Norah Jones / Day Breaks deluxe sets

Blue Note will issue double-disc deluxe editions of Norah Jones‘ 2016 album Day Breaks on CD and vinyl next month.

This was one of SDE’s favourite albums last year and so this news is welcome, even if technically there has already been a deluxe edition, on CD at least, which added four songs performed live (largely at The Newport Jazz Festival). There was also a limited edition 180g orange vinyl pressing available for a while.

Orange has gone from the cover of both deluxe versions, which opt for a new silver design. The second CD and LP in the respective deluxe sets offer the same content, which is nine tracks performed live at the Loreto Theater  in New York City, in October last year. Five of these live tracks are songs from Day Breaks. Unlike the original black pressing, this double vinyl is 180g.

Both of these Day Breaks deluxe editions will be issued on 27 October 2017.

CD 1 or LP 1 (Original Album):

01. Burn
02. Tragedy
03. Flipside
04. It’s A Wonderful Time For Love
05. And Then There Was You
06. Don’t Be Denied
07. Day Breaks
08. Peace
09. Once I Had A Laugh
10. Sleeping Wild
11. Carry On
12. Fleurette Africaine (African Flower)

CD 2 or LP 2 (Live at the Loreto Theater at the Sheen Center for Thought & Culture in New York City, October 10th and 11th, 2016):

01. Peace
02. I’ve Got To See You Again
03. Out On The Road
04. Sunrise
05. Burn
06. It’s A Wonderful Time For Love
07. Flipside
08. Don’t Know Why
09. Fleurette Africaine (African Flower)

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Charlie Waffles

I have not even listened to the Target exclusive from last year yet. Thanks, Norah. You should have offered the album as a single or a double cd last year. I usually purchase your deluxe editions when they are offered with the single cd on sale at the same time. I gotta pass.


I have issues with re-issuing an album with more content so soon after its release, it smacks of milking the fans (of which I’m not one, I never bought the original album anyway. It’s the principle of the thing).

I know the rejoinder would be “you don’t have to buy it” but it just seems…….disingenuous? When they re-issue stuff from years ago, before the current CD/download climate in general, I can understand better, but for something this recent…hmmm.

Paul E.

@Rickjapan – I can’t think of a better interpretation than the one you offer here. If you pursued the Deluxe Edition and/or Target release with bonus tracks in October 2016, than you ponied up for that format and deferred on the lesser expensive “regular” release. That camp should be annoyed that just 11 months later another version can be had with even more content. Conversely, I can’t imagine anyone who declined to purchase the original release thinking it’s now time to purchase this title. I CAN, however, see the Norah Jones’ loyal re-purchasing to complete their collection. That is definitively double dipping, milking the fans, etc. A proper EP inclusive of the unreleased tracks from 2016 could have accomplished similar results certainly. I still frequent the very few and remaining used CD stores in the States and this type of release strategy will ensure Norah’s bin gets stocked quickly with gently used “Day Breaks” Deluxe/Target editions. Would love to see the label get stuck with the “old” 2016 product and somehow suffer for this type of approach.


It happens quite often. Record companies are all about making money. They’re not bothered if fans get unhappy about this sort of stuff.


And here the missing h from Norah


I have to say that I love Nora Jones as an artist very much. But I was a little bit disappointed about this album. I have the orange vinyl LP and I think this is enough. I will save my money for the cardigans vinyl box :-) Any news about that?

Auntie Sabrina
james johnson

Thanx. In the US the 16 track is a Target “exclusive” for $13.99 on sale


Thanks Auntie. This slipped through my net when first released so I’ve hoovered up a copy of the old deluxe. Also when I checked out the original SDE post, the Elvis Costello Return of the Spectacular Spinning Songbook appeared in the You Might Also Like….section and I got that too at a very nice price. Cheers Paul!!