New Order presents BE MUSIC


New Order Presents Be Music is a new compilation of productions by members of New Order and will be released next month.

Available as a triple CD set and double vinyl LP package, this release features classic dance and electro tracks released on Factory Records between 1982 and 1985, with the CD version signing off with the semi-legendary New Order track Video 586.

Both sets also feature more recent remixes for current artists such as Factory Floor, Marnie, Tim Burgess and Fujiya & Miyagi.

New Order Presents Be Music will be released on 17 February 2017.


3CD Edition

CD 1

  •   1. Quando Quango Love Tempo
  •   2. Marcel King Reach For Love
  •   3. 52nd Street Cool As Ice
  •   4. Section 25 Looking From A Hilltop (Megamix)
  •   5. Nyam Nyam Fate/Hate
  •   6. The Beat Club Security (Remix)
  •   7. Paul Haig The Only Truth
  •   8. Shark Vegas You Hurt Me
  •   9. Marcel King Keep On Dancin
  •   10. Section 25 Reflection
  •   11. Quando Quango Tingle
  •   12. Surprise Over Italia

CD 2

  •  1. 52nd Street Can’t Afford
  •   2. Thick Pigeon Babcock + Wilcox
  •   3. A Certain Ratio Bootsy (Swingfire Mix)
  •   4. Factory Floor ~(Real Love)
  •   5. Section 25 Another Hilltop
  •   6. The Other Two Inside
  •   7. Marnie The Hunter (Remix)
  •   8. Fujiya & Miyagi Daggers (Remix)
  •   9. Tim Burgess Oh Men (02 Remix)
  •   10. Factory Floor A Wooden Box (Remix)
  •   11. Life Tell Me
  •   12. Life Tell Me (Theme)

CD 3

  •  1. Peter Hook Lavolta Lakota Theme
  •   2. Section 25 Knew Noise
  •   3. Stockholm Monsters All At Once
  •   4. The Royal Family & The Poor Motherland
  •   5. Winston Tong Theoretical China
  •   6. The Beat Club Security (Dub)
  •   7. Marcel King Reach For Love (US Mix)
  •   8. Thick Pigeon Jess + Bart (Remix)
  •   9. Red Turns To Deep Sleep
  •   10. Ad Infinitum Telstar
  •   11. Section 25 Sakura
  •   12. New Order Video 586

2LP Vinyl Edition

LP 1
1. 52nd Street Can’t Afford
2. Section 25 Looking From A Hilltop (Megamix)
3. The Beat Club Security (Remix)
4. Marcel King Reach For Love
5. Quando Quango Love Tempo
6. Nyam Nyam Fate/Hate

LP 2
1. A Certain Ratio Bootsy (Swingfire Mix)
2. Factory Floor (Real Love)
3. Marnie The Hunter (Remix)
4. The Other Two Inside
5. Fujiya & Miyagi Daggers (Remix)
6. Tim Burgess Oh Men (02 Mix)

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Paul Thomson

Arrived this morning. Bloomin’ marvellous!!!


The beat club “Security”? On many a dance album.

Metal Mickey

Just a +1 for the idea of a “Substance” expanded reissue to mirror the original double-cassette version, which was pretty much on constant play for me back then… would be even better if they copied the generic Factory box design they were using at the time!


Would love to see Good Together reissued with all the mixes but as that was on A&M it probably won’t happen.

I'd Rather FAC

Well worth having if you don’t already own the previous LTM comps, nicer packaging in my opinion.
Shame about the missing 52nd Street tracks, I wonder if there is enough Factory era stuff to put a compilation together, presumably not or we’d have had one by now?

On a Factory related note, Mute records have signed up A Certain Ratio so expect their back catalogue to be reissued (in some cases for the 3rd or 4th time…Factory, Creation, SoulJazz and LTM have all had Ratio catalogue over the past 20 or so years)
although I’m not sure if that includes their recordings for A&M much of which has never been reissued.

Paul Thomson

“Ooh, does that say ‘New Order’ and ‘Benelux’?” *yoink*

Me, every time since 1981. Some lessons I don’t want to learn :-)

Cool As Ice

The tapes for 52nd Street’s Can’t Afford & Cool As Ice are lost as they are vinyl rips on all the other compilations. It’s a shame they didn’t include the Be Music produced Look I’ve Heard & Available. As explained here.

New Order’s Stephen Morris was called in to help out on production for 52nd Street’s third single “Can’t Afford”. Morris also completed production on two other tracks that were supposed to appear on a later EP. Both those additional tracks, “Look I’ve Heard it all Before” and “Available”, were re-recorded and released on the band’s 1986 Virgin debut album titled Children of the Night.


Music Complete was nothing like a return to form. It was nothing like anything from their great 1980’s albums on Factory but sounded like awful M People cod disco with Iggy Pop thrown in, bizarrely. A record that is hyped in the press means nothing, Be Here Now by Oasis sticks in the mind. I really miss New Order and how great they were. But this compilation is still naff.

Mike C.

Music Complete = brilliant. Need Substance remastered/expanded!


Totally agree Mike and for anybody to say Music Complete was terrible is bizarre or is indeed Hooky in disguise.


Music Complete was pretty much universally considered to be a return to form. Or, at least, somewhere near.

My comment still stands though; it was liked by a lot of people and may have gained the band some new fans. Fans who may be interested in a compilation of this nature.


Music Complete was terrible, they should call it a day.


Completely agree with Lloyd f , they haven’t produced anything good in a long time

Christian Fex

Oh, I see, here come the Hooky fans ;-)


Totally disagree – I thought Music Complete was the best thing they had done in a while. For me it was better than their last couple of albums… (And I thought the extended versions were superb!).

Billy Dojcak

Half of the album featured quest musicians. NO were backing band to someone else.

Stan Butler

Give over. Music Complete was easily the best thing they’ve done since Technique. A brilliant album. Complete Music too was New Order at their best.

Billy Bones

“Music Complete was easily the best thing they’ve done since Technique.”

But not one-tenth the album that Music For Pleasure was, and is.


Lots of negativity here.

Although I can appreciate that a lot of this material has been available before, this is a pretty good compilation of the most important things tracks produced by the band.

It’s a great starting point for people unfamiliar with this side of NO’s work. Perhaps those that have just got into the band following the rather wonderful Music Complete.

And at £15 for 3 CDs, I think it’s a bargain.
A lot of great tunes including the magnificent Looking From A Hilltop. That is up there with Blue Monday as being absolutely genre-defining. Should’ve been massive.

And the full-length version of Video 5.8.6. Superb, madly brilliant stuff.

I own the two previous BeMusic compilations, and most of the other tracks (inc. the rare Video 5.8.6.) single, but will still be getting this.

I’d echo requests for a Substance 1987 remaster (especially an expanded version).

Chris Lancaster

As others have said, this all seems a bit pointless. I also have to say that even though I’m a huge New Order fan, Video 586 does go on a bit!

It would be good great to see Substance reissued, though – especially if the track listing mirrored that on the original cassettes rather than the vinyl or CD.

Rik Skyline

More rehashing – Most of these tracks have already been released on the ‘Cool As Ice’ / ‘Twice As Nice’ compilations, and again on the ‘Fac. Dance’ compilations. Luckily New Order’s own track ‘Video 5-8-6’ is indeed the full 22 minute version. It would be great to see Substance 1987 reissued as well as the last 2 Electronic albums. I love Bernard. He’s ace.

Wax Monster X

Beaten. Horse. Died.


Reach for love, love tempo, looking from a hilltop and the only truth are all brilliant tracks but I have them already . The only one I would really like is the extended 586 from the cd. As well as Elephant Stone they could also have included Freaky Dancin by The Happy Mondays( produced by Bernard).


Myself, I’ve found the LTM or FacBen stuff that mr nice does to be poorly mastered and poorly packaged on the whole. Again, don’t see the point of this. Stuff like Marnie, Fac Floor or Tim Burgess just don’t belong on here. It jumps from the mid 80s to now, daft!


Out already direct from James at Factory Benelux.
It’s lovely and remastered beautifully.
Nice to have more recent tracks like Marnie on there too.
I’m guessing Elephant Stone was too expensive to licence.


I’ll pass.

But I will second the comment on Substance 1987.

While technically a 12″ Greatest Hits, there are some nice alternate versions and gets all the essential songs together in one place without a bunch of fluff.

This could really use a good re-master. Maybe even expand to get some other good versions/remixes from THAT ERA (not crappy “modern” remixes).


To be fair, if you don’t already own the full 22:25 version of “Video 586,” you *need* that song, and if that’s what’s on offer here, this might be an easy way to get it. Plus, both of the Factory Floor tracks are dynamite, and they are not on other Factory comps. (And they don’t sound much like they would have belonged on Factory, either, but Stephen Morris produced them, so there you go.)

But yeah, lots of duplication otherwise.


fantastic music, but I have it all on some other random compilations.

Gary Hunter

I honestly can’t see the point in this at all.

Mike C

Agree, they have to go a hell of a long way to match “Substance 1987”, that was an amazing release!!!!


No thanks! These Factory tracks have been reissued so many times on so many comps that there’s nothing here to add to the pile. The label responsible for this has diluted the essence of what Factory and Factory Benelux once stood for. How many more times can he squeeze out Looking From A Hilltop?!