New Order / Power Corruption & Lies definitive edition box set

Five-disc package • Unreleased outtakes • Peter Saville designed box set

New Order‘s second album, Power Corruption & Lies will be reissued as a ‘definitive edition box set in October.

The 1983 album has been remastered from the original tape (for the first time, apparently) and features on both CD and vinyl in the new box set.

An additional CD called ‘Extras’ features 17 tracks, including outtakes, rough mixes and writing session recordings of songs from the album as well as non-album singles ‘Blue Monday’, ‘Thieves Like Us’ and ‘Murder’. 13 of the tracks on this disc are previously unreleased.

Two DVDs complete this five-disc package. The first captures New Order live during 1982 and 1983 at The Hacienda and Kilkenny, along with other various ad hoc live tracks from the era. The second DVD includes the 1984 Play at Home Channel 4 TV documentary and other rare live and TV performances.

The discs come in this Peter Saville-designed box set with a 48-page hardback book of rare photos and original text collated by Warren Jackson.

Not included in the box, but issued at the same time are four 12-inch singles of non-album singles Blue Monday, Confusion, Thieves Like Us and Murder. These feature 2020 remastered audio.

The box set and the singles are issued on 2 October 2020.

Power, Corruption & Lies (on CD and LP) (2020 remaster)

  1. Age of Consent
  2. We All Stand
  3. The Village
  4. 5 8 6
  5. Your Silent Face
  6. Ultraviolence
  7. Ecstacy
  8. Leave Me Alone 

Power Corruption & Lies – Extras (CD)

Writing Session Recordings

  1. Age Of Consent *
  2. The Village *
  3. 5 8 6 *
  4. Your Silent Face *
  5. Ecstacy *
  6. Leave Me Alone *

John Peel Session

  1. Turn The Heater On
  2. We All Stand
  3. Too Late
  4. 5 8 6

John Peel Session Outtake

  1. Too Late (instrumental rough mix) *

New York Session Outtake

  1. Thieves Like Us (New York demo #1) *

Writing Session Recordings

  1. Thieves Like Us *
  2. Murder *
  3. Blue Monday *
  4. Blue Monday *

Album Session Recordings

  1. Blue Monday Instrumental outtake *

*Previously unreleased

New Order – Power, Corruption & Lies DVD


Live Shows

The Hacienda, Manchester, 1982

In A Lonely Place
The Village
We All Stand
Chosen Time
5 8 6
Everything’s Gone Green

Recorded on 26th June, 1982

Rosehill Hotel, Kilkenny, Ireland 1983 

We All Stand
Leave Me Alone
The Village
Age Of Consent
Blue Monday
Everything’s Gone Green

Recorded on 24th April, 1983

TV Sessions

BBC Top Of The Pops, London, 1983

Blue Monday

Countdown – 1983


Switch – 1983

Age Of Consent
Blue Monday

BBC Top Of The Pops, London, 1984

Thieves Like Us


The Hacienda, Manchester, 1983

Your Silent Face
5 8 6

Recreation Centre, Tolworth, 1983

We All Stand
Leave Me Alone

Tower Ballroom, Birmingham, 1983

Love Will Tear Us Apart

First Avenue, Minneapolis, 1983


Uni-Mensa, Dusseldorf, 1984

The Village

Alabamahalle, Munich, 1984

Thieves Like Us
Blue Monday

Metropol, Berlin, 1984

Lonesome Tonight


Play At Home

Channel 4 documentary made by New Order 

Live Show

The Hacienda, Manchester, 1983 

Blue Monday
Age Of Consent
Lonesome Tonight
Your Silent Face
Leave Me Alone
5 8 6
Thieves Like Us
In A Lonely Place
Everything’s Gone Green

Recorded on 20th July, 1983

SINGLES (2020 remaster)

Blue Monday

Side 1

Blue Monday

Side 2

The Beach


Side 1

Confused Beats

Side 2

Confusion Instrumental
Confusion (Rough Mix)

Thieves Like Us 

Side 1

Thieves Like Us

Side 2

Lonesome Tonight


Side 1


Side 2

Thieves Like Us Instrumental

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Played the LP from the box set today, it plays fine but there are some strange up-and-down vibrations coming from the cartridge with every spin. Played with my Technics SL-1210 MK2 with Ortofon Concorde cartridge + 30 stylus. I would assume this LP would likely cause skips and jumps when playing in some turntables. I wonder if my LP is faulty or whether the whole batch is. Even though the record plays, this can’t be too healthy for the stylus. A replacement might be in order but first I wonder what other people’s experience is with this LP.

DJ Dust

Loads of folks over on Discogs reporting the same thing, even replacement copies are the same apparently. :(

John 79

I received my bundle from the New Order website today,the 12″ singles arrived okay but the definitive box set was damaged,the frustrating thing is that the box was damaged before the protective plastic wrapping was applied,
Has anyone else had a similar experience with the boxset or was mine just a one off problem.


Received mine on release, opened today and both mailers were fine. Opened the record mailers, no damage to singles or album box set, have not opened, but looks all good. Pleased and will give the singles a go first, hope they are same quality as last set of 12 inch re issues.


Saville was an oasis in a sea of horrific 80’s album design. Beautiful looking box that nearly detracts from the ugly price.

Andrew Sellers

This impeccably produced and put together in every respect. Setting the money aside, the box and book are beautiful, the attention to detail on the sleeves are spot on with both the CD and LP having the correct cut outs as indeed does the Blue Monday 12 inch. Immersing myself right now – PCL was always my favourite NO album and it going to be on heavy rotation this weekend.

Paul Hargate

In the Record Collector review they said all the writing session tracks were without vocals? That can’t be right as one or two day Instrumental as it is. Would be a bit dull and may put me off….It’s £100 on Amazon and Movement is a cool Boxset so I’m tempted


Too pricey but nice set, I don’t actually mind mixing the media as you have the single original LP re mastered then everything else is on disc which is good, don’t really want loads of demos on a 180g vinyl, seems a bit pointless. May consider this if it drops…

Tim Barton

I would have settled for something along the price lines of the Fleetwood Mac sets, or-better yet, the Love Forever Changes LP/CD set. This and Movement would be lovely to have, but the cost!

As with Movement, I will keep an eye on price drops.

Wayne Olsen

Unfortunately the high UK postage wipes out any price drops for us in the USA. I love this album but it’s NOT worth over $100.
The pies are flaming this year price wise. Will we be paying $30 for single CDs soon?


Nice looking box set but WAYYY overpriced. Not exactly definitive too…

Mike t

Listening to the original vinyl bought in high street ken. This was my fist new order album being of that age. Lots of chat about the cover. Why not just have the beautiful flowers on it? Anyway minor. Such a brilliant record


Was that Our Price store on the High Street Ken ? think I got mine there too-great shope that was

Mike T

@giovanni… I think it was in the market. Not sure if that’s there now. I was over on a Rugby tour from Ireland. Jesus there were just a few stores over here. Going to the UK was like Mecca!


Can’t wait for this. Got the full package from the official web site, if the Movement box is anything to go by this is a must for New Order fans. The 12” singles have all sounded excellent, including the JD ones, so expectations are high for these also

Spare 'ead No 3

Hello Jozek does the new order store take immediate payment, when the order is taken?. As I’m thinking of ordering the Lp & 12″s, like yourself. Thanks in advance Paul.

Andy Haines

I wonder which version of Blue Monday it will be? The one with the full intro beats or the “missed beats” intro?

Mark G

I thought they’d worked out that the “Missed Beats” version actually had a fraction more than the “full intro” version?

Larry Davis

Now it’s confirmed…the only way to get the non-LP 12″ single tracks on CD is either the 2008 2CD album reissues or together on “Substance”…this set looks really nice and similar in design as the “Movement” box, will get eventually…and have a feeling…like the 2008 doubles, this series will not go past “Technique”…just a hunch…

Mark Reed

£50 of stuff in a £120 box. The old cliche was “we made history, not money.” Now it’s “We made money, not history.”


In the wake of the “Movement” box, the single LP was reissued. It’s different from the Rhino reissue in that the cover is a more direct replica of the original, with the record inserted into the white inner sleeve and the UPC bar included as a sticker on the shrink wrap, so as not to spoil the presentation. (The 2008 Rhino included a cloudy plastic inner sleeve, with the white inner sleeve thrown in as sort of “insert.”) That makes me hopeful that a single disc “Power Corruption and Lies” LP will be reissued as well, with a die-cut sleeve. I’ll be interested to know if the copy in this set is die-cut as well.

Dean Taylor

Well I’ve decided to preorder and just pay up..
I have a hunch this will be a much smaller print run then Movement (which I scored for£68)
It’s quite possible and completely missed out on the singles remastered vinyl set , that was on Amazon for months for £45 and I hung back , then it was gone ..
Try to find one now .. rare as hens teeth and never seen one on eBay , those that have one keep it..
So I’m happy to buy the complete bundle at £150.
This box set collecting is a tricky business.

Neil Parnell

so annoying all the bonus stuff is only on cd and not on vinyl….would def buy if there was an all vinyl version.

Joe Atari

Superb packaging for these reissues, although “Low Life” is my personal favourite. surely the logical step for CD completists is a Substance box similar to the Joy Division singles box that came out, with replica CD sleeves for each release, that way all the edits an 1987 re-recordings of ‘Confusion’ and ‘Temptation’ could also be included, and edits. Substance came out after “Brotherhood” but before Technique so I would expect it to include every single up to True Faith although logistically “Technique” is the last Factory release, “World In Motion” from 1990 their last Factory single. this explains why there’s been no “Republic” deluxe as yet or anything after. So possibly the “Substance” concept could be extended to 1990. Making it a neat decade of Factory singles. https://www.discogs.com/Joy-Division–Singles-1978-80/master/304482


Yes – looking forward to this! One of my favourite albums of all time. I was thinking that a lot of these sets may be delayed for this year due to the covid issues.
The Movement set was lovely – however I’m not a big lover of the album – I think it’s mainly an interesting transitional record and rarely listen to it. PC&L and associated singles, however, is where they really took flight. With Movement, I played the waiting game and got it for £60 eventually. I’ve taken the plunge with this one though and got it from the NO website – the main bundle is good and you get a free 12″ and free t-shirt I suppose, if you look at it like that. I did this with the Joy Division Closer bundle – which worked out cheaper than most places. I’m just concerned there’ll be a lot more demand for this and a smaller run based on Movement – but who knows? I guess now it seems they’ll be continuing this series through the 80s Factory records at least – which is all I’m really interested in.
One thing’s for sure – with the Prince SOTD sets coming out a week before, I’ll have a lot of new music to listen to this Autumn and will have forked out a sizeable chunk of cash. I hope my turntable fits into the doghouse I’ll be in if the missus gets any wind of this. And if a new Bowie box materialises around then, as they have done in previous years, it may be letters from divorce lawyers time.
Stay safe all!


Johnny James (who has been involved in the boxed set curation and restoration) confirmed today on the New Order Online forum that the Deluxe Editions will include all albums up to Waiting For The Sirens’ Call / Lost Sirens (implying a joint set for those two). Also that they are considering format options for Substance. All sounding very positive. Hope they bring out Substance in its chronological place between Brotherhood and Technique, rather than keeping us waiting until all the studio albums have come out again.


Interesting that they left “Video 5 8 6” off of this set. I would have guessed it would have made sense here.


Too long and dull!



‘Rocking Carol’ and ‘Ode To Joy’ are missing as well, just like ‘Haystack’ (1984), which could’ve been present, too.


I think chronologically, ‘Haystack’ was the first thing New Order recorded, so it would’ve belonged on the Movement set. If anywhere.


There’s quite a few missing tracks on this one.
There will be a lot more if they make more boxsets.

That’s just how it goes, you only put what you think
people want, and whats available.

I’d rather have unreleased tracks, rather than ones
I can still find.



There not “missing tracks”, but tracks they decided not to include. A set with all missing tracks would be long and tedious (particularly by the time we get to the era where DJ mixes were aplenty. I agree that it’s better to have exclusive new gems than stuff I have on vinyl that can still be found. Nice as a collector to keep some stuff that’s exclusive to my vinyl collection, not re-released and still rare.


Perhaps. The reason I mentioned it was because of its importance in terms of being a fleshing-out of ideas that turned into “5 8 6,” “Blue Monday” and “Ultraviolence” – it’s basically a combined demo. But you’re right that it has been released before, and they seem to be mostly stressing unreleased stuff, Peel Session aside.


Agreed – you could say it marked the transition between NO mk 1 & mk 2. Still, stoked that this set includes the first iteration of 586 from the Hacienda 82 show (my favourite live era, 1982).

Henry flowers

Love video 586. Agree it’s a miss.

Dr Volume

They are expensive, and I do wish they could do a CD/DVD only version for those of us with more modest wallets and shelf units – but it ain’t happening. The Movement Box was excellent and the contents of this look even more good value as you get those fascinating documentary period pieces (Tony in the bath with Gillian, Rob interviewing himself, Martin with his pistol etc), more decent TV footage (rather than grainy VHS reels) and the out-takes I don’t think anyone outside of very closed collectors circles will have heard, if at all so this is genuinely interesting new content from a very collectable band reaching their peak.

Alas as long as Paul McCartney can get away with charging 500 quid for some photos in a giant box bigger than some flats I’ve lived in, and the ‘Ironic’ hitmaker can charge 40 quid for a mug and some postcards – then SDEs makers will keep pushing the market to see what it will stand for – and this £65 worth of content will cost £110.

As for the 12″s being sold separately I know its annoying but I can understand why they do it, they sold well – they look very desirable on HMV shelves- people will get them just for the brilliant artwork and I bet loads more people will buy the stand alone Blue Monday 12″ who wouldn’t dream of forking out for the box set.

Dave B

Didn’t Peter Hook, when responding to significant online criticism regarding poor sound quality on the previously reissued 2-disc editions, state that many of the original master tapes of New Order material had shockingly ended up in rubbish skips and been lost/destroyed when Factory went belly-up?

Then years later they’d allegedly been found in a commercial basement in Manchester when Jamie Oliver’s restaurant chain were developing the site? And there was allegedly some bizarre extortion attempt involved to get the master tapes back at some point, only for further news coming out that this was all bullshit?

Is anyone able to shed any light on these stories regarding their veracity???

If they’re true, and the original master-tapes are indeed gone, how may that affect the audio quality on this set?

Matthew McKinnon

I think many of the master tapes, if not all, are safe and sound. The fact that you can easily download stems for Blue Monday on the internet suggests there’s a stash of tapes somewhere.

Factory going bust wasn’t an overnight event – everyone could see it coming from a long way off, and a lot of acts [ACR, for instance] made off with their masters before the fact. New Order and Factory were talking to London about a buy-out as well, so I’d imagine materials were being gathered after with that in mind.


Interesting that they are including the ’82 BBC John Peel session audio tracks here (on CD2) yet omitted the ’81 BBC session tracks from the Movement box (‘Truth’, ‘Senses’, ‘I.C.B.’ and ‘Dreams Never End’).


Possible distinction is that the first Peel session was recorded and broadcast at/by the BBC and we’re very similar to the demo versions on the Movement box (recorded just days before). The second Peel session was privately recorded by New Order, then broadcast by the BBC (unusual for a session) – plus they’re quite different versions to the album ones. However, it has been very easy to track these down since the late 80s, so not that essential for this set.


Looking forward to this. The Movement box was really nice including the book. Excited about all of the unreleased content here.

There really needs to be a comprehensive, ‘definitive’ singles box released on CD with the 7″ and 12″ versions included.


everyone’s upset about no singles on CD but honestly I’m way more concerned that the extra/bonus material isn’t on a second vinyl disc.


Interesting use of the word ‘definitive’.


It is until the next one

Derek Langsford

So this “Definitive” series is only in boxed sets? Shame they are not giving a variety of formats to reach more customers (i.e. digital media-only versions).

I didn’t get the 2008 CD remasters after hearing they were severely flawed and missed the 2009 replacements (recession and involuntary time off/income reduction) but I have no interest in all that vinyl and don’t find sessions etc CDs get more than one listen. Not enough here to be lured in. Will keep listening to my original album CDs and the Substance 2CD.

Dean Taylor

Just seen that Resident Records are calling this super limited and are only selling one per person … could be ..with a lot of Movement stock out there maybe this set is a smaller print run …would make sense.
Shame about Blue Monday not having the die cuts but as I remember the band and Factory lost a lot of money because of manufacturing .. if someone knows more please chip in …


Regardng the original Blue Monday sleeve, I wouldn’t totally give up on them doing it die-cut…That’s only a mock up that you see, after all, not a photo of the finished product..

They have made some effort with the singles so far (Temptation had the ‘debossing’ which could easily have been skipped to save a few quid, Transmission had the slightly embossed photos front and back )

I’m not saying it will be die-cut, of course, just that it’s not impossible that it will be : )


Die-cuts would be awesome. In fact, the photo on Discogs.com seems to confirm that this edition comes with a die cut sleeve!!!


The official NO website shows an uncut sleeve. The picture on Discogs shows A die-cut sleeve, not necessarily THE sleeve for this release.


Also the discogs picture has a black inner – personally I would prefer the silver.


I would just like to congratulate anyone who can afford this, or any of the New Order definitive releases.

O(+> Peter B

Yes, I’m happy to stick my 2CD reissue from years ago, that’s more definitive to me.


Apparently there’s a Substance box planned in the same format that will hoover up the various single versions. Expect a long wait for that one though, studio albums first…


What’s your source for there being a Substance box planned? I’ve heard no more than fan speculat so far.


heard that around the time of the Movement box, maybe it was just speculation but would make sense…


I’m sure they’ll copy what the Independent Trucking blog did several years back.


The 7 inch A-side versions are available (also remastered by Frank Arkwright) in the remastered + re-released version of the ‘Singles’ 2 x CD compilation that came out a little while ago (although ‘The Perfect Kiss’s isn’t quite the same edit as either of those that appeared on the promo or UK 7″ versions, so slight error there).

Most of the original 12″s were released digitally on the 2nd CDs of the Factory reissues in 2008 (assuming you have the corrected versions – not the initial released discs that featured skipping/timing errors courtesy of the misaligned DAT machine they initially used to source the tracks). There’s weren’t remastered by Frank Arkwright, and in a small number of cases (‘Murder’, ‘Thieves Like Us Instrumental’, ‘The Beach’) were slightly alternate versions to those that originally appeared on their respective original 12″ releases – hoping this gets corrected for October’s set of reissues.

Also worth noting that the 4 x ‘Movement (Definitive Edition)’ 12″ re-releases (as remastered by Frank Arkwright), were also released on digital download stores a few weeks after the ‘Movement’ box was released, with lossless versions available at Qobuz. Strongly hoping that will be the case with ‘Power, Corruption & Lies’ so I can grab CD quality downloads of the Frank Arkwright remasters to accompany the boxed sets. This way, I won’t have to re-buy the 12 inches that I already have in their original forms – just the boxed set itself.

Also hoping for a ‘Definitive Edition’ of ‘Substance’, for which I hope they keep the tracks exactly as they appeared on the original release (with the 1987 re-recorded ‘Temptation’ and ‘Confusion’), as it’s my favourite album (regardless of it being a compilation), and I’d like it remastered in its original form. The only tweak I’d make for the main album on the CD version, is stick back in the 40 or so seconds originally edited out of ‘The Perfect Kiss’ to make it fit on the CD back then (as latter CDs can hold 4-5 more minutes in total). The other edited 12″ versions (‘Subculture’, ‘Shellshock’) should remain in their edited forms, as I feel they benefited from being shortened down from what were very lengthy 12″ mixes. The full versions of these 12″ mixes will, after all, get re-released to accompany the ‘Low-life (Definitive Edition)’ boxed set. Perhaps they could expand ‘Substance (Definitive Edition)’ to 3 CDs to mirror the tracklist of the original 2 x cassette which include the extra B-sides and dubs). And bung in a few tasty live sets on the DVD.

I’d also love it if they digitally release all the 7 inches when this current album reissue campaign is complete (or may to accompany a ‘Substance’ box). There’s a few unique B-side and dub version edits that have never come out digitally, and it’d be great to see those on download stores and Spotify too with their original cover art.


‘Confused Beats’ and ‘Confusion (Rough Mix)’ from the Confusion 12″ were omitted from the 2008/9 2 CD reissue.


Hence my comment “Most of the original 12″s were released digitally on the 2nd CDs of the Factory reissues in 2008”. Guessing these will come out on a digital ‘Confusion’ single shortly after the box set is released. Interesting to note that ‘Confusion’ segues directly into ‘Confusion Beats’ on the 12″ – hopefully this will be preserved on the digital version. The CD re-releases of ‘Confusion’ 12″ mix so far all have a fairly quick fade just before where this gapless transition begins on the vinyl.


If ever there was a band that would sound amazing with a 5.1 or Atmos mix, New Order would be it.


great album, looking forward to it.

however, will wait for a deal or sale price.

if they didnt’ include the singles on movement,
why would they bother include them on here.

it’s obvious they have no plans on doing that.

yes, a super deluxe ‘substance’ would be amazing,
but that’s not an album, it’s a compilation, so i don’t
see that happening.

it’s easy enough to track down the original singles,
but having the new remasters is cool also.



‘Substance’ is indeed a compilation, but features only 3 songs that were on an album…
So, a ‘super deluxe edition’ could be possible…


Funny, I was just wondering a couple weeks ago if we would be seeing the next ‘definitive’ reissue lp any time soon. Love the look of the Movement reissue, so definitely getting this! Too bad their official store won’t offer free shipping for the ‘ultimate’ box to the US, so off to Amazon I go. Excited for this one!


The thing that bothers me most is not bringing back the die-cut sleeve for Blue Monday. That would have been awesome. Ah well.


Agreed! First thing I checked.


Especially for 12 quid!

Bleddyn Williams

Agreed, AdamW. These are supposed to have authentic replica sleeves and the “floppy disc” sleeve is totally iconic and part of the Factory legend. Too bad they cheaped out on this.


@Nuno Bento That 2008 Collector’s Edition 2CD did not have two of the Confusion mixes; those would have been nice to have digitally.

@Luke The 7″ versions for these tracks aren’t really “canon” for New Order – they’re all promo edits that weren’t released. I’ll take session recordings over those any day.

Also, US NO store doesn’t offer the T-shirt, at least not yet. :-(

Anyways, I’m in on this. Low-life is my favorite NO album but this is a close second, and pricy though it is, I can’t wait for it like I did for Movement.

(Does anyone else hate the outer boxes of these designs as much as I do? The colors are ugh and the font is blech.)


I don’t hate the outer box at all! Though, I’d have perhaps chosen grey instead of the dusty pink color. I assume grey is reserved for Low-Life. Regardless, I see what Saville is going for here, and it’s a brilliant update of the original Factory cloth-covered boxed cassette series from the mid 80s, except this time each album gets its own color, instead of each artist.

Prediction: The color White is reserved for an ultimate Substance box, which will come out after everything else, and collect all the singles and their respective versions in digital form (i.e. CD/DVD only, since it will require many more discs than the previous boxes, and the 12”s will all have been released).

Wildcard: Will they treat the post Factory releases differently, or will they follow in the same style? If so, will there be a Substance II to pick up the remaining post-Facto singles?

Matthew McKinnon

If they’ve any sense, they’ll ignore the post-Factory release because they’re dreadful. About a single CD’s worth of decent material over the rest of their career.


Same mistake as on Movement. No singles on CD again. Plus the absence of the 7 inch versions of those singles is bothering me, so no ‘definitive edition’ boxset again.

New Order’s former manager (Rob Gretton) wanted to do a proper CD singles boxset in 1998/99 with all the versions commercially available. It never happened. Not by London, Warner/Rhino or Mute.

Dean Taylor

Ok … couldn’t resist.. ordered from the bands store
The box… all the singles and a brill album T shirt
£150 all in with free p&p.
Don’t think that’s too bad .. it will be close to that for
Box and the Confusion 12 which is what I was after and the T shirt worth £20..
can always cancel if things don’t pan out.

Ps.. the T shirt looks gorgeous by the way and tipped it for me.


Ordered it without T-shirt, as the P&P aren’t free to the Netherlands (almost £16)…


do they take patment from your account straight away on the bands shop?


Would have been nice to see Blue Monday reissued in its original sleeve. The box is a must buy for me – I swerved Movement but will go for this and the next three.

Tom Walsh

Admittedly, New Order are my favourite band but the look of this package is absolutely gorgeous


Singles not on CD? New Order never quite get their reissues as right as they should.

Nuno Bento

I keep seeing people unhappy with the absence of the singles on CD but guys, you have had that already on the 2008 Collector’s Edition:


But they’re calling this the “definitive” version. As in, this is it guys, throw out your old copies, this is the one to have. And I fail to see the logic of including demos and outtakes of “Blue Monday” if you can’t be bothered to slap the single version on here. To make such an extravagant box set and leave something out… well, it doesn’t motivate me to spend money, that’s for sure.


The 2008 reissue was louder than the loudest Metallica loudathon in Loudland. Everything was at 11.


In response to those querying why the singles aren’t on the LP, I’m wondering if this is due to ‘Substance 1987’ also eventually getting the ‘Definitive’ treatment.

This set would hopefully include all the singles currently released and the forthcoming ones. With any luck, it would also include both the original versions of ‘Temptation’ and ‘Confusion’, plus the 1987 versions of these two tracks (originally recorded for ‘Substance 1987’).

Fingers crossed anyway.


Fingers crossed x2 for a Substance 1987 re-issue

A fantastic album but let down by terrible CD mastering


Live from Kilkenny?! My hometown, immortalised by a superdeluxe at last!

Dean Taylor

At last.. never thought we would see it ..
Love the Movement box …its actually my favourite NO album and then Power..
Was obsessed with them back in the day .
Glad to see this.


Pre-ordered it without hesitation.

A shame the tracks from the four 12″ are not on one disc as well, this time remastered.


Great album and a very tempting package.
As I already have the original LP, 12″s and Peel Sessions on vinyl, I might hold out for the inevitable price drop.
There’s no mention anywhere of it being “limited”, so there should be some deals on this early next year.
If I can pick it up for anywhere near the £59.99 I paid for Movement (via a SDE Deal Alert), I’ll be a happy bunny.
And the 12″s are GBP 9.99 via the band’s webstore, if you’re interested.


With you on that Tom

Geezer C

Sad they haven’t included the 12″ single tracks on CD for us that already own all of these 12″ singles…


Ugh. Once again calling this “definitive” while not including the singles. (And some Americans already think “Blue Monday” is part of this album.) Wonder if they’ll do a singles box or a remastered/deluxe Substance down the line.


A bit desappointed that Confusion 12´´ is still not issued on a CD format

David culmer

I have read this several times and am gutted that we don’t get the singles tracks on cd. If they were included on cd then I would not hesitate to order.