Now 3 coming to CD next month

The 1984 compilation album Now That’s What I Call Music 3 will be issued on CD for the first time next month.

The 30-track compilation was issued on 23 July 1984, slap bang in the middle of the best-ever year of pop. And unlike NOW 2, there’s hardly a duffer or a flop amongst the tracks, which include three classic number ones in ‘The Reflex’ (Duran Duran), ‘Two Tribes’ (Frankie Goes To Hollywood) and ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go Go’ (Wham!). But the chart-toppers only tell half the story, because this collection includes many other eighties classics such as Bronski Beat‘s ‘Smalltown Boy’, Cyndi Lauper‘s ‘Time After Time’ and Nik Kershaw‘s ‘I Won’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me’.

The more modest hits are still great. Propaganda‘s ‘Dr Mabuse’ (#27) reminds us that ZTT and 1984 wasn’t just about Frankie, even if it often seemed that way, and David Sylvian‘s Red Guitar peaked at 17 and is rewarded by being placed right at the end!

The new two-CD set omits two tracks: Gary Glitter‘s ‘Dance Me Up’ (no surprise there) and Bob Marley & The Wailers‘ ‘One Love / People Get Ready’ (surprise there).

It’s already been established that the recent NOW 2 reissue used some incorrect mixes of the songs, so let’s hope the compilers pay more attention this time around. The cover already offers cause for concern, if it matches what we’re seeing on Amazon. The red, blue and green circles behind the N-O-W are far too bright and overly saturated… and what’s happened to the words ‘Double Album’ ’30 Top Thirty Hits’ (okay, 28 now) and ‘Original Artists’ that appeared on the front of the original cover?

NOW 3 is released on 19 July 2019, almost exactly 35 years to the day of the original release.

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Various Artists

Now That's What I Call Music 3 - 2CD set


1 The Reflex / Duran Duran
2 I Won’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me /Nik Kershaw
3 Thinking Of You / Sister Sledge
4 Locomotion / Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
5 Dancing With Tears In My Eyes / Ultravox
6 Pearl In The Shell / Howard Jones
7 Don’t Tell Me / Blancmange
8 Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) / Phil Collins
9 Two Tribes / Frankie Goes To Hollywood
10 White Lines (Don’t Do It) (Furious Five) / Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five
11 Nelson Mandela / The Special AKA
12 Love Wars / Womack & Womack
13 You’re The Best Thing / The Style Council
14 Smalltown Boy Bronski Beat
15 I Want To Break Free / Queen
16 Time After Time / Cyndi Lauper
17 / Love Resurrection / Alison Moyet
18 Young At Heart / The Bluebells
19 Robert De Niro’s Waiting Bananarama
20 Dr Mabuse / Propaganda
21 What’s Love Got To Do With It / Tina Turner
22 When You’re Young And In Love / The Flying Pickets
23 Wake Me Up Before You Go Go / Wham
24 You Take Me Up/ The Thompson Twins
25 It’s Raining Men / The Weather Girls
26 Susanna / The Art Company
27 One Better Day / Madness
28 Red Guitar / David Sylvian

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Rob Rues

These cock ups that you mention in Now 1 and 2 applies for the vinyl reissues too or only for the CDs?

[…] Now That’s What I Call Music 4 is to be reissued as a two-CD set in November. Unlike Now 3, the original track listing appears to be intact, although the ‘Now’ team sadly have a […]


Why didn’t those in charge include a dvd with each reissue instead we have to watch now tv to see them which to me you can get better quality videos from you tube ? And so is now 4 etc o the cards?


1 & 2 released on vinyl why not 3?

Mark Franklin

Does anyone know if a vinyl release of this is planned?


Did you find out anything about this?


I know you all accuse the People in Charge of this as being sloppy. I’d rather think it’s a matter of indifference. I can only guess as I have no statistics available, but I think that only 1 in a 1,000 or even 1 in a 10,000 really cares which mix or edit or whatever he’s listening. The average buyer hears one his favourite Madonna Songs and simply doesn’t care if this is the ultra-rare 7″ Remix only available to DJs in North Korea.
Maybe the Person putting together the tracks for the CD is 23 years old and doesn’t care for the Songs his grandparents listened to.

Nathan Parratt

Totally agree with you Paul. In effect these CD reissues are new compilations featuring the same songs but often with different versions or mixes, not based on the original content so therefore not strictly reissues, more like revised, re-compiled editions. A real shame.

Krister Astrom

Do you know if Now Thats What I Call Music 4 will be released sometimes soon as well? I have just ordered 1 and 2 and soon 3. Can’t wait for this wonderful release.

Steve Woodward

The track timings on the download edition now up on Amazon.

Clearly some non-45 versions again, as with Now 2.

Red Guitar is not on CD for the first in its 45 version at 5.09 (45 was 4.24)
Love Wars 5.56 (45 was 3.58)
Smalltown Boy 3.56 (5.01)
Time After Time 4.00 (3.52)
You Take Me Up 4.26 (4.08)
Locomotion fades too soon by the looks of it 3.44 (3.53)
Thinking Of You a bit too long 4.26 (4.18)

You’re The Best Thing tagged single edit 4.27, but the 45 was actually 4.22 and I have a feeling this may not even be the 45 mix, it’s quite rare on CD.

Paul English

The Now 3 CD has not been added to the Discogs release page yet but I have done a comparison with it and my original LP. Here are the differences – some more obvious than others. If you notice anything else, please feel free to add in the replies.

Nik Kershaw – I Won’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me (Album version used instead of 7″ mix which was on Now 3 LP)
Sister Sledge – Thinking Of You (Closer in length to the album version and slightly longer than the 7″ mix used on original Now 3)
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Locomotion (Original Now 3 was 3:53 in line with the 7″, this fades early here at 3:44)
Ultravox – Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (Original Now 3 was 4:10 in line with the 7″, this fades early here at 4:04)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Two Tribes (Cowboy & Indians 7″ instead of We Don’t Want To Die 7″ picture disc)
Womack & Womack – Love Wars (Album version used instead of 7″ edit which was on Now 3 LP – nearly 2 minutes longer here)
Style Council – You’re The Best Thing (Slightly longer than the 7″ mix used on original Now 3 but only a few seconds – identical length to video version)
Bob Marley & The Wailers – One Love / People Get Ready (Omitted from CD)
Bronski Beat – Smalltown Boy (Now 3 LP used the longer version of 5:02 which was also on the 7″ picture disc; the CD has the shorter 7″ mix 3:55)
Cyndi Lauper – Time After Time (Album version used instead of 7″ mix which was on Now 3 LP)
Bananarama – Robert De Niro’s Waiting (Album version used instead of 7″ mix which was on Now 3 LP)
Thompson Twins – You Take Me Up (Album version used instead of 7″ mix which was on Now 3 LP)
Gary Glitter – Dance Me Up (Omitted from CD)
The Art Company – Susanna (Album version which is also on some 7″ copies. However shorter DJ edit 7″ was on Now 3 LP – 46 second difference)
David Sylvian – Red Guitar (Album version used instead of 7″ mix which was on Now 3 LP. The 7″ mix has never been on CD so another missed opportunity)

Kai Steinemann

Hi. I haven´t read all comments on GG yet, but I guess the main reason for excluding his track might be the royalties he might get through this release.


Only worth buying for The Art Company really, maybe Flying Pickets, which doesn’t crop up often. Same as the last one was only worth it for Julia & Co. Not much on there that’s hard to find.

I happen to love the Gary Glitter song and I still play it. Understand it’s omission of course but as a song it will be missed.


The Bob Marley track was unable to be cleared for inclusion on this reissue. Generally, his repertoire is not available for compilation usage these days and his estate/label were obviously not willing to make an exception on this occasion.

I’m absolutely gobsmacked at the number of posters objecting to the removal of the Gary Glitter recording from the tracklist. I really didn’t think I’d find myself in the position where I feel like it needs explaining but here we are. I have worked on many compilations for several labels over the years, and can speak from that perspective when I say that pedophiles aren’t popular with the target market, or the retailers that they buy from. Nobody wants to pick up a CD in a shop and see his name on it. I never used his material on any of the comps I did, and I never thought twice about it.


But this isn’t a ‘new’ compilation and the argument isn’t really about Gary Glitter. This is a re-issue of a classic compilation and there are tracks missing. THAT is what people are objecting to.

This site deals in re-issues – every time there is a re-issue with tracks missing or ‘changed’ (whether deliberately or accidentally) there is protest in the comments section. The “Now…” 1 and 2 re-issues had changes that upset people and “Now…” 3 is no different.

No-one is making apologies for Glitter, no-one is pretending he is innocent, no-one is asking for a career-spanning boxset with everything he ever recorded. People just want an authentic re-issue/replica of the original release.

Paul Taylor

Yet many charity shops still seem happy to sell Rolf Harris singles and albums without compunction


Well… Firstly, the money would go going to the charity, not into Rolf Harris’ pockets. Secondly, are they actually selling them? Or are they sitting on their shelves unwanted because of what he’s done? I’m almost certain it’s the latter.


Absolutely fine with them leaving off the 2 tracks, but given that there’s only 14 tracks per CD, I’d have loved them to include those extra minor hits from the video version as bonus tracks. On the last Now 102 CD they had 6 bonus tracks from Now 2, so it’s been done before. Would have been a purchase from me.I

As for not using the right versions, I’m not sure if they’re business related, but the Now 80s TV channel sometimes shows unusual clips. They had the wrong video and wrong audio for ‘Wishful Thinking’ when they were showing Now 2 in order.


People banging on about including the GG track should realise that it also puts extra pressure on retailers of the product…

Why would Asda, Sainsbury’s, or even the SDE shop, stock an album with a GG track when they know they’re only one Daily Mail article away from a shitstorm… (Fury as Shops Profit from Pedo Glitter!)…They’d only be making pennies selling it anyway; much simpler to just not stock it…Meaning sales go down, and the series is cancelled…


Hi all, what were the different mixes on Now 2 out of interest? Also can you still get the original mixes in digital form that are missing. Thanks in advance. Cheers.

Paul English


Michael Caine – album version – available on numerous other releases
That’s Livin’ Alright – different take, not the 45 – The A to Z Of British TV Themes Vol 2
Bird Of Paradise – too long, not the single mix – frequently compiled elsewhere
Relax – Come Fighting instead of the original 7″ (Move) – Frankie Say Greatest
Here Comes The Rain Again – different edit – Time Life Sounds Of The Eighties 1983-1985
What Difference Does It Make? – album version not the never-on-CD-before 7″ edit – Digital download of Rhino singles box
The Politics Of Dancing – shorter edit – frequently compiled elsewhere
Pipes Of Peace – has longer intro – frequently compiled elsewhere

Steve Woodward

Best Of Cult Fiction is the correct CD for the original 45 version of Joe Fagin, not A-Z Of British TV Themes Vol 2


That is very handy info which I will use to “compile” my “original” NOW 3. Could you look into doing the same for NOW 1 please. For starters they used the wrong version of Paul Young’s Wherever I Lay My Hat (That’s My Home), they used the Edit instead of the single version.

Paul English

The version on the Now 1 LP actually runs for 3:51 – the label is incorrect. This version is repeated on the CD reissue.


Possible extra tracks?

New Order – Thieves Like Us
Captain Sensible – Glad It’s All Over
The Cure – The Caterpillar
Scritti Politti – Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin)


I’m disappointed in this edition. Why they even started this re-issue programme when they knew there were two tracks they couldn’t licence for the third volume is beyond me.

David S

Is there definitely not going to be a vinyl re-release of Now 3? As both Now 1 and 2 re-releases were produced on double vinyl, I wondered if the thinking behind this omission was due to poor sales. Any theories?

Craig Hedges

When this was released I was 11 and on holiday in Newquay, I saw it in Woolworths and bought the vinyl edition… then realised i’d have to wait a week before I could play it!, Those were the days, I spent the rest of the week looking at the cover, I knew the track listing by heart.
Thanks to this album I discovered Propaganda and David Sylvian.

Sadly these reissues are not being put together with any thought so Sony/Universal are picking out whatever version of each song is easiest which in most cases are the album versions and they are coming from low quality digital files in the cases of the rarer tracks, Thanks Universal!!!

In the GG debate I’m glad it was removed, He and his music are tainted, we don’t need the reminders, plus IMO it was a crap song.


What two songs would you include to beef the tracklist back up to 30 songs?
The Human League -The Lebanon
Spandau Ballet – Only when you leave


Wrong to exclude songs thus modifying the original.

But to respond to your interesting game:
KAJAGOOGOO all the way!
LIMAHL of course…

plus (bonus tracks):
Simple Minds and Talk Talk


The VHS of NOW 3 had some really interesting choices on it. Some of them quite obscure! Hmmmm…which two tracks from the VHS of NOW 3 would you swap for the GG and BM ones?
The tracks are:
Simple Minds – Up On The Catwalk
Farmers Boys – In The Country
Helen Terry – Love Lies Lost
Loose Ends – Emergency (999)
Working Week – Venceremos
Talk Talk – Dum Dum Girl
Kajagoogoo – Turn Your Back On Me
The Mighty Wah – Come Back
I-Level – Our Song
Limahl – Too Much Trouble
Flying Pickets – When You’re Young And In Love
Thomas Dolby – I Scare Myself
Blue Nile – Tinseltown In The Rain

I think I would go for Talk Talk & Limahl. Wow, what a year!

Eric Generic

@RobG64, I’d pick the two which would best match the flow and vibe of the original sequencing. So, Thomas Dolby’s I Scare Myself comes in for One Love, and Love Lies Lost by Helen Terry slots in between The Weather Girls and Art Company. Both replacements still feel like typical NOW choices/artists of 1984.

Stephen Rickard

That Flying Pickets song was on Now 3 anyway. I would defo choose Mighty Wah! & Helen Terry.


Art is art, like Mark says, nobody should have the right to rewrite history. Popularism is the true venom of society. A reissue is a reissue. There is a point in releasing reissues of these compilations and we all know what they are. Omitting tracks or replacing them is not acceptable.


Robert De Niro’s Waiting Was produced and co-written by Jolley & Swain. Jolley was found guilty of sexually assaulting a 12 year old yet this remains on now 3. Disgusting

Eric Generic

So far, this NOW 3 on CD is not looking good for those of us who prefer things to be done properly. Or even slightly competently.

The GG issue I can understand, and if there are problems licensing the Marley song then again there’s not much anyone can do about that. However, given a VHS edition of NOW 3 exists, and that included a few gems not on the original 2LP, then surely the best thing to do would choose a couple of those and keep it at 30 tracks?

Not holding my breath for the correct versions of several tracks (Frankie, David Sylvian, Bronski Beat, Grandmaster Melle Mel etc).

The typos and design cock-ups are unforgiveable.Hopefully they are rectified before release.

Then again, NOW 2’s spine looks like a bootleg.

Matthew Legg

I’m not happy about the GG song being dropped or the Bob Marley song. The release should be exactly as it was back in the day. If you are going to drop songs, why not put 2 SONGS which were out around that time on this to replace them (maybe the songs from the VHS back in the day)

Cal M

I am with you, include the GG song and donate to a childrens charity, History should not be erased.

Chris Squires

Agreed, I wasn’t a fan of Kate Bush doing the same with Aerial either. Once we start going down the route (and we are well on the way) of t’internet telling us what it will and won’t accept according to the angriest tweet Sky news can find then all sorts of media is up for grabs.

We are one step away from being shamed as a “Supporter of Abuse” if we watch Shakespeare in Love….. The history of “Art and entertainment” is full of talented people doing bad things. The morality police will be extremely busy…. If Ed Sheeran is found to not recycle his cans properly can we go for a total ban?


If Ed Sheeran is found to not recycle his cans properly can we go for a total ban?

I wouldn’t wait. Pre-emptive strike.


Given what’s emerged about the UMG fire in 2008, I think we should be grateful for as much quality reissue material as there is available, and not split too many hairs over the correct mixes and edits.

Even if the masters of the ‘correct’ versions exist, what’s fairly obvious is that the big record companies don’t have a clue where their assets are, who last saw them, or whether or not backups exist, and were stored in a separate location.

Cheers. I’ll be getting this, for all its faults.


I understand the concerns around GG and removing his track for the clear concerns BUT we need to understand that the music transcends opinion. Removing it is a form of censorship and the re-release should be 100% faithful. It SHOULD be included and it’s a shame popularism wins over history. Get a grip people the music should win over opinion.

Dr Volume

If you were releasing a definitive compilation of 70s Glam Rock hits that’s a huge complication – but I think we can forgive the reissue of a Now comp from 1984 for leaving off an out-of-place Glitter song nobody remembers and leaving that can of worms unopened – he was hardly synonymous with 1984 was he?. The original Now 3 still exists and is on Discogs and in Charity Shops and 2nd hand bins for a less than a fiver for them that need the authentic 80s version.

Stan Butler

I remember “Dance Me Up” very well. It was a great song which he performed on Top of the Pops. It was never going to be included on this compilation though.

Matthew McKinnon

When you say ‘music transcends opinion’, what do you mean by opinion? It’s just that Gary Glitter repeatedly interfering with underage girls is a matter of proven fact.
Where does opinion come into it?

I can see the ‘separate the art from the artist’ argument – it’s what allows me to listen to The Smiths or read Philip Larkin knowing they were/are bigots, but when someone has sexually abused children that crosses over into supporting someone who wilfully harmed others.

Matthew McKinnon

Corection – when I say ‘The Smiths’ were bigots, I mean Morrissey.


Summer of 1984 I was still in my mother’s tummy. Looks like I missed out.


I bought this on cassette at the same time as my very first Walkman, in preparation for a coach trip to visit my aunt on the south coast. A great compilation that will once again take me back to a time and place – can’t wait. I also concur that 1989 was a stellar year for pop(ular) music, but would argue an equally strong case for 1981 as well….


Best Moment today? Seeing David Sylvian together with all these other artists….


I hope that this reissue campaign continues at its current pace, Now 5 was one of the first compilations I ever got and it’s a fantastic collection, my cassette version was played to death. Now 6,7,8 and 9 were also amazing. Hope if, and when, Now 7 is released it keeps the otherwise unavailable “matrix” mix of Opportunities.


I am sure the album is already compiled and mastered so my comment is irrelevant. However.. 12 errors across the first two is rendering this programme of limited value to the serious collector.

I know the market they are really trying to reach is the 80s compilation buyer in supermarkets, but the lack of care is letting down a brand that did ‘feel the quality’ to quote Now 6. If Ashley Abram is still alive, make Now 3 as it should be please.

Genuinely expect The Reflex album version to open Now 3 after the 8 errors above on Now 2!


It is 100% the completely correct decision to remove the GG track

Dennis Cattell

oh, agreed! but they should have replaced it – and the Bob Marley song – with other artistes of the time.


Why ?

Mark Phillips

Re GG. I don’t know of any other artist whose music has been treated this way. To excise all mention of the hits from so-called Glam Rock documentaries is the sort of revisionism described in 1984. He had hits. Lots of them. To remove one from this compilation is just wrong.

The other issue – of correct versions – is a real problem. Some of the Top of the Pops 3cd sets have terrible cock ups on them. It’s like the compilers don’t know and don’t care.

Matthew McKinnon

I think part of the moral issue – certainly with this compilation – is not just that GG is a terrible person, but that re-licensing the song for this CD reissue would mean paying him royalties.

He would be making money off of it. You would be putting money in his pocket. Who wants to be responsible for that?


Sorry to take things slightly off topic, but is there a list of Top of The Pops 3CD “cock ups”? Have to admit I really rated these compilations (at least the 1980-1985 run. Don’t have the 70s ones), but then 1986 seemed to be really shoddily put together. Tracks fading out early, one track (think it was Big Audio Dynamite) stopping abruptly…

Rob Kirby

Well, they did at least get the correct edit of China Crisis’ Wishful Thinking on Now 2, which I was hoping for. The recent CC album reissue managed to feature the album cut again instead of the edit.


Sorry but 1989 is the best year in pop. And in rock and in indie and in hip hop and in house. But then this now is probably better than any now from 1989.


The FINEST Compilation, Ever.

Vinyl, Please !

Alan Mitchell

There’s loads of the original vinyl kicking about. I’ve seen a few this year whilst crate-digging.

I bought Now (1) on RSD a few years back. It wasn’t as enjoyable as i remember. And its the old issue of a gazzilion songs crammed onto each side. Guess doing a half-speed version would have been a tad expensive ;)

As for Gary Glitter? Hmm, not sure. But would i really want my neighbours hear me play it?

Iain McDermott

Anyone remember the test sound signal before the beginning of the cassette version of NOW3? Be great if they added that. (Obviously not). My first one. Great summer, 84. Always kind of expect ‘the reflex’ to start with it. As a fan for all of these years, it’s god fun seeing these reissued come out.


May I be wrong or NOW estate asked Wikipedia to remove the tracklist of the individual NOW album ? I remember they were on Wiki UK, now they are not ! You have the tracklist of the US edition of the series, but not the UK ones !

Mark Franklin

Omitting GG is understandable but unforgivable, you can’t rewrite history. Bob Marley not appearing can only be attributed to the 35th anniversary of his album that includes that song. Still weird if that’s the case, his album is way more than the sum of its parts.


Yes you can. When someone rapes children you can cancel them. Because it supersedes anything they have done. Who wants to listen or support someone who does this? Likely with many many victims which is how these predators operate. That’s their legacy. To excuse the crimes is being a pedophile apologist.

Chris Squires

I don’t think ANYONE here is excusing the crimes of Gary Glitter. That is not the discussion.
I have no problems listening to a Gary Glitter track, in the same way that millions of people still listen to a certain Mr. Michael Jackson’s music. Or Wagner come to think of it.

I am certainly no paedophile apologist and it’s a fine (populist?) line that is trodden when you start to accuse people of being apologists for a crime if they don’t think exactly the same way that you do…. For some reason it always makes me think of Mrs. Helen Lovejoy from the Simpsons when the absolutist line is taken.

Steve Jansen’s Hi-Hat

Given that Universal can only seemingly provide the album version of Japan’s Ghosts each time it’s appeared on compilation CDs, I’m not holding my breath that the 7” mix of Sylvian’s Red Guitar will feature on this Now release.

It’s the attention to detail which really matters.


The cover as shown on the Now website seems to have the correct colours: https://www.nowmusic.com/album/now-3/


Yes it is, but why couldn’t they add the pigs to the Disc fronts as they did the original LP?
Also the NOW colours are wrong on the Discs too.


I think Paul Sinclair might be able to put together a better collection of 1984 than this replication attempt, although I do basically like the song selection excepting Sister Sledge (really?) and The Art Company. Interesting how they removed two tracks and replaced them with…NOTHING. Just proves history cannot be easily rewritten…but…David Sylvian on a NOW compilation? NOW, that’s SOMETHING.


if i could go back in time it would be to the summer of 1984.now 3 explains why it was so good


What were the incorrect mixes on Now 2?

Auntie Sabrina

The album version of Relax for one…

Paul English

I posted the list on Discogs. Here it is again:

Full list of incorrect versions:
Michael Caine – album version
That’s Livin’ Alright – different take – not the 45
Bird Of Paradise – too long, not the single mix
Relax – Come Fighting instead of the original 7″ (Move)
Here Comes The Rain Again – different edit
What Difference Does It Make? – album version not the never-on-CD-before 7″ edit
The Politics Of Dancing – shorter edit
Pipes Of Peace – has longer intro

Tony Clarke

:-) thank you

Paul Rymer

If it uses the single version of Red Guitar that’ll be it’s debut on CD. I’m not holding my breath!

David Eaves

Am sure some will disagree with me but I think leaving GG off is stupid. You can’t rewrite history.

Anthony Grice

I agree. By leaving it off, all the other musicians and writers will be losing out on royalties also.

Dave H

I feel sorry for Mike Leander who produced and co-wrote most of Glitter’s big hits. He loses out due to no fault of his own. Sadly, he died young of cancer at 56.


I know it’s a debate well worn following the Kate Bush / Rolf Harris re-record issue, but what GG did is arguably much, much worse. Whilst history can’t be rewritten I think any effort to prevent him getting royalties is worth it. The company selling it know they’d not sell as many with him on it, I’d certainly not buy it if he was!

John Archbell

I’m sure his victims would dearly love to rewrite history. If you’ve never been effected by abuse of any description, either directly or indirectly, you’ll never understand.

The guy is vermin.

Matthew S North

Paul there is no Duffers on Now 2!!

Johnny Kalifornia

I see they’ve spelt Manoeuvres wrong on the new sleeve…!!!



Peter Muscutt

Cocks the current Now albums into a cocked hat full of cocks! (Sorry that was a lot of cocks). Had to stress the point though!!

Kevin M

I bought the Grandmaster Flash album recently for £1. It’s really good and am gonna get it on CD. A lot of very good hits on that Now, but I challenge Paul to a Harry Hill type softees duel for best 80s year in British pop! 1981 vs 1984 :)


It will be interesting to see what version of Two Tribes turns up on this collection. I hope it is the same version used on the original Now 3 release.

Paul Foster

Yeah, that’s the 7″ carnage version from the 7″ picture disc issued in 1984 subtitled (we don’t want to die)


Yes, wasn’t it a unique mix?