Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets / Live at the Roundhouse

Early Pink Floyd performed by Mason and cohorts • 2CD+DVD • 2LP vinyl

Nick Mason's A Saucerful of Secrets / Live at the Roundhouse

Nick Mason’s Saucerful Of Secrets will release Live At The Roundhouse across three formats in April.

The band – consisting of Nick Mason, Gary Kemp, Guy Pratt, Lee Harris and Dom Beken – were conceived with the simple aim of playing some early Pink Floyd –  songs pre The Dark Side Of The Moon – that had not been given a live outing for decades.

Three initial gigs in London in May 2018 were followed by sold out dates in Europe, the UK and North America in Autumn of that same year. A handful of extra UK shows were announced for April and May 2019, including two nights at The Roundhouse – the venue where Pink Floyd first played on 15 October 1966, at the International Times launch party.

The setlist for Live at the Roundhouse includes ‘Arnold Layne’, ‘Vegetable Man’, ‘Interstellar Overdrive’, ‘Atom Heart Mother’, ‘Set The Controls For The Heart of the Sun’, ‘See Emily Play’ and more (full list below). This live recording is being issued as a 2CD+DVD set, a double vinyl package and on blu-ray.

Live at the Roundhouse will be released on 18 September 2020 (was 17 April).

Interstellar Overdrive
Astronomy Domine
Lucifer Sam
Obscured by Clouds
When You’re In
Remember A Day
Arnold Layne
Vegetable Man
Atom Heart Mother
The Nile Song
Green Is The Colour
Let There Be More Light
Childhood’s End
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
See Emily Play
One Of These Days
A Saucerful Of Secrets
Point Me At The Sky

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Is there another delay for the blu-ray as Amazon now mark this item as ‘dispatched within 1 to 2 months’?

Bruce Marsh

Missed the initial shows in London so shlepped up to Nottingham. Fantastic gig, snagged one of the Nottingham posters from the doors, got all the band to sign it except Nick. So really looking forward to the signed poster bundle, which I ordered back in February. Received an email that it’s shipped but could take until 8 October.

I was at one of the Roundhouse gigs, right at the front so no plonkers to spoil my view, but the amps blew my ears out! Worth it, though.

Have met Nick Mason a few times, motor racing at Silverstone, at the excellent V&A’s Their Mortal Remains exhibition and at the amazing Syd Barrett tribute at the Barbican in 2006, the last time Gilmour, Wright and Mason appeared together on stage playing Arnold Laine, a RSD 2020 release. Waters closed the first half but played one of his crap solo songs, Flickering Flame. Mason’s a decent chap and happy to chat to fans. Certainly more friendly than Mr Gilmour.


By end of 2019, I think, I did this pre-order (Blu-ray + Signed poster by all the band) and… I have received it few minutes ago!!! fantastic!

I thought I wouldn’t get it until April based on the last news about it.

Ade Swatridge

It’s such a shame record and bluray releases are getting pushed back…right when we need some extra entertainment. But I get it …supply chain issues and staff shortages at the moment. There are more important things in life. I’m wfh and going through my extensive vinyl collection backwards…one letter, two albums a day…great fun!

Michael R Haut

Thanks Paul for removing the offensive comment from this thread. Although I do wonder why my reply/comment was not posted. The original poster, as well as others, should know what and why what they said was wrong and is unacceptable language . I also wonder how it originally was missed and allowed through while originally parsed… We trust you to have our backs!

Daniel Kershner

So I meant to say that I had some jerk standing in front of ME during the entire concert. Everybody else was sitting down. I’m sure you can figure out that’s what I meant. Someone else posted that it had happened to them as well. When you pay that much to see a show you would hope that other people would be courteous. Guess not…


You could just stand up yourself!


Daniel Kershner

Nick’s show is a must- see live if you can. This is something Floyd fans have been hoping for but didn’t expect. And who cares if they’re old for god’s sake? They are out there TEARING IT UP and you’re NEVER going to hear music like this ever again once all these guys are gone. And who cares how they dress? JESUS! Just close your eyes and let them transport you back to the glory days of music. I saw them in San Francisco and I guess I’m not the only one that had some jerk— standing in front of him the whole time. Finally I do hope they tackle ECHOES this time around. This band will kill it. Thank you Nick for this wonderful music!


I am going to build my very own Vinyl+blu ray boxset on this one..


Wow. Very good news. Can’t wait for the release. :-)
I’ll order the CD/DVD bndle when it is available in Germany.

Ian Robb

Ordered the cd / dvd package from amazon uk, since I’ll probably never get to see them live apart from bit’s and pieces on you tube, and no doubt I’ll order the vinyl as well, but I’ll hang fire on that to see how the price goes nearer the release date
Cheers Paul, keep up the good work
Ian, Dundee

andrew R

Ordered the vinyl and poster .Thanks for the heads up Paul this site really is invaluable.
No dvd for me, as i have seen footage on line they sound great, but are a bunch of old men in bad trainers and dad jeans . I have nearly given up on live music these days between the geriatric audience and the even more geriatric performers .Brr it’s a bitch this ageing nonsense!

John McCann

I will get this when it is released,big spandue fan back in the day, seen them as a 14year old Glasgow Apollo 1983,,, now whenever iv seen gary kemp on TV over the years I have always admired his dress sense, very well cut clothes and no vulgar designer labels on show, Paul Smith perhaps,, I cant suddenly c him wearing dad jeans and bad trainers. if youv got class which gary kemp always had then it stays with you,

andrew R

check out the footage it looks like a short sleeve shirt over black tshirt
tail hanging out plus white trainers.Long way from le beat route.
I wasn’t dissing Mr kemp particularly it’s just a certain way this generation of
musicians can’t be bothered to dress distinctively any more .You see it with Clapton
Plant the Stones etc .One of the few that keeps it up is the ever elegant Paul Weller .
Spoils the visuals for me but in no way detracts from the performance of the songs ,
which were/are superb.

John McCann

Without turning this post into, GQ magazine, Clapton put all his attention into fashion when he got clean, (August cover),and Charley watts falls out of bed into a savill row suit,nick mason will be 80 soon , so if he turns up in pyjamas then thats fine as well, Paul Weller dresses well but that old face on the Bradley Wiggins haircut lets him down,not a good look,now dave vanian thats a guy who dresses distinctively check him out great look,cheers john

Keith Coleman

Very good and spot on funny comments. Hard to dress well as an old dude- I should know. First rule maybe keeping the hair short, Mr Modfather (and others). No one likes a prune in a long bob.

Kieran Caulfield

I’ve ordered the CD and DVD as I was at the Roundhouse gig and would love to have this as a keep sake as well as being able to actually see what happened given the prat (no relation to the bass player) standing in front of me was trying to video the whole thing on a bloody iPad, obscuring my view for many parts of the show! This finally put me off ever ever standing at a gig again, a complete waste of money. Besides that, it was a great show, Gary Kemp was excellent on guitar , what a revelation, and don’t forget you get the Blockheads guitar player too! Was lovely to see the whole band having seemingly a fun time.


Postage is expensive in the Nick Mason SOS store. Nearly £25 for UK postage for the vinyl, CD/DVD and 2 posters


Martin – agree with the postage on SOS store is bad. They want £8 odd to ship LP and poster. Is Nick turning up with it himself! lol


Steve just checked yes now £8 it was £15 yesterday. Looks like they have reviewed the shipping

Colin Wright

I was at this show and I’m so excited about this release.. It was a stunning show and the bands sound was awesome playing these old Floyd classics.


Well, I will definitely get the cd set. Am pre-ordering the blu ray, too… I love the songs, and am certainly a fan of Nick and Guy, and I look forward to finally hearing the rest of this band. Should be a treat!


Never got a chance to see him but now hooray!!
It’s a shame though that 3 remains and they cannot tour together. I think it’s childish from the most artistic band ever. Go figure.
Just got my Waters ticket lol


This is great but I have no interest whatsoever in the video portion as
1) I really don’t need to see a bunch of oldish/very-old-men bouncing around constantly reminding me that I’m seriously getting old myself; and
2) I don’t need to see moving images to understand how great the music is.

2LP is just fine for me…


the blu-ray is available to buy from Nick’s UK store, so I’m presuming that it is not region locked and will play on any player. Well I hope so as I’ve ordered a copy!

David M

It will be.

Carl Jacobs

All three formats ordered via the SOS a web store c/w the signed poster, T shirt and magnet as appropriate. Agree that CD/BluRay should have been the / an option.
Missed out on the first shows but saw them in Nottingham later in 2018 and was at The Roundhouse last year. Awesome performances.
Looking forward to De Montfort Hall this year.
Carl Jacobs

Pieter van der Velde wzn

I’ve been waiting for this release. It’s not easy for me to attend some dates for concerts through family circumstances, I’ve got 2 handicapped children, so I’m very happy with this announcement. Thank you very much Paul.


This will be great. Seen Saucerful twice and they blew me away on both occasions. Yes they play the songs but the band bring their own interpretation. The chap here who commended Gary Kemp I can only agree with. He proved himself a superb guitarist. The band in general are tighter than a hand in glove. I cannot wait to hear this and see them again in May.

Mike Grivich

Nick’s band took me totally by surprise. Initially I dismissed it but after listening to a few shows I realized not only is it really good but where else are you going to hear Lucifer Sam or Point Me At The Sky done by one of the original Floyds?

John Rea

Has anybody else had problems in buying items from Nick’s site? I have items in my basket but can’t purchase!!!Eeek!

Tim Abbott

Was at the very first show at Dingwalls, in the second row and the entire audience was more or less having kittens for the entire thing, hearing deep-level Floyd obscurities we never thought we’d get to experience in concert. I like the fact that they’re slightly ragged and not slick like the bigger shows put on by Nick’s old bandmates. I’m generally not a fan of aged rock star live releases when there’s footage of them in their heyday, but this will be a good buy. Cheers Nick!


It was such a fantastic concert! I ordered immediately, thanks Paul!


Instantly ordered, I am so happy this is coming out I don’t really care they batched a DVD instead of a Blu-ray with the CDs.

Saw them in LA shortly before I moved cross country and was not only a wonderful send off from the area & state, but if it is the last time I see any members of Pink Floyd play live again (have seen all in one form or another over the years), it was as perfect a send off as I could have had. Can’t remember the last time I have smiled so much during a concert and can’t wait to relive the night again.


And a “one night only” cinema release (in the UK) on 10th March


Like others, am seeing them in the near future: April in Ipswich for me, and I can’t wait. This, therefore, is a no brainer…


Tempted, but should have been a 2 CD with Blu Ray. It’s double dipping for no reason. Besides what’s with the DVDs anyway, it’s 2020?


I agree. DVDs are low quality media. Audio and video suffers if more than 2 hours of footage.
I commend Neal Morse as his next live release is just 2CD/BR. Previous ones were 2CD/DVD and BR separately.


The geezer from Spandau Ballet is fantastic, I was at the show, it’s great and so is his guitar playing.
He certainly went up in my estimations after that night.

Dave B

Very nice cover art for this release (not something that can be said too often these days), but I have to wonder whether putting your own face on your album cover eight times is some kind of record (notwithstanding Elvis Presley’s fourteen for “50,000 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong”!) ;)

Frank Donnelly

More people have a DVD player and the format plays on BluRay players too. Just give us both discs in the package like they do for a lot of movies.

Jon S

I think it’s 10 times remarkably!


Psychedelicious! The 2 CD+DVD packaging with die-cut slipcover and colourful booklet looks too retro-cool to pass up. Always loved pre-DSOTM Pink Floyd, but particularly wished that the songs from Pink Floyd’s first two acid-tinged albums would be performed anew in a concert hall or in the studio for much improved sound quality. Fingers crossed for a swirling 5.1 mix on the DVD or Blu-ray. Thanks so much, Nick Mason :-)


I put off buying the overpriced bootlegs for this reason…looks quite fab….sound will be amazing…odd that the geezer from spandau ballet is with them…but it dont matter ..cant wait…..

Julian H

Gary Kemp did a fab job playing guitar especially. Vocals are perhaps the only weak point of this band, at least when it comes to singing Gilmour’s softer parts…

Mike B

Presumably the Blu-Ray will be a 5.1 mix???

Rik K

One would assume there’d be a 5.1 mix. However, with live concerts I personally find that 5.1 is often rather underwhelming, not nearly as impactful as studio 5.1 mixes are. If this release is indeed in 5.1, I hope the extra effort has been made to make it sound spectacular, as this music dearly warrants it!

Wolfgang Mintrop

Grrrrumbling … why no 2CD+BD set ….???


Agree….messing with formats again. :(

Nick Love

Great song selection – I always thought that if not for their later successes the Pink Floyd of 67-72 would have been remembered as one of the all time great psych bands. Even their primarily Richard Wright-led post-Barrett singles are undervalued and overlooked.


These were great shows though I do wish they had included Echoes in the performances. Nick Mason has discussed this and I believe it will be included in the next round of shows but of course not in these recordings.


My fave piece by the Floyd, hope it’s confirmed as I’m seeing them in May


To me Echoes is too much Gilmour / Wright related. But from this band I would hope that the news in the setlist would be a 15 minutes version of THE EMBRYO

Michael H. Hughes

Saw them at the Tabernacle in Atlanta and it was a fantastic show. Really excited this is coming out.

Andrew Greenwood

weird options. I would like 2CD+Blu Ray so hopefully that will come out later. Otherwise, brilliant


Who needs CDs if you have it on Blu-ray? Never understood that… because they are easier to rip?

John McCann

In car Blu-ray is not too common, then against neither are in car CDs,theas day’s, but I think we covered that last week,


Wonderful. I have a boot of this, but getting a clean version will be great. Saw them in Phoenix last year and will be there for the show in Vienna in May. I’m looking forward to the video.


Copies of all formats, with a poster signed by all members of the band (including Nick Mason), are currently available from the Saucerful of Secrets official store (https://www.musicglue.com/nick-mason/live-at-the-roundhouse). Might be of interest …


Thanks for the link, nabbed one quickly. Can’t believe they’ll last long (I notice the signed prints are on sale for £75 by themselves!).

Tom M

Happy (belated) birthday to me!

george glazener

Go Nick..!! Keep the classics alive. Just like Steve Hackett…!! I love these Patriarchs keeping the traditions going..!!