Nick Kamen / The Complete Collection

Nick Kamen / The Complete Collection

6CD box set features albums and a plethora of remixes

Believe it or not, Levi 501 wearing model-turned-popstar Nick Kamen released four albums between 1987 and 1992. All of them are now collected in a new box set, The Complete Collection, along with two discs of ‘remixes & rarities’.

Essex-born Kamen is best known for the 1986 UK top ten single ‘Each Time You Break My Heart’, which was co-written by Madonna. The song effectively adopts Madonna’s sound circa 1986, thanks to Madge and Stephen Bray producing. NK only bothered the top end of the British singles chart one more time, with its follow-up ‘Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever’ (which reached number 16).

The four albums have been remastered and are as follows: Nick Kamen (1987), Us (1988)Move Until We Fly (1990) and Whatever, Whenever (1992). Each has appropriate seven-inch, dub and 12-inch remixes appended and on top of that there’s two discs at the end packed with more remixes from the likes of Jellybean, Arthur Baker and Shep Pettibone.

The label are claiming 20 previously unreleased mixes in this package, which also includes two previously unreleased songs in ‘So Sad’ (the Everly Brothers number) and ‘Right On Track’, a cover of the song by American band The Breakfast Club (Madonna and Stephen Bray both drummed for them at different points in time, fact fans!).

The set comes with a booklet with notes, including contributions from producers Stephen Bray and Toby Andersen.

The Complete Collection will be released on 24 July 2020 via Cherry Pop.

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Nick Kamen

The Complete Collection - 6CD box


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Nick Kamen

Nick Kamen - 2CD set


CD 1: Nick Kamen
1. Win Your Love
2. Open The Door To Your Heart
3. Nobody Else
4. Into The Night
5. Come Softly To Me
6. Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever
7. Each Time You Break My Heart
8. The Man In Me
9. Any Day Now
10. Help Me Baby
11. Baby After Tonight
12. Miss You
13. Each Time You Break My Heart (Dance Mix)
14. Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever (Extended Dance Mix)
15. Nobody Else (7″ Version)
16. Open The Door To Your Heart (Extended Version)
17. Each Time You Break My Heart (Instrumental)

CD 2: Us
1. Bring Me Your Love
2. Turn It Up
3. Guilty
4. This Is Really Love
5. Count On Me
6. Tell Me
7. I Can’t Live Without Your Love
8. Wonders Of You
9. Steal Love
10. Better Be Good Tonite
11. Bring Me Your Love (7″ Version)
12. Tell Me (Extended Mix)
13. Bring Me Your Love (Extended Mix)
14. Turn It Up (12″ Mix)
15. Tell Me (Dub Mix)
16. Don’t Hold Out

CD 3: Move Until We Fly
1. I Promised Myself
2. Oh How Happy
3. Looking Good Diving
4. Somebody’s Arms To Hold Me
5. Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um
6. Take Back My Hand Child
7. We Can Make It
8. Agony & Ecstasy
9. You Are
10. I Want More
11. Move Until We Fly
12. Love Street
13. Sacrifice Your Reputation
14. Oh How Happy (7″ Version)
15. Looking Good Diving (7″ Version)
16. Agony & Ecstasy (7″ Version)
17. I Promised Myself (Independiente Mix)

CD 4: Whatever, Whenever
1. We’ll Never Lose What We Have Found
2. Whatever, Whenever
3. You’re Not The Only One
4. Nothing Rhymes Now
5. Did I Imagine You
6. This Is Our Time
7. Don’t You Know
8. I Need You
9. There Was A Time In America
10. You And I Are Here
11. I’l Find Another Way
12. We’ll Never Lose What We Have Found (7″ Version)
13. I Know Where You Are
14. We’ll Never Lose What We Have Found (Club Mix)
15. You’re Not The Only One (Youth Sa Roush Mix)
16. You’re Not The Only One (Extended Mix)

CD 5: Remixes & Rarities Vol 1
1. Each Time You Break My Heart (Shep Pettibone Extended Vers.)
2. Win Your Love (The Love Mix)
3. Nobody Else (Arthur Baker Dance Mix)
4. Come Softly To Me (12″ Version)
5. Nobody Else (Jellybean 12″ Version)
6. Each Time You Break My Heart (Us Mix)
7. Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever (Alternative Mix)
8. Oh How Happy (Bubble Mix)
9. Tell Me (Instrumental)
10. Bring Me Your Love (Instrumental)
11. Agony & Ecstasy (Instrumental)
12. Looking Good Diving (Instrumental)
13. Oh How Happy (Instrumental)
14. I Promised Myself (Instrumental)
15. Agony & Ecstasy (Dawn Mix)
16. Lonely Boy

CD 6: Remixes & Rarities Vol 2
1. Us Megamix
2. Nobody Else (Alternative 12″ Mix)
3. Oh How Happy (Wow How Hippy Mix)
4. Looking Good Diving (Extended Mix)
5. Count On Me (7″ Version)
6. So Sad
7. Right On Track
8. Oh How Happy (G.U.C.C.I. Mix)
9. Take Back My Hand Child (Alternative Version)
10. Win Your Love (Instrumental)
11. Wonders Of You (Backing Track)
12. Somebody’s Arms To Hold Me (Instrumental)
13. You Are (Instrumental)
14. You’re Not The Only One (Instrumental)
15. Come Softly To Me (Backing Track)
16. Oh What A Night

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For me, his music was never the same after The Birthday Party split up


YIPEE! I have immediately pre-order my copy. I’ve always loved Nick Kamen’s music and his voice, especially the first two albums include a lot of pop gems. Did you guys know that he was MASSIVE in Italy? I think “Tell Me” was No. 1 on the single charts for several months. I am most excited about his version of “Right on track” (originally by The Breakfast Club), which is one of my fave songs anyway. I have a feeling that Nick Kamen’s version might not be a cover but a demo and that the song might have been intended for him originally. Maybe we’ll find out more about this in the liner notes. I am also interested in what Stephen Bray has to say about Kamen. I know that because of his looks and because of the fact that he used to model he was heavily underestimated as a singer and songwriter. I always think he had a very nice voice… am still listening to his first two albums from time to time so I am really looking forward to this re-release.


Whilst I won’t buy this I am happy it’s being released and hope it sells and leads to sets I want to buy.


If you want a laugh check this thread out https://www.superdeluxeedition.com/news/nick-kamen-2cd-deluxe/

Chris Squires

That was a painful read. I think the SDE forum is better at self-policing these days vs. 2015 as that seemed like the Wild West. Certainly Sheriff Sinclair would probably step in earlier too.
The acceptance of the broad church is wider here now, even if we still get the odd old chestnut of snobbery.

joel ivins

good grief…talk about the wild west…lolol

Daniel ( from Berlin )

‘i promised myself” is one of THE songs of my life. fantastic pop – especially the last 30 sec. with the very different melody in the ending. sadly this was the only good single / song from the album. this box set is very special and i like it 100%. great are all the instrumental + backing tracks. i must have it !! thank you paul for some pop / dance news incl. donna summer and a few more.
sometimes i think it’s only a david bowie or paul mccartney news side. almost every week is a re release or re-release of bowie material. so i am happy to see some disco or pop news from time to time here…. i hope everything is okay with you and your family. greetings from berlin to all writers and readers here. keep safe. find your strength in music as good as you can in these dramatically and sad times.


The Shamen had a cd singles box with many remixes, not sure if it was a Girls Aloud kinda thing where it was really every remix and B Side.
As for Nick Kamen was chosen for this treatment: why not? No reason to put him down because your faves didn’t. Cherry Pop caters to pop music, is this really a surprise?

I really wish that the Madonna demo for Each Time You Break My Heart would be released, it is a heavenly track: the orchestration, the fantastic vocals, even in the rough demo quality uploaded by the dozen on youtube you can enjoy it.
But it will never happen.


I hate to trot out “old chestnuts” but would tend to agree with some of the above posters that coverage of this release is somewhat of a surprise. Meanwhile Mariah Carey reissued the best-selling Christmas album in history last year and it went completely overlooked… (yet undoubtedly holds greater appeal than this obscure artist)?


LOL fair enough Paul!


As someone famous once said, ‘if you’ve got nothing to say, dont say it’. This site caters for all, I couldnt care about Grateful Dead, Dylan etc – but I dont feel the need to slight Paul or anyone who cares about those artists.


Here, here! Sorry Mariah.
By the way Paul, I hope you will spend some time on Sheila’s King Of The World 40th Anniversary. Very similar to Nick Kamen in the sense that another major artist wrote it (Nile Rodgers, Bernard Edwards) and that she was completely unknown until Chic got involved. Both “guilty” pleasures, difference of course is that it was the 70’s not 80’s.
I know, Madonna only wrote one song on Nick Kamen’s album which makes it a little different. Sheila was a 100% Chic album.


For those thinking they can sell their 2CD of “Nick Kamen”, it has either 4 or 5 tracks that are NOT on this new box set:

1. Nobody Else Arthur Baker Dub
2. Each Time You Break My Heart Dub
3. Loving You Instrumental
4. Nobody Else Jellybean Dub
(5. Each Time You Break My Heart (US Radio Mix))

Not sure about the US Radio Mix because the box set does have a version of Each Time that is called US Mix. Could be the same.
It’s weird there is no instrumental version of Loving You because there are a litany of instrumental versions on the box set. Well, not weird, I’m sure Cherry Pop did that on purpose so people will continue to buy the 2CD. The Dub versions are excellent so I’m not selling my 2CD.

Michael Roberts

I am very excited about this release. Definitely a must have for me.

I will be THAT person who points out something that is missing though.

What about the excellent “I Promised Myself 2004” extended mix and radio edit?

Tanya Turner

Yes missing many things on this box !!!! Why ?!!!!

Ken A.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that YouTube track was a Breakfast Club outtake. Didn’t realize Stephen Bray’s production work would be so singular or recognizable.


On disc 6 there is “Right On Track” which is a cover of the Breakfast Club hit.


To this day, my favourite album by a model is Milla Jovovich’s The Divine Comedy. Have you guys heard of this gem inspired by Kate Bush and Tori Amos? Definitely worth it.


As the kid’s say, “This! A thousand times THIS!!”. The Divine Comedy is one of my favorite albums ever, from a model/actress or otherwise. I still hope she makes another one in the same vein someday.
A little Kate Bush, a little Russian Folk, a little Prog…just a fantastic album and not even remotely what you would think when you hear Milla Jovovich made an album. I have a feeling she was God’s Master Thesis…


Mine is Grace Jones.

Larry Davis

I have Milla’s album and yes it’s killer, more Kate than Tori…has an artful Celtic feel to it…and she is more known as an actress nowadays…I do wonder if she will make another record though, cuz “The Divine Comedy” (her album, not Neil’s “group”) is a minor masterwork…another surprisingly good record by a model is by Naomi Campbell…Carmen Electra’s Prince-produced record is pretty awesome too…as for Nick Kamen, I pre-ordered this boxset…I recall seeing at least 1 disc back in the late 80s/early 90s on Atlantic, but never really heard it until a 12″ popped up on the so80s volumes (#8 I think)…and playing the video here, it was like 80s Madonna (Steven Bray productions) meets SAW meets 80s UK sophistopop like Love Or Money…I think I am gonna dig…but I can’t help with that pic to think Paul Lekakis…Boom Boom Boom Let’s Go Back To My Room…


I have it. What a beautiful album!

Jerry UXB

Whilst some of these recent boxes (Ace of Base, M People, and this one) aren’t to my taste I love the fact that this material (which might be considered “throwaway” by some) is being given a proper, comprehensive, reappraisal and not just boring ‘Best of’ albums. Viva Cherry Pop and Edsel!

Michael Roberts


What a great attitude to have, as what is garbage to some people is considered gold to others.

All of these releases are right on target for me.

Keith Hill

Nick Kamen? Not to denigrate the man & his music, just wondering why out of so many candidates for this treatment, his name came up?
To fill up a quiet afternoon, who would you put ahead of Nick in the queue?


Sometimes the issue with those “more deserving” artists is licensing. As a reissue label I’d assume it’s much easier & more lucrative to dig where there’s taters rather than toss e-mails back & forth about what foreign offices own the rights to what mixes, what can be included on a reissue, source material to be located, how long it will remain in print, and for all who are those in charge of this information to come together. I think it’s pretty terrific when an artist whose material may seem forgotten to fans gets a treatment like this. An 11 CD Ace Of Base box would be agony for me, but plenty of people have rejoiced at the news.

Ian S

One artist who fell out of fashion but who I’d love to see get the box set treatment is the Shamen. If it covered all their albums and the many remixes, plus some live stuff, that would be fantastic. Hellish for many, no doubt.

(One Little Indian did one of their singles, which ptomptrd me to sell my hard-won CD collection… for much less than I expected, and I still haven’t bought it. If anyone sees it at a good price… )

Enjoying very much seeing the love and excitement for the Nick Kamen box set, though he means nothing at all to me.

Keith Hill

I don’t think he is undeserving, or any better or worse than some of my more or less questionable tastes, I merely wondered out loud. I have soft spots for music that really should be left in the archives…but would buy if remastered…and no I am not going to share.

John McCann'

He sold a shed load of records,tell me was no 1 in Italy for months,hes getting this treatment because its a business,they hope to sell a shed more, check out wiki!the guy was huge in Europe!


OMG. I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FOR YEARS. His music was really more sophisticated and ahead of its time with each album.

My only question is….did someone finally track him down? Where IS he?


Paul – would you be able to find out what happened to Nick Kamen. Very little info online except for a 2018 article that he had cancer.
Listening to YouTube now and surprise how pleasant his music is. A bit like curiosity killed the cat.

Darren Howard

He has an active twitter account, I expect it’s ran for him by someone else but he must be involved in it somewhere I love his music, looking forward to this. I Promise Myself is amazing!


This is in my ‘to buy’ list. I can now sale the 2CD set that was previously released.


I had (possibly still have) the US 45 for “Each Time You Break My Heart.” I probably bought it at the time because of an ad I saw in Star Hits or the Madonna association. I can’t think of where I would of heard the song in 1986 Brooklyn before I bought it, could have been on the radio but not sure if it broke Top 40 in the US. I had no idea he had other albums!


Always liked Nick Kamen’s music. The singles are excellent and the albums are better than I thought. Nice to have it all remastered now with all the remixes. A no brainer for me. Cherry Pop has done some great releases over the last few years. Great price from Japan. I wonder if they ship to the USA in this new Covid world.

Phil Fogel

6 discs really? I thought he only had one album. I loved Each Time You Break My Heart. After organizing my record collection I found that I own the 12″ single to Bring Me Your Love which I forgot about, I paid $1.99 for it back in the day.

Chris Squires

SDE is an education. I thought it was a one album thing too as I went down other highways and byways, poor old Mr. Kamen got ignored. I think the “advert” thing got in the way and too many people didn’t take him seriously after that, which seems like a shame.

John E. Dean-Morton

Nick’s music brings back some fun memories. I hit “pre-order” with no hesitation.

Barnaby Dickenson

Anybody recall an ‘Illegal Mix’ white label of Nick’s Bring Me Your Love? I worked in a record shop and we sold it to all the DJs who went mad for it. There’s very little chance of it even making it onto the six disc version of this compilation as it was chock full of uncleared samples from big name artists. Always hope that someone will upload it to YouTube one day, but it’s yet to happen. My copy has long since disappeared…

Consuela O’Boyle

There was a great Illegal mix of “Tell Me” which has now popped up on YouTube.
I also worked in a record store and loved this mix, which was official masquerading as a bootleg (albeit the poppiest bootleg ever) but as you say too sample heavy for a commercial release – too expensive to clear all those samples of Madonna, Janet, George Michael, Jacko and Aretha. And Chas Smash.
As well as being a white label it was the first track on a wea cassstte distributed for in-store play.
The regular Extended Mix of “Tell Me” is hilarious in the way it baits Madonna fans – she does the backing vox on the standard version but the latter third of the extended isolates her vocals so that it’s mostly her singing on her own.
Definite pre-order.


I had both of these bootleg mixes on 12″ back in the day. They were reviewed in his own unique way by the legend that was James Hamilton in his weekly dance column in Record Mirror and were pretty easy to get hold of from Groove Records in Soho. Last time I passed that way, that once amazing shop had been turned into a porn cinema. Oh dear. But, as Ronnie Corbett would say, “I digress”…
Yeah, they were pretty good cut -n- paste jobs as I recall, and the only reason to be at all interested in the works of the boy Kamen. Sadly both have long since disappeared from my collection. They may well of been half inched from my collection as certain records were when I was DJ-ing. Ah, thems was they days!!!!!!


Barnaby it’s here. There were three Illegal Mixes for different tracks. https://youtu.be/XNVn9MrbVXs


Hello Barnaby, just find it now uploaded on youtube


Ah! Good to hear those two again. Cheer guys. Wish I still had them. Oh well, at least I’ve still got Samantha Fox’s Play It Again Sam white label and no-one is getting their hands on that!

Steve Robertson

I Promoised My self is a pop classic that was huge in Europe, but did nothing in the UK. He wrote it too. This is very tempting.

Craig Hedges

It’s also a rip off of the tune to ABBAs Winner takes it all, done in the style of Erasures A Little Respect.


I always thought it ripped off John Lennon’s Happy Xmas.

Can’t stand the song, annoying repetitive plastic. Better than Dieter Bohlen but still… why do I have to hear that on the radio so often?


Nick Kamen had another big hit singles in Europe with “Bring Me Your Love” and “I promised Myself”…

Another strange fact is that he made a cover of “Looking Good Diving”, the same song that led to “Buffalo Stance” for Neneh Cherry…

The price for this box set is quite decent, and will be full of surprises , so i’m in for this one !

Now you just have to call back Madonna, so that she can do a clamshell box of her 85-87 era that should include the original version of “Each Time” she sung prior to give it to Nick Kamen …

Graham Turner

Thank you for your comment about “Looking Good Diving”, Kiki. This lead me down a fascinating rabbit hole featuring Cameron McVey, Neneh Cherry, The Wild Bunch, The ‘Buffalo’ collective, Bomb The Bass, Nellee Hooper, Massive Attack, Portishead, Tricky, All Saints, Sugababes, Jean Baptiste Mondino, Prince, Madonna & back to Nick Kamen!