. (Live at MIF) including blu ray would make more sense? I know we have the audio via Cd but the visuals of that event made it a very special occasion and a little different to the usual concert footage.

Richard S

Will add to my wishlist, but as someone else on here has said NO aren’t the best live. The box does look nice, but you know, 3 different formats of the same thing!? Will save my cash for the next “definitive edition”.

Mark Reed

I’m extremely bored of the No NO without Hooky camp. He left 15 years ago, and repeating it endlessly is almost as tedious as hearing from the Alan Wilder camp.


It’s mainly for them to show that they KNOW there were guys in these bands called Peter Hook and Alan Wilder. Gives them a feeling of being TRUE fans.


BLT? I love Bacon Lettuce and Tomato!

Seriously though, this set list is near identical to the NOMC15 live album I already own, so this might be a pass for me. I do think live recordings of NO are worthwhile as they the band does change-up the instrumentation and arrangements of their songs to keep things fresh.

Charles Hodgson

Still waiting for the comprehensive, career spanning, “My Struggle” 50CD Box Set.


No NO without Hooky for me. Nice set list though.

Rog Hildreth

I really like the current line up, I’ve seen them a couple of times. I think the last album feels so much more like classic “New Order” than they did in that period without Gillian. Best LP they’ve made in years.

Pleased to see the film isn’t limited to the big box, count me in for the cd/Blu-ray.

Hope we’ll get some new music form Hooky at some point down the line too.

Jason G

Good point Hog. New Order minus Hooky > New Order minus Gillian.

Stan Butler

I’ve never come to terms with Barney not playing guitar live. Much preferred it when he just stood still, in front of the mic, eyes closed in concentration. This ambling around the stage and the crowd-rousing hand claps isn’t the best look.
The music always sounds great though. Music Complete was an absolute joy to listen to.

Christopher Merritt


Jan V.

Too bad that the official shop is in the UK. Import duties and shipping costs are killing now for EU customers. Will pass on the big box and go for the 2xcd + bluray instead.

Russ T

I mean, the packaging is gorgeous. But, having seen NO numerous times over the years, the stark reality is – they’re not particularly brilliant live. I’m a believer that live albums are only ever of interest if you were actually there, and even the biggest stars rarely transfer their live prowess successfully (see the appalling Kate Bush live album…. presumably recorded deep underwater).
I’ll hold out on this and wait patiently for the new album.

Ollie Carlisle

It’s true that they have been hit & miss live over the years but I was at this one and it was really on the money, almost slick by their standards!

John Collins

It just feels like a New Order tribute band without Hooky. Sorry, talking politics. Does it really matter?