Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds / new album ‘Ghosteen’

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds / Ghosteen

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds will issue a new album Ghosteen next month.

The album is split into two parts and will debut “across all digital platforms” on 4 October, with a physical following a month later in November. Both the vinyl and the CD are two-disc sets to allow for the two-part concept. Here’s what Nick Cave had to say about it:

‘The songs on the first album are the children.
The songs on the second album are their parents.
Ghosteen is a migrating spirit.’

Nick Cave

Although there are only three songs on ‘part two’ of Ghosteen (see full track listing below) two of them (including the title track) are over 12 minutes long.

Ghosteen was recorded in 2018 and early 2019 and is the band’s 17th studio album. The vinyl is a gatefold package and will come with a download code. The physical release date is 8 November 2019.

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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Ghosteen - 2LP vinyl


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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Ghosteen - 2CD


Nick Cave – vocals, piano, synthesizer, backing vocal
Warren Ellis – synthesizer, loops, flute, violin, piano, backing vocals
Thomas Wydler – drums
Martyn Casey – bass
Jim Sclavunos – vibraphone, percussion
George Vjestica – guitar

CD 1 / Vinyl LP 1

Part One

1. The Spinning Song 4:44
2. Bright Horses 4.53
3. Waiting For You 3:55
4. Night Raid 5:08 
5. Sun Forest 6:48 
6. Galleon Ship 4:15 
7. Ghosteen Speaks 4:03 
8. Leviathan 4:48

CD 2 / Vinyl LP 2

Part Two

1. Ghosteen 12:11
2. Fireflies 3:23
3. Hollywood 14:13

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If anyone is interested they are streaming the whole album on YouTube


A stunningly gorgeous album. Just beautiful. A bit like Tangerine Dream on the second disc….


Excellent to have Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds album soon, can’t wait, the cover is a good surprise for someone associated with darkness, its like the mystical fairies and unicorn part in Snow White and the Huntsman film, which was the best bit aestheticly. I’m annoyed it’s not in a lovely purple vinyl or iridescent, that would be awesome. Hope the music is interesting.

Hub Hamers

Wow, very beautiful artwork! My daughters love it as well. I will listen to this as soon as it is possible.

Tom from FIN

Not really. Is that an unicorn or a horse, LOL. Good try though. Just missing that ambitious target at crucial point, in golden section or whatever.


I guess they are supposed to write for you inyo… different vibes on this third final to the triology of ideas… a softer listen… a musical vibe that i enjoy… is right here in this album… what else were you expecting?

Christopher Maddock

Nick Cave has become old, boring and pretentious. He used to hate the press but no longer. He used to hate awards but no longer. He used to make the music he wanted, regardless. Now he has an eye on his legacy. Blixa Bargeld bailed out. Mick Harvey bailed out. Who now tells the emperor he is naked? Not Warren Ellis, unfortunately. Perhaps this will be worth hearing. I’m not going to prejudge it. I used to get his albums as soon as they came out but no longer. His concerts are a sell-out too, all that “connection” with his middle-class audience. Sorry.



Chris Squires

Right on Brother Maddock. Good time people’s tractor factory number 16 for the makings of solidarity LP nyet? Is Comrade Jeremy coming?

People move on, get over it. Things happen in a lifetime that change a person, it’s ridiculous to hold a 30+ year old persona against a 62 year old man. Calling some one a sell-out just because they see things differently now is a bit much. I bet even Billy Bragg has been to Waitrose in the last 20 years.


Agreed. I think that if you want to find out if Cave and Warren can cut a record more accessible to generations just discovering his earlier work then you only need to turn them onto Grinderman (which arrived in the middle of his more toned down affairs)


Easy to be idealistic in your youth, but with age comes a new driving force: what motivated us even 3 years ago don’t really matter. It’s a different phase of not giving a *uck. I am personally very interested in what his take is on trading self-interest for the sacrifice of being a parent…. then to pass into the development phase of rejecting your parents in search of identity and autonomy. It’s arguable that this youthful phase in caves life gave us the artist we admire, and it’s truly fascinating to imagine the what he has to say about it the parent.



Glen Baldwin

Wow – you’re spot on! The emperors new clothes is the analogy I’ve been thinking of – these last two albums are film music spread out with vocals and just so dull. Bring back Mick!


Always love Nick Cave & Bad Seeds’ work, can’t wait for this


It’s great that he doesn’t feel the need for the colour vinyl and stuff to distract from the music .he continues to make masterpieces and you can guarantee this will be one


there was a very good re-issue collection from MUTE with CD and 5.1 DVDs for all his albums up to Dig Lazarus.
I wish, even though he is no longer signed to Mute Records, they could have kept the approach.

Brian Smith

Francois, yes I wish they had continued the 5.1 series too. Maybe even for Grinderman as well.

Liam Bastick

For those who wished they had discovered Nick Cave many years earlier, may I humbly make a recommendation of an artist in a similar vein who I think is highly underrated? Check out Jack Ladder. This is a good intro for anyone interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIsYk3-sP0A . I love this song.

P.S. If Nick Cave releases an album of Black Lace covers I’d probably buy that as well.


I would say chalk and cheese.sounds like a bad Roxy music outtake


He might be Australian, but he sounds nothing like Nick Cave. It’s like comparing the Super Furry Animals with The Stereophonics just because they’re both Welsh!

Liam Bastick

Maybe… having lived in Oz for nigh on 20 years, I do find I regularly get Kylie Minogue and AC/DC mixed up ;-).

A truck load of Aussie NC fans are behind this band, and the video did seem to be a, er, tongue in cheek “tribute” to Roxy. Each to their own; it was a suggestion only.

neil haggar

Id say thats an awful comparison….but if your after a GOOD resemblance ..this is it. My recommendation…
I was a huge fan of these, this tune was my introduction. Unfortunately, they were doomed to be a guilty underground pleasure. I managed to nab every release, but alls gone quiet, i think they have split. https://youtu.be/qXBgQ-bOs9M


Wow, look at that cover art. I’ll definitely give this a listen.


I see there are also new Leonard Cohen and van Morrison albums on the way


I believe the Leonard Cohen is spoken word, but then again he always sort of spoke, rather than sang.


Yes, the new Leonard Cohen is made up of him reciting his verse, on top of which other people have later played music. An idea which originated, I believe, with the last song on his last album, ‘String Reprise/Treaty’, where he recites a new verse of his song ‘Treaty’ to string backing.

But I have to take issue with the idea that Cohen “always sort of spoke, rather than sang” – this is a misconception and not true for the vast majority of his albums, at least until ‘I’m Your Man’ in 1988 (his first album is from 1966). Of course that is when he had his career ‘revival’ (his record company infamously didn’t even bother releasing his previous album, ‘Various Positions’, which included that obscure song ‘Hallelujah’, in the USA) and most people who heard about him then identified his style with the gravelly, deep-voiced, semi-spoken delivery he adopted from then on. But listen to any of his studio or live albums from the 60s and 70s and you can hear him sing quite well.

Tim Barton

Looking forward to this! Great news to round out the year!

Chris Squires

To me Nick Cave is a poet, somewhat like the late lamented Leonard Cohen. Poetry set to music, easily misunderstood as miserable, but the layers underneath are pure beauty with orchestration that belies the simplicity.

I came to you late Mr. Cave, my apologies. I have wasted as little time as possible catching up.


One of the few Artists I will buy from without hearing anything because he’s so good!!


I agree !
Already ordered it from my local shop.