Not The Nine O’Clock News box set

4CD and 4LP boxes with all the original albums • LP box on coloured vinyl • Signed sets sold out.

Not the Nine O'Clock News / Not All The Albums Again 4LP coloured vinyl box

Classic BBC alternative comedy series Not The Nine O’Clock News introduced us to the talents of Rowan Atkinson, Mel Smith, Griff Rhys Jones and Pamela Stephenson. I was first broadcast 40 years ago in 1979 and during the relatively short run (the last programme was shown in 1982) three best selling comedy albums were issued and these are now collected in a new box set Not All The Albums Again, available on coloured vinyl and CD.

The box set is called Not All The Albums Again and three albums included are Not The Nine O’Clock News, Hedgehog Sandwich and Kinda Lingers (which was a double album paired with live show Not In Front Of The Audience).

The first two albums made the top ten in the UK album charts, to give you an idea of how popular these were and sketches like David Bloody Attenborough (aka Gerald the Gorilla), Points of View, General Synod’s “Life of Python”, Constable Savage, University Challenge, Hi-Fi Shop, Open Marriage, Question Time, Game For A Laugh will be well remembered by anyone who was old enough to stay up and not watch the nine o’clock news back in the early 1980s.

Not The Albums Again coloured vinyl box (click image to enlarge)

The audio has been remastered from the original tapes and and for the vinyl box set the LPs are pressed on four 180g heavyweight vinyl records in fetching shades of gob on you Green, Hedgehog Splatter, kind a lingers Red and alien emissions Green and orange. These are housed in a rigid slipcase and come with a booklet with brand new notes written by John Lloyd, and Tim Worthington, along with cast photos. The highly limited version of this which comes with a print signed by Rowan Atkinson, is now sold out.

The box is also available on CD with vinyl replica CD versions of the original albums included along with the booklet.

These will be released on 13 December 2019.

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Not The Nine O'Clock News

Not All The Albums Again - standard vinyl box


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Not The Nine O'Clock News

Not All The Albums Again - CD box


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Not The Nine O'Clock News

Not All The Albums Again -very limited signed vinyl box

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Not The Nine O’Clock News (1980)

1.Death of A Princess (An Apology)
2.The Gorilla Interview
3.Confrontation Song
4.Airline Safety
5.National Wealth Beds
6.Simultaneous Translation
7.The General Synod’s “Life of Python”
8.The Ayatollah Song
10.Points Of View
11.Rowan’s Rant
12.Stout Life
13.Gob On You
14.Gay Christian
15.Final Demands
16.I Like Bouncing
17. Oh! Bosanquet!
18. I Believe

Hedgehog Sandwich (1981)

1.Loyal Apology
2. News Summary
3. Constable Savage
4. Baronet Oswald Ernold Mosley
5. University Challenge
6. (I Like) Trucking
7. Sir Robert Mark
8. Hi-Fi Shop
9. England My Leotard
10. Divorce
11. Political Obit
12. The Main Points Again
13. Bad Language
14. Gift Shop
15. Hedgehog Apology
16. Supa Dupa
17. Soccer Violence
18. (Because I’m) Wet And Lonely (Barry Manilow Song)
19. That’s Lies
20. Creed (The New Revised Version)
21. I Believe (The Reagan Song)
22. The Aide
23. The Main Points Again
24. Not The Parrot Sketch
25. Open Marriage
26. Lager
27. And Finally…

The Memory Kinda Lingers (1982)

1. The Spy Who Came In The Cold
2. The News
3. (Sig Tune)
4. Budget
5. Question Time
6. Headbangers
7. Rock Interview
8. Game For A Laugh
9. Typical, Bloody Typical
10. Well, Mr. Glossop
11. Financial Times
12. Hey Bob
13. (Sig Tune)
14. New Glea
15. Holiday Habits
16. Pizza Moment
17. Failed in Wales
18. Rumbley’s Pies
19. Made From Whales
20. Brain Death
21. Swedish Chemists
22. Hey Wow
23. (Stop Whinging)
24. Nice Video, shame About The Song
25. Jackanory
26. Golf Trousers
27. The News
28. Roland Davies
29. Two Ninnies
30. Two Ninnies Song
31. Aussie Pilot
32. Does God Exist?
33. Re-Altered Images
34. McEnroe’s Breakfast
35. Ah, Come In Rawlinson!
36. Ask The Family
37. Polish Show
38. Ode To Poland
39. Aleebee
40. The Main Points Again
41. (Sig Tune)
42. What A Load Of Willies!
43. (The Memory) Kinda Lingers
44. Grow Up You Bastards

Not In Front Of The Audience (1982)

1. Confrontation Song
2. American Improv
3. Duke of Kent
4. Alien
5. (Oh, Oh, Oh, Means) I Respect You
6. The Pope’s Visit (Introduction By The Dean / A Word From The Sponsors / Tasty Wafer Time / Address By His Holiness / Papal Tee-Shirt Offer / Miracle)
7. Laker
8. Simon And Garfunkel
9. Awards
10. S.A.S
11. Interruptions (Insulting The Audience / Main Sketch)
12. Rant #4
13. Prompt
14. (Because I’m) Wet and Lonely
15. The Return Of Constable Savage

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Jake Chessum

Signed copies still available late on Nov 20th…I am in the US and the price including delivery to New York is only £53.07/$71.15. No VAT knocks it down to only £49.99 plus a remarkable £3.08 for delivery! Thanks Paul!


Some more Signed Copies have just been put up on Amazon UK – 20th Novenber 7.00 PM…..

Chris Balfour

A digital watch. A video recorder. A blow up doll with real hair. A newly issued set of classic albums. What will they think of next?


Kinda pertinent – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvswW6M7bMo

Do you want Woofers and Tweeters?


I seriously hope (now that I have gone for the vinyl) that none of this has been edited to appease the snowflake generation… ?


Your SDE Week In Review has found me in agreement Paul, especially the “Murphy’ s Law” aspect of the matter, at lest for what concerns myself.
I do not know if the same happens to you, but when I decide that I prefer to look for the original first of all I am willing to waste my time as you say, looking through crates of records (if and when I even manage to go to flea markets or fairs… We do not have charity shops here in Italy) but most of all I fall in the spiral of, it seems to me, having met thousands of times with the record I am looking for BEFORE I wanted it, whereas when I do want it it immediately becomes totally IMPOSSIBLE TO BE FOUND! Unbelievable!
And if it does pop up, it is the Yugoslavian “photocopy cover” version, or it is in very bad condition, as you say (right now one item for me is Siren by Roxy Music, even though I must say I finally recently found Ferry’ s Boys & Girls at a reasonable price after much searching). And what is most frustrating is that they are usually quite easy records, printed in millions of copies (see the above, or the Queen albums for instance)… Not the unusual rarity.
As for myself, I go in phases, the reason why is a mystery even to me. Some Queen albums have been bought as reissues. Others used. Country Life by Roxy: new. But now I want Siren and Stranded original, for not more than 10 Euro.
With DM’ s Violator and SOFAD I am at an impasse, since the originals are of course out of the question owing to their ridiculous prices (uncomprehensible) and the reissues are always gatefold and not true to the original (but this has already been discussed). In this case, I do not like what is offered by the new product, but as you say that is my choice.
Perhaps it all depends on the fluctuating condition of my wallet.

Blue Meanie

Fantastic! Great memories of these albums and the shows. Hedgehog Sandwich is a particular favourite :)


Nice Video, Shame About The Song?

Would have loved a bonus CD with the full versions of all the spoof songs they recorded! Wonder if the original masters of them still exist in some dusty BBC vault somewhere?


Have you, or have you not used an aliarse?!


Follow-up to my previous comment:

They were released sometime around mid-to-late 90’s…so maybe the other collection was 70’s not 90’s…


Looking forward to this CD set.

I never actually saw NTNO’CN (I was born in 78) but I grew up with ‘Alas Smith and Jones’ and ‘Mr Bean’ and I heard some sketches on a audio box set of ‘BBC Comedy 80’s Collection’. Sadly that only seemed to be on cassette – hoping there might have been a CD version but all my Discogs/eBay searches show nowt – not even the cassette edition.

Anyone else know what I’m talking about? Four cassettes with a different half-hour/sketch comedy each side? There was also another collection – either 70’s or 90’s?

Maybe they were just Australian releases. I still have them somewhere – buried under all my other cassettes I can’t listen to anymore.


OMG, this all brings back very happy memories of my ‘youf’. I was well known at school for quoting Hi-Fi Shop, Constable Savage or Gerald the Gorilla lines at infinitum….god I must have been a totally annoying bore! I have all these on original (albeit well played) vinyl and quite frankly, without any extras, I’m not playing….yes the coloured vinyl is nice but not enough for me to re-purchase.
The first 2 albums I loved, quoted liberally and played to death. Even as a committed fan, the live stuff I always found a bit cringeworthy and whilst bits were genuinely funny, even to my 15 year old self, it was over sensationalised and “sexed up” with too much gratuitous swearing and toe-curling innuendo. Remember this was the early 80’s and swearing on record/tape was pretty unheard of (unless you were Derek and Clive or Pink Floyd of course!).
To my mind, NTNOCN bowed out at the right time but just ever so slightly outstayed their welcome.

Neil Barber

Seems to be a few more vinyl sets just listed. I just managed to order mine. Hope it doesn’t get cancelled !


Perfect – something I’ve needed for years but didn’t realise until seeing this thread! Will finally replace the old vinyl of them all. BTW, if anyone hasn’t heard it I can recommend Rowan Atkinson’s “Live In Belfast” album; even funnier than the NTNON albums… “damnation without relief …”.


The memories of watching this. Whatever happened to them? I don’t recall their careers taking off once this finished. I jest. A pity Mel Smith isn’t alive to see just how popular this series still is. It was also when Billy Connolly met Pamela Stephenson and they are still together to this day. Just like The Young Ones, this was a popular, quotable series in the playground!

Phil Pelling

Ordered – been waiting for CD versions of these, particularly the Memory Kinda Lingers and the Not in Front Of The Audience live show

Frank Sidebottom

anyone remember “Colins Sandwich” ?

Paul Murphy

No, two series, six episodes in each.


which were broadcast in 1988 and 1990 at 9pm on BBC2.


Brilliant series’ – Mel’s rant about being told to have a moose in the script with a big furry bottom still cracks me up. There is a one disc set from BBC with both series on, released in 2014.

Phil G

Christmas Day morning, 1980…I was given the NTNOCN album as a present. Within seconds, it was on the family turntable – Dad and me rocking with laughter, my younger sister looking on bemused and my Mum muttering to herself that “it wasn’t right to play this kind of thing at Christmas”.

Great memories and great to see the box sets – managed to nab a signed vinyl and ordered a CD box as well. May well exercise some self-discipline…save them for the morning of 25th December and a 39th anniversary playing…

Richard S

OMG, I was just re-reading this and thought for a horrible second I’d clicked the non-exclusive link. I hadn’t. Phew! Get in! etc.

Mark G

I think I still have my ntnon book, fully signed, when they did a signing at the Butts centre, Reading.

Phil Robinson

“I’d like to buy a gramophone”
“A what? Sir”
“A gram-o-phone”
“We don’t have any gram-o-phones here grandad”
“Well what’s that then?”
“It’s a trio automatic cap direct drive turntable if I’m not mistaken”
“ what’s the difference between that and a gramophone?”
“About 30 years and a plastic cover”


I’ve always loved The Two Ninnies, though I understand Ronnie Barker was upset by it. Incidentally there was another member of the team who has been airbrushed from the program’s history…a certain Chris Langham. Even when the VHS compilations were released in the 90s all his scenes were absent.

CJ Feeney

The first sreies (with Chris Langham) just wasn’t very good. The writing and the team (with Griff replacing Chris) just gelled from series 2 onwards.
The material was sidelined long before the scandal. Amply demonstrated by these albums which were released at the time of broadcast.

Simon Long

I had the double cassette of “Memory Kinda Lingers” – bought it on a weekend home from boarding school, and listened to it incessantly for weeks afterwards. Every now and then I look through the dwindling number of cassettes I’ve not yet managed to replace with digital equivalents, and this is one of the few left – brilliant to know that I’ll finally have it on CD. (And perfectly timed for Christmas to boot!)

Alan B

Tried at 2.45. Sold out. Gave it another go at 3pm and got lucky. It was available again (presumably cancelled orders) Got it for £50 with Prime discount promotion. Quickly unavailable again.


For anyone who hasn’t heard it – the mini musical ‘Laker’ which is in the style of Andrew Lloyd Webber/ Tim Rice is incredibly well done – musically good on its own merits – and a still funny today take down of that era of musicals.

Jamie Crampton

Another Demon Shamazon “exclusive”. Demon do some great stuff (and some not so great..) but I do wish they’d stop making these exclusive to that tax dodging shed.


There was a 40 year retrospective of the series at the BFI last month and a Q&A with Geoff Posner (one of the later series directors), Howard Goodall (who wrote much of the music) and John Lloyd’s agent. It was quite interesting. There are too many rights issues for the series to get a full Dvd/Bluray release apparently.

Also, I hope PETA don’t urge a boycott of this compilation based on the front cover!


That’s interesting to know about the BFI.

Never say never to a potential DVD / Blu Ray Release though.

It was done with the original Batman series from the 60s.

Great news about these albums being put out there again .

Gareth Jones

Having never bought or heard these albums when they were originally released, can anyone confirm – were they specially recorded, like most of the Python albums were, or is the audio taken straight from the TV series? Like the Fawlty Towers and League Of Gentlemen albums, I’ve always felt just the audio off a TV show won’t really work without the visuals??

Paul Johnson

I have all the original vinyl copies, the audio content is indeed taken from the TV series, the live album is the exception…

Robert Laversuch

Hi my cousin owned a copy of the Hedgehog Sandwich Album which took the words from the TV series. The cool thing is that they work perfectly without the visuals although the help or enhance the product. The line YOU pop the crucial question a ride for a ride works better with Rowan’s dirty grin and Pam’s skimpy Outfit but it is still very funny. Most jokes work on both levels


Damn! Missed the Signed Copies ! I check Amazon Religiously 20 times a day! How the Hell Did i miss this??


Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some more Signed Copies were just put up on Amazon at 3.04 PM and I Missed those ones to!!!!!!


Hi Paul. I noticed the signed box set when browsing amazon yesterday morning and bought a copy as I was always a fan of Not The Nine O’Clock News. I noticed there were only 125 signed copies so I typed 125 quantity into amazon which told me there was 117 left after I had bought mine. I went back this morning over 24 hours later and did the same thing and there were still 117 left so not a single copy had been bought in 24 hours. However once you put this post onto your site all the signed copies were snapped up in a matter of minutes. Totally highlights how many followers of SDE make a purchase based on your excellent posts.


Nobody complaining about missing 7″ edits yet? Looks like I’m the first on. As Gerald the Gorilla would say ‘the production on this album is amazing’!
On a more serious note, were the NTNON albums the last huge albums in the comedy genre? I can’t think of any afterwards that sold especially well in LP form although comedy singles managed another decade or so.


There were two Spitting Image LPs that I suspect sold very well also.

Paul Kent

“No boyfriend of mine goes out to work!”… ordered.


(I’m laughing while I write this)That is the funniest sketch ever, very fond memories of watching it with my family all those years ago even my grandparents were laughing! the look on Rowan Atkinson’s face is priceless.

Mark Adams

This totally takes me back to when I was a kid. Hilarious..but sadly must already be sold out on Amazon.

Gareth Pugh

Amazon gave me an error message at checkout – already sold out of the signed ones it seems. Not really surprising in all fairness!!

Larry Davis

Ya know, I never heard of this…wasn’t totally aware of good British comedy as a wee lad, except for maybe Monty Python…but I do enjoy the work of all involved, and based on what I see, I WILL enjoy this…signed print by Rowan Atkinson only with the splatter vinyl & only 125 copies not the CD…I hopped on the vinyl set…

Chris Squires

You lucky duck Larry.

To come at this with fresh ears will be brilliant. Possibly only second to Monty Python for quotable quotes. It’s one of those that you just have to wonder how they got so funny so quickly.

“Wild, I was absolutely livid!”

Larry Davis

Yeah that’s what I think, which is why I bought this blindly…first time I saw Rowan Atkinson was not this, or Mr Bean or Johnny English, but in the movie “Rat Race”, a remake of “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World”…his character would always fall asleep in the middle of stuff, standing up…just cracked me up royally… looking forward to this & I dig “Faulty Towers” highly as well…Cheese is comedy gold…


Paragraph 3 “Nine o clock nines”.

Any news on The Wall 40th?

Thank you Paul for a busy month on SDE.

Chris Squires

Bang, and there goes any hint of trust that might have remained in my marriage. I promised but I am weak. This looks just great and brings back such fabulous teenage memories.

“American Express – Just put your head between them and go blubble blubble blubble”

I am sure for many of us here this WAS the early 1980s. The very definition of water-cooler moments for a 13 year old.


I remember playing Side 2 of the original album to death.
And it contained ‘Gob on you’ and ‘I like bouncing’ which were very popular in the playground at my school!



He Bl**dy does eat daffodils!

Andrew Greenwood

ha ha! a CD set perfectly timed to replace all the vinyl I used to have but had forgotten I’d got rid of. All I will need after this is the full set of programmes on DVD (probably not worth Blu Ray) rather than the straight-from-video compilations