Nick Cave & Warren Ellis / The Assassination of Jesse James vinyl

First time on vinyl • Coloured vinyl pressing • Remastered

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis‘ soundtrack to Andrew Dominik’s 2007 film The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford will be issued on vinyl for the first time next month.

This was Cave and Ellis’ second collaboration following their soundtrack to The Proposition, which was issued on vinyl back in November last year.

The audio was remastered in 2018 and the record is pressed on ‘whiskey-coloured’ 140g vinyl. It will be released on 12 April 2019.

Working on getting Amazon Australia on the widget, for now, here’s the link!

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Working on getting Amazon Australia on the widget, for now, here’s the link!

Side 1
1. Rather Lovely Thing
2. Moving On
3. Song for Jesse
4. Falling
5. Cowgirl
6. The Money Train
7. What Must Be Done

Side 2
1. Another Rather Lovely Thing
2. Carnival
3. Last Ride Back to KC
4. What Happens Next
5. Destined for Great Things
6. Counting the Stars
7. Song for Bob

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Song For Bob is among my all time favorite Nick Cave / Warren Ellis tunes. Amazing soundtrack.

paul wren

Great tip off and I’ve just pre-ordered it.

David McK

Pre-ordered. Couldn’t resist. Will go nicely with my copy of Loin Des Hommes on vinyl. Fingers crossed for The Road next…

paul wren

If you like this, try Neil Young’s entirely instrumental film sound track for the Dead Man western by Jim Jarmusch – this is considered by many to be a landmark album for the genre and the artist.


Can’t go wrong with this one. Great artist (Nick Cave), great soundtrack and great movie. Probably the first great role of Casey Affleck (who’s a very underrated actor).

For those who liked the movie, I shall recommend the book written by Ron Hansen. 500 pages but you’ll be hooked by the book. If you liked the movie, you will definitely love the book.


How is he underrated? He won a Golden Globe, a BAFTA, and an Oscar in 2017!

Keith P Young

This is my favourite soundtrack album , I have never listened to a soundtrack as much as I have this one, flows so well with the superb film. Ordered , can’t resist this on vinyl

Michael Tormey

Can i suggest hell or high water soundtrack. More curated by nick and warren with the like of Townes Van Zandt. Top end as well


I second this, for the soundtrack and the movie which are both top notch.

Although it is criminal they left off the Gillian Welch track off of the soundtrack, especially considering how perfectly it supported one of the most important scenes in the flick.


See, here I am, one of those folks who silently mock all those who pick up every vinyl cash grab that pops up, thinking they are nothing but a bunch of hipsters who forgot why the format died out in the first place while wishing as much attention was still being paid to CD editions…then this comes out, one of my favorite soundtracks from one of my favorite movies and it is absolutely beautiful, and all that goes out the window.

I have become what I mock.

If I were a smarter man, I’d probably see there is a message/moral in there somewhere…

Chris Squires

What a fabulous album Jesse James is. I’ve been waiting for this for a couple of years since I discovered Nick Cave through this parish. Song For Bob is utterly beautiful, written in the key of melancholy. It’s up there with the most moving songs I know and it’s an instrumental.

I fell in love with it on digital, I am going to marry it and have it’s children on vinyl.

Mr P

sorry, she’s not leaving me and the kids :)