Now That’s What I Call Music reissued on double CD and 2LP vinyl

The original 1983 Now That’s What I Call Music compilation – forever after referred to as ‘NOW 1’ – is being reissued on double vinyl and double CD in July.

Issued in November of 1983, the various artists set (issued on vinyl and cassette at the time) came about from a partnership between Virgin and EMI  and featured an impressive 11 number one singles, amongst its “30 great tracks”. These included singles from Phil Collins, Duran Duran, Bonnie Tyler, Paul Young and Culture Club.

Other record labels copied the formula at the time (The Hits Album, Out Now) but none matched the longevity of the ‘NOW’ series which continues to this day. Indeed, NOW 100 will be issued on the same day as this reissue.

It won’t be the first time this has been reissued. In 2009 a 25th anniversary two-CD set was released, in vinyl replica packaging, although I seem to remember there were a few grumbles about different mixes/versions of some of the songs. Three years ago a vinyl edition was also reissued for Record Store Day.

Now That’s What I Call Music will be reissued on 20 July 2018.

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Various Artists

Now 1 - 2CD reissue


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Various Artists

Now 1 - 2LP vinyl reissue


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Various Artists

NOW That's What I Call Music! 100


Now That’s What I Call Music original track listing

Disc 1

1. You Can’t Hurry Love – Phil Collins
2. Is There Something I Should Know? – Duran Duran
3. Red Red Wine – UB40
4. Only for Love – Limahl
5. Temptation – Heaven 17
6. Give It Up – KC and the Sunshine Band
7. Double Dutch – Malcolm McLaren
8. Total Eclipse of the Heart – Bonnie Tyler
9. Karma Chameleon –  Culture Club
10. The Safety Dance – Men Without Hats
11. Too Shy – Kajagoogoo
12. Moonlight Shadow – Mike Oldfield
13. Down Under – Men at Work
14. (Hey You) The Rock Steady Crew – Rock Steady Crew
15. Baby Jane – Rod Stewart
16. Wherever I Lay My Hat (That’s My Home) – Paul Young

Disc 2

1. Candy Girl – New Edition
2. Big Apple – Kajagoogoo
3. Let’s Stay Together – Tina Turner
4. (Keep Feeling) Fascination – The Human League
5. New Song – Howard Jones
6. Please Don’t Make Me Cry – UB40
7. Tonight, I Celebrate My Love  – Peabo Bryson & Roberta Flack
8. They Don’t Know – Tracey Ullman
9. Kissing with Confidence – Will Powers
10. That’s All – Genesis
11. The Love Cats – The Cure
12. Waterfront – Simple Minds
13. The Sun and the Rain – Madness
14. Victims –  Culture Club

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[…] over a tenner, in the UK. Presumably, the two-disc set will come in a simple jewel case, similar to last year’s re-reissue of NOW […]


It would have been interesting to see Now 100 get a vinyl release. Even a condensed version with the superior tracks would have been acceptable.

Mark Parrott

My first NOW LP was NOW 4. I then bought the first 3 as they were still in the shops at the time & kept buying them right up to NOW 17 when I decided there was too much dance music on it & I didn’t like dance music. Did like the ‘Indie’ side though. I hear comments about people moaning about the mainstream rubbish that was on them, but there were a few hidden gems. One that stands out for me is ‘The Politics Of Dancing’ by Re-Flex on NOW 1. Also collected the ‘Hits’ LP’s too, up to Hits 10. I found the Hits LP’s a bit more diverse in track selection. Artists such as PIL (rise), Echo & The Bunnymen (Bring On The Dancing Horses), Jesus & Mary Chain (Sidewalking) & Sisters Of Mercy (Lucretia, My Reflection) spring to mind on those comps. Before the NOW’s I did buy the ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free comps & although they were edited, there were some unusual selections on them. Who can remember such classics as ‘Loud Music In Cars’ by Billy Bremner or ‘Drowning In Berlin’ by The Mobiles.

Neil Kelly

Old news of course. Let’s just hope they get the correct versions as others have stated and not a straight re-release of the last edition. I’d echo others comments regarding other Now’s coming out to complete our collections. But i too hold little hope for even Now 2. I think they should’ve done a Now 1 2018 and Now 2 2018 at least. Instead 9 years on nothing new. Also, i’m amazed that so many people waste money on these releases rather than wait. I’m quite proud that i have Now 7-95 (or whatever it is) as i wait for them to go down in price. I don’t mind buying them second hand ‘Very good’ either, a year or two later. I don’t need them day 1 i’d never actually play a new Now. Quite proud of that fact too lol

Wondering How

You’ve got a lot of pride going there Neil Kelly. You’ve got it all figured out and we should do it your way. Good on you mate.

Paul M

Interesting read about how the NOW compilations are put together:

Neil Young

I remember the rival Hits 1 album which featured SOS Band’s Just Be Good To Me with the second verse and chorus edited out. I had the original 7″ and that was 5.40 in length. Shocking!

The 1984 Hungry for Hits K-Tel compilation was quite good too and included the original Dancing Girls by Nik Kershaw with it’s quiet two bar percussion intro.

And didn’t Now 3 feature a rare mix of Two Tribes by FGTH?

Now 2 will always be my favourite though. An absolute classic.


Yes, The version of Two Tribes on Now 3 was the 7″ picture disc version!

Daniel P

You are quite correct Neil Young, NOW 3 does have a rare mix of Two Tribes on it. It is the ‘WE SON’T WANT TO DIE’ mix or otherwise known as The Picture Disc Version! Love that this is coming out [AGAIN] but wish they would release the other early NOW albums that were never released on CD! We can but hope!


In the late 90s/early 2000s, we had an Australian version of ‘Now…’ but they were only single CDs, plus chart music by then was a steaming pile of turd.

But it looks like we had made an earlier attempt waaaaay back in 1987…
…which looked quite interesting. They’ve made an effort to replicate the artwork/fonts/logos of the original UK series (volume 3 in particular) so I assume it was officially licensed.

I can’t actually recall ever seeing it at the time, but I was only 9 years old so I could have easily missed it. I don’t know how it sold, but there doesn’t seem to be any mention of further volumes. I’d love to see it get a CD reissue, with the cassette-only bonus tracks.

Bob Hawkes

For those asking for re-issues of other early Now titles, I think it quite unlikely as each will involve a fair amount of work on fresh licensing, where the time/effort is unlikely to be justified by the return. It’s very likely that the original licences granted by each label would have had a fairly limited term of one to two years during which physical units could be manufactured, which at the time would have seemed more than sufficient given the release cycle for new Now compilations. I’m guessing the re-licensing work was done in relation to Now 1 more recently. I also suspect that certain artists who had originally approved inclusion of their track on a Now compilation may now feel ‘above’ such mainstream frivolities (unless of course there is a big cheque involved). Hopefully they are doing something interesting for Now 100, apart from releasing yet another compilation. …

Blasphemous Rumour

Plus many of the artists featured on Now 1 are now controlled by completely different record companies to whom controlled them back in 1983. They may have a greater say now as to which compilations that they approve their tracks to be included on.


Got this on vinyl RSD a few years ago, and bought the CD in 2009, this is nothing exciting, I really thought they’d go all out with this 100th celebration, but it appears not.

Dr Volume

Nah this is ridiculous. The lead times on new vinyl releases, even if you’re a large record label with big act is 6 to 9 months because there are limited pressing plants and they’re being kept busy churning out things like this. It’s a great time capsule and reflects the time better than retrospective comps (we had the tape back in 83) but in the UK at least you’re never more than a few yards from a second hand copy of Now 1 for a fiver or less so why make new ones? It’s like breeding wasps.

Stan C

“It’s like breeding wasps.” Sir, that is damned-near poetry to these eyes. Also, I will be stealing it.

Larry Davis

The Now 1 collection was solid and a fond release from 1983…i think all the UK Now’s were good to great, mainly because they were 2 record and later, CD, sets, and reflected the state of the UK charts at the time of each release….which was great for US fans and followers of UK pop and the UK charts, espesh in the 80s…the US Nows which started in the late 90s were ALL crap…mainly because they were all just 1 disc each, and the US charts and US pop are all crappy in comparison… I will DEF buy this Now 1 reissue and Now 100 and all the others inbetween over time, but never a US Now, not ever…


Wow! What a treat seeing three Kajagoogoo & Limahl tracks on one compilation.
This was, of course, only possible on the very first NOW 1, since Too Shy was released in January 1983 / Big Apple in September 1983 & Only For Love in November 1983.

Three tracks released within a time-frame of almost a full year.
This wouldnt have been possible to find on any other NOW compilation, as far as I know……at least during the 1980s.


Hi Paul.

Do you know the king of packaging on this one? Also a vinyl replica?

Best Regards,

Auntie Sabrina

The Safety Danc? Is this a slightly edited version? Will Powers is a great song, there’s possibly some kind of tour and a chance to vote for some of your favourites for a Now, Now compilation too…

Steven Roberts

They should do the vinyl re-release as a 3 disc set.

7/8 tracks per side is pushing it sonically (unless they’re going for the fully nostalgia vibe and deliberately want it to sound crap).

Lenny K.

Hopefully, they will use the original tapes, i.e. the original versions from the 1983 edition (with the single remix of double dutch!)

Ryan Sinclair

I’m surprised their not releasing Now 100 on vinyl? Missing a trick, surely?


I’m still waiting for a “Kuschelrock” series reissue…

Gary C

Every decade has its dreck I guess, but I did enjoy listening to these at the time, and the Hits Collection series too, mostly on tape.
6 cover versions here on the first one, kinda surprised that there are so many.
Rock Steady Crew is surely the pick of the tracks as far as being something fresh


Thought for a while De Agostini should reissue the series every 2 weeks on vinyl.

Dave H

I did purchase Now 1 in 2009 on CD so would have preferred seeing the Now compilations that have never been issued on CD being released. Now 4,8 and 9 were also single CD disc editions.

As for Now 100, I would have expected something special to mark the occasion like a one off 3 disc edition.


Would be great if they reissued all of the early now cds

Mr P

I was given a Now branded duffel bag when the first one came out – only threw it out last week (let in shed and got mouldy!)

I wonder if that was worth anything…….

Peter Muscutt

While I think every household has numerous editions of ‘Now’ over the years (probably with broken cases, and the wrong discs back in the case!) and some grumble about the ‘state of the charts today’, they are useful little time-capsules of music, even if you don’t really like the content. Think my first one was circa 1995… I am getting ‘Now 100’ for my infant son so he can have a physical product with what was filling the airwaves at the time he was born a few weeks ago!


Now 4 for £250? that would be a bargain.. remember even if they do reissue 2, 3, 4 etc at some point, its likely to be the LP version of 4 so I doubt the original Now 4 CD will ever lose its value. My worry is they just reissue the 2009 version which was wrong on at least 4 tracks, I doubt they have put in any effort but good for those who didn’t get it the first time.

Donal Murphy

If I recall these compilations are all edited versions, and therefore are often missing intros and outros,so they could pack more tracks on, maybe someone else can confirm this to be the case.

Mike the Fish

K-tel and some others were. The Nows had single versions mostly and some otherwise rare mixes.

Rich H

That was true of the K-Tel and Ronco compilations (I remember Party Fears Two missing a whole verse) but if I recall one of the selling points of the Now compilations was that they didn’t do that sort of editing.


Some of the tracks were edited. The one I can think of off hand was Heaven 17 – Temptation.

Steve curtis

Temptation comes in at just over 3 mins. Exactly the same as the uk 7” version. So no, it wasn’t edited anymore than it should’ve been.
The only time I recall them getting it wrong was opportunities on now 7, they edited down the original 12” version and missed a verse out

A Pop Fan's Dream

They used the alternative 7″ of Opportunities on Now 7

Mike the Fish

Opportunities on Now 7 is not an edit from the 12″. It has a different ending. I believe the mix got to test pressing stage on 7″.

Adam Shaw

I’ve got the original double tape of this .
I thought Maccas pipes of peace was on it ?.

Michael Kelly

Is the re release vinyl the exact same as the rsd version. If so was a waste of time me queing up for it few year ago. Must be some variation surely.

stephen bird

still got the original vinyl somewhere but might buy it again


Interesting that the 3 amazon links list Now 100 as a single disc album, whereas both HMV and JPC list it as a 2-disc album.

Also, if I interpret the slightly awkward sentence structure of paragraph four in the article at this link from earlier in the year it seems they plan (or were planning) on releasing a 100 track album. I guess that is no longer the plan.

Rob Deighton

I’m surprised there is still a market for new NOW albums. Especially when you can create your own playlists in Spotify etc.

Dr Volume

Last one sold almost 600,000. Presumably that includes paid downloads but still astonishing. The CDs are still prominently displayed in supermarkets, motorway services etc so seems the NOW brand has never really gone away.

Rune T

Have to say that the track listing on this beats the snot out of most of the later compilations (and all the copycats it spawned) in the series.

A quite good compilation indeed.


Great news for early NOW fans like me who have not got the 2009 re-issue but why not bring out the other early Now albums out on CD that were never released on that format. i.e Now 2,3,5,6,& 7 – Now 4 of course is the rarest (and first) NOW CD from 1984 and usually commands a high price whenever it comes up for sale. Although knowing this already you will be lucky to see it listed for less than £250 and more than likely even more than that! Missed out on the 2009 Vinyl of NOW 1 – so count me in for both of these! Thanks Paul/SDE

Bernard Smith

Great News !


I suppose not much point in me ordering this being I’m from down under…:(

Stephen DC

I can’t help but feel a little underwhelmed by the upcoming Now! 100 release.

For an iconic album to reach an iconic landmark, I hope that isn’t the final artwork as it looks like something the team at Catchphrase circa 1986 would be proud of. At least have a gold sleeve or confetti fly out when you open the case. I have all NOW! on CD from Now 7 to 99 and is my prize collection.

Plus reissuing NOW!1 when you did that a couple of years ago for the 30th anniversary feels a bit of a cheat.


Wow 1983 manchester I’m in my bedroom age 14 listening to the smiths the bunnymen new order r.e.m the fall .and I never knew a different world of classic music was out there lol.when I think of now compilations it reminds me of dallas Reagan thatcher and bands on boats sailing around the Bahamas.but for those who remember those sunny days it’s great to have them back available

Edwin Muller

That’s the 80’s for you. Your taste in music was your identity. You liked Metal, new wave, pop, disco… it usually did not mix. As with Michael Jackson, you adored him or you hated his music