Norah Jones / Begin Again

Norah Jones will release a new album, Begin Again next month.

Begin Again features a collection of seven eclectic songs that Jones recorded with collaborators including Jeff Tweedy and Thomas Bartlett. Four of the songs were put out as ad-hoc digital singles last year but Begin Again sees them released physically along with three more previously unreleased tracks. You can preview ‘Just a Little Bit’ below.

After the last Day Breaks tour, Jones returned to the studio with the sole intent of “following her muse down creative pathways without any expectations or boundaries.” Jones got together with various friends for brief, largely-improvised sessions to collaborate and experiment.

“I felt inspired to record and try different things,” Jones says, adding that the idea was to make it “quick and fun and easy and low-pressure. It’s a great way to collaborate with other people. Just a day or 3 in the studio and that’s it. It’s been so fun and I feel very inspired right now and love all the different directions this is going.”

The album in released on vinyl and CD on 12 April 2019

1. My Heart Is Full
2. Begin Again
3. It Was You
4. A Song With No Name
5. Uh Oh
6. Wintertime
7. Just a Little Bit

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[…] Jones issues a new album, Pick Me Up Off The Floor, in May. Like last year’s Begin Again this album features a number of collaborators including Brian Blade and Jeff Tweedy. Incidentally, […]

David Bly

For those who are interested, Newbury Comics, based in Boston, has autographed copies of the CD available for $15.99. They also have others by other artists. The link below shows that page, which is all upcoming stuff.

I saw this when getting autographed CDs of the new Jenny Lewis and the Meat Puppets (the latter is actually on a card).

The postage might be too much for people outside of North America, but for the two above I got already it was only $3.26.


Looks like the cover of Richard Ashcroft’s “Human Conditions”.


Looking forward to this album! Norah Jones has the voice of an angel, just glad I’m alive to witness such talent!!

A. Vogt

Love Norah Jones. But I’m concerned about this new trend of signed CDs available to the general public, as it can put great strain on an artist’s wrists. ; )

Charlie Waffles

Strange looking cover.


Same cover designer that did Great Plains by Thomas Dybdahl?

gary oliver

looking forward to this ; her recent ‘live at Ronnie Scotts’ DVD was excellent

Gareth Jones

7 songs? This is either an extremely short album, or they’re jazz improv tracks that go on for far too long!


According to Wikipedia it’s 29 minutes of music. Will wait and see if there’s gonna be some kind of deluxe edition. Most of her previous albums have been re-released with additional content. Though somehow I feel this is not going to happen with this album.

Auntie Sabrina

My Heart Is Full 3:07
Begin Again 3:53
It was You 5:31
A Song With No Name 4:03
Uh Oh 3:38
Wintertime 3:48
Just A Little Bit 5:03


The Beatles early albums weren’t much above 30 minutes each. Nowt much wrong with them I’d suggest!


I love her voice. It’s amazing.
Her duets with Keith Richards (Illusion on Crosseyed Heart) and Foo Fighters (Virginia Moon on In Your Honour) are highlights of both albums.


For those in the U.S. (I would think they ship overseas) Newbury Comics is selling signed copies of the CD for the same price as standard.

Paul Mac

A lot of those Newbury signed exclusives don’t ship outside the U.S. for some reason, including this one, unfortunately.