New Order / People on the High Line


New Order and Mute records show their commitment to physical formats as they prepare to release People On The High Line, a fourth single from their acclaimed 2015 album Music Complete.

This will be available as a 7-track CD single and what appears to be a limited coloured vinyl, two-track twelve-inch single.

People On The High Line will be released on 29 July 2016.

Compare prices and pre-order

New Order

People On The High Line CD single


Compare prices and pre-order

New Order

People On The High Line 12-inch single



CD Single

1 People On The High Line (Richard X Radio Edit)

2 People On The High Line (Claptone Remix)

3 People On The High Line (Lntg Can’t Get Any Higher Remix)

4 People On The High Line (Planet Funk Remix)

5 People On The High Line (Extended Mix)

6 People On The High Line (Hybrid Remix)

7 People On The High Line (Hybrid Armchair Remix)

Vinyl 7″
1. People On The High Line (Richard X Radio Edit) 3:35

2 People On The High Line (Claptone Remix) 6.18



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Koen Kroeze

“Dear Customer

Thank you for pre-ordering the People On The High Line – Shaped Picture Disc Vinyl at the official New Order store.

The official release date for this product has moved to next week, October 14th due to a production delay. Your order will be delivered at release without you needing to take action.

If you have any questions relating to your order please feel free to contact us by replying to this email.

Thank you for your understanding and patience,

Warner Music Customer Services”

Got this message (above)
Pfff… delayed again and again…
I’m still waiting for the other items to arrive as neworderstore refuses to send the other items seperately. How come ‘thank you for understanding and patience’?!? I don’t understand why it has to take this long and I don’t have any patience left anymore.


My favorite version/Mix on this maxi-single is the People On The High Line (Richard X Radio Edit), but I’m having a hard time getting in to the other remixes. I’m sure some of them will grow on me…

Paul E.

Apparently I convinced HDtracks they were inaccurate in their listing. Today they updated the description with the following: “Notes: Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7 are 44/24, Track 5 is 96/24. “


quick review:

1 People On The High Line (Richard X Radio Edit) 3:35
average, but short edit

2 People On The High Line (Claptone Remix) 6:18
boring instrumental

3 People On The High Line (Lntg Can’t Get Any Higher Remix) 7:20
another version thats not much different

4 People On The High Line (Planet Funk Remix) 5:48
good, but way too short versionk, sounds like it’s in a different key

5 People on the High Line (Extended Mix) 7:51
standard extended version

6 People On The High Line (Hybrid Remix) 9:02
excellent, extended electro mix with breakbeats

7 People On The High Line (Hybrid Armchair Remix) 5:39
good, quiet ambient version


Paul E.

@negative1…as I await the physical CD release from the UK to reach me, I downloaded the Hi Res (HD) version on NO’s web store. I actually like the Late Nite Tuff Guy [LNTG] remix the best and feel it’s got a very House orientated vibe with the Korg M1 style piano on blast and looped guitar. Next fav would be Planet Funk’s contribution and agree it is too short. One thing to point out is that NO’s versions are all in 44.1 kHz/24 bit with the exception of the [already released] “Extended Version” at 96 kHz/24 bit. HDtracks has them all listed at the same 96 kHz / 24 bit quality. Sent them an email to inquire and they claim that it is the quality they are selling. Either NO’s own store (listed at $4.99) is offering sub-par quality OR HDtracks (listed at $12.98) has boosted the resolution [which offers no sonic improvement]. At least Pono’s store listed the tracks individually and showed better integrity as it related to actual bit depth/sample rates but they are now outsourcing to 7Digital. Either way, this is the reason I still pursue and prefer the physical format at the end of the day.

Staale Venstad

Shame they didnt choose “Superheated” as one of the singles. Its the absolutely strongest track on Music Complete. One of their best songs ever . A classic NO song with cameo from Brandon Flowers .It could even have been a hit !


I agree 100% with this comment!
Superheated is by far the best track on the album, and one of the best songs they have ever released.
I can’t believe we’re onto the 4th single from the album, and STILL no Superheated!? Bonkers…

[…] New Order / People on the High Line […]

O(+> Peter B

I’m pleased that there’s no extra download-only tracks that aren’t on the CD single with this, unlike with Singularity. I bought the CD single of Singularity and of course the 5 download-only tracks off iTunes (including the excellent Liars remix, the best of the Singularity remixes). POTHL is a great pick for the 4th single.

Pete {in Australia}

Ordered all three a couple of weeks back, via Record Store {UK}, as best prices for moi. The have like all other recent releases done a bundle for the 12″ and cd single, which knocks a couple of pounds off. Cd = 7pnds 12″ = 9pnds – bundle = 14pnds :)


Oakenfold, Terry farley and Paul Van Dyk have already remixed NO, lol


Hybrid, Richard X and Planet Funk remixes?! Is it 2002?

Paul E.

They are moving forward to 2006- I feel confident. Look out for the Deep Dish, Paul Van Dyk, and Timo Maas remixes next. We could time warp again back to the 90’s and get some Oakenfold, Farley, and Orbital mixes if we’re loud about things.

Koen Kroeze

( @Paul E. : I know, I’didn’t include the extended mixes that are on the ‘Music Complete Box Set’ already. People On The High Line (Richard X Club Mix) is the same as the extended and not listed as well)


I like the single remix by Richard X. The original song is the weakest on the lp in my opinion but he has done a good job in cutting it down to its basics .

Koen Kroeze

Personally I don’t mind numerous remixes, some are brilliant and some are less ‘brilliant’…
A b-side included would even be better, that’s true. What irritates me the most, are all these different formats. Okay, there are obviously the digital bundles, 4 cd-singles (yeah!!), 4 coloured 12″ (pricey, but yeah!!), and now… a shaped 7″ (pricey, yeah…) but ‘why??’

Like most collectors over here it takes a lot of money to get all formats and different mixes/versions, not to mention the ones that are not available worldwide. For decades this is a real ‘problem’. Thank God there is the www and online-shops, still not the solution. I wish all versions are at least available worldwide and since it’s 2016 I believe in digital quality as well please!

All in all I’m not complaining about the New Order releases we got over the last few months. For completists here the ‘Music Complete’ mixes/versions we got so far, perhaps I’m missing a few…

Restless (Single Version) 4:34
Restless (Extended 12″ Mix) 8:14
Restless (xxxy Build Up Mix) 6:47
Restless (Andrew Weatherall Remix) 7:48
Restless (Agoria Remix) 6:48
Restless (RAC Mix) 6:45

Tutti Frutti (Single Version) 4:20
Tutti Frutti (12″ Extended Mix 2) 7:32
Tutti Frutti (Hot Chip Remix Edit) 8:49 [vinyl only]
Tutti Frutti (Hot Chip Remix) 11:46
Tutti Frutti (Tom Trago’s Crazy Days Remix) 10:34
Tutti Frutti (Richy Ahmed Remix) 9:05
Tutti Frutti (Hallo Halo Remix) 7:05

Singularity (Single Edit) 4:13
Singularity (Erol Alkan’s Extended Rework) 7:40
Singularity (Erol Alkan’s Stripped Mix) 7:20
Singularity (Mark Reeder’s Duality Remix Edit) 3:49
Singularity (Mark Reeder’s Duality Remix) 4:57
Singularity (Mark Reeder’s Individual Remix) 8:14
Singularity (JS Zeiter Remix) 9:05
Singularity (JS Zeiter Dub) 7:47
Singularity (Liars Remix) 5:32
Tutti Frutti (Tom Rowlands Remix) 7:41

People On The High Line (Richard X Video Mix) 4:13 [vinyl only]
People On The High Line (Claptone Radio Edit) [vinyl only]
People On The High Line (Richard X Radio Edit) 3:37
People On The High Line (Claptone Remix) 6:18
People On The High Line (LNTG Can’t Get Any Higher Remix) 7:23
People On The High Line (Planet Funk Remix) 5:50
People On The High Line (Hybrid Remix) 9:05
People On The High Line (Hybrid Armchair Remix) 5:41

additional remixes – non-worldwide/commercial releases, outside ‘Music Complete Box Set’:
Restless (Radio Edit) 3:29|3:33 [promo]
Restless (Extended Mix – Japanese Edit) 7:09 [Japan]
Restless (Agoria Dub) 6:09 [Japan]
Restless (RAC Mix Instrumental) 6:38 [promo]
Academic (Instrumental) 5:55 [Beatport*]
Academic (Extended Mix Instrumental) 8:57 [Beatport*]
Tutti Frutti (Extended Mix Instrumental) 8:05 [Beatport*]
Tutti Frutti (Radio Edit) 3:40 [promo]
Tutti Frutti (Radio Mix) 3:47 [promo]
Tutti Frutti (Takkyu Ishino Remix) 7:54 [Japan]
Singularity (Radio Edit) 4:02 [promo]
Singularity (JS Zeiter Remix Instrumental) 9:05 [Japan]
Nothing But A Fool (Extended Mix 2) 9:10 [not on original ‘Music Complete Box Set’]
Superheated (Extended Mix 2) 7:07 [not on original ‘Music Complete Box Set’]
[*Beatport – for remixers only, special software required]

Paul E.

@Koen- Nice job compiling things- I just see “Singularity (Extended Mix)” missing from the list. It appears on the CD single, hi res single DL and others…beginning my point now: My hope is that they (New Order) release a physical CD single for all 11 album tracks. That will mean that I have purchased “Complete Music” three times over: by way of the Vinyl “Music Complete” format (hi res download), “Complete Music” 2 CD format, and, if hope prevails, with New Order continuing to include these “Extended Mixes” on all the individual single releases. Redundancy at it’s “collective” best.


I am excited about the 7″ single edits, those are valuable to me. I’ll take it! B-Sides are also welcomed. Love remixes. Not as excited about Dub versions or instrumentals usually. But I really dig 7″ edits or single edits, I use those sometime in place of the album versions for my own compilations.


7″ pic disc tracks (DarrenB’s link above):
People On The High Line – Richard X Video Mix
People On The High Line – Claptone Radio Edit

12″ tracklisting as per US New Order store:
A1 People On The High Line – Claptone 12” Remix
B1 People On The High Line – Extended Mix

Times not given so not sure if Claptone 12″ Remix on 12″ differs from Claptone Remix on CD single. A headache indeed…


That’s the first CD single release I’ve seen in a while.

Justin Isbell

Maybe it’s just me but I really don’t get it…7 versions of the same song. I can’t imagine anything less enticing…what happened to the days when you’d get ‘proper’ ‘B’ sides…you know, songs unavailable elsewhere, or maybe live versions. I’ll give releases such as this a wide berth. Moan over :-)


You are definetely not the only one…
I stopped buying those ‘just mixes’ releases. Is it really to difficult to come up with an additional song or as you said at least a liveversion or radiosession version?

Mark J

Amazon U.S. says the release date is not until Sep 16, so I ordered from Amazon UK.


The cd single has only just come down to £5.99. It was listed for £11+ previously on Amazon UK. Their pricing does seem a bit nuts at the moment.

Peter Nicholas

Apparently the shaped picture disk is limited to 2000 copies worldwide


Good old Mute, they have always been good for getting content out. I really do hope they can negotiate a deal for New Orders back catalogue as I know they’d do an excellent job with it.
By the way the new mixes are excellent


One of my favorite tracks off the excellent album. Ordered, happily.


Nice! Just pre-ordered the 12″ and the shaped picture disk. Thanks for the heads up!


Much as I love New Order – and the new album is a corker – was pretty pissed off the so called ‘exclusive to the deluxe edition’ extended tracks have all been released now! Kind of negates buying the box in the first place now!


Pet Shop Boys take note – 7 mixes for less than £6.


Weird – .ca is saying a mid-September release date. I’m not waiting THAT long…

Derek T.

The shaped pic disc isn’t due until 9th Sep. Maybe that’s where Amazon.ca are getting a September release date from .


Talk about making up for lost time! New Order haven’t messed about with the single releases from their latest album and I couldn’t be happier. Brilliant album and I’ve loved at least ones of the remixes of each single released so far. I guess I’ll be adding this one to the collection then ;-). Cheers.

Paul E.

I’m with you Paul! Here’s my list of complaints for these physical CD single releases thus far: “Singularity” CD release contained 6 tracks in total- HOWEVER, the hi res download offered up four additional remixes not listed on the CD: “Liars Remix”, “JS Zeiter Dub”, “Mark Reader’s Individual Remix”, and “Erol Alkan’s Extended Remix”. Next is the “Tutti Frutti” CD release that contained 6 tracks- our friend’s in Japan released that CD single bundled in the “Music Complete (Furoshiki) Box Set” and it served up one exclusive remix: “Takkyo Ishino Remix”. Less we forget the two Extended Versions only offered on in “Music Complete” Vinyl Set and the (edited/shortened?) “Music Complete” Japan CD Bonus Track “Restless (Extended Bonus Mix)”. Medication is necessary.


£16.94 for a 2-track 12″ vinyl – is Amazon UK nuts?


Just saw that as well. That is ridiculous given that the U.S. Amazon website has it for $10. It looks like I’ll be purchasing each format from the different Amazon websites.


the mute records store has 12″ for £8.99 + £3.95 delivery so not sure what Amazon up to