New Order issue 2017 live show

∑(No,12k,Lg,17Mif) New Order + Liam Gillick: So it goes..

In June 2017,  New Order returned to the stage at Manchester’s Old Granada Studios where Joy Division made their television debut on Tony Wilson’s So It Goes programme in 1978. That concert performance is now released as ∑(No,12k,Lg,17Mif) New Order + Liam Gillick: So it goes .. on limited 3LP coloured vinyl or as a two-CD package.

For the celebrated show, New Order “deconstructed, rethought and rebuilt” a wealth of material from throughout their career: familiar and obscure, old and new. This includes tracks such as ‘Disorder’, from Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures (not played live for 30 years), up to ‘Plastic’ from 2015’s Music Complete.

This album was recorded live on 13 July 2017 and includes the full show and encore plus three additional tracks recorded over the five-night residency, to fully represent the breadth of material performed.

The show and performance was created in collaboration with visual artist Liam Gillick and orchestrated by composer-arranger Joe Duddell, the live show was performed by the band with a 12-strong synthesiser ensemble from the Royal Northern College of Music.

The limited edition 3LP edition is pressed on red, light green and blue transparent vinyl, which are packaged – with a 24-page 12-inch booklet – in a spot varnished hardback slipcase. The vinyl set includes ‘hi definition’ digital download of all 18 tracks.

The double CD edition comes packaged in a triple gatefold spot-varnished sleeve and comes with a booklet.

∑(No,12k,Lg,17Mif) New Order + Liam Gillick: So it goes.. is released on 12 July and both formats can be pre-ordered from the SDE shop using this link or the buttons below.

1 Times Change (Live at MIF)
2 Who’s Joe (Live at MIF)
3 Dream Attack (Live at MIF)
4 Disorder (Live at MIF)
5 Ultraviolence (Live at MIF)
6 In A Lonely Place (Live at MIF)
7 All Day Long (Live at MIF)
8 Shellshock (Live at MIF)
9 Guilt Is A Useless Emotion (Live at MIF)
10 Subculture (Live at MIF)
11 Bizarre Love Triangle (Live at MIF)
12 Vanishing Point (Live at MIF)
13 Plastic (Live at MIF)
14 Your Silent Face (Live at MIF)
15 Decades (Live at MIF)
16 Elegia (Live at MIF)
17 Heart & Soul (Live at MIF)
18 Behind Closed Doors (Live at MIF)

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Gareth Pugh

Box set has arrived and very nicely done, decent sounding cut on the vinyl. Bernard’s vocals are classically Bernard’s vocals, and I say that affectionately. Strangely, as with the recent Blancmange vinyl box set initially, the downloads that come with the vinyl are not available yet

Andrew Sellers

Just got mine and its a beautiful package – what’s the situation with the digital edition? Are they mailing codes when complete?

thomas solimine

Boy do bands milk it for all its worth these days. Is this because of the struggles many of them had when in their primes? I don’t know but New Order will milk every last possible recording it seems.

Andrew Sellers

what exactly do you mean, ‘struggles in their prime’?


typical live NO, spot on performance, crap vocals.
and i wouldn’t have it any other way.

looking forward to this.


For those curious about the visuals of the performance: there is almost 40 minutes of the BBC broadcast version up on youtube to sample.

The stage and lighting design are well worth seeing, and very much in line with the modernist geometric graphics that New Order has at various points throughout their career. Neat, crisp, varied and involving.

On the other hand, you have the spectacle of a pot-bellied, twig-armed Barney dancing in his usual fashion in an untucked t-shirt. God bless Bernard Sumner, he’s given us a lot over the years, but this casual sloppiness really undercuts the effect of the production. Yes, the vocals are a problem, and it surely has much to do with his poor physical condition. It’s sad to see him in such bad shape.

The 12 synth army seems to have been used to replicate the sequencers the band usually uses in performance. If the arrangements have been changed, it isn’t obvious in the youtube excerpt, which is a bit of a mixed opportunity. Do the live players add excitement? Maybe. There is the occasional clunker missed note too, if that sort of thing bothers you. Also, keyboardist Gillian doesn’t seem to have been left much to do and it doesn’t take much imagination to read some additional boredom into her usual reserve.

I think devoted fans would enjoy the video, but casual listeners would be satisfied with watching the youtube excerpt and getting an idea of the staging.


please share the link to the BBC extract, I can’t find it

Nick M.

Will this be available in the U.S.? I’m particularly interested in getting the CD’s.


Surely the 12′ reissue campaign is going to continue?
Blue Monday, Confusion, and Thieves Like Us should be next…

As a Manc and a long term NO fan, New Order without Hooky is like The Who without The Ox or Faces without Ronnie Lane…

I ‘ate you, Butler!

Dr Volume

Not sure the Fleetwood Mac analogy holds given the turnover of personnel in that band over the years. If it’s Mick, John and Limahl from Kajagoogoo on the Tuba it’s still Fleetwood Mac.
A better comparison maybe, band loses famously short tempered Bass player….Pink Floyd without Roger Waters…


Limahl on Tuba. Thanks for the laugh this morning.


What’s the point of crediting a visual artist on the title of this release, but not release it on a format where we can see these visuals?

Gareth Pugh

I’m guessing said ’24 page booklet’ might go some way to addressing that ;-) Should look good in the larger format you get with the vinyl box

martin farnworth

Yet another live New Order album. A sign of a band nowhere near their creative heights. Although Music Complete was rather good thats four years ago. Quite easy to give this a miss. The Hooky argument is frankly boring.

Matthew McKinnon

So true. What was once by favourite band now becomes another industry for milking ageing fans.
I don’t begrudge bands getting old and continuing to do what they do, but NO are taking the piss a bit these days.

Andrew Rana

Wasn’t sure if this was Pro Hooky/Anti Hooky forum I accidentally opened rather than the live album.
I love NO but missed out on this gig so I’m really glad it’s now being released. Recently they live sets are made up of fairly predictable songs but this is made up of a great mix of tracks across their back catalogue.
I’m looking forward to hearing it.

Christopher Merritt

What? Ian Curtis? Worry? – totally agree. I saw Fleetwood Mac with Neil Finn when they were last here in L.A. and it was a dreadful, incomplete miss mash. As much as I love that Crowded House song from my teenage years – having FM play it with him was odd at best… I would have loved to have seen Buckingham – again, that tension thing can really push a band higher. This concert was sadly bland to me.

Alan B

I attended the final show and it was a great concert. Nice to have a permanent recording of those shows and the packaging looks terrific. Pity a blu-ray audio and video wasn’t included. That would have been the perfect release.

David McCallum

Suspense builds… Peter Saville – Art Direction? My eye guesses “no.”


There was something about the typeset on the Movement boxset that didn’t seem quite right to me, even though it was seemingly trying to evoke the design of the old Factory cassette boxes. It just didn’t appear quite New Orderish enough. Closer inspection sadly revealed a lack of Peter Saville’s involvement there as well.


The vocals are dreadful. I’m a huge New Order fan, but Bernard’s live vocals are an absolute disgrace – especially now in 2019 (or whenever this was recorded). Also, the lack of bass in the songs is certifiable. I’m not saying it because no Hooky, but choosing to ignore the instrument that drove these tunes along, is criminal!

I’ve got to the point where – no more live album purchases and no more NO live concerts.


The funny thing is Joy Division never appeared on So It Goes.
The last edition of So It Goes was broadcast in December 1977 and Joy Division made their debut on Granada TV during Granada Reports on 20.09.1978.


I can already see the Gracenote database being as listed here with “(Live at MIF)” on every track, as if the parent album field isnt sufficient…


maybe there will be a bluray in the future.

anyways, the audio is enough for now.
there is professional video available to watch for some of the tracks.

looking forward to the release.

nice packaging, and great design.

don’t need hooky, and he’s been long gone,
so need for people to keep bringing it up.


Jon M

Hey Paul,

Just wanted to note the typo, June 2017 should be June 2019.
I will buy this as New Order is my favorite of All time. Agree with other comments here about Hooky.

The new incarnation of New Order is outstanding and they are very strong live. I’ve seen then in LA four times in the past 6 years and they are way better live now than when I saw them in 93.

Music Complete is their best album since Techbique!

This is worth buying for Vanishing Point alone. First time I have ever seen them perform anything from Technique!

Jon M

Oops my fault, that’s not a date typo… :-)


Sorry I will pass. Mute have really got their marketing machine in full flight. This is exactly the same strategy with what they do with Depeche Mode. Easy money…… This album has been milked for every last cent. Obviously trying to make up for their bad money management in the Factory years!

Mark the Transfixed Dustbin

Hmmm … I don’t disagree with you in principle about milking the Mute album, but this doesn’t fall into that category. This was a special set, designed with twelve extra synth players, choreographed and designed specifically for this festival.

The result is unlike any gig they’ve done before, and why I’m so annoyed about it not getting a blu ray release.

Matthew McKinnon

The thing is, they got all the money Factory owed them when they signed to London Records in 1993. That was s stipulation of signing, that all the profits from the Technique album and tour (that Factory has hoovered up to cover costs for the beleaguered Hacienda etc) were paid in full upfront. So they haven’t been out of pocket for over 25 years. Barney Sumner has about £20 million in the bank.
This really is just milking it.

Martin York

I’ve ordered this (and good to see I was able to get it via your shop Paul). I was at this performance which was spectacular, both for the music and the visuals. Great show, and a wonderful part of Manchester International Festival.

Quick plug: the MIF festival is on again in July this year. It’s an amazing time to be in the city with some world-class performances.

Just in case anyone’s not familiar with the equation:

No = New Order
12k = 12 keyboards (from Royal Northern College of Music, on stage with the group)
Lg = Liam Gillick (put together the amazing visuals and stage concept)
17Mif = Manchester International Festival 2017

Maths teacher

Technically not an equation as it doesn’t have an = in it…


Also the first character is a sigma – or “sum of”


even if hooky was there, this is ALL synth…..

Craig Hedges

Are New Order still with Mute Records, after the amazing Music Complete (who needs Hooky?) I was hoping for further new albums, or an Electronic reunion if possible.

Mark the Creaking Bucket Handle

“The show and performance was created in collaboration with visual artist Liam Gillick” – so why no blu ray, preferably with 5.1 sound?

It was filmed and shown on tv and looked great.

They should have done a PSB and copied their packaging for their recent live set.

What? Ian Curtis? Worry?

Sorry not New Order without Peter Hook, like releasing a new Queen Lp with Adam doodah…not the same…big fan of NO but I’ll give this a miss….

Andrew Sellers

nope – each to his own but this incarnation of New Order are brilliant – as indeed is Hooky and his solo Light live shows. Apart from the interning banter you really don’t miss Hooky live.

Mark the Sanguine Bread Basket

Agreed – if Hooky were still in the band, there would be no band. The remaining members have been asked what the difference is post-Hooky, and all of them, not just Barney, have chosen the lack of ‘tension’ and having to be careful what you say or do all the time as the number one reason.

Although after all his NO slagging, I did find it amusing that one of the requests Hooky wanted from his court case against them a couple of years ago was to be let back in the band!

Rich H

Bollocks, as great a character as Hooky is, he has always been something of a one trick pony on the bass. If it could still be New Order without Gillian, then it can be New Order without Peter Hook.

What? Ian Curtis? Worry?

Bollocks indeed, but it’s like saying Queen can carry on without Roger Taylor or Freddie, or Pet Shop Boys still going without Neil Tennant or Chris Lowe.

So to me NO is the orignal line up, doesn’t matter if they get a part time bass guitar player or a hundred part time bass playersit isn’t the same without Hooky. I remember the backlash that Fleetwood Mac recieved over replacing Buckingham with Neil Finn, well its the same thing isn’t it.

Tension has always been a good thing in bands that’s where the best music comes from.

Christopher Merritt

Agree 100%. Saw him last year do a “Joy Divison’s entire catalogue night” here in L.A. and it was spectacular (as were the NO songs). Bringing my 13-year old to see him this year. I really wish everyone (Hooky, Sumner, Gillian and Morris) would put on their big boy pants and work it out… To me, New Order without Peter Hook just really isn’t New Order. It’s that tension that makes them so good. (See also Peter Murphy with Daniel Ash – the tension there makes a spectacular live performance…)