New Order / Movement box set

Four-disc box set (LP+2CD+DVD) coming in 2019

In April next year, New Order will issue a super deluxe box set edition of their debut album Movement.

The remaining members of Joy Division decided to carry on recording under the name of New Order and the band’s debut album (recorded in late spring 1981 with producer Martin Hannett) was released in November of that same year on Factory Records.

The Movement box set features the original album on vinyl LP with its original iconic sleeve designed by Peter Saville, the album on CD (in replica mini-LP sleeve) and a bonus CD of previously unreleased tracks. If we trust the listing on Amazon, the audio is the 2015 remaster. The last disc in this four-disc package is a DVD with live shows and TV appeances (all the details below in the track listing).

The set also includes a hardcover book and all the contents come in a lift off lid box. Just before this box comes out, the band are also issuing the four 12-inch singles that were released around the same period but didn’t feature on the album (Ceremony original version, Ceremony re-recorded versionEverything’s Gone Green and Temptation). These are not included in the box set.

The box set is released on 5 April 2019. The four 12-inch singles will be reissued one a week, starting on 8 March 2019.

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New Order

Movement - four-disc box set


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New Order

Ceremony version 1 - 12-inch vinyl


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New Order

Ceremony version 2 - 12-inch vinyl


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New Order

Temptation - 12-inch vinyl


LP & CD1 (original album)       

  1. Dreams Never End
  2. Truth
  3. Senses
  4. Chosen Time
  5. ICB
  6. The Him
  7. Doubts Even Here
  8. Denial

CD2 (previously unreleased tracks)   

  1. Dreams Never End (Western Works Demo)
  2. Homage (Western Works Demo)
  3. Ceremony (Western Works Demo)
  4. Truth (Western Works Demo)
  5. Are You Ready For This? (Western Works Demo)
  6. The Him (Cargo Demo)
  7. Senses (Cargo Demo)
  8. Truth (Cargo Demo)
  9. Dreams Never End (Cargo Demo)
  10. Mesh (Cargo Demo)
  11. ICB (Cargo Demo)
  12. Procession (Cargo Demo)
  13. Cries And Whispers (Cargo Demo)
  14. Doubts Even Here (Instrumental) (Cargo Demo)
  15. Ceremony (1st Mix – Ceremony Sessions)
  16. Temptation (Alternative 7”)
  17. Procession (Rehearsal Recording)
  18. Chosen Time (Rehearsal Recording)

New Order – Movement DVD

Live Shows
Hurrah’s, NY 1980
In A Lonely Place
Dreams Never End
Cries & Whispers

Recorded on 27th September, 1980.
Produced, directed and filmed by Merrill Aldighieri

Peppermint Lounge, NY 1981
In A Lonely Place
Dreams Never End
Chosen Time
Everything’s Gone Green
Hurt – instrumental

TV Sessions
Granada Studios 1981
Doubts Even Here
The Him

BBC Riverside 1982
Chosen Time
Hurt – instrumental
In A Lonely Place

Ceremony CoManCHE Student Union 1981
In A Lonely Place Toronto 1981
Temptation Soul Kitchen, Newcastle 1982
Hurt Le Palace, Paris 1982
Procession Le Palace, Paris 1982
Chosen Time Pennies 1982
Truth The Haçienda 1983
ICB Minneapolis 1983

12” Singles [will be issued separately]

Ceremony (version 1) 
Recorded at Eastern Artists Recordings in East Orange, New Jersey, during the US visit the previous September, New Order’s first single might, in an alternative universe, have been Joy Division’s next. The 12” single, originally released in March 1981 (the 7” having been released in January) including the original version of ‘Ceremony’, will feature remastered audio on heavyweight vinyl.

Side 1
Ceremony (version 1)
Side 2
In A Lonely Place

Ceremony (version 2) 
The alternative, re-recorded version of ‘Ceremony’ now also featuring Gillian Gilbert in the band was released later in 1981 and will feature the later alternative ‘cream’ sleeve rather than the original green and copper. This 12” will feature remastered audio on heavyweight vinyl.

Side 1
Ceremony (version 2)
Side 2
In A Lonely Place

Everythings Gone Green  
Originally released on Factory Benelux in December 1981, this 12” featured Everythings Gone Green, which had previously been on the reverse of the band’s second 7” single ‘Procession’ in September 1981,and ‘Cries And Whispers’ and ‘Mesh’ whose titles were flipped on the cover causing confusion amongst fans and compilers ever since. This 12” will feature remastered audio on heavyweight vinyl.

Side 1
Everythings Gone Green
Side 2
Cries And Whispers

Featuring the full versions of both tracks this 12” was first release in May 1982 and were the first self-produced released recordings. With ‘Temptation’ being a cast iron New Order classic, this is an essential part of any New Order collection. This 12” will feature remastered audio on heavyweight vinyl.

Side 1
Side 2 

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They’ve kind of painted themselves into a corner now, haven’t they? To call this a “Definitive Edition” when there is no hi-res audio component (not even hi-res stereo) – whatever will they call it when they do issue such a thing – the Ultra Definitive Edition?


85 GBP on Amazon with a 5 quid off vinyl promotion today via an email.. tempting at 80!


Well, since I’ve owned multiple versions of this album (and all the other N.O. / J.D. / derivatives) I wasn’t going to go for this. Too pricey. Not complete.
Then Amazon offered me it for £90. On payday. 1-click ordering is a bitch !

And then it arrived. Impressive box.
Chunky vinyl, remastered cd. Not overly bothered about those.

The rarities cd is excellent, and replaces a lot of inferior bootleg demos that I had. Ace.
The book. Might not be bible-thick, but very nice. A good piece of work.
But the star of the show is the dvd. How bloody excellent it is !!
So good to see the (awful) 3 piece line up. Dreadful !!!
Then, the Peppermint Lounge show is a total turnaround. They were awesome.

I do have gripes – the ”Celebration” show at Granada Studios is only half there.
More tracks are on disk 2 of the Live In Glasgow dvd Of 2006 and I would’ve loved them all together.
Also, I would have been happy as anything to get the original singles (including Procession) and the various 7” and 12” variants included on a cd. Then I could’ve ditched the 2008 Deluxe cd of Movement.

However, I’m very happy that I caved in !1


Waiting for a price drop.. Is it selling that well?
Will happily buy it for no more than 70 EUR (being generous).
Otherwise, it’s a shame, but life can go on without it.

Nigel D Day

Be warned people!!!!

I bought the 12’ of Temptation and it hasn’t got Hurt on the B Side. Just Temptation twice !!!!!! This was from Amazon so this will be going back


Yikes. I take it no download code, either?

Steve F

You’ve been unlucky. Mine just arrived and it has Hurt on the B-side (and Temptation on the A).
I do have my original but Factory never seemed to have much money at the time for decent vinyl.

Andrew Sellers

OMG – just unboxed this and its simply gorgeous in every respect – not had a chance to play any of the discs yet – but the packaging, book, box and attention to detail are first rate – the box and book are a thing of beauty!

Weekend listening sorted!


Amazon currently have this for pre-order for £94.59. The description and the contents list imply its the definitive edition but the photo has the four singles from the bundle as well. Anyone know which is correct – the description and contents or the photo?


Cheers. Amazon are just using the wrong photo them.

Shame really – the price was very nice


I ordered all four 12″ singles from HMV last year. They did a deal – all 4 for £36.00 !! Seemed too good to miss out on. Unlike Amazon they charged me immediately not on despatch – they then went in to administration days later. Fair play to them they kept me updated with emails on the situation, but I still didn’t hold out much hope (as the website closed).

All four have arrived !!! Nicely packed – no dinked corners. Temptation arrived a week after the other 3.

(Annoyingly no download codes)


Hi all. Has anyone received the 12″ singles and able to confirm if there are download codes in them like there were with the Music Complete vinyl? I am interested in the 2018 remasters of Ceremony and IALP.



Too impatient to wait. Bought one. No codes.

Nice packaging and the record weighs a ton.


Another one for all the suckers who have more money than sense to waste on the repackage reissue remaster revamp lark. Owning the Factory original records / tapes CDs, when they came out and keeping them in good nick – that’s all I need thank you very much. These record company bods are laughing all the way to the bank…..and then some.


Laughing to the bank? They ARE the bank, for cryin’ out loud!!!


The box set plus all four 12″ singles is available as a bundle from Lost In Vinyl for £115 plus postage, which I think is a pretty good deal. I’ve ordered it!



Just today I received a message saying that the box set will no longer come with the four 12″ singles…what a bummer!!! Anyone else received this message???

Martyn Alner

Anyone else had an email from Amazon cancelling the E G G 12″? The email says “Our supplier has informed us that this item is no longer available”. Not sure what’s happening there?


Yes. I got that as well. Very annoying. Have tried to source it elsewhere with no success.


Maybe they’ve seen the kickback from the fans over the price and decided to include them in the Movement box? Yeah, who am I kidding!

I was even more dismayed when I saw the book was only 48 pages.

It does seem odd that the 12″s availability has disappeared, hopefully some kind of rethink is underway.


It’s available at Piccadilly Records, Resident, Banquet Records, Jumbo Records, Juno Records, Rough Trade to name but a few!


Shhhhh, you’re ruining my conspiracy theory!


Just got an e-mail from Amazon (UK), it’s back online. Ordered :-)


Crazy price but down to £90.93 today at Amazon.co.uk


Pointless and exploitative as they are going to do all of the albums – does anyone really want to get trapped into buying them all?


Lot’s of people complained about the prices of those hojo box sets and rightly so but at least we got an option there to buy the 2cd + dvd versions. I thought Mute owned their back catalogue now or am i wrong ?

Dr Volume

New Order are signed to Mute for new releases, starting with their last studio LP, Music Complete, but Warners still own the rest of the back catalogue . Confusingly the Mute Logo is showing in the New Order (Warners) online store, and they’re selling Music Complete and the associated singles as well as the Movement SDE and the rest of the catalogue (btw New Order are one of the few bands who still do CD singles!) so I guess Mute and Warner are partnered up to some extent for their webstore.

FAC 183

Warners owned ADA (Alternative Distribution Alliance) handles distribution for Mute in the US (and possibly other regions), hence the “partnering” on the New Order website.


Mute are a Subsidiary of Warner and have been for many years.
Yes Warner own the rights to the back catalogue.

Hope this helps….


The price is crazy. In 2017 Warner released the Tango In The Night package: 1 x LP, 3 x cd, 1 x DVD for only 40 EURO.

But I”am looking forward for the future New Order releases so I can get a new copy of Blue Monday on 12inch. Merry Chrismas to Paul and all SDE-readers


I can’t wait for this.

The extra material is a must for any New Order fan. My understanding is the owner of the Hurrah NY gig was not letting the film go cheaply (I don’t know this for certain) and I suppose to get the rights to the BBC stuff could of been difficult too, I don’t know I am not in the business.

To actually get it all out for release is brilliant and it maybe on the expensive side, but as with all New Order releases it will be quality.

Really looking forward to getting my hands on this and hopefully New Order will do the same for all the Factory releases, think it will be a tad too optimistic to get all the post Factory records done.


I would not call the 2008 2 cd sets quality,they were full of mistakes and missing tracks.


Yep as well the singles collection they released in 2005 which it took them over 10 years to rectify.

Steve F

All four 12″ singles showing as “currently unavailable” this morning. Any idea what’s going on? Listening to customer feedback, perhaps? Somehow I doubt it.

Anselm Lee

I would nod at the price if the box contained the 12-inch singles, but wow! I see that Amazon UK is not taking orders on the singles; I hope it is not an indication of a price increase coming.


HMV are doing the 4 singles as a bundle for £34 delivered…


@PaulSinclair – You’ve been intriguingly quiet on this issue sir. Is there an SDE investigation/intervention on the way for us to look forward to, or are you just understandably busy with Christmas?

Paul E.

@Paul Sinclair- Well said! It appears, that for New Order, “Everything’s Gone Green” indeed. Merry Christmas to you Paul and your family.


They should at least release the 12′ singles as cd singles as well.

carsten hansen

why do i get a human League flashback

when i see the Price 110 pund

and the big question are “do i really need this on vinyl when i already have it on vinyl 4 times already”


The prices of these box sets is getting way out of hand and i just wish people who complain about the price would stick to their guns and refuse to pay these prices and then the record companies just might get the message. Sadly though i don’t think it will ever happen and then they complain about illegal downloading when in fact they are encouraging it. I’m not too fussed about this album as it’s by far their worst but the fear is they pull the same stunt with the later albums and sticking vinyl in with CD’s is idiotic.


“Sadly though i don’t think it will ever happen and then they complain about illegal downloading when in fact they are encouraging it”

For obvious reasons, that’s not a problem anymore and I haven’t heard any record industry complaints about it for years.

peter mckenna

lol, I’m sticking to my guns on this one with no problem. Disgraceful price point, and nothing here warrants it.


At the risk of repeating others, £100+ is taking the piss. Even half-price it’d be at the outer limits of acceptable for, essentially, one CD and a DVD as like many others I suspect, I have a well cared-for original LP (in matt stock sleeve) and a CD version of the same. Surely they must realise this when they’re deciding on the price?

Dr Volume

Does Bernard want a bigger Yacht? This is frustrating because the content sounds a lot more interesting than we’ve had from previous NO reissues / box sets. Although Movement is a patchy record it’s a very interesting stage in their development (still regenerating from being Joy Division) and New Order have been pretty sparing with archive material over the years so this bonus material is enticing, as is the TV footage.
I suspect the live video material will be low quality video cam footage / audience recordings similar to the bonus live material that came with the ‘Live in Glasgow’ DVD, but nice to have nonetheless.

Another vote here for a slightly less super deluxe option with just the CDs and DVDs for those of us who would be happy to pay for the music but can’t justify /afford the vinyl, book and big box.

Larry Davis

I think I figured out a solution here… Hang on to the last fixed 2CD 2008 titles and get this when the price drops… The demos and DVD and book look packed with goodies, give or take the vinyl album…the 12″ tracks are on CD2 of the 2008 double so unless you want em, they are not mandatory… As for wanting the 2008 program to continue through “Republic”, “Get Ready” and “WFTSC/Lost Sirens”, I understand they may not need actual remastering done, but the similar 8 panel digipack and compiling all the 12″ versions from vinyl and CD singles/maxis together would be most welcome… And yes, “Republic” could very much use a boost because the original album on CD sounds a tad flat, yet “Regret” was their biggest US hit and the other singles like “World (Price Of Love)” are great tunes…the artwork on the album and singles are striking too…

True Faith

To me, Temptation should be in the PCL set. This box set should have included the 7” single Procession and both Peel Sessions.
Well done for finally having an official release of the Western Works demos.

Can’t wait to see if the rest of the back catalogue gets this treatment.


interested to know why you see Temptation in the PCL set? to me PCL is when they started to use Digital machines as opposed to Analogue machines before then, with Temptation essentially being Everythings Gone Green part II. its all good of course, but i always saw EGG, Temptation and Hurt as the musical transition sandwiched between Movement and PC&L. Three very distinct stages.


If this was available as a 2CD set, or even 2CD+DVD, I’d be interested. But I’m not going to pay for that enormous book and useless vinyl just to get the tracks on CD2. Also, how can they call this the “definitive edition” and not include the essential tracks that were included on Disc 2 of the previous Factory Years set?

Steve F

I’m a NO fan but, leaving the price aside, this doesn’t cut the mustard for me. A SDE edition of any album should include *all* of the associated singles first, and then demos, etc.
Great to have the opportunity to buy the 12″ singles again, although I have the Factory originals. But what about the 7″ versions? Not to mention Procession, which never came out on 12″ or album (excluding a Canadian import mini-album).
Yet another half-cocked NO release. 6/10, must try harder.
If this was £35, I’d buy it anyway. At £100, no way…


i knew this was coming out eventually.

done deal, automatic buy.
yes, i already have the vinyl several times over,
the 12 inches, and some of the 7 inches.

but i do want the DVD and the bo0k.
and the demos look great too.

of course, will wait for a good deal on the price.

but it’s a very good compilation from what i was expecting.



There were *very* slightly different versions of In A Lonely Place on the original 12″s I believe. I wonder if they’ll use each of those on the new ones.


i’m a cd guy and dream of the day when they’ll release a complete 12″ singles collection (a la Substance) on cd. preferably before i keel over.


Or a singles box set like we got for Bananarama or Belinda Carlisle or the forthcoming one for Paul Young–EVERYTHING on each CD; all the mixes and edits and b-sides. That would definitely bring me to the table in a hurry.

Larry Davis

Me too…that way they can be true to the original singles, include all B-sides and mixes (7″, 12″, promo, unreleased), all non-album tracks, and go up thru the present day…have all the singles on here and have the upcoming boxes focus on the albums and demos…I would be very OK with that arrangement 100%…

Stephen Gilmour



Scarf! Arf!



(See what I did there).


It may be just myth, but that was apparently Peter Saville’s reaction to hearing the Siren’s album and subsequently providing the equally uninspiring artwork for that album.


Myth. The finalised sleeve was not due to Saville ‘hearing the album’ rather his alleged reaction to being asked to come up with a completely new sleeve at short notice. This was due to perceived sensitivity concerns from the label regarding the timing of 2004’s Indian Ocean tsunami. Rightly or wrongly. Ironically, his original sleeve (the lady under the waterfall) was later used anyway as the sleeve for the WFTSC (Single) 3 x 7″ bundle. This has been covered in both Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook’s books where – for once – their recollections roughly match.

Personally, I don’t believe that anyone would have connected the two so someone was clearly being a bit paranoid at the supposed link the record buying public might make!


Spot on..


Hello Paul and Merry Christmas

Still have my original Ceremony 12″, one of my favourite songs of all time.
The intro has to be among the greatest intros top 10.

Any word on any SDE for Unknown Pleasures next year, as it’s the 40th anniversary?
Joy Division will always be one of my favourite bands ever.

Pádraig Collins



Blimey…that’s one hell of a book!


Ughh. Agree with so many comments from above. Looks like another tone deaf deluxe edition release. When will artists learn that people who buy vinyl only want vinyl and people who buy cds only want cds? Seems pretty simple to understand. But New Order have rarely gotten anything right when it comes to compiling their catalog. With the exception of Substance, it is littered with awful compilations and bungled deluxe editions. It seems that they pay more attention to the lift off box lid than the actual content of the release. Judging from the sharp decline in price for recent cash grabs by other artists, I won’t be surprised to see the cost of this one sink like a rock on Amazon in a couple of months.


There is a market Jazzmeister. At the right price with the right material included – I buy vinyl and CDs in pretty much equal measure so a combo is not a problem. This fails on price and content. For me anyway!

I bought this on cassette originally – those rather sexy large boxes that Factory issued in different colours for each band on the roster. New Order was white. So in theory I’m in the market for this.

My complaint is, that despite 4 discs, it still does not contain all the period material. Presumably so we’ll all blow another 40 notes on the 12 inches. Well, sorry. I already have those and the price is too high just for the demo stuff I would like.


Ridiculous price. My wife would kill me, and rightfully so.


On that note, how can they do the Bowie boxes, which all run at least 10 discs or more, for the same price as this rather anemic offering?

Steven C

Does anyone know the official name of the version of Temptation that appears on Substance and on Trainspotting? It clocks in at 7.02 and is not on the album or the previous deluxe version…



From wikipedia: The song was completely re-recorded and released on 1987 singles compilation Substance, sometimes known as “Temptation ’87”. This version is now one of New Order’s best-known recordings, partly due to its appearance on the best-selling Trainspotting soundtrack; in the film the lyrics are sung by Diane while she’s showering, heard very faintly in the background during breakfast not much later and again during the scene where Renton is locked in his room.


@steven C

The version on Trainspotting is the same version from m Substance, it was re-recorded in 1987 for the album


On the Substance sleeve “Temptation” and “Confusion” are listed as “New version”. It’s as official a name as any.


I am wondering if this alt. Temptation is the version that is on the Something Wild soundtrack, which I prefer above all other versions (excepting the 87 since they actually found a way to improve on it, it’s just so overplayed).


@Scott & StevenC : Extensive information about versions of Temptation, names and releases/soundtracks they appear on, can be found on the wikipedia page of the song.


New Order is one of my favorite bands but this is the same problems continue to irk me: (1) I see no advantage to forcing mixed-media box sets. Do a box set that is CD only, a box set that is vinyl only, and then do a true super-deluxe edition that is for the cross-platform completists. Put the latter in a special numbered box and charge the higher price for that version. (2) When something is supposed to be the ultimate edition it better have every song from that time period. I’m tired of new stuff being found later on and not sold on its own but instead repackaged again.

Given all of that, I would buy this if there was CD only at a lower price. For now, spotify will be the way to go, which sucks on so many fronts (poor quality, band does not earn as much money).


I love New Order, and I would love to get this box, but at the moment it’s far too much for what I’m willing to pay, especially when the vinyl is something I would never use. Hopefully the price will come down at some point, because there’s not enough material present for me to justify over a hundred dollars for what would really amount to one CD of materials I don’t have and a DVD that would only get watched a few times. If they dropped the vinyl and lowered this to around $50 or so, I would be much more willing to part with my money.

Larry Davis

Love New Order and Joy Division…got the five fixed 2CD remasters and was pissed they stopped after “Technique”… Why did they stop?? Was it meant to be Factory only titles?? Will “Republic”, “Get Ready” and “Waiting For The Siren’s Call” ever get redone/remastered?? As for this first new multimedia box of “Movement”, I agree with the others in that the 2nd disc of 12*s and Bsides from the last program really should be included, as well as the related 12″ vinyl singles, and I hope this gets changed before it gets released. Will every New Order album in the catalogue be revisited this time or will it just be the first 5 albums yet again?? I really hate when an act or label starts a program like this and it never gets finished, and/or they do not tell us upfront what the whole picture will look like in the end… They just start it, keep us on our toes and then piss us off in the end…stop it and keep us informed please!!

Iain McCarthy

The Deluxe Editions released in 2008 stopped with ‘Technique’ as these were only for the Factory albums. I think the campaign was officially called ‘The Factory Years’.

Matthew McKinnon

The previous remasters were labelled as ‘The Factory Years’ so there’s that.

‘Get Ready’ and ‘WFTSC’ don’t need remastering.

‘Republic’… grey area. If you were a completist you would want a new edition, and the album itself could certainly do with a remaster. But the bonus tracks would all be shit, dated early 90s dance mixes by forgotten producers and DJs. And it’s a weak, weak album. It’s not a period I’d ever want to revisit.

And to be honest, The Factory Years are pretty much the only years New Order have to sell themselves on.


I wouldn’t call the Fire Island mix of ‘Regret’ or the K-Klass mix of ‘Ruined In A Day’ shit. I would call them fantastic.


Totally agree. The Paul Oakenfold mix of World and Fluke mixes of Spooky were pretty good too.

Matthew McKinnon

Genuinely each to their own, but I would definitely call those two shit.


I have all those as original and PC&L, Low Life and just about everything else. Love listening to them all on crackly vinyl, it gives them a truer, grittier feel. I wouldn’t mind the CD2 and the dvd though.


Does anybody know if the following 80’s albums will have the same treatment !?
I looked for some information but I did not find it anywhere!
Please can someone tell me all behind it?


Not sure, Isaias, but I believe that it was a rerecorded version for the Substance compilation in 1987 – and is, for me, the definitive version (and maybe even their greatest track of all).


as much as I want this, if the first pic is the box cover, it’s a no from me.
a bit superficial I know, but it would just really bug me.
this is my favourite new order album. and this is in my top 5 album covers of all time.
no idea why such an Iconic sleeve is not being used on the front.


Not saying I agree or disagree with your comments, but I think the design of the box cover is trying to evoke the memory of the old oversized boxes that Factory cassettes used to come in, albeit without the Fac number.



I did wonder if it was in reference to that, because it reminded me a little bit of it.
I think if it was exactly stylised like the above I would have liked it actually.
as it is for me nothing beats the orig cover

Daniel from Adelaide

Barney needs the money that badly? Or has he finally become the Gene Simmons of the post-punk movement?

The more I see the prices for New Order material, the more I appreciate Peter Hook for doing his best to keep his prices reasonable and for offering such goodies as signed posters and books for a pittance at his (brilliant) gigs.

John 79

I totally agree Daniel,New Order stuff is really expensive,I recently went to see Hooky live in Clitheroe,they were selling large signed posters for £10 a really fair price and everything else was very reasonably priced to,Hooky is one of the very few artist’s that doesn’t rip off his fans and the show was amazing too. The is one thing I would like to say is that New Order are worse off without Hooky but that’s just my opinion.



Andy Hartshorn

Another eye watering £100+ box set, extra discs look good, would have liked the 2 CD plus DVD,they could have done this for £25 to £30, so will give this a miss. It will also be interesting to see whether they have managed to clean up the Western Works demos, every version I’ve heard is such poor quality. Pricing of box sets is becoming a real issue, a lot of bands/ labels could learn a few things from XTC or Marillion.


Andy, the original Western Works reel was auctioned on ebay a few years back resulting in excellent Flacs distributed on the web.


Its exactly the same treatment like Bowies New career in a new town box was treated. I mean lack of good , interesting and never published bonus tracks. Of course price is ridiculous.


Anyone else tired of the following thought process:

“Ooh, that looks nice, they’ve done a good job with thi….HOW MUCH???”


Totally agree Caroline it’s way too over priced they are greedy an absolutely idiotic price…If anyone wants just the audio just go searching at the time of release for a torrent on some file sharing site it’s easy enough…If they sold this box set at half the price they would shift twice or three times as many copies.

Chris Squires

So the way it works “If I can’t afford it or I just think it’s too expensive it’s justifiable to steal it?”
Hmmm. Not sure that’s a suggestion that this site should allow or encourage.
I’m nowhere near the morality police it’s just a way of thinking that doesn’t really suit the idea of what SDE is.
Even Spotify has to be a better way forward than encouraging someone to just nick it, no?


Yes true but you know it’s very rife on the internet for people to share files not like the old days where people made illegal copies of CDs and sold on to profit themselves and the artist loose out on royalties as well so double edged…file sharing is like the old tape sharing from the 80’s but now on a worldwide scale and yes the artists lose out but people will share files for whatever reason, lack of money/not interested in physical media or not keen on paying full price for a cd initially then buying the actual cd 6 months later for half the price when online stores shift stock to make way for new releases…for some people having the MP3 file is a stopgap until they actually buy the cd at a later date, for others they never buy any downloads or physical products they just want the actual music and if they can get it for free then there’s never really any way of all this stopping anytime soon.
The artists know this and concert tickets have risen to compensate for this and they can still sell physical CDs at the merchandise stand after the gig or a signed edition from their website…touring is where they make their bread and butter now because before they were quite content at sitting back and not doing much and hoping this album will sell X amount so we don’t need to tour…they do tour now have to get out there and we get to see them at smaller venues so it’s swings and roundabouts and the way things are now unfortunately.


I never thought that this material would come to light
The extras content looks incredible to an old fanatic such as myself.
Movement is my favourite album and this package is essential for the collection.
I was unaware of the Cargo demos existence until now, so very eager to hear them.
Yes, the package is overpriced and I already own a few versions of the vinyl but it is what it is and hopefully the price will come down to a sensible level.
I wonder how many of these sets will be made?