New Order to reissue special ‘Complete Music’ edition of Music Complete


New Order have announced that “due to overwhelming demand” they are making the extended versions from the limited edition vinyl box set of their latest album Music Complete available as a two-CD set, called Complete Music.

This will be the first time the mixes have been available outside the box set, apart from Singularity (Extended Mix) which was included on the single release (the extended versions of Restless and Tutti Frutti on the singles were alternative mixes).

Complete Music features a variation on Peter Saville’s artwork and the two-CDs are housed in a cardboard slipcase. It will be released on 13 May 2016.



1. Restless (Extended Version)
2. Singularity (Extended Version)
3. Plastic (Extended Version)
4. Tutti Frutti (Extended Version)
5. People on the High Line (Extended Version)
6. Stray Dog (Extended Version)
7. Academic (Extended Version)
8. Nothing But a Fool (Extended Version 2)
9. Unlearn This Hatred (Extended Version)
10. The Game (Extended Version)
11. Superheated (Extended Version 2)

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Very unimpressed by the packaging, flimsy little cardboard slipcase with two carboard inserts, was really hoping for something more attractive than is. granted I think the artwork is terrible anyway but think Mute could have put a little more effort into it.


Never mind, looks like CD 2 is the original album, while the first disc is the Extended Versions… found this link here….



The Extended Versions are spread over the two CD’s as they wouldn’t fit on one. The original album is not included except for a download code on a piece of paper.


Hi, I am seeing New Order’s “Complete Music” as a 2-CD set, the first Disc is the Extended Version, but the second Disc is … not sure, is it the original album? I’m confused. Anyone know what the 2nd CD is?

Paul E.

Not sure if anyone outside of the U.S. is affected, however, again New Order’s Web Store have mismanaged this release. By that, I mean it’s May 13th and “Complete Music” is still not available for download. I experienced the same troubles when I purchased the “Music Complete” physical CD / HD download combo on the NO’s UK site last year. The download wasn’t operative for days after the posted release date. Frustrating that I want to spend my money with NO [directly?] but HDTracks, Pono Music, 7Digital, iTunes and the lot have their act together and are the only viable outlets for timely NO downloads. Yes this is venting- but also serves as a cautionary notice for others to look elsewhere before entering into business with New Order’s Web Store (unless of course you don’t mind rechecking the site for days on end for your download to appear).

Rob Puricelli

Was there ever any verification that the two reworked mixes would be made available to existing box set purchasers as free downloads, as suggested by Barry Grayshon in the thread above?


I received an email from the official New Order store a few weeks back confirming that.

Rob Puricelli

Interesting. I don’t recall getting that email and I bought my box directly from them.

I’ll chase them up :-)



I don’t get the people whining about this. It’s the EXTENDED mixes on 2 CD’s, which I for one am thrilled about. It’s not like they are charging people to buy the album twice, I look forward the these extended mixes since I did not get the box-set. Hey, if you don’t want it then don’t buy it, nobody is making anyone do anything, Geez….


Why the New Order witch-hunt? Aren’t bands always releasing new formats, editions and repackages? Look at TFF with the 2-disc editions and now box sets. Rip off – no, I was chuffed to get even more music.
Surely the vinyl box sets are for the collectors, especially with coloured vinyls, and thus rather than fork out for Japan releases we can all now appreciate this terrific music?
Do folk moan about the RSD releases?

Brian Barker

I don’t understand why people are upset, it was announced that the mixes would come out on CD sometime after the initial release. I guess some don’t really look into what’s coming out in the future before taking the plunge and spending a lot. The box set is still the box set. I’m happy that I bought it and I’m happy with it.


1. I prefer cds to vinyl as I ran out of storage space for vinyl. I only buy vinyl if the packaging in the 12” format is extremely enticing and the price is fair.

2. New Order have always been a “12 inch versions” band, remember that some of their most famous singles in the 80s initially only had been released in 12 inch (extended) versions, i.e. Blue Monday, Thieves Like Us). I do like to listen to the extended versions.

3. I’m very happy that the extended versions are made available for buyers who don’t buy vinyl.
On the other hand it’s not a given fact that vinyl prices always fall after a cd release. If a box set is well made and not overpriced at the initial release it will keep its value.
I read in the other comments above that buyers of the vinyl box set love it for the coloured discs. If price and quality both are good then the box set will find further buyers.

4. I also do like the new album and would also mention the 2001 album ‘Get ready’ as another one of my favourites, I do think it’s at least as good as ‘Technique’.

5. I can understand that the inflationary use of the ‘exclusive’ tag may disappoint some buyers but haven’t we all been misled by this kind of labelling one time or another? ‘Limited’ is another of these often misused tags.
On the other hand for an example I’d be happy to see a reprint of the “Tear For Fears” box sets. My copy of ‘The Hurting” arrived heavily damaged yet I couldn’t get a replacement because it was already sold out. And I had waited too long to buy the “Songs From A Big Chair” box set while it was available at a reasonable price.
Both boxes sold out really fast despite adverstising them as extremely limited. Imho this proves that a box set which is compiled and presented properly at a reasonable price can still sell its numbers in the digital age.

Mike Bushell

Just like to say I’m really pleased this is coming out on CD. I won’t fork out for new release vinyl, I only buy albums I really love. Yes it is a pity this wasn’t available on release but the financial penalty is small so well done to Bernie and the boys for doing this. It’s a cracking album and like the fabulous 1980s product.


1. I love the box set.
2. Most of the extended versions are a little boring to me. I prefer the album versions.
3. Fuck off for releasing them on CD. I think the price of the box set will drop fast now.

Frank Spinath

I bought the box-set for the extended versions because I took the “exclusive” announcement literally which is why I feel duped. To whoever comes up with marketing strategies like this: in my eyes you undermine the integrity of a great band. If the band is involved in making these decisions, I am sorry for you. It’s a bit like playing shell game with loyal fans.

Stan Butler

Don’t know what there is to complain about here. Eleven new remixes for (allowing for inflation) the price of a New Order 12″ back in the mid 80’s.


I’ll wait another 9 months for the Super Deluxe Extended Expanded Bonus Track Edition.

Mike the Fish

I’m interested in this, but I can imagine some people who bought the expensive box set being pretty gutted, at least two of the mixes should be different so hopefully that will be some consolation.


Wasn’t Rhino supposed to reissue “Singles” as a newly remastered 4 LP-2CD set last year, featuring correct single versions and an extra track (I’ll Stay With You)?


Yes, it was supposed to be reissued at the time. All of their Factory/London albums bar Get Ready have also been remastered but only for digital release, no physical editions have been announced. Really hope they are eventually released with bonus discs of their fantastic twelve-inch versions and B-sides.

Mike C.

Do we know when Get Ready was not remastered? Thanks


I don’t understand what you are trying to say but no album released after the mid 90’s needs remastered unless it was shitty mastered in the first place.


As another owner of the vinyl box, I have no complaints about this. First, the remixes of Nothing But A Fool and Superheated are still exclusive to it. Secondly, it was very reasonably priced, and is very nice looking (though I do wish the outer box were sturdier), and there was the possibility to get an autographed one (though I was not so lucky), AND colored vinyl, AND 24/96 hi-res!

And, you know, the music. :-) Terrific album.

Seriously, though, I think we have to expect that the music isn’t going to stay exclusive forever in these situations, though I agree that exclusivity period maybe isn’t as long as it was in the past. As long as there’s compelling physical product, I’m not going to begrudge the later release too much.


I got the album on release back in SEPTEMBER, yes it only came out 6 months ago (or 9 months after this release is due). Why could this have not been released back in September with the initial release. At least the buying public would have had the choice of which (or indeed both) one to buy! Grrrrrrrrrrr.


There’s going to be a lot of space wasted over these two discs. Just a pity they stopped doing b-sides instead of all those remixes.

martin farnworth

hmm. slightly annoyed although i still have a top product in the boxset. does this release diminish it’s value? hard to say. perhaps not.
however i would imply mute if not new order of using underhand tactics. hardly unusual though. technically they weren’t lying by advertising it as exclusive . who’s gonna advertise their product as “this product will be exclusive for 7 months”. that would be odd.

Glenn Roger

I know some people may feel slighted after purchasing the New Order vinyl box set with all the 12″ singles enclosed, and I bought that box, but the selling point for me was the colored vinyl which will be very hard to find in the future. Artists and groups are always releasing on all formats nowadays, so this 2 cd release should not be the exception. Instead of griping April Fools or complaining, we should applaud New Order for giving another avenue in which to get those remixes out there!


Is this not another way of saying Are we being conned? Can I send my standard cd back and exchange it for this new release? Mmmmmm!


Looking forward to this and glad it’s not an April Fool’s joke!


nice compilation.

and looking forward to seeing if the 2 new extended mixes are better or not.



Great and will be definately buying it but annoyed I spent £18 on the Japanese version just to get the extended Restless track that was a bonus track, sigh! Actually having re read above I’m not sure the version on the Japanese edition is the alternative one on the single or the extended version from the box set, I shall check.


Ditto. 2cd version should have been released at the same time as box set.


Richard, I think the Japanese album bonus track was still exclusive to that disc, based on the running times:

Restless (Extended 12″ Version) from CD single – 8:14
Restless (Extended Bonus Mix) from Japanese _Music Complete_ – 7:09
Restless (Extended Mix) from deluxe vinyl _Music Complete_, and I assume the new CD edition of extended mixes – 9:30

I wish they’d give the mixes more distinctive titles!


Will buy the 24/96 HiRes version of the album again to get the Extended Mixes. One of the best records of 2015 and a real return to form for New Order. Still listening to it regularly. Agree with the comment of their best since Technique.


Indeed, it’s solely the extended versions here without the original album included. Knowing their tendency to reissue ad nauseum, I took “exclusive” to mean “exclusive for now until we repackage this later.”

Barry Grayshon

The 2 CD package will come with a download of the original album though.

Robert Morgenstern

I wonder how they like to fit them on one Bonus CD. I think the Extended Versions in the Vinyl Box Set have a total runtime of nearly 86 minutes. Is that the reason of Track 8+11 are Extended Version 2?


The track list on Amazon.de and JPC show the extended mixes on disc one and the regular album on disc two. Does anybody know if this is correct?


Brilliant news, the cd is great and the extended versions are ace, someone was streaming them on a blog recently. I am buying this.


Good deal for those of us that didn’t spring for the box set. So I’ll be getting it. I can understand you’d be annoyed if you did buy the box, especially with the two new remixes.

Barry Grayshon

Apparently though, the two new extended versions will be available to download for free on release day to everyone who purchased the box set previously.

Rob Puricelli

Hi Barry,

Could you confirm your source for this info?


Yeah right, anyone actually received links? I’m mad, 2 days after release still nothing. I sent an email Friday mid-day, no response. Not surprised, but still irritated. Have had issues with Warner Bros. speared pre-orders/downloads for Duran and Prince as well as New Order remix singles. They can’t get their act together and actually give those of us who still buy music first priority? Is it that hard to get an email link sent out at midnight release day? The sloppy way the so-called major labels handle direct orders us so pathetic it actually shoots themselves in the foot. How is it that third parties do better? If it wasn’t for the hi-res versions being available at better prices I’d give up on direct altogether! The vinyl box set is still a bargain, and with record sales so low I don’t blame them for repackaging, but I have to admit I’d have bought the extended cd version only instead if they were released simultaneously. It isn’t fair that those who collect flip the bill for file sharers, but who said life is fair?


If this is not a April fools joke, I will never buy any “exclusive” item from New Order again. What a bunch of frauds…

Just sayin'

I have had umpteen opportunities to download the original album for free, and I’m sure that will be the case with this one as well. Not interested in hearing a single note of it.

On the other hand, I just listened to Music For Pleasure yesterday. Knowhumsayin’, B?

Christopher Old

Fantastic news, enjoyed the album very much. Looking forward to this release in May.
Always a treat to acquire extended versions of New Order’s catalog.
Many thanks for keeping us informed and up to date Paul!

Jeremy Bromley

Seems legit, I ordered it yesterday from RecordStore for £9.99… :)

Chris Lancaster

Rather pleased to see this, as I hadn’t been able to justify buying the vinyl box set as the likelihood would have been I’d have just ripped it all and then put the box set in a cupboard (along with all the rest)…

Stan Butler

Been a New Order fan for over 30 years and I don’t think I’ve played any of their albums (Substance maybe) as much as this one. Love it. Certainly the best since Technique. Great news that the extended mixes are coming out on CD.

José Ramón

Nothing But a Fool and Superheated are new remixes (hence the number 2 in the title) as the band say they improved them after releasing the box.


It was announced yesterday (or rather I got the email about it yesterday) so not an April fool. Although New order always had a slightly warped sense of humour… ;)

Christian Fex

April Fools’ Day?

Paolo Meccano

Ha ha, I’m not falling for another April Fool, not after the Wham one.

“Overwhelming demand” – yeah, right… ;-)


Lol….Paolo you took the words out of my mouth

Mike Bushell

Well I want it


Brilliant news add it’s an excellent album. I hope the vinyl version is still available for some time as I’d love to purchase it when I can afford it.