NOW 4 to be issued on CD in Nov

Now That's What I Call Music 4 / 2CD

1984 compilation Now That’s What I Call Music 4 is to be reissued as a two-CD set in November.

Unlike Now 3, the original track listing appears to be intact, although the ‘Now’ team sadly have a proven history of ineptitude – getting the versions of the tracks wrong by regularly replacing the single versions found on the original collections with the standard album version.

Paul McCartney‘s No More Lonely Nights, in particular, is one to be worried about in this instance, since not only did Now 4 use the faster ‘playout’ version of Paul’s last transatlantic top ten solo single on the compilation (rather than the familiar ballad), but it was actually the rare Arthur Baker seven-inch remix of that variant! I have a feeling this could end in tears, but if they get it right it will only be the second time this has ever appeared on CD (it was added to the 1993 reissue of Macca’s Give My Regards To Broad Street).

Of course, Now 4 was the first of the series to make an appearance on CD back in the day, albeit it was a single disc with 15 tracks not 32. Paul McCartney was one of the artists not to make it onto the CD and slightly bizarrely, some tracks from Now 3 (‘The Reflex’, ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’, etc.) ended up on this disc. This is a rarity that can easily require £300+ to secure on the secondhand market.

Now That’s What I Call Music 4 will be issued as a two-CD set on 8 November 2019.

CD 1

1. No More Lonely Nights / Paul McCartney
2 Together In Electric Dreams / Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder*
3 Why? / Bronski Beat*
4 The Never Ending Story / Limahl
5 Warning Sign / Nick Heyward
6 Missing You / John Waite*
7 Farewell My Summer Love / Michael Jackson
8 Hello / Lionel Richie
9 The War Song / Culture Club*
10 Passengers / Elton John
11 Too Late For Goodbyes / Julian Lennon*
12 Shout To The Top /  The Style Council*
13 Doctor Doctor / The Thompson Twins*
14 Sunset Now / Heaven 17
15 Respect Yourself / The Kane Gang
16 Private Dancer (Single Edit) / Tina Turner

CD 2

1 It’s A Hard Life / Queen
2 The Wanderer / Status Quo*
3 East Of Eden / Big Country
4 Pride (In The Name Of Love) / U2
5 Listen To Your Father / Feargal Sharkey
6 Tesla Girls / Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark*
7 The Second Time / Kim Wilde
8 Human Racing / Nik Kershaw
9 Ghostbusters / Ray Parker Jr*
10 If It Happens Again / UB40*
11 Jump (For My Love) / The Pointer Sister
12 Hot Water / Level 42
13 Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty-Four)/ Eurythmics
14 Somebody’s Watching Me / Rockwell
15 Madam Butterfly (Un Bel Di Vedremo) / Malcolm McLaren
16 Gotta Get You Home Tonight / Eugene Wilde

*on the original 1984 single CD edition, along with Duran Duran’s ‘The Reflex’, Tina Turner’s ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It (instead of ‘Private Dancer’), Phil Collins’ ‘Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) and Queen’s Radio Ga Ga (instead of ‘It’s A Hard Life’)

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Christopher Palmer

Is now 5 coming out as well?


I hope so, but early signs aren’t good. Now 105 is listed on Amazon and hmv, but neither has a Now 5 reissue up for pre-order.

Christopher Palmer

If it does come out, I’ll be one of the first ones to buy it! Got my fingers crossed!

Mark Swift

It’s here, and it’s the correct version of No More Lonely Nights.

Paul Corser

Is it the Arthur Baker special mix?

Kevin P. Hughes

All credit, research and info goes to nlgbbbblth on Discogs:

November 8, 2019

The 2CD version of Now 4 was released today. I have done a comparison with it and my original LP & CD. Here are the differences – some more obvious than others. If you notice anything else, please feel free to add.

Nick Heyward – Warning Sign (Now 4 LP has the 7″ mix which contains two raps – at 2:07 and 2:55. This slightly shorter version doesn’t)
Culture Club – The War Song (Album version used instead of 7″ mix which was on Now 4 LP & original CD)
Style Council – Shout To The Top (Matches the mix used on The Singular Adventures Of which runs very slightly longer than the one used on Now 4 LP & original CD)
Thompson Twins – Doctor Doctor (Album version used. On the Now 4 LP & original CD it ran about 10 seconds shorter – possibly video version)
The Kane Gang – Respect Yourself (Album version used instead of 7″ mix which was on Now 4 LP. Very obvious – 1 min 45 secs longer)
Big Country – East Of Eden (7″ mix included here. The version on the original Now 4 remains unique – at 3:35 an extra chorus is sung instead of the instrumental break)
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark – Tesla Girls (Compilation version used – as on 1988’s Best Of OMD. About 8 seconds longer than 7″ edit on Now 4 LP)
Kim Wilde – The Second Time (Album version used instead of 7″ mix which was on Now 4 LP. Quite a different beginning)
Eugene Wilde – Gotta Get You Home Tonight (Album version used instead of 7″ mix which was on Now 4 LP. Very obvious – 1 min 45 secs longer)

It’s good to see that the original CD should remain sought after given that it contains correct versions of three of the above tracks.

Neil Kelly

Kevin, that’s quite unbelievable. On hearing the mix of Paul McCartney I though we may be getting the whole thing as per the original. Seems I couldn’t have been more wrong. Surely this means Now 4 has by far the largest number of mistakes. All the more strange when such a rare mix of McCartney was included on this release. Was that pure luck or did they spend so much time concentrating on this they forgot everything else? Is it really so hard to get these releases correct / somewhere near correct? I mean at least give us the rarer proper single mixes as this is a singles compilation after all. Who needs / wants album versions? Most of us have the albums anyway


I would have been quite happy with the slow version.

Paul Corser

The Now collection messed up McCartney’s Pipes of Peace by using the album version instead of the single version on these re-issues so I think they will be lazy and include the play out version which is easier to locate.


Does anyone know what number these reissues will be going up to?

Kevin P. Hughes

NOW 9. NOW 10 was the first CD set to exactly match the original vinyl and cassette releases.

For NOW 4, NOW 8 and NOW 9 only single CDs were released with a reduced number of tracks.

Neil Kelly

That’s what I would’ve thought but you’re had this confirmed? I mean Now 10 is pretty rare there must be a demand for it… Ditto a few more following on

Kevin P. Hughes

You can find many used copies of NOW 10 for around £10, so not too rare at all.

Daniel Edwards

Also, all Now’s after 10 were in the chunky double cases. Surely they will release all in new slim line (double hinged trays)?? Comments please.


Now 4 is down to £7.99 on Pre-Order with our friends at Amazon at this time!


There is a seller on ebay that has the track list for Now for due out in November and track 1 is listed as ‘Paul McCartney – No More Lonely Nights (Special Dance Mix)’. Not sure how accurate this is and if it is more in hope than in fact. May also state Special Dance Mix on the artwork but the discs will play the standard version. We will have to wait and see!


This will be interesting as the original release had a version of East of Eden that by Big Country that isn’t available anywhere else to this day. I wonder if that will be the version used. (It repeats a chorus I seem to remember) I somehow doubt it but am prepared to be surprised.

Paul English

@ Jaminist
A slightly different version to the album and single versions of this song. The change occurs at 3:35 where an extra chorus is sung instead of the instrumental break. Unique to Now 4 and not found anywhere else.
Highly unlikely to be on the CD reissue.

Neil Kelly

Yes… Sadly seems in wasn’t as you both predicted…

Larry Davis

I first became aware of the rare original Now 4 via Saint Etienne, as they have a thing for making extremely limited compilations, some as little as 5 copies, and one was called “Now 4” due to the rarity of this original CD…saw the tracklisting, totally crap, wouldn’t have wanted it in the first place!! I did acquire an original vinyl from a friend…at the time, I thought THAT was the rarity, not the CD…but I will get the 2CD set, and still need #2 & 3…I do want all the 2CD UK Now’s…the US ones are rubbish…I did get the 3CD 2017 Christmas one & the 5CD Now That’s What I Call Now boxset & book… they are fun to collect indeed…


I remember when the NOW albums also came out as a VHS compilation of selected tracks. It would be great if these were put out on DVD or Bluray with new bonus videos not on the original VHS releases. But I reckon copyright laws and certain bands/artists will leave this idea dead in the water…


In the UK there are two Now TV channels on Freeview. Channel No.83 is Now 80s and channel No.84 is Now 90s. 24/7 hits from both decades.


I’m very pleased they seem to be continuing the release of the early Now series. It’s a shame about some of the errors on previous editions, but I’m glad they’ve at least followed the same track listing as my original vinyl copy of Now 4.

Mike williams

For anyone who is interested, I’ve posted photos of my original Now 4 cd onto Paul’s twitter feed https://mobile.twitter.com/tastyparmo/status/1182993246705860609

Dave H

To replace the jewel case or not?

One of the aspects of the original Now 4 CD is that original jewel case had ‘Patent Pending’ on the reverse of the case. As most of you will know, keeping the jewel case in good condition means taking care of it and not leaving it laying around the house for it to get scratched, cracked or marked.

Some people selling the CD on e-bay thought it would be good to swap the jewel case for a new one. Unfortunately, this has made copies with the original case even more valuable as there’s less of them with ‘Patent Pending’ on them. It’s like watching antique shows where experts complain about items being cleaned instead of being left in its original state.

Craig Hedges

This Now album marks the end of an era in many ways

Looking through the track listing the majority of artist on this compilation never appear on another Now album. Goodbye Limahl, Bronski beat, Nick Heyward, Malcolm McLaren and sadly The Thompson Twins.

There is only one number one single on the album, Lionel Richie’s Hello which was from much earlier in the year. Artists like Wham! Paul Young, Howard Jones had been lost to The Hits Album. Although Ray Parker Jnrs Ghostbusters appears on both compilations.

This is the last Now album to have pictures of the artists on the covers, Now 5 just had the artist logos and from Now 6 onwards the covers would be just graphics based.

Tim South

Craig, many of these artists who appeared on these first 4 Now comps found chart success more elusive after 1984. I have always thought that Band Aid was that watershed moment when the competitive edge between artists during that era fell away .

Craig Hedges

It’s been interesting to watch the reruns of Top of the pops and seeing how quickly the music scene in 80s changed, yes I agree about Band aid, Live aid also had a big impact, everyone remembered Queen and U2 but a lot of the other artist didn’t do as well with their releases after the event. Also pop music was changing to dance music which emerged around 85/86 which gave us a new batch of artist and a lot of talented artists like Midge Ute and Nik Kershaw just could get played on the radio even though they were still making great music.


Is there a website anywhere which lists which mixes are used for each track on the Now albums? I’d find that really interesting…


“The Second Time” by Kim Wilde was released in America as “Go For It.” The 45 sleeve opened up into a poster!

Tim South

Paul /folks , it will be great to have Julian Lennon’s Too late for Goodbyes and Eurythmics Sex Crime 1984 in this collection. Not seen either song on CD collections other than the Now 1984 millennium series from twenty years back, so an upgrade in sound will be appreciated.

Craig Hedges

The pages on Wikipedia for the separate Now albums including Now 4 have been removed. I wanted to check if I was correct to say that this was the only Now album not to reach number one on the album charts. I’m sure I read this a few weeks ago. It was kept off by the new CBS/Warner rival The Hits album.


“It was kept off by the new CBS/Warner rival The Hits album”

Correct. It spent six weeks at No.2 with The Hits at No.1 for every one of those weeks:



Bought! So many memories. Remember the vast majority of these videos being played on Music Box, circa Sept/Oct 1994.


You failed to mention that Locomotion was on the original Now 4 instead of Tesla Girls

Tim South

Mark , Locomotion OMD was part of the track list on the Now 1984 millennium series 2CD release from 1999 .


Yayyy! Together In Electric Dreams and The Never Ending Story!!

This was the first and only “Now That’s…” I ever bought. Great memories!!

Cal M

If they want a copy of the original now 4 on cd if they reply here i will send them a copy, i have it.

Daniel Parkinson

Yes please, I’ll be interested in a copy


I would love a copy


Something else: never really understood why the Passengers single by Elton John wasn’t more successful worldwide. Maybe because at the time it was a rather differential single to the rest? I don’t know. Deserved much better.

David M

Was a bit annoying.


I’m looking forward to Nows 5-8. Still have 5-7 on vinyl and the single cd version of 8. I bought very few after that apart from Now dance ’86 and the early 90s 902 and 903.


And I’m waiting for “Nows” 5 to 9 to get their full 2CD editions for the first time as well!
Number 10 from late 1987 was the first “Now” album to get its full 2CD release. So, there’s no need to reissue the albums from that number onwards, IMHO.
You can still buy them all over Amazon, eBay, Discogs,…etc.


I like the sound of this. To be fair I didn’t like the dance version of No More Lonely Nights so the swap for the original is welcome.


We’ll have to wait and see


Quote: “A house extension and a compilation CD reissue …a somewhat bizarre and OTT comparison!”

Not really…’Now’ had a house extension done in 1985…


I hope THAT gets a re-issue.

John McCann

If you get a chance watch nick Heyward,warning sign,t.o.t.p.on u tube,,,did rick Astley steal a move or two from him years later,nick always looked better with a big guitar ,,,bring on north of a miracle re issue.

Lee Carson

Cherry Red issue a double CD of North of a Miracle a few years ago


Round 4 of Now, It’s Time To Spot The Difference.
Glad they are continuing to release these even though I know it will contain the exact same mixes as what is on the vinyl.


I wonder why they stopped doing the vinyl re-issues after Now 2? Be great to get these re-issues on vinyl…

Paul English

@ Peter – the originals are easy to pick up on vinyl – even NM copies – for reasonable money on Discogs.
Why would you want a reissue with multiple errors?


At last Listen To Your Father by Feargal Sharkey on CD! Been trying to track that down for years!! Great Madness collaboration!!


Listen to your father appeared on a 100 hits album a few years ago

Daniel Parkinson

Indeed, the Feargal Sharkey was a liquidator productions and music played by Madness. It was also the first single released on Madness’s attempt of running their own record label ZARJAZZ.

Stephen Barnes

Bloody hell that Marca remix is truly dreadful. The original was certainly no classic but that really does take the proverbial biscuit.

Anyway, Paul, I just wanted to say that this is a wonderful website for those of us who are of a certain generation. So please keep up the great work and more strength to your elbow.

Jamie Crampton

The Nows.. seemed to have a weird policy of cutting down some tracks and putting extended versions of others, sometimes it worked (Stan Ridgway’s full version of Camouflage on Now 7, for example) and others…. Guess that’s part of what makes them “collectable”. Bit pick & mix though! I have this double “version” of Now 4, I think someone ripped the original vinyl to MP3, and the McCartney song is a pretty awful version of NMLN, especially if you’re expecting the single.


“No More Lonely Nights (Ballad)” https://youtu.be/2u42-tavnkc — Totally different!

Paul English

According to Ashley Abram, the mix was the only one Macca’s label would license at the time. Maybe worried about sales of the movie soundtrack being impacted?

Tony O

Sold mine for £780 about 18 months ago…Phew!

Mark H

I couldnt believe that either, so checked ebay and blimey, Now 4’s are pricey … had to find out why … they only pressed 500 apparently …this is a funny article on it :

Paul English

@ Mark H

I interviewed Ashley Abram and he claims a max of 2,000 were sold.


Chris Lancaster

I sold mine on eBay for £70 about ten years ago, and thought I’d done well. I should have kept hold of it!

David B

Michael Jackson will be on it then? The hysteria seems to have died down a bit then.

Harcourt Fenton Mudd

Yeah, I find it strange that Gary glitter was not included on the now3 cd, yet Michael Jackson is to be on this one…….maybe Jackson was not actually convicted in a criminal court of law ? Dunno. Still a crook in my book.

I mean, we are not seeing many Lost Prophets special editions on the horizon are we? Or Jerry Lee Lewis?

Paul Nesmith

There is an original Now That’s What I Call Music 4 CD on offer for £400 on ebay at the moment,madness


I think if you’re the sort of person who is going to buy a physical reissue of a 35 year old compilation, rather than simply streaming a playlist or whatever they you are probably the sort of person who cares about having the right version of the tracks included. If this was a generic “80s” comp I’d be less fussy but as someone who grew up with vinyl copies of most of these, I find it pretty irritating that they can’t be bothered to track down the correct mixes of the tracks included.

Joe Momma

I concur (Y)


Well said that man

Steve Robertson

This is my favourite Now album, so have been waiting on it. Seems they are going to continue to release the old ones around the same time of year they originally came out, which I am glad of. I know we all have the tracks already, but its good to have them in the formnat, for me anyways :)

Hugh Hall

When you say “right versions/mixes” you mean the exact one as used on the original release. I’m sorry but I’m not sure the world cares too much about such minutiae. I imagine that 99.99% of people who buy these compilations are just happy to hear the songs, irrespective of versions.

I know it’s your blog and I respect your work and your opinion but in this instance I’m not sure anyone really cares.

Steve Robertson

I’m with Paul on this one. I am not really bothered about the mixes, but if you are going to recreate an orginal, at least try and make an effort. I will be really pissed off if the right verion of the Paul McCartney track isnt on this.


A house extension and a compilation CD reissue …a somewhat bizarre and OTT comparison!

Hugh Hall

Builders, dentists, the tax man – yes agreed, details are very important.

Compilers of Now 4 using the Arthur Baker 7″ Remix of ‘No More Lonely Nights’ – less so.


Of course it matters what versions are used. Most people on this site already have all these songs because they bought the album or reissue with various bonus remixes but if there is a version available that collectors don’t have yet, they want to buy it. So for the label this means potentially more sales. Weird that they would not recognize that.

Personally I’m only interested in single mixes that are different from the album version in the sense that they are not an early fade but are truly remixed or have additional production on them. For instance the album version of “The Reflex” from Duran Duran is VERY different from the single mix, so I want the single version too then. Too many single versions are early fades, I can do without those.

Matthew McKinnon

Hugh. Read the room first.


Hugh, you are very wrong. There are many people who care and we are in theory the the core market for this. What is tbe point of releasing a ‘tribute to to Now 4’? I find it strange that there are a small number of supposed Now aficionados who regularly run down us collectors who want the versions released and always state it doesnt matter. It does.
I’d like to know what the agenda is behind such comments.


I think we can guess what the agenda is, @mike!

NOW 3 was a travesty, not because of the wrong edits/versions/mixes (though that didn’t help) but the culling of 2 songs and not replacing them with something appropriate and keeping the 32-track concept of the original. There were plenty of suitable substitutes.

The lack of care and attention to detail is depressing, but not always a complete deal breaker. Rewriting pop history and putting out something that bears no resemblance to the original sadly was for me.

I am expecting the usual problems with mixes on this one. It’s par for the course.


Hugh Hall

No agenda whatsoever and no disrespect intended to anyone.

Obviously there are people for whom this is important, as we’ve heard from them on this thread. I still believe it’s a tiny minority but I also accept they are a larger contingent of those posting here and that’s part of the charm of the place.

I genuinely hope you all get the right versions on Volume 4.

Alex Stassi

I do remember the single versions of some of these tracks. Years later I swore Double Dutch sounded different.. then I heard the 7″ single version with the reverse snare (or is it a handclap) on YouTube and remembered this was the version I knew!!! (Now 1)
So yeah, do you feel kind of short changed when it comes to “Nostalgia” in some way


I am one collector who grew up on hearing singles on the radio as they were different to the longer album versions. I do a lot of research on the various mixes on various artists compilation as well as single artists greatest hits/best of cds. I know of several other collectors who like the single versions instead of album version. I had a personal collection of over 6000+ singles and have now managed to replace them with cd reissues etc. due to my research.

Randy Metro

I care about such minutiae. Many, if not most, of the discussions on here about minutiae. Super deluxe editions are all about the minutiae.


Is Now 4 on cd that rare?
I live in Australia and i have a copy of the original Now 4. Unsure where i got it but i’ve had it for many years.


Thanks Paul, I appreciate the info. I had no idea.


I’ve asked this before, but not sure I ever got a full reply.

Is it ‘ineptitude’ in the case of erroneous mixes, or the original versions among the many tapes which have been lost in the Universal fire?

The fire and its subsequent management was in itself, ineptitude, but it is a reasonable explanation for different mixes being used for reissues.


Fair enough. I can’t say I’m too bothered. A v/a comp is just a v/a comp, and doesn’t hold the same value as an original album for me. I’m quite enjoying these NOW reissues, regardless of any variation to the originals.

Paul English

@ Richey . The vast majority of errors are down to laziness. The correct mixes are readily available on other compilations or on the artists’ own releases. One particularly bad example is the Now Forgotten ’80s compilation (released by Sony this year) which had a number of album versions on it. Around the same time The Hits Album ’80s came out – a 4CD set – also released by Sony – which has the correct 7″ mixes for the majority of its tracks including the ones messed up on Now Forgotten ’80s.

If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing correctly – this can be applied to everything in life.

Mark Swift

Two Tribes was on Now 3. Come on, Paul, details ;)

Dave Thompson

Paul…….Two Tribes was on Now 3. So are the errors that you are referring to on Now 3 rather than Now 2?