New Order / Updated and improved Singles compilation on the way


Remastered and updated version of Singles compilation

New Order‘s Singles compilation from 2005 was beset by problems including a highly compressed ‘remastering’ and incorrect versions of some tracks. Warners have fixed these issues and will release a new and improved version of this compilation on 2CD and 4LP vinyl in September…

Singles does what it says on the tin and collecting the band’s 45s in seven-inch or radio edit guise. These new editions add I’ll Stay With You from 2013’s Lost Sirens album and replace the correct single edits or mixes for the tracks Nineteen63, Run 2, Bizarre Love Triangle, True Faith, Spooky, Confusion and The Perfect Kiss.

Frank Arkwright (who helmed the remastering of The Smiths’ Complete box) has remastered the collection at Abbey Road, with all audio sourced from “high quality transfers”.

With this new sympathetic remastering and the mix fixes, Warners are describing the new Singles as a “considerable upgrade on the previous version of the album”.

This will be available as a heavyweight 180 gram 4LP vinyl box set and a double-CD and is released on 9 September 2016.


2CD Edition

Disc: 1
1. Ceremony (2015 Remastered Version)
2. Procession (2015 Remastered Version)
3. Everything’s Gone Green (7” Version) [2015 Remastered Version]
4. Temptation (Original 7″ Version) [2015 Remastered Version]
5. Blue Monday (2015 Remastered Version)
6. Confusion (UK 7” Promo Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
7. Thieves Like Us (7” Promo Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
8. The Perfect Kiss (7” Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
9. Sub-Culture (7” Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
10. Shellshock (7” Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
11. State Of The Nation (7” Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
12. Bizarre Love Triangle (7” Remix Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
13. True Faith (7” Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
14. Touched By The Hand Of God (7” Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
15. Blue Monday ’88 (7” Version) [2015 Remastered Version]

Disc: 2
1. Fine Time (7” Version) [2015 Remastered Version]
2. Round And Round (7” Version) [2015 Remastered Version]
3. Run 2 (7” Remix Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
4. World In Motion (2015 Remastered Version)
5. Regret (2015 Remastered Version)
6. Ruined In A Day (Radio Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
7. World (The Price Of Love) [Radio Edit] [2015 Remastered Version]
8. Spooky (Minimix) [2015 Remastered Version]
9. Nineteen63 (Arthur Baker Radio Remix) [2015 Remastered Version]
10. Crystal (Radio Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
11. 60 Miles An Hour (Radio Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
12. Here To Stay (Radio Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
13. Krafty (Single Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
14. Jetstream (Radio Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
15. Waiting For The Sirens’ Call (Rich Costey Radio Version) [2015 Remastered Version]
16. Turn (Stephen Street Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
17. I’ll Stay With You (Lost Sirens LP Version) [2015 Remastered Version]

4LP Vinyl Edition

Side 1
1. Ceremony (2015 Remastered Version)
2. Procession (2015 Remastered Version)
3. Everything’s Gone Green (7” Version) [2015 Remastered Version]
4. Temptation (Original 7″ Version) [2015 Remastered Version]

Side 2
1. Blue Monday (2015 Remastered Version)
2. Confusion (UK 7” Promo Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
3. Thieves Like Us (7” Promo Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]

Side 3
1. The Perfect Kiss (7” Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
2. Sub-Culture (7” Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
3. Shellshock (7” Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
4. State Of The Nation (7” Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]

Side 4
1. Bizarre Love Triangle (7” Remix Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
2. True Faith (7” Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
3. Touched By The Hand Of God (7” Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
4. Blue Monday ’88 (7” Version) [2015 Remastered Version]

Side 5
1. Fine Time (7” Version) [2015 Remastered Version]
2. Round And Round (7” Version) [2015 Remastered Version]
3. Run 2 (7” Remix Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
4. World In Motion (2015 Remastered Version)

Side 6
1. Regret (2015 Remastered Version)
2. Ruined In A Day (Radio Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
3. World (The Price Of Love) [Radio Edit] [2015 Remastered Version]
4. Spooky (Minimix) [2015 Remastered Version]
5. Nineteen63 (Arthur Baker Radio Remix) [2015 Remastered Version]

Side 7
1. Crystal (Radio Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
2. 60 Miles An Hour (Radio Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
3. Here To Stay (Radio Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
4. Krafty (Single Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]

Side 8
1. Jetstream (Radio Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
2. Waiting For The Sirens’ Call (Rich Costey Radio Version) [2015 Remastered Version]
3. Turn (Stephen Street Edit) [2015 Remastered Version]
4. I’ll Stay With You (Lost Sirens LP Version) [2015 Remastered Version]

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Hi – does the new singles box set also come with a digital download?



not in mine there wasn’t :(


* I agree about the “Perfect Kiss” 7″ Edit, would have been nice to have the shorter version. Not a big deal really, but notable.


@Shelf, I am listening now on my 320kbps mp3 version of this track (Rippped from CD) and I do not hear a glitch on “World (The Price Of Love)” at 00:18,… I am not hearing it. Is it a drop out in sound? My version sounds fine to me.


Hey memoryboy: the glitch at 00:18 on “World” is a slight crackle in the left channel – listen through headphones. It’s not the worst mastering error you’ll ever hear, but it’s there. I’ll send you a rip from my disc if you want – you can also hear it on Spotify.


Received from Amazon US on September 9. As Eric M. noted above, Amazon US quickly changed the availability status as shipping in 1-2 months, which could have been interpreted as a delay due to quality control issues. However, the page now lists the product in stock as of September 17, so I think it was just an inventory matter.

As others have noted, the sound quality of the new “Singles” is vastly improved over the original release – listening through headphones, I noted subtle instrumental parts on some tracks that I hadn’t previously heard before. Unfortunately, I did discover a glitch – slight distortion at 00:18 on “World (The Price Of Love)” (I’ve confirmed that it’s present on both US and UK/EU pressings). However, given how horrendously the band’s back catalog has been treated in recent years, this minor issue can be overlooked.

The addition of proper single edits not included on the prior edition also makes the new “Singles” a worthy upgrade. However, it’s still not perfect: the 4:25 international edit of “The Perfect Kiss” (previously featured on “Total”) is used in lieu of the 3:50 UK 7″ edit. But this is another minor quibble.

Collectors may be quick to discard the 2005 version of “Singles”; however, for what’s it worth, the edits of “Confusion” and “1963” are exclusive to that release.

Now, when are the albums remastered by Frank Arkwright going to be released on CD?


I got my 2-CD today, the sound is so much better on this. Nice and clean, and sound quality and volume level match up with most all their other remasters (Total, Album reissues) which I am happy about. The 7″ Remix Version of “Bizarre Love Triangle” is the best edit of this track in my opinion, mixes the remix as an edit. I am loving this 7″ of “Confusion”. Run 2 is the single version I’ve never heard before, loving it more than the album version. This reissue is a major improvement over the 2005 release. Very happy with this.


Pre-ordered mine on Amazon and it showed up yesterday. Interesting to note that the artwork/liner notes are a complete re-hash of the 2005 issue with no mention of the Frank Arkwright remastering.

The sound, however is vastly improved.


I called and found out a local store has this in, I plan to pick it up soon. I would love to hear what anybody thinks of the remastering and the 7″ single versions on this. What’s new, what’s different, anybody?

Larry Davis

I saw it at Newbury comics on Friday…and I have the older version…saw nothing wrong with it…i like that it has a then-new remix of Temptation by much-missed band Secret Machines…and it has the versions of true faith and 1963 which were not reissued anywhere else…I hated the edit of true faith…botching the chorus…I may just keep my old one which is a rare occurrence for me, always going for upgrades…

Eric M.

Also, can someone who has purchased as vinyl indicate whether it comes with a download card? I don’t intend to purchase this title twice, so if there’s no digital with the vinyl, it’s CD-only for me.

Eric M.

Anyone know what the deal is with Amazon US saying the CD version of this title is on backorder and available in 1-2 months? I highly doubt it sold out, more looks like it is unavailable for some reason. Makes me wary of trying to order from other stores as well…

Mark Jensen

Well, so far, this is exactly like last time this was announced where it was never actually released – supposedly this is released today, but Amazon still tells me that can’t even give me a date when they will ship my cd.


It’s out. I received the vinyl in the mail today. I ordered it from popmarket.


This comes out today, as far as I know, and would love to read what others think of the remaster job done on it. And other details, info, etc…


I have been waiting patiently for this. Can’t wait to add these new remasters/7″ edits to my playlist and collection. Very excited to hear and see what they have done here.


As a huge NO fan, I tend to buy everything format (I know it’s sad but even at 52, I’ve bought the 12″ & 7″ Pic Disc of People On The Highline!). I managed to get the superb remasters from THAT site before they were asked to remove them. Now that these have been re done, I’ll probably get it and see if they compare to the ones I have.


Ho hum…………So yet ANOTHER opportunity goes begging – they might have finally addressed the glaring inaccuracies of the various edits and different versions, but completely throw away another chance to avoid confusion with the original 2005 release of this 2XCD set by at least revising the dreadfully boring uninspired artwork as well. Why not have it on a different background instead of the same old white yet again? Wouldn’t it be better to do what Music Complete did [the expanded version Complete Music at least featured a variation on the [still rubbish] artwork colour scheme]? Better still, why not have a completely new cover design altogether? And new sleeve notes written by anybody other than the terminally snoresome Paul Morley. Come on!! There are so many things you can do with this whole package, but simply icing the turd is NOT enough.


I thought it was just me but Paul Morley does write a load of rubbish in sleevenotes doesn’t he.


@Kevin, I might be wrong, but… wasn’t this new reissued ‘Singles’ release just recently announced? How could you have pre-ordered it last year back in August 2015? I dont think it was even announced back then. Was it? Try pre-ordering it again, perhaps this new announcement for this new release (coming out in September) perhaps it will go through this time. Good luck!


I don’t recall the exact date, but it was initially slated to be released in the latter half of 2015.(September/October, maybe?) Hence, the ‘2015 Remaster’ in the Amazon listing. Again, this is the US Amazon I’m referring to. The UK Amazon does show a listing for the 2015 remaster to be released 9/9/16. And now, I see that US Amazon does show a listing for the 2015 remaster as an import (presumably the UK version) to be released on 9/9/16. Prior to this, the only US release for this title I was seeing on Amazon was digital download only (also available 9/9/16). I assume if I wait a another week, a US physical pre-order will also become available. We shall see!


Hmm…just received an email from Amazon US outright cancelling my preorder (from all the way back in August of 2015) for this release. “Due to a lack of availability, we will not be able to obtain the item from your order.”

Come on, guys. Not again.


I wonder if the single version for “world (price of love)” is the album edit or the Perfecto edit? The perfecto edit received more airplay in the US and was the version MTV played also.


@Neil, I am glad to see you share the same opinion, I thought it was just me! I agree with you on everything you said, including the disappointment in the reissued first 3 singles box sets. They could have remastered those and it would have been awesome. Sadly I don’t think anyone in the Depeche Mode camp will hear or see these complaints or even care enough to do something about it. They are probably going to be focused on their new album (they are in the studio recording right now) which is exciting, but their entire back catalog and singles need to desperately be remastered and done right. The sound quality on the single 81-85, 86-98 and the singles boxes 4-6 are excellent and a pleasure to listen to, everything else was remastered… I don’t want to say “poorly”, because I’m sure they were trying to do a great job, but it just wasn’t done right.


I have always thought that the remastered sound for Depeche Mode’s albums back catalog was one of the worst I’d heard (all album’s reissued/remastered in 2007) It sounded fine at first, but when you compare those albums to other Depeche Mode releases (The Singles, cassette and vinyl version) I realized how awful the sound was, it was like listening to the music through a piece of cloth. I compare a number of tracks with the same versions on other formats, and it was really bad. So bad in fact I am waiting for DM to reissue all their albums again and remaster the sound right. (‘Enjoy The Silence’ off Violator is depressing when compared to the sound quality of ‘Enjoy The Silence’ off the Single 86-98) I can’t say I’ve heard the 5.1 Surround Sound Mix though, but the remastered CD’s were poorly done.


I agree with you that those DM remasters were terrible and the original CD’s sound a million times better. I remember buying the singles boxes 4 & 5 and even though they were a bit compressed still sounded properly remastered then a few years later those new album remasters appeared and the sound difference compared to those single boxes was like night and day. Regarding those single box sets they reissued the first 3 boxes at the same time as 4,5 and 6 but didn’t bother to remaster them which was very annoying especially if you try to make a compilation with the mixes and the b sides.


The stereo channels on many of the tracks on Disc 1 were reversed. Will this be fixed on the new edition?


Any word of the catalog number/UPC and how it differs from the original pressing, appreciated.

When the albums were remastered, i heard they had mistakes and waited over a year before buying them from the UK and was assured I had the new version. I cannot remember how to tell. I also had a text file from some fan forum going over in detail where the clicks, pops, mistakes, etc. were on the original remasters – it made for some interesting reading. So it’s really misfortunate to hear this problem with the Singles compilation as well.

While on the subject, does anyone else sometime not warm up to the remaster. I know with the cocteau twins, the new found clarity wasn’t exactly a good thing, I missed the murkiness and mystery. As for the Smiths reissues, great job, and Johnny’s guitar is more up-and-front in the mix (what a surprise), but the feel of the energy is like a clone or imposter to the original feelings the original recordings gave me. Same goes for the current CARS remasters, it’s great to listen to from start to finish – you hear instrument sounds or accents you never noticed before, but there’s something disingenuine about the listening experience, for me at least.
the 5.1 SACD and DTS/DVD-A is the same thing, new version, new ears, but not the preferred listening experience (ie Depeche Mode).


Those remasters were bad enough with the clicks, pops, mistakes you mention but they were also brickwalled to hell as well and on the second disc of Power,Corruption And Lies they didn’t even put the proper version of The Beach on there instead some rubbishy edit. Those Cocteau Twins remasters are ghastly as well.


can I get 50% discount if I send them old version?

Billy Dojcak

Before I leave you alone, the version of Blue Monday on International has an extra beat on the intro. Never been able to find any info on this. Anyone know?


@Billy Dojcak yes, Bue Monday is cut on the Singles. And this is a problem if you need extra beat for mixing it in some set that you are used to – like I was doing with Depeche Mode Just can’t get enough :)

Koen Kroeze

Yeah! I’m happy this compilation will be re-released, updated and corrected. Well, it’s not really ‘updated’, but hé, we can’t have it all”, right?”

As a collector I like all the versions in the best possible quality. Personally both the 7″ edits and extended 12″ versions give me a nostalgic feeling, it ‘sends’ me back to my childhood days, waiting in front of the radio with my cassetterecorder, hoping for a (7″ edit of a) New Order song…

Back to this ‘Singles’ compilation. Probably like all SDE followers, I made/make my own ‘SDE’. And this happened also when ‘Singles’ hit the stores. I made an accompanying compilation with most of the b-sides and non-album tracks, entitled “Coins”. It would have been perfect if such a deluxe edition would appear, including a third/fourth disc with 7″ b-sides… With ‘Substance’, the 2CD/MC we got almost all 12″ b-sides as well…

Here’s just a thought:
In A Lonely Place (7″ Edit) / Mesh / Cries And Whispers / Hurt (7″ Edit) / Video 5.8.6. (Edit) / The Beach (7″ Edit) [unreleased] / Confused Beats / Lonesome Tonight (7″ Edit) / Theme (Homage A MGM / ‘The Quick Neat Job’) / The Kiss Of Death (7″ Edit) / Sunrise (Rough Instrumental / ‘Discreet Campaigns’) / Perfect Pit / Dub-vulture (7″ Edit) / Thieves Like Us Instrumental (7″ Edit) / Shame Of The Nation (7″ Edit) / Bizarre Dub Triangle (7″ Edit) / Evil Dust / 1963

Touched By The Hand Of Dub (7″ Edit) / Beach Buggy (7″ Edit) / Don’t Do It / Best & Marsh (7″ Edit) / The Happy One / MTO / The B-side / Regret (The New Order Mix) / Vicious Circle (The New Order Mix) / Let’s Go / Behind Closed Doors / Sabotage / Player In The League / Such A Good Thing / Vietnam / Temptation (Secret Machines Remix – 7″ Edit) / Everything’s Gone Green (Cicada Remix) / Bizarre Love Triangle (Richard X Remix – Edit)

Perhaps including/replacing some with the ‘Salvation’ soundtrack tracks (Salvation Theme / Sputnik / Skullcrusher)… I notice I didn’t include the flexi discs tracks (Rocking Carol / Ode…)

‘Keep dreaming, keep dreaming’ I guess. Hopefully it won’t take too long before the renewed ‘Singles’ will be released. First the new single ‘People On The High Line’…


Depeche Mode’s first three singles box sets in in need of being remastered, I think they were released around 1991… the newer last three singles box sets sound great as they were remastered in 2004 (the first three that were re-released in 2004 were not remastered, they are the same versions sound-wise as the 1991 release)


Why not put a bit more effort in and release a whole new compilation?
To issue this as a remaster of a a flawed release just seems nuts.
I was very pleased to hear New Order signed to Mute. If they can acquire the rights to the back catalogue we can trust them to do a good singles set as proven with Depeche and Erasure.


My personal opinion on why some fans are in to 7″ singles and edits… I am in to listening to all different versions, 7″ singles, edits, remixes, album versions. Sometimes I like to make myself or a friend a compilation and the 7″ singles or edits are great for cramming in more music, and sometimes I actually think the single edits can be better than the album version, take Depeche Mode’s song ‘Peace’ for instance. Released in 2009 the album version is good, but I much prefer the Single version. And sometimes that’s how it ends up. Sometimes I don’t want to hear a long drawn out version, and a nice, cleaned up edit can be just what the Dr. ordered. Grace Jones recent 2-CD reissue of ‘Warm Leatherette’ includes a Single edit of “She’s Lost Control’ that I was thrilled to hear, because I love the Long Version, but that is the only version I’ve ever heard and always wished for a shorter version because the long version is pretty long. I will say that although I can listen to Dub mixes and Instrumentals, I am not as in to those as much as the 7″ singles, edits and Proper Remixes with vocals. I just think everybody has their thing they are into. Some of New Order’s tracks are actually improved as a single edit. A good example is ‘Sub-Culture’, I much prefer the single version over the remix (but I do love the remix), I always wished they would have edited ‘Blue Monday’ as a Single edit, because as much as I love the original 12″ version of that song, a nice edit would be played more by me, because that long drawn out ending seems to go on forever at times. Still love it as it is, but I’ve always wondered why they didn’t release it as a 7” single version.

Billy Dojcak

I got the Grace Jones bluray with 5 extra tracks and a download code.
Blue Monday is the way it is. No short version please. Blue Monday 88 = total crap with crap video.

Some of the 7″ versions are other recordings instead of edits. Some of the US 7″ edits are horrible.


There is a short promo edit of the original Blue Monday out there (it’s not a bad edit either), and considering they added the promo edit of Confusion to the new set I’m surprised they didn’t add the Blue Monday one as well. Perhaps because the full version is preferred?

Would have liked to see the short edit of the 1995 Hardfloor mix of Blue Monday on here as well. Really hope they eventually reissue the studio albums again with bonus content; the new 2015 remasters sound fantastic but are digital-only :(

Johnny Feathers

Apropos of nothing in particular, I think it’s time for me to start digging into New Order’s catalog, past the Best Of and 2 later-day releases that I have. I only debate on if the deluxe versions are worth it, or if I should just stick to the basic albums.

Paul E.

Johnny- Listen to Disc 2 of New Order’s “Power, Corruption, & Lies” Collector’s Edition and decide for yourself if you’ve missed anything in reserving ownership to only the proper album(s). I predict you’ll soon be chasing after “Brotherhood”, “Movement”, “Technique” and Low-Life” [the (new) order I’d do it in if I was missing these Collector’s sets]. Ending with a word of caution: search out the 2009 corrected versions as the 2008 releases are bad news.

Johnny Feathers

Thanks for the tip. Funny enough, I listened to several of their 80’s expanded albums back when I had a streaming service. They didn’t particularly stick, but I’ve since decided streaming music I haven’t paid for doesn’t help in that regard. I think I’ve finally acquired a taste for Joy Division, so it seems time to finally take a deeper dive into New Order.

Jimi Fletcher

Thanks for the info, re: 2-CD remasters, I appreciate it!

Anthony James

I just want the Recycle set that was rumoured to be happening years ago. Every single on an individual CD with every version, b-side & remix.

It never happened of course save for a fan made version which Warners served a cease & desist on.

It was superb and that’s what should be coming out.

Andrew Sellers

agreed, that particular project (done by Analog Loyalist if I recall) was superb and done with real affection and diligence.



“Also editing down Thieves Like Us is just pure sacrilege”

Ridiculous, isn’t it? Some songs shouldn’t be messed with. Imagine an edited version of something like Sympathy for the Devil.

Simon F

Pah! I’m sticking with my original Substance double vinyl album. New Order lost it after the Factory years.


It beats me why people get over excited about 7 inch versions which are mostly just edits for radio play unless they are actually remixed which in the vast majority of cases they aren’t. Also editing down Thieves Like Us is just pure sacrilege.


“Also editing down Thieves Like Us is just pure sacrilege”

Ridiculous, isn’t it? Some songs shouldn’t be messed with. Imagine an edited version of something like Sympathy for the Devil.

Rik Skyline

I hope ‘Substance 1987’ is next in line for a reissue, it’s long overdue. It would be great to see those last two Electronic albums reissued on vinyl as well.

Billy Dojcak

If they get rid of the crap versions of Confusion and Temptation that would be great.

Paul E.

I appreciate Warner’s efforts here and love The Smiths’ Complete remastering job by Frank Arkwright. That said, I still wonder why one of my favorite band’s catalog continues to suffer from quality control, or lack thereof really? I still remember my emails to Dr. Rhino and trying to get corrected versions of all the 2 CD Collector’s Editions (thankfully, those were sent). Now I see those “corrected discs” weren’t quite up to par and online digital music outlets like the NO Store, 7Digital, etc. are selling updated 2015 versions of those titles. Any other band and I’d be offended, would cut my losses here, and simply not re-purchase. But this IS New Order so I’ll hope for the best this fourth go around. “Regret” and “Nothing But a Fool” seem to be the songs of the day.


“Run 2” Will find its way to a CD for the very first time !


This is fantastic news! I’ve been waiting so long for this and have other friends who will definitely pick it up as well. Those who say it is a pointless reissue have to realize that there are always new fans who don’t know the band or this stuff and it becomes cost prohibitive to buy every release they ever put out to get a bigger picture. The other thing is this plays as a great alternate history to the band outside of their albums, gripes or no gripes. It would be great if they could grab the new singles from Music: Complete, but since the band are still a going concern, there may still be more singles past this, so who knows when it will actually come to a full stop (when Bernard is no longer with us?). There are still people discovering this band 40 years later who are loving what they hear…


Great to see this happening, especially knowing it will have better sound AND the correct versions of these tracks; a bit puzzled to see I’ll Stay With You on here but it’s a good track nonetheless.

I am curious though, wasn’t the 7″ version of Run 2 blocked from release when John Denver sued them? I figured that’s why it never appeared on the previous Singles or the 1994 best-of. Would be nice to have the 1994 mix of True Faith on here too, but that’s okay.

Jimi Fletcher

The corrected 2-CD remasters – are they worth buying? I really want to get Power, Corruption and Lies on CD, but am I better off just looking for an old single disc edition?

Matthew McKinnon

I just finally picked these up last year. They are actually really good, especially for the first four albums. The remastering on the early singles is terrific now everything’s been fixed.

Billy Dojcak

Buying direct from Rhino is a great idea. Never bought the 2009 remasters for all the errors and didn’t want to take a chance getting the wrong versions.


I would stick with the originals as those remasters are horrible.

Just sayin'

–all audio sourced from “high quality transfers”–

Hmmm. I think that wins this week’s trophy in the “awfully vague” sweepstakes. Almost smells like they know in advance something is gonna get called on.

Mark Jensen

I can’t understand complaining about this release or complaining about paying for it again. I got years of use out of my 2005 version and now I’m excited for the opportunity to get better sound and missing 7″ versions. Also, just last year when this re-issue was originally announced, I was able to sell my original cd version for a fairly decent percent of its original cost. I’m very happy to pay for this new version.

Billy Dojcak

You can usually sell the old version before too many people get wind of the new release. I’ve been holding on to the old version (OMD, Blancmange for example) because of different versions on the new release.


As much as I agree with many of your points, we as previous buyers of a crappy set are more than allowed to voice our annoyance. You don’t need to over-exaggerate it in the other direction.

That said, considering how bad the mastering was, and that they’ve replaced discs before for poor mastering as with the Rhino issues, I’m bummed that there isn’t any effort to acknowledge/remedy that original mess other than “buy it again at full price a decade-plus later.” Like I said, I’m glad it’s coming out, but I won’t be paying much (if anything) for it.


To be fair, I waited to buy the 2009 deluxes until well after all the hullabaloo about the problems with the second discs. And, since it seemed dubious to buy from Amazon at that point, I emailed Rhino to make sure the discs had been replaced and ended up buying straight from them. Worked out great.

Those Joy Division ones are another story entirely. Way too compressed, I think. That recently remastered Substance is way better.

David McCallum

Does anyone have details on this remastered Substance? What distinction to look for? Discogs link perhaps? I only have the Factory Records CD (Facd 200).

I just got the second improved Singles, am pulling together my own best-of, and noticed that this August marks the 30th anniversary of the release of Substance.

David McCallum

Oops. I misread and confused Joy Division Substance for New Order Substance.


I’m looking forward to this for the new remastering and the correct single versions. HOWEVER, “I’ll Stay With You” was never a single in any way, shape or form. If anything, “Hellbent” should be on there in its place. Also, assuming there’s room, why couldn’t they have licensed “Restless,” “Tutti Frutti” and “Singularity” from Mute to make this a truly complete collection?


I don’t understand the grumbling about this (except the fact that it was supposed to come out last year) or the corrected 2009 deluxes. I think they sound very good. The 2005 version of this was unquestionably horrendous due to the “loudness wars” compression, so I am looking forward to this.


….and to add.. I am one of those people that did buy the original release of this with the poor remastering. I was dissapointed. And I remember wishing they would fix it and re-release this. That is why I was so excited to see this. But that’s just me. Trying to get a refund sounds like too much hassle to me

Billy Dojcak

The refund would be a fraction of what we paid. If they exchanged compilations they wouldn’t make much money from this. I usually put off buying things like this right away. If you wait awhile you can find a better price. Now I may pick up the lp version.


I’m one of the poor, disadvantaged creatures who bought the original release…. Where’s my refund, where’s my free downloads, where’s the helpline and the support group?

It won’t be easy, but I’ll somehow have to get over the fact that there’s an improved version arriving just 11 years later…


The way I see it: If you don’t want to buy it, then don’t buy it. Keep your older copy. Nobody is forcing anyone to buy anything. They screwed up the sound on the first release of this, now they have taken notice and have fixed it. Plus removed a few and added a few, adding some versions unreleased on CD before. Music is constantly being released, reissued, remastered. I am happy they keep releasing stuff. It’s there for me if I want it. I make the choice. It will be there for you when you are ready to buy it, 2 years, 5 years from now. If you don’t want it don’t buy it. I don’t always see it as a rip off. Yes some reissues and remastered stuff does seem like a pointless money-making situation. But in this case I see it as good news. Because I really didn’t think they would ever fix it. I’m really into the 7″ edits and single versions (and remixes). But in the end music is going to be released and re-released no matter how we feel. In fact I wish they had included a 3rd Disc with even more stuff. I am also one who gets excited by remastered music that sounds better than what was released before. I can understand some feel they are being ripped off. But I don’t see what can be done about it. It’s released for you to decide if you want it or not. I just don’t feel they are going all crazy on us re-issuing this. I do agree with some here that a singles Box Set would be long over-due, including all singles, b-sides, remixes etc…