New Visage remix compilation and seven-CD limited edition set


Earlier this month SDE posted about the new Visage compilation Wild Life: The Best of 1978 to 2015 (out soon). It’s fair to say that this was met with a decidedly lukewarm reception by fans who were looking for something a bit more nuanced and well, interesting.

Their hopes now rest in a ‘sister companion’ subtitled The Best Of Extended Versions and Remixes – 1978 to 2015 (presumably the expected ‘CDX’ version) which will be issued in January, along with a seven-CD package which includes both versions of this compilation and a plethora of instrumental versions of later material.

Although the title might suggest a multi-disc set, The Best Of Extended Versions and Remixes – 1978 to 2015 is actually just one single CD or two vinyl records. The vinyl package appears to offer a bonus track of Your Skin Is My Sin (Antidote Extended Version) – other than that, they deliver the same 11 remixes.


The seven-disc “Signature and Postcards Limited Edition” doesn’t look like it’s a ‘box set’ as such, but brings together both standard and remix CDs of The Wild Life and adds FIVE further discs as follows:

  • • The Wild Life (Best Of, 1978-2015) [Download Versions on Printed CDR]
  • • Hearts And Knives Instrumentals [CD]
  • • Orchestral Instrumentals [CD]
  • • Demons To Diamonds Instrumentals [CD]
  • • Fierce Verve (Wild Life Instrumentals Exclusive Edition) [CD]

This package also comes with a Visage postcard hand-signed by Steve Barnacle, Lauren Duvall, Robin Simon and Logan Sky as well as Visage ‘special edition’ postcards and some stickers. You can order this exclusively via the Visage online store.

Arguably, the new remix CD still doesn’t really offer enough rarities, and the seven-disc package is very heavy on instrumentals, although it’s fairly well-priced.

Availability for anything other than the standard Wild Life is currently limited on Amazon, although everything is orderable via the Visage online store and you can buy the instrumental discs individually there too.

The Wild Life compilation is out on 12 December while the remix version has a release date of 20 January on Amazon Germany, although you might get these earlier via the official shop. The communication and promotion of these sets has been a mess, frankly, but you can at least check out all the track listings below.




Standard CD

1. Fade To Grey (Original Version)
2. Mind Of A Toy (Original Version)
3. Visage (Original Version)
4. The Anvil (Original Version)
5. Night Train (7″ Version)
6. The Damned Don’t Cry (Original Version)
7. Pleasure Boys (Original Version)
8. Never Enough (Original Version)
9. Dreamer, I Know (Original Version)
10. She’s Electric (Coming Around) (Original Version)
11. Hidden Sign (Tiger Face Flame Remix)
12. Love Glove (Orchestral Version)
13. Aurora (Original Version)
14. The Silence (Original Version)


Download version

  1. Fade To Grey (Main Version)
  2. Mind Of A Toy (Main Version)
  3. Visage (Main Version)
  4. Tar (Original 7” Version)
  5. The Anvil (Main Version)
  6. Night Train (Main Version)
  7. The Damned Don’t Cry (Main Version)
  8. Pleasure Boys (Main Version)
  9. Never Enough (Original Version)
  10. Dreamer, I Know (Original Version)
  11. She’s Electric (Coming Around) (Original Version)
  12. Hidden Sign (Tiger Face Flame Remix)
  13. Love Glove (Orchestral Version)
  14. Aurora (Original Version)
  15. The Silence (Original Version)
  16. Tightrope (Original Version) [NEW EXCLUSIVE B-SIDE TRACK – DOWNLOAD ONLY]


The Wild Life: The Best Of Extended Versions and Remixes – 1978 to 2015
CD Version

  1. Fade To Grey (Extended Version)
  2. Mind Of A Toy (Extended Version)
  3. Visage (Extended Version)
  4. The Damned Don’t Cry (Extended Version)
  5. The Anvil (Extended Version)
  6. Pleasure Boys (Extended Version)
  7. Tar (Extended Dub)
  8. Frequency 7 (Dance Version)
  9. Shameless Fashion (Extended Version)
  10. On We Go (Extended Version)
  11. Hidden Sign (Extended Version)


The WildLife: The Best Of Extended Versions and Remixes – 1978 to 2015
2LP Version

  1. Fade To Grey (Extended Version)
  2. Mind Of A Toy (Extended Version)
  3. Visage (Extended Version)
  4. The Damned Don’t Cry (Extended Version)
  5. The Anvil (Extended Version)
  6. Pleasure Boys (Extended Version)
  7. Tar (Extended Dub)
  8. Frequency 7 (Dance Version)
  9. Shameless Fashion (Extended Version)
  10. On We Go (Extended Version)
  11. Hidden Sign (Extended Version)
  12. Your Skin Is My Sin (Antidote Extended Version)


The Wild Life: 7CD Signature and Postcards Limited Edition

A limited edition package consisting of:

  • The Wild Life (Best Of, 1978-2015) [CD]
  • The Wild Life (Best Of, 1978-2015) [Download Versions on Printed CDR]
  • The Wild Life (Best Of Extended Versions 1978-2015) [CD]
  • Hearts And Knives Instrumentals [CD]
  • Orchestral Instrumentals [CD]
  • Demons To Diamonds Instrumentals [CD]
  • Fierce Verve (Wild Life Instrumentals Exclusive Edition) [CD]
  • Visage Postcard hand signed by Steve Barnacle, Lauren Duvall, Robin Simon and Logan Sky
  • 4 x Visage Special Edition Postcards
  • Visage stickers


Hearts And Knives Instrumentals
Instrumental / Vocal-less versions of the 2013 Hearts and Knives album

  1. Never Enough (Instrumental Version)
  2. Shameless Fashion (Instrumental Version)
  3. She’s Electric (Coming Around) (Instrumental Version)
  4. Hidden Sign (Instrumental Version)
  5. On We Go (Instrumental Version)
  6. Dreamer I Know (Instrumental Version)
  7. Lost In Static (Instrumental Version)
  8. I Am Watching (Instrumental Version)
  9. Diaries Of A Madman (Instrumental Version)
  10. Breathe Life (Instrumental Version)


Orchestral Instrumentals

Instrumental / Vocal-less versions of the 2014 Orchestral album

  1. The Damned Don’t Cry (Orchestral Instrumental Version)
  2. Fade To Grey (Orchestral Instrumental Version)
  3. Dreamer I Know (Orchestral Instrumental Version)
  4. Mind Of A Toy (Orchestral Instrumental Version)
  5. Visage (Orchestral Instrumental Version)
  6. The Anvil (Orchestral Instrumental Version)
  7. Never Enough (Orchestral Instrumental Version)
  8. Pleasure Boys (Orchestral Instrumental Version)
  9. Hidden Sign (Orchestral Instrumental Version)
  10. Night Train (Orchestral Instrumental Version)
  11. Love Glove (Orchestral Instrumental Version)
  12. The Silence (Orchestral Instrumental Version)


Demons To Diamonds Instrumentals
Instrumental / Vocal-less versions of the 2015 Demons To Diamonds album

  1. Before You Win (Instrumental Version)
  2. Become (Instrumental Version)
  3. Loving The Alien (Instrumental Version)
  4. Days Become Dark (Instrumental Version)
  5. Seven Deadly Sins Part Three (Instrumental Version)
  6. Aurora (Instrumental Version)
  7. Your Skin Is My Sin (Instrumental Version)
  8. Clubscene (Instrumental Version)
  9. Star City (Instrumental Version)
  10. Never (Instrumental Version)


Fierce Verve: Wild Life Instrumentals
Instrumental / Vocal-less versions and exclusive tracks

  1. Never Enough (Richard Stone & John Bryan In Prague Instrumental Version)
  2. Seven Deadly Sins Part Two (Instrumental)
  3. Hidden Sign (Tiger Face Flame Remix Instrumental)
  4. Dreamer I Know (Sare Havlicek Remix Instrumental)
  5. On We Go (Extended Instrumental)
  6. Digital Age (Instrumental)
  7. Tightrope (Instrumental)
  8. Your Skin Is My Sin (Antidote Version Instrumental)
  9. Fade To Grey (Tilt’s Nu-Romancer Remix)
  10. The Silence (Original Instrumental)

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Giuseppe Pastorelli

Paul thank you for your very useful site
Just to inform you and the other readers that the first Visage album has been finally remastered and expanded in the US (barcode 793588765644)
It has recently advertised also by Amazon IT as an import CD with a very high price
The story behind this long-awaited remaster is a little bit obscure because it appears as an official (licensed) release but from an independent label (Rubellan Remasters) specialised in remasters of 80ies records with apparently no support from Visage (or Steve Strange family)

Christopher Bennett

In addition to the 2018 remastered and expanded edition of the ‘Visage’ album the second and third albums from the Visage canon have been remastered and expanded. ‘The Anvil’ and ‘Fade To Grey (The Singles Collection)’ we’re released in January 2020. The latter is of particular interest as it is the ‘Special Dance Mix’ version of the album that has never been released on CD. When it was originally released in 1983 it was only released on cassette and a very limited edition LP (with red border on the sleeve).

All three seem to have only been released in the US by Rubellan

Track listings for the three albums are as follows:


Blocks On Blocks
The Dancer
Fade To Grey
Malpaso Man
Mind Of A toy
Moon Over Moscow
The Steps

Bonus tracks:
We Move
Fade To Grey [US Dance Mix]
Mind Of A Toy [Dance Mix]
Visage [Dance Mix]
We Move [Dance Mix]
Frequency 7 [Dance Mix]
Second Steps

‘The Anvil’

The Damned Don’t Cry
Anvil (Night Club School)
Move Up
Night Train
The Horseman
Look What They’ve Done
Again We Love
Wild Life

Bonus tracks:
I’m Still Searching
We Move (USA Single Remix)
The Damned Don’t Cry (Dance Mix)
Night Train (Dance Mix)
The Anvil (Dance Mix)
Pleasure Boys (Dance Mix)

‘Fade To Grey (The Singles Collection)

Fade To Grey [dance mix] 6:22
Mind Of A Toy [dance mix] 5:11
Visage [dance mix] 5:33
We Move [7″ remix] 3:34
Tar [original 7″ ver.] 3:28
In The Year 2525 [original mix] 3:40
The Anvil [dance mix edit] 4:57
Night Train [dance/dub edit] 6:24
Pleasure Boys [7″ ver.] 3:27
The Damned Don’t Cry [dance mix] 5:37
Frequency 7 3:05
Night Train (7″ Remix) 3:42
Der Amboss 4:37
Pleasure Boys (Bonus Beats) 5:50
Night Train (Dub Mix) 5:03


My copy of The Wild Life, extended versions has arrived. Rather disappointed that they are NOT the original extended versions or recordings. No Midge Ure production credit.
The musicallity is fine, and I suspect they have perhaps sampled from thoriginalal multi tracks, but Strange’s vocals are definitely not original.


They’ve sold out of the 7 disc set, but are now offering a 6 disc set that excludes the CDR, the postcards, and the stickers, but it’s also £10 less.


Got the 7 CD set today. Not in a slipcase. It’s the individual CDs along with a signed postcard, some unsigned postcards and a couple of stickers. It’s OK for £49. The tightrope track on the CD-R is a nice little instrumental with 15 seconds of spoken word from Steve Strange. Incidentally my CD-R has 17 tracks, but it looks like track 5 is on it twice.

Dejan Dozic


If you expected the original maxi-versions. No you will actually get superb updated
versions with the same feel of the old ones. This is pure enjoyment and worth it.
Just love every track on the album. I am normally not too keen on reworks.
BUT I have really embraced these mixes. You will NOT be disappointed !!!


I totally agree. The only annoying thing though is the omission of Night Train which would have made this perfect.

Dejan Dozic

The Wild Life: The Best Of Extended Versions and Remixes – 1978 to 2015
CD Version (timing according to the CD)

Fade To Grey (Extended Version) 8:38
Mind Of A Toy (Extended Version) 6:28
Visage (Extended Version) 6:22
The Damned Don’t Cry (Extended Version) 7:43
The Anvil (Extended Version) 7:05
Pleasure Boys (Extended Version) 6:01
Tar (Extended Dub) 6:08
Frequency 7 (Dance Version) 5:00
Shameless Fashion (Extended Version) 7:17
On We Go (Extended Version) 7:20
Hidden Sign (Extended Version) 8:46


The 2xLP “The Best Of Extended Versions And Remixes” is actually really good. I did a full listen in one go with headphones on… Very enjoyable!

Oh, and for those who wonder about the length of the extended tracks, I clocked them out, and added the durations to my Discogs submission: https://www.discogs.com/Visage-The-Wild-Life-The-Best-Of-Extended-Versions-And-Remixes-1978-To-2015/release/9465891


Has anyone heard Tightrope? Are there any vocals from Steve Strange? I wonder where this track came from…


7-disc set: 78 copies remaining…


Received the 2xLP version of “The Best Of Extended Versions And Remixes” yesterday evening… Looks nice… Looking forward to open the shrink wrap and listen to some tracks tonight!


In reference to numbers left: If you try to add more than is available in stock to the cart it restricts to the number actually available


Have ordered the 7 disc set and vinyl (a week ago) but it hasn’t shipped yet. I see in some other posts people have received theirs already, but the Amazon listings (for the single disc release) are for a January 20th release, so colour me confused.

Also, noticed two people said the 7 disc set had only 151 copies available, but I don’t see that information anywhere on the visage site. Where did that number come from?

Neil, I also got the bonus CD-R with Demons to Diamonds from the Visage store and it plays perfectly fine on different players (in fact, I was playing it just a few days ago). Did you try contacting them for a replacement?

I would also LOVE to see extended/SDE versions of the first two albums, as well as Hearts and Knives (as that is just as good), and will certainly get them in addition to what I already have if they are ever released.


I got The Best Of Extended Versions And Remixes direct from their shop. Regarding the deluxe version of the first two albums Cherry Pop did The Anvil back in 2008 but i would imagine the chances of that and the first album getting deluxe reissues in the near future are very slim as Polydor wouldn’t even let them use the original 12 inches for this new release. I managed to buy all the CD singles from Hearts and Knives apart from Shameless Fashion which is going for silly money now so i am missing two mixes wasn’t bothered about the foreign language versions though.


Now only 15 of the limited sets left.


Just got The Best Of Extended Versions and Remixes and listening to it right now and it’s bloody brilliant and stays very faithful to the originals.


Unfortunately this is my experience of Polydor, totally uninterested in reissuing any of the Visage back catalogue. It’s not even because they are thinking of releasing it themselves in some fabulous remastered box set, they just don’t want to use any time on them at all. Makes no sense as they would make money on remastered box sets. It does mean hats off to Cherry Red for negotiating to get hold of the masters for Beat Boy, quite a mean feat and I bet they had to fight for it. Probably explains why they were unable to get hold of the Beat Boy machine mix tapes or wheren’t even told about the tape remix versions. What we need is someone who knows a powerful individual at Polydor/Universal to get these released. Anybody know anyone?


Polydor to blame apparently because they won’t license the tracks and if that’s the case why are they being allowed to use the original single mixes yet the can’t use the 12 inch mixes.


Never understood why outstanding tracks, really marking an era, have to be re-re-re-RE-mixed until they are completely lifeless…
What a shambles!
I was a teenager during that period so wanted to hear those ORIGINALS from back then…
Missed opportunity not worth to buy…


I don’t understand why so many negative comments about re-recordings.
The 8:39 long recorded “Fade To Grey (Extended Version)”, available as one of the many versions to be found on the Fade To Grey (Orchestral) CD single, is a track I have played many times to great pleasure.


They are not negative comments about re-recordings more the fact that this was being sold in a deceitful way not letting people know these were re-recordings till a later date when most people had bought it. I don’t doubt that these new remixes will probably be good but still would have preferred the original 12 inches.


What a scam. I ordered the boxset to later find out that they are re-recordings. Paul, you should give this underhand way of marketing Visage CD’s some publicity. Totally unacceptable.


My copy has dispatched already but i’m still not happy about the underhand way they have done this as the Recorded by Visage in 2013/14 message on their site wasn’t their when i ordered it. Now i have an idea about what rusty egan was ranting on about it being fake Visage.

Scott Davies

OK, so it’s now been confirmed that the Extended Versions CD is very misleading. They are 2012/2013 re-recordings. Why they just couldn’t license the original mixes from Universal is beyond me, but be warned that what you are buying are not the original 12″ versions.


Er? Sorry, don’t get this. As a tribute to the great Steve Strange they are releasing 4cds of instrumentals? He was the singer! Its like doing in instrumental tribute to Elvis or Frank Sinatra. Makes no sense. In memory of Steve we’re going to remove his only contribution to the music, his vocals. Totally weird. The new remixes of the re-recorded early material does make sense though I assume these are just the Orchestral recordings minus the orchestra. It does also make the download version of the Wild Life compilation more interesting as it includes all the rare tracks from the cd, plus the original 7″ of Tar not on the cd, and new versions of the early singles rather than the ones we’ve already got. One question though, where will we be able to download it from? Not even the Visage website mentions whether it can be downloaded from there or not. All in all rather a botched job probably organised by accountants than anyone with a love for the music. I’m looking forward to Rusty’s album to hear what the new Visage could have sounded like if they hadn’t sidelined him from the project.

Guy Phipps

It’s fabulous

Scott Davies

Wow, I did check out soundcloud and they are certainly not the original extended mixes. It sounds like they may have gone back to the original multitracks or at least were able to recreate many original sounds, though I’m not really hearing any vocals so perhaps they are all instrumental? Expect a huge backlash.

Martin Aspland

I have listened to them as well and they are new extended versions which I think is really underhand that they have not stated this . I don’t mind new remixes and it sounds like they have used some of the original sounds / backing tracks but they should have promoted this so people had a choice


So this begs the question “who sings on the newly recorded versions?” If Steve Strange is dead…or did they re-record them before his death???


The Best Of Extended Versions and Remixes – 1978 to 2015 are all NEW remixes. You can listen to them on soundcloud as clips.


Had already ordered the box set. Outrageous this wasn’t disclosed.


The official website has now been updated to make this clear. Someone there must be reading here. Makes the non-appearance of an extended Night Train all the more mysterious.


I bought Demons To Diamonds from the shop a while back and it came with a bonus CD-R which is unplayable and i can’t even rip it so i would be wary about the one included in this box set. These better be the original mixes on The Best Of Extended Versions and Remixes or i won’t be happy as it doesn’t state anywhere that these are new mixes.


As far as I’m aware (thanks to Rusty Egan telling me), the only re-recorded versions of the “hits” are on the download version only. Must be a legal issue why they can’t release the digital originals.

Dr Volume

I’m no Visage completist but Night Train is spectacular – passed me by at the time but heard it recently and it’s magnificent especially Barry Adamson on Bass – not sure what mixes were done but you’d expect a bunch on something like this – it’s better than Mind of A Toy IMHO.
I think I’ll just track down a 12″ second hand. As for this compilation – I’m sure Rusty Egan will be over the moon about it ;)

carsten hansen

on the visage soundcloud side you can hear clip from the remix version they are new remixes
i have only listen to fade to greay,mind of a toy,visage and the damned to cry
the are not the old remixes from the 80`s


Night Train was genius in my opinion…great synth bass line and horns.


Paul, I don’t understand the CDr thing. Am I missing something, what is the value of a download of an album that is already included? I did see on the website that the downloadable album has 16 tracks so it has 1 additional track called “Tightrope (Original Version) [NEW EXCLUSIVE B-SIDE TRACK – DOWNLOAD ONLY]. So will that be included on the CDr?
The download contains the same titles (except for the above mentioned track 16) but some of the songs are called “Main Version” as opposed to “Original Version” from the regular CD. Does that mean that the downloadable album (and CDr album) have slightly different versions from the regular CD version?
I did order the “box” as it seems good value and I’ve always liked instrumental versions. The extended version CD has some new to CD original extended versions it seems. Of course “Night Train (Dance Mix) and Dub Version are missing as well as some other extended versions. I agree this is a missed opportunity. Too bad they can’t do it right. The extended versions CD should have been a 2CD or 3CD (if you include the later extended versions).


Utterly ridiculous not to include the 12″ of Night Train, one of the best of the era.

Fortunately I have it from one of those ’80s 12″ compilations, or I’d be furious.

Mark Franklin

Night Train wasn’t great though was it? Loved The Damned Don’t Cry and Mind Of A Toy.


The site states that : “Tracks 1-3 and 5-8 were re-recorded by Visage in 2013 / 2014”
That means that the best of doesn’t includes original versions of the first hits… :-(


Ugh….the completist in me wants very badly to just buy this box set because I love Visage and it looks so neat. But I don’t get the draw of instrumentals. Especially entire disks of them. Nice for karaoke, but I don’t have much other use for them. I hate the idea of passing up the box, but I can’t imagine listening to much more than the two single collections and the remixes. So I guess I’m going to have to give up on the download only singles collection and just stick with the two commercially available sets. I hope this isn’t one of those instances that I find myself changing my mind in six months when the box is ten times more expensive.

Now, if they had done CDs of the stems so you could make your own mixes….that i would have given a shot.

Daniel ( from Berlin )

Hello Paul this makes my day !!
I read that you were in Berlin. Sadly i was in New York to organize a forthcoming exhibition
of my works. You are always welcome in Berlin !
Now to VISAGE: I must have it ALL. I think now it’s just only the beginning of more to come.
They have realized that they can make much money with the VISAGE material.
And I’m now sure that they will release “Expanded Editions” of all earlier albums too.
The free downloads on the official website of all instruments / vocal parts of “Fade To Grey”
are very interesting. I like instrumental versions of songs and I think more artists should release such versions ( I think of ABBA: how beautiful “The Day Before You Came” would be without any vocals – for all hardcore ABBA fans I will say: “The Day Before You Came” is also
very beautiful with the vocals!
My special interest of the “Remixes” CD of VISAGE is the “Extended Dub” of “Tar”. Wow!


As mentioned above, once again no extended version of Night Train. What’s wrong with it?


Do I read this correctly? Really, a CDR of the download Version of ‘The Best Of’? They can press 6 CDs for a boxset but have to stick those to a CDR… I can absolutely see no logical point in this decision.


I am sure it will be difficult to sell the 151 copies currently available.
“Mind Of A Toy” is easily one of the worst singles ever issued by a band and a terribly disappointing follow-up to “Fade To Grey”.
There is not a need for a Visage box-set… but perhaps deluxe editions of the first two albums only.


Tastes are different, I really like ‘Mind of a toy’, personally – is easily in my Top 10 Visage tracks.


There’s definitely a need for a Visage box set (albums, cassette versions, 12″s B-sides and DVD), this just isn’t it.

As an aside – back in 2008, John Foxx released the Cinemascope box set; 5 albums, postcards and a DVD – all for about £25 – and people were complaining even then. I bet they’re weeping for a lost time now considering the zero in effort but eye-watering in cost that goes into many box sets at the moment.

Paul – this Visage boxset has come thick and fast – is there now a ‘print on demand’ element to these sort of box sets? They do seem to arrive quickly with just ‘CGI’ imaginings / pictures of what the actual product will look like.


Is anyone familiar with a perhaps alternative mix of the beautiful (and musically very Ultravoxy) ‘Whispers’? I bought the cassette of The Anvil on release back in 1982 and I recall the whispered girly voices were far more prominent (you could clearly hear what they were saying) than the CD versions which came later.


The 7 cd limited edition set looks like quite a limited run. Only 151 copies currently available as of 1pm on 30/11/16


Really looks like a case of forced double dipping. Its a no-brainer that, despite the fact they’re both obviously incomplete collections, the CD of singles should be married up with the Best Of Extended Versions collection for a neat double set. I’d jump at it but…


Yeah, I think I’ll pass on this. TOOOOOOO many instrumentals when they could have done with realising other, more interesting, 12″ mixes that have not been issued before on CD. HUGELY missed opportunity.


£52.00 with postage in U.K. for the box set. I am still not convinced due to missing tracks.

Also, would this been released if Steve was alive. Me thinks not.


Great news!
Thank you Paul for your clear and detailed explanation of the various options and tracklistings :)
I’ve ordered both the 7xdisc set with memorabilia and the 2xLP!


Another wasted opportunity again as the Extended Versions and Remixes is missing Night Train yet we get a extended version of On We Go which was an album track and never released as a single. I have bought this anyway from the official shop but it should have been a double CD.

Dave Butterfield

Really are plumbing the depths here..what bext releaing a box set of the vocals only then another of just the basslines.

Scott Davies

I would love to know the source material for the original 12″ mixes. The remixes CD does look pretty good, even if not complete. And I’m assuming the vinyl is just a black vinyl release?