Now That’s What I Call Music 5 to be released as a two-CD set

Now 5 coming to CD

Classic 1985 compilation on CD for the first time

Now That’s What I Call Music 5 will be reissued next month as a 2CD set as the reissues of the classic compilation series continue.

If the track listing on Amazon UK proves correct, then there are no omissions, although as has been well documented by fans in the SDE comments section, that doesn’t mean the correct seven-inch versions are always used – but here’s hoping.

Now 5 was originally released in August 1985 and it kicks off with Duran Duran‘s Bond theme, ‘A View To A Kill’, although it doesn’t feature the song that kept Duran off number one in the UK singles charts which was Paul Hardcastle‘s ’19’. What it does include is the Rory Bremner-led spoof version of that song, ‘N-n-nineteen Not Out’, which was credited to ‘The Commentators’. It later turned out that Hardcastle actually helped them put this together but was under strict orders to keep it a secret.

Other big hits of the day including Paul Young‘s US number one ‘Every Time You Go Away’, Scritti Politti‘s ‘The Word Girl’, Stephen ‘Tin Tin’ Duffy‘s ‘other’ hit (‘The Icing On The Cake’), Marillion‘s ‘Kayleigh’, Simple Minds‘ ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’, ‘Out In The Fields’ by Gary Moore and Phil Lynott and Howard Jones‘ ‘Life In One Day’.

The two-CD set of Now 5 will be released on 8 May 2020 (was 3 April).

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Various Artists

Now 5 - 2CD set


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CD 1
1. A View to Kill – Duran Duran
2. The Word Girl – Scritti Politti
3. Axel F – Harold Faltermeyer
4. Johnny Come Home – Fine Young Cannibals
5. In Too Deep – Dead Or Alive
6. Icing On the Cake – Stephen ‘Tin Tin’ Duffy
7. Cherish – Kool & the Gang
8. Every Time You Go Away – Paul Young
9. Kayleigh – Marillion
10. Slave to Love – Bryan Ferry
11. This Is Not America – David Bowie & Pat Metheny Group
12. Don’t You (Forget About Me) – Simple Minds
13. Get It On (Bang a Gong) – The Power Station
14. Black Man Ray – China Crisis
15. One More Night – Phil Collins

CD 2
1. Frankie – Sister Sledge
2. History – Mai Tai
3. Money’s Too Tight (To Mention) – Simple Red
4. Feel So Real – Steve Arrington
5. Round and Round – Jaki Graham
6. Turn It Up – Conway Brothers
7. Magic Touch – Loose Ends
8. N-n-nineteen Not Out – The Commentators
9. The Unforgettable Fire – U2
10. Walls Come Tumbling Down – The Style Council
11. Walking On Sunshine – Katrina and The Waves
12. Out in the Fields – Gary Moore With Phil Lynott
13. The Shadow of Love – The Damned
14. Life in One Day – Howard Jones
15. Love Don’t Live Here Anymore – Jimmy Nail

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Album versions have been used for the following tracks, AFAIK:

* Scritti Politti – The Word Girl
* Stephen ‘Tin Tin’ Duffy – Icing On The Cake
* Kool & The Gang – Cherish (fades to 3m45s)
* Paul Young – Every Time You Go Away
* Marillion – Kayleigh
* Bryan Ferry – Slave To Love (fades to 4m17s)
* Phil Collins – One More Night
* Simply Red – Money’s Too Tight (To Mention)
* Loose Ends – Magic Touch


Looking forward to now 6.

When do ye think this one may be out?

Daniel Wilkes

I’m very late to the now that’s what I call music I’ve already got 1-5,16,18,21-105

I would like to know when 6 is coming out

Also how can I get a hold of the ones I’m missing


Hello, You Can Find Other NOW Albums At HMV Stores And Amazon Online!

Paul Capewell

it is really annoying that now thats what i call music don’t include all the original tracks now 3 did not include the garry glitter and bob marly tracks, now 4 paul mCcartneys track was a remix and now 5 dose not include the david bowie track. allthough i can understand why they did not put garry glitter on now 3′ not that it bovers me as garry is easy to pick up on ebay.

Steve cass

I am really annoyed that tracks on now 1 cd are different. Two tracks Now 3 cd are missing. One track on Now 4 cd (not Paul McCartney one as it is correct) is different and now ..Now 5 cd has one track missing. Surely EMI VIRGIN have the original copy rights of the original vinyl lps ..I have been waiting for years for them to release Now 1 to 9 on cd.
.very disappointed x


Now 4 on CD still available at the Now official website. Couldn’t find it anywhere else.



It’s still available on Amazon:


Mick Lynch

Hi Paul, I dont think Paul Hardcastle’s 19 was on the original Now 5, so not expecting it to be on this one if that was the case? Keep up the great work and saty safe, Mick


Just picked up ‘Now 5’ at Sainsbury’s for £ 8 pounds, the David Bowie song is not on it


have no clue why, it was there so got it, plus will get on iTunes and put back missing track


Interestingly, although I was buying vinyl during the 70s and 80s, and did purchase a handful of hit compilations, I do not own any of the Now compilations on vinyl. I’m not even sure they were available in New Zealand at the time. The only “numbered” hits compilation I was aware of at the time was the Twenty Solid Gold Hits series. I am pretty sure many of the 80s compilations available in NZ at the time were “re-jigged” to include local hits as well as international ones (and mostly excluded those niche hits from other countries). For those interested, here are the compilation albums I have from the late 70s/early 80s:
1977 Twenty Solid Gold Hits Vol. 19
1980 Platinum Plus
1983 Holiday Gold
1984 #1
1984 Chart Attack
1984 Hitbusters
1984 (Sold Gold) Hitbusters Vol 2
1984 Ready to Roll’s Dancin’ Gold
1984 Trac-man
1985 Get It On
1985 Mega-Mix


wow those were the pop years. Such amazing music, such memories.


It has been confirmed that the David Bowie track will not be on the CD version of Now 5


Wasn’t the Paul Young song a US number 2 instead of a US number 1? I’m in doubt about buying these CD reissues. I own them all on vinyl from 1 up to 12 and all on CD from 9 up to 99. (I think number 100 was a bit of a disappointment with one CD dedicated to older hits). The prices look tempting, but the errors in the track listings or the inclusion of wrong versions are a real shame.

Steve Woodward

I don’t have the original Now 5, so can’t compare with the versions used then, but it appears from the download edition that these tracks are not the original 45 versions:
The Word Girl – Scritti Politti
Icing On The Cake – Stephen Tin Tin Duffy
Every Time You Go Away – Paul Young
Slave To Love – Bryan Ferry
Frankie – Sister Sledge
Money’s Too Tight (To Mention) – Simply Red
Round And Round – Jaki Graham
Magic Touch – Loose Ends

About on a par with the previous Now reissues I guess….

Philip Walters

I finally got round to listening to the new CD and it’s disappointing to say the least.
What is that version of The Word Girl they’ve put on there? Instead of a the original 7″ single fade out, it goes on for ever.


Interesting the price comparison widget shows the previous 4 are all available very cheaply now.


Hi there I’m so happy Now 5 is being released .started my collection in 1987 with Now 8 on cd .cant wait for 6,7 ,and my collection is finished and up to date lol


Due to coronavirus pandemic the release of “Now 5” (and “Now 105”) has been postponed. Both compilations will be released at some still unknown later date. The news is on all “Now” official channels.


I think David Bowie will be on the cd version of NOW 5 after all, but not mentioned on the cover though. See the now music website.


@Nancy I hadn’t noticed the Bowie reference on the end of the simple minds track, mainly noticed that there was a missing track. I think the david Bowie wording being removed from the cover is the bigger concern and the fact it no longer references thirty top 30 hits. Guess time will tell but to remove the green david bowie art from above marillion suggests its unlikely


@Craig: The Now official web-site will announce “Now 5” reissue today (March 15th) and we’ll see what we’ll really get.


The Now official web-site has just announced “Now 5” reissue and it won’t miss “This Is Not America” by David Bowie & The Pat Metheny Group off, fortunately.

Eric Generic

Missing tracks…again? I’ll pass. Or wait for a huge reduction….again.

What a shambles. The Glitter aspect was understandable, but now (…..) it just seems to be whatever versions of whatever tracks we can put together. Might be all, might not. Might be a correct version, probably not.



[…] seems I spoke to soon regarding the new two-CD edition of Now That’s What I Call Music 5. On Thursday I said “If the track listing on Amazon UK proves correct, then there are no […]

Paul English

David Bowie’s Modern Love is on the Now 2 CD so am unsure what is preventing This Is Not America from being included here.

Unless the asking price is too high – as rumoured to be the case for Bob Marley’s One Love on Now 3 (as opposed to Island refusing outright)

Time will tell.

Ger Forde

It might be a licensing issue with The Pat Metheny Group.


The Bowie / Pat Metheny track is currently listed on the amazon tracklisting. It is also missing from the cover design. Shame


@Craig: In the compilation description says “the original cover and tracklist from 1985”.
But what’s this supposed to mean: 11. Simple Minds – Don’t You (Forget About Me) – David Bowie & Pat Metheny Group ?


Another mess in the updated Amazon UK tracklist:

12. The Power Station – Get It On (Bang A Gong) – Simple Minds
13. China Crisis – Black Man Ray – The Power Station
14. Phil Collins – One More Night – China Crisis

Who knows what we’ll get in the end at all?

There’s no official news on the “Now 5” 2CD reissue on the Now official web-site yet, BTW. That’s very odd as previous reissues have been announced weeks before.


According to the Amazon website, David Bowie isn’t on the compilation. Not sure who’s right and who’s wrong here.

Mark R

My first “Now“. I always wanted Now 3 but didn’t get it in time. Now 5 is where the 80s started to go a little bit wrong for me. After Live Aid, it all seemed to change and a few weeks after it’s release we emigrated to Spain, where the pop scene was a bit dubious. So this baby rings back many memories. The fat boy twin cassette is still in my mum and dad’s basement.

Ian Davis

Be interesting if NOW DANCE Volume 1 is released as this was also around the same time I think.

Paul Taylor

I’ve still got the truncated VHS version of this!
A few others in the series too

Craig Hedges

For me early 1985 was all about Go West (up until I heard a-ha, when the posters on my walls changed overnight!) They had two huge singles at this point but neither appeared on these albums, another huge omission on the Now and Hits albums is Tears for Fears. Did they stop their music from appearing on compilations.
Now were battling with the Hits albums at this stage so they couldn’t get a lot of the bigger hits.
The 1980s definitely fall into 2 halves, a lot of acts started to implode at this point, Ultravox, Human League, Thompson Twins and Duran. They would reappear later in 1986 minus a member or two and sounding drastically different. There’s a lot of dance/club music starting to appear at this stage..


I have 43 x various compilation CDs with including Tears For Fears songs and they are also represented on 5 x Now Millenium editions (:

Eric Generic

Craig, a lot of it was down to timing. Shout went big just after Now 4 / Hits 1 went out in December 1984. Everybody Wants To Rule The World was however the lead track on the first of a short-lived rival called Out Now!. There were only two editions of the series. Hits 2 could have featured Shout, but it was a CBS/WEA/RCA led project, the other labels’ acts tended to go on the Now albums. So without a Now until late summer, most of the TFF hits missed their chance.Head Over Heels could have been on Now 5, though. I Believe probably wasn’t considered enough of a hit to make Now 6 later in the year.

Likewise, Go West turned up on both Out Now! compilations (We Close Our Eyes and Goodbye Girl), but not the Now or Hits releases of 1985.



Hi Eric good explanation about TFF but do you or anybody else know why Depeche Mode first enter on the Now series in 1990 on Now 17 “Enjoy The Silence” I know today they protect their songs with licence restrictions but in 1983 – 1990 their output was on a lot of v/a compilations


Such an odd selection. Think Frankie by Sister Sledge is the only number one. Few bona fide classics from Simple Minds and Marillion at least.

Tim South

Adrian , nothing odd about it. The compilation simply covers the songs from that particular few months of this year


Yes I know that. What I meant was it shows how there wasn’t really a coherent sound by the mid 80s, the new pop giving way to more corporate stuff, breakthrough for rock bands like simple minds and u2, and quite a bit of pop soul like simply red. The nearly forgotten Frankie was a weird number one at the time as sister sledge were a blast from the past. In retrospect you can see why house music was just round the corner… I’d just started university and nothing here reflects what we were listening and dancing to!

Matthew Legg

I’d like to see ALL the volumes reissued all the way until the first volume to be issued in a slim double case rather than the chunky case (I think Now 28 was the last issued in a chunky case)

David Mcintyre

My absolute favourite now album. Had it on vinyl. Great memories of a great year


@David Mcintyre: All 1980s years were great depending on the way you look at the music created in each and every one of them but I’d dare say 1985 was important the most.
It split the ’80s in two parts – the pre-Live Aid one and the post-Live Aid one.
Most of the tracks on “Now 5” came out and were hits before Live Aid held on July 13th as the compilation was released on August 5th.
I would agree it is a terrific reminder of a fantastic year. The tracklist is very mighty and varied in genre, actually, IMHO.
It was the very last “Now” compilation to feature a well familiar Pig on the cover as well.
Looking forward to “Now 6” 2CD reissue in either July or August (?) of this year as it was the second and the final “Now” compilation released in 1985!

David McIntyre

@ Nancy: I always thought that 1985 was, as you say pivotal in that there was pre and post Live aid. This compo hits so many personal memories for me but every year, especially the spring and summer. There were so many high points during the 80’s for pop music. I’ll also be keeping my eye out for NOW 6


Isn’t this a tad early? Wasn’t expecting it until August.


I think its’ the first time The Commentators will appear on CD ever, though I will bow to people who tell me its on some obscure German compilation with a dancing, sunglassed alien on it!

Uncle Ru

Hahahaha I guess you are referring to this one here:

Chris Squires

The last, or possibly penultimate, really good NOW. By the time we moved post Live Aid and certainly into 1986 Pop Music had begun to lose it’s lustre for me. The slow slide into PWL (Which in hindsight is better than I thought it was at the time) and the even more terminal decline into rap and beats (which in hindsight is far worse than I thought it was at the time). The day “beats” replaced “tunes” in the charts was the end of it for me.
Funny, calling Icing on the cake “the other hit” as I’m sure I have a quote from Stephen’s website or maybe from his autobiography buried deep in my hard drive somewhere from 15+ years ago that it was the only pre-Lilac song of which he is proud. Personally it’s the only listenable single and it brings us ‘round full circle, reading the PSB thread, that people who choose singles should not be let out of their cages. Every 1984, 1985 and 1986 Duffy B-side is far superior to something like “I Love You” however many remixes and diversions you throw at it.
One final point, this series of NOW releases is the absolute key to how the music industry, left to its own devices, thinks of, and handles, it’s legacy. It’s all to much trouble to get right as the people who make the decisions have no idea why it should even be important. If you want to know why the music industry is dying on its arse and can’t (and won’t) fight the inexorable march toward streaming it’s all in these five re-releases.

John McCann

Yes Chris, I too switched of the radio in 88 , never to turn it in again to a channel that played music, last bands I can think of that gave us good old fashioned 80s tunes where Johnny hates jazz and curiosity killed the cat,but they went as quickly as they’re came.


Brilliant. I was only Googling this earlier and no sign of it. Only Now 105 mentioned on their website. I’ll get them all up to Now 8 as that (apart from the odd recent volume for my Daughter) was the last that I bought first time around. I’m particularly looking forward to Now 6. That was my favourite. I have Now 8 on cd, however, it was a single disc and vastly truncated. It’s a shame they’re not doing the two Now Dance releases on cd. I used to buy more 12″ singles than albums in my teens so would definitely buy those if they ever get around to it.


The compilation series early reissues will continue all the way up to Number 10 which will be released in November 2021.
“Now 6” (Jul/Aug 2020), “Now 7” (Nov 2020), “Now 8” (Mar/Apr 2021), “Now 9” (Jul/Aug 2021) and “Now 10” (Nov 2021) is the possible reissue schedule release.
All will be reissued along regular releases “Now 106” up to “Now 110”.
That’s what I know from some sources.

Paul English

No need to do Now 10.


I’ll take Now 10 thank you very much.


@Paul English: Yes, you’re right about that as No. 10 was the very first full 2CD release.
All other volumes which came out on CD up to No. 9 were single CD releases with selected tracks off their vinyl versions, and they need to be reissued as 2CD sets.
Thank you for being included in the whole early “Nows” reissue project a lot, Paul!


Now 10 could be re-issued in a slim down case instead of the chunky one it original came in. I need to make space anyway.

Terence Cahill

defines a generation

Glam King

All the 1988 and 1989 NOWs will be rereleased around 2022 and 2023 and the first to be featured in a slim double case and already I know the fat box versions of these are up to £30-£50 at the moment on CD. In 2022 they would be part of HMVs 2 for £15 range by mid 2023 when they come out up to £14…


Only thinking about this the other day, so I’ve used the link to pre-order. At one point I would have wanted it exactly as it had been released with all the correct version, but these days it’s just a good compilation and I’m happy to have it on CD.

I’ll check back to see all the comments about what is wrong with it.


Not one of the best early Now collections for me but a very welcome re-issue all the same. I coukld easlily whittle this down to a single disc dismissing the tracks I am not keen on. Still a ‘must have’ for Now CD and collectors of retro releases. Thanks Paul/SDE for another superb post!

Matthew North

It was a massive gap between now 4 and 5 and it feels almost like a totally different place in time in music style to the artists in 2,3 & 4 . Post live aid pop music really started to change. And not for the better. Think I’m gonna skip this one.

Chris Squires

I promise I hadn’t seen your post Matthew, made 40 minutes before my one above which mirrors your thoughts almost exactly. There is a feel of 2, 3 and 4 that is wrapped up in any 52 / 53 year old pop fan. When we “Ruled the school” but in actuality looked like a chupa chup. White drainpipes with a mop of Sylvian’s hair circa 1982. You could feel the thin-ness.

Eric Generic

Between Now 4 and 5, the series branched out with the first of the offshoot titles…Now Dance. I think it came out in May 1985…loaded with excellent, mostly club-oriented fare like Loose Ends, Five Star etc. That would have been the “traditional” slot for a 5th Now in the standard series.

There was another long(ish) gap between Now 6 and 7, filled by Now: The Summer Album.



My first Now album, bought on cassette and still one of my favourites. Will be getting this.


Interesting as always to see if they use the correct 7″ versions. A few of us have been doing a project for a few years to try to get digital copies of the 7″ versions of every chart hit between 1952 and 1990 – amazing the amount of ‘wrong’ versions out there. Had to resort to dubbing mint copies of vinyl for many of them. Fingers crossed this gives us correct ones this time


Give or take Jimmy Nail this is a classic compilation from 85 and one of my favourites of all the Now compilations. I believe this will be the first time the Rory Bremner track has appeared on CD? Either way really excited for this – assuming it’s not a total mess mix variation wise.