New soundtrack label Stylotone unearths rare and classic film music

Twisted Nerve Yellow Sleeve

Stylotone are a new label whose remit is to preserve and unearth classic and contemporary cinema soundtracks and present them to the highest possible standards.

They have already worked with include the Estates of Bernard Herrmann, Alfred Hitchcock, Henry Mancini, Elmer Bernstein, Frank Cordell and have just announced their first wave of releases.

On the schedule to be issued in the next few months is Bernard Herrman‘s soundtrack to Roy Boulting’s 1968 psychological thriller Twisted Nerve (featuring Hywel Bennet and Hayley Mills), Frank Cordell‘s motion picture soundtrack to Basil Dearden’s 1966 epic Khartoum (a film that starred Charlton Heston and Laurence Olivier) and a handful of special vinyl EPs, including a four-track seven-inch featuring music from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to Alfred Hitchcock’s 1964 film Marnie (another Bernard Herrman composition).

Marnie EP Sleeve and Vinyl

The Twisted Nerve soundtrack has never before been issued, although elements may be familiar to some, thanks to Quentin Tarantino’s inclusion of the whistling motif in his film Kill Bill, vol. 1. and in fact the Pulp Fiction director provides some brief sleeve notes in the new release.

Stylotone have put together ‘super deluxe edition’ packages for both full-length soundtracks and SDE has been lucky enough to have an early preview of the packaging and presentation, and it’s nothing short of absolutely stunning. They’ve ticked virtually every box for both film music connoisseurs and fans of physical music and cleverly presented all the contents within a gatefold vinyl package.

Twisted Nerve is actually available in ‘yellow’ or ‘black’ super deluxe editions (the former has yellow ‘blood spattered’ vinyl, while the latter boasts clear ‘blood spattered’ vinyl) but here’s what you get in each package:

  • • High quality ‘tip-on’ gatefold sleeve (spot varnished) with ‘OBI’-style strip
  • • 180g coloured vinyl pressing of the full album soundtrack, plus eight additional cues not used in the film
  • • A ‘vinyl replica’ expanded CD replicating the music on the vinyl, along with seven alternate/unused takes
  • • a 30″ x 40″ British Quad Film Poster
  • • a three-track seven-inch ‘radio promo’ EP (including an alternate Jazz version of the main theme)
  • • An embossed certificate signed by Mrs Norma Herrmann
  • • A download card which gives you access to hi-res 24bit WAVs of the complete unedited recording sessions (as well as 320kbps MP3s)
The Twisted Nerve ‘super deluxe’ package

While those contents are extremely well thought out, it’s the amazing attention to detail that really impresses. Not only is the Quad poster included printed on the same stock/weight as was used originally, it matches the correct machine folds (since film posters would be folded and inserted into large brown envelopes before arriving in the post for display at the cinema). As someone who has bought old Quad posters in the past (I have Francis Ford Coppola’s The Conversation framed in my front room) the Twisted Nerve poster really does feel like a mint condition original, not a reprint!

The CD included, isn’t just thrown in – in a boring clear plastic or plain sleeve – it has exactly the same gatefold wallet as the vinyl record, complete with spot varnishing! Even the download card is fully designed with Twisted Nerve artwork.

Khartoum_Deluxe_mediumNothing has a barcode printed on it. Instead, discreet stickers are used for barcodes, preserving a design and presentation sympathetic to the era of the original film (top right at the back of the Twisted Nerve gatefold is “File under: SOUNDTRACK : Films and shows”. The Khartoum super deluxe is a double coloured vinyl set and also comes with the CD, Quad poster, download codes and signed certificate (signed by Mrs Anja Cordell).

All the vinyl has been assembled, mastered and cut at Abbey Road Studios by Sean Magee, who is renowned for his work on The Beatles vinyl catalogue.

The icing on the cake is that despite hi-res downloads, vinyl, CD, and all the other content in these super deluxe editions, Stylotone aren’t charging ‘silly money’ for them. Head over to their newly opened online store – where these are currently available for pre-order – and you might be pleasantly surprised at the wallet-friendly price tag.

Twisted Nerve SDE is out on 6 May, and Khartoum is issued on 3 June 2016. The vinyl EPs will be issued over the next few months and are as follows: Twisted Nerve 7″ EP, Demon 7″ EP, and Marnie 7″ EP.



Twisted Nerve Yellow Cover with Obi-strip

Twisted Nerve Super Deluxe Edition

Vinyl LP

Side 1

  1. Main Titles
  2. The Detective
  3. Henry Complains*
  4. Twisted Nerve (Jazz Version)
  5. Second Meeting
  6. Martin’s Anger
  7. The Mirror
  8. The Letter
  9. Georgie
  10. Washing-up
  11. Playing Cards
  12. Psychopathia Sexualis / Hot Chocolate
  13. The Rocking Horse
  14. The Scissors / Peeping Georgie / Leaving the House
  15. The Murder / Henry’s Dead
  16. Georgie’s Nightmare / Just Lie Still* / Ready and Willing*
  17. The Body
  18. Twisted Nerve (Pop version)

Side 2

  1. Swimming / Drowning
  2. Getting Dressed / Flowers I / The Kiss*
  3. Flowers II / Henry Calls*
  4. The Signature
  5. The Newspaper
  6. The Shed / The Portrait
  7. The Dresser / The Axe
  8. The Telephone / There Was No Reply / The House / The Front Door
  9. The Bedroom / No Bloody Wood / He’s Not A Mongrel / The Struggle
  10. The Assault
  11. Georgie’s Madness
  12. The Cell
  13. Finale*

Bonus tracks on CD

  • Prelude to Main Titles (Re-Takes)*
  • Prelude to Main Titles (Alternate)*
  • Main Titles (Alternate Ending)*
  • Twisted Nerve (First Jazz Version)*
  • Second Meeting (Rehearsal)*
  • Martin’s Anger (Pop Intro)*
  • Whistle Sessions*

*no used in the film

Khartoum Cover with Obi-strip

Khartoum Super Deluxe Edition

Vinyl 2LP

Side 1

  1. Overture
  2. Main Titles
  3. Prologue / Hick’s Army
  4. The Ambush
  5. Looting Party
  6. The Hour of Prayer
  7. Gordon Meets Gladstone
  8. The Palace Chambers

Side 2

  1. Zabeir’s Curse
  2. Up The Nile
  3. Stewart Challenges Gordon
  4. Gordon Returns to Khartoum
  5. Gordon Enters the Mahdi’s Camp
  6. The Marhdi’s Tent
  7. Gordon’s Doubts
  8. Ditch Flooding
  9. Cattle Raid: Parts I and II
  10. Sandstorm

Side 3

  1. Intermission / Entr’acte
  2. The British Are Coming
  3. The Madhi’s Guns
  4. Gordon Prays
  5. Khartoum is Shelled / Siege of Khartoum
  6. Battle of Berber I
  7. Battle of Berber II
  8. Execution
  9. Dead City

Side 4

  1. Wolesley’s Army
  2. The Madhi
  3. Gordon’s Journal
  4. Severed Heads
  5. Prelude to Battle
  6. Death of Gordon / Finale
  7. Exit Music

(CD and hi-res/MP3 downloads repeats the same tracks)

SuperDeluxeEdition.com helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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[…] reviewed Stylotone’s super deluxe packages before (see Twisted Nerve) I can’t stress just how good these are: everything is produced to the highest standard from […]


i got my copy too and while it is a great package, the vinyl is the worst pressed piece of new vinyl i have ever bought !
as usual there’s no indication of who pressed this disaster.
my copy was warped and very noisy plus the cover was badly dinged en route.
emails to stylotone have gone unanswered.
the high resolution wavs download is pure bs.
they are 44.1/16-bit or 24-bit files, cd quality not high resolution.
there are two email addresses on their help page
worse buying experience of the year.


Hi Paul,

I bought this release and would say it’s very well priced considering the quality of the whole package… BUT I have an issue with the “high-resolution 24-bit WAV” downloads that came as part of it, namely all the “12 inch vinyl” files are 16-bit as are the “additional CD tracks” (except track 38, which is 32-bit bizarrely!).

Do you have a contact at Stylotone who could confirm this is correct as there’s no contact details on the release itself or their website?


My order is on the way and I will be fascinated to receive it. I own a turntable, and many treasured LPs which I play, unlike it seems so many who gave up on that system. Hence to buy a new vinyl album will be intriguing ……..I feel sure the results will be amazing. I never stop being saddened by the negativity and selfishness of so many collectors; if you don’t want such a de-luxe edition then leave it alone for us who do. It’s like those many who criticize Varese, Intrada and several other labels for releasing scores they personally dislike…….I suggest they stop moaning and concentrate on those discs that do interest them. I feel this Twisted Nerve package is not over expensive at all, and look forward to more in this important series.


I purchased BOTH variations from Amazon UK and it came to $100.97 USD/£69.07 GBP (including shipping to the USA).


Music On Vinyl released (2,000 copies) of Psycho on blood red 7″ vinyl (plays at 33rpm) for RSD last year. You can find them on ebay. Here’s one at a reasonable price. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Psycho-OST-Ltd-RSD-2-000-Only-RED-Vinyl-/361547041520?hash=item542de20af0:g:TykAAOSwEeFVM-Uc


who’s pressing the vinyl ?


Ive ordered all 3 deluxe sets – to me they look like great value


I’m ok with this deluxe packaging being a collector of ‘all things’ Herrmann, so its strictly a choice. I would think perhaps down the line an ‘only CD’ might come up for offer to those who just can’t justify the price..for us ‘yanks’, its 80 bucks so our international ‘brethren’ should understand the ‘disdain’ presenting itself. I myself will likely go ‘all in’ because I want all the ‘extras’ (Posters, recording sessions) because, to me, it has historical value.

Now, Stylophone, Pay attention please, release these interesting vinyls but also offer complete, replicated, CD’s of all you release, especially if you have MARNIE on the slate and if you can get your hands on PSYCHO ost. Limiting to those with vinyl players makes no sense.

My 0.02 cents


Any chance for a full release of Ring of Bright Water and Demon by Cordell as there is a close relationship with the Cordell estate? i noticed a 45 of Demon is coming!! Thanks!!


I said is a fair price and lovely work.
But, considering are soundtracks hard to get, could (maybel later, as Paul wrote) a CD or HiRes realese.


Yellow or black? Both! :)

andrew R

I think this is a fab item, and really what does £40 get you these days ?
Stop grumbling be happy someone is content to put this much effort into
such a niche market.The only question yellow or black?
Answers somebody(paul)? Please.


Fair points but these type of releases must have a fairly narrow market, seems strange to upset that fan base by not also releasing as a deluxe CD for £12 or so then EVERYONE’S happy!


The clues are all there folks. Super + Deluxe.

Perhaps we need a http://www.basiccdedition.com for those who have little interest in deluxe editions yet post negative comments on a site dedicated to them.


In Paul’s favour, this website is called Super Deluxe Edition, not Bog Standard CD Version.

Adam Chan

Does anyone know if this is a limited production like most soundtrack CDs (usually 1,000, 3,000, or 5,000)? I’d like to get this but money is tight at the moment so I’ll have to wait.

Mr Tim

Clue is in the title pop Pickers. That title being ” super deluxe edition.com”. Deluxe edition. In the superlative.. Thus the attention given to editions that could be described as deluxe. With cd, vinyl etc… And posters no less. See, easy.

Peter Greenhill

Whilst respecting the quality of this product, I just want the Khartoum CD, I don’t want to pay for all the other stuff. Disappointing.


Frankly, what is the sense of all this? If one needs just a CD, he has to buy all the other paraphernalia? I think this is exxaggerated, especially considering that it is one of Benny Herrmann’s inferior scores! If the Herrmann cult goes on this way, poor Benny!


People says that it’s just not fair – not giving any choice for people. Kritzerland re-released some Herrmann’s CDs in1000 copies edition, most of them are sold out now. And as some of them was in Varese’s Bernard Herrmann at Fox box-set, we can say that at least 2000 people will be happy with just CD. I hope I’m wrong, but I predict that this set will not selling more than 500 or 750 copies.
So you think that selling 750 copies is better than selling 2000 copies (or even 3000 – Music Box Obsession is limited to 3000 copies, and they sold mostly all of them!)?
I understand that they did great job. But they probably could get MORE money with less expenses.
I probably buy this one. But I also know that this LP/EP will broken (I predict that this will happens in 75-80%), when it’s arrive to me (as I live outside UK and our post service is not known for careful delivery of fragile things). So I’ll pay more than £50 just for one CD and tons of vinyl debris. Great deal, I need to say! (((


Really glad to see that there’s a company dedicated to Soundtrack releases…I don’t know if this will be a company sticking to a particular genre but I would love to get my hands on these soundtracks: 1) Mutiny on The Bounty – 1984 (Vangelis), 2) Lost Highway – David Lynch (Various), 3) Lost In Translation (Various) & 4) Inland Empire – David Lynch (Various). Milan was/is a company that also specialized in soundtracks….The (2 x 180-gram) vinyl copy I have for Mulholland Drive is great and was only limited to 1,000 copies. I was really glad to get that one (for only $19.99 as well). Anybody know where I can get a copy of any of the 4 “needs” I have?

Paul Wren

£35 to £40 – they’re hardly giving it away.

CJ Feeney

Roy Boulting, Hywel Bennet and Hayley Mills also made “The Family Way” with a soundtrack by a certain Paul McCartney. Any chance of that getting the same treatment?


Twisted Nerve has been out before in the UK … on vinyl mono 582728 and stereo 583728 (Polydor 1968) and in USA on CD KR20012-0 (Kritzerland 2009) and like the film … it’s not all that.

Paul Mac

The quality of the releases looks top notch, but you’re definitely paying for it. Still, fingers crossed for a worthy release of the Psycho soundtrack


Big Herrmann fan so that Twisted Nerve package has got me drooling and it’s nice they’ve not been vinyl snobs and have opted to put the stuff on CD as well. Having said that I’d rather pay £15 for just the CD but I guess I might have to bite the bullet at @£40 for the lot.


Having thought more about it, that’s a fair price for all that’s there. As a graphic designer I know putting that lot together did NOT come cheap meaning their profit-margin is going to be slim so it seems they’re doing this more for the love than the money.

“As someone who has bought old Quad posters in the past (I have Francis Ford Coppola’s The Conversation framed in my front room)..”

I’ve got the Japanese one-sheet. Lovely thing:

comment image


Any chance of an SDE unboxing video, Paul?


+1 Gog. Vinyl or CD, not both. For the majority that is pointless and a waste of money, especially if there is a d/l included too. Vinyl is still a niche market.


Yes, fair prices, respect for the history, no barcodes (THAT is great)…but when this mandatory vinyl-in-deluxe-boxes will stop?
Give the costumer waht they need: vinyl-CD-HiRes or vinyl and/or CD and/or HiRes

Andrew Mogford

Give the customer what they want? Or do you mean give you what you want? I want all formats in the box personally.


No Andrew it gives the majority what they want. I’m sure its been written here a hundred times before but, again, most only want a deluxe CD edition. Vinyl added to it makes it more expensive, ESPECIALLY for people who have to import it. Its the #1 reason I didn’t buy the Goldfrapp box set of Tales Of Us. To get it to Australia meant shelling out at least $140.

Andrew Mogford

Majority fair enough. Not arguing with that and sorry if I’m coming across a bit anally retentive. Just kind of pointing out that it’s not EVERYONE who feels this way. I personally want every format in a box. I want vinyl, CD and download if I can get it. That’s why the special edition of Drones was so good for me. Coloured 180g vinyl, Cd, DVD and download code.


Wow, a soundtrack re-issue actually releasing insanely rare music in a convenient format. Let’s hope the other multitude of vinyl-only horror movie soundtrack labels take note.