Oasis / Be Here Now box set on Amazon


The recently announced reissue of Oasis‘ third album Be Here Now detailed a super deluxe edition box set. This was, at the time, exclusive to the Oasis online store but is now more widely available…

The ‘strictly limited’ box set contains the 2LP and 3CD deluxe, a hardback coffee table book with new sleeve notes, exclusive vinyl plus a 12” white label sampler of the Mustique demos and ‘Oasis merchandise’.

The Amazon prices (both US and UK) aren’t currently competitive, but are highly likely to come down to or even dip below the official store price before this reissue comes out on 7 October 2016.

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Be Here Now super deluxe edition box set



Disc 1

1. D’You Know What I Mean? (Remastered) 07:44
2. My Big Mouth (Remastered) 05:11
3. Magic Pie (Remastered) 07:10
4. Stand By Me (Remastered) 05:55
5. I Hope, I Think, I Know (Remastered) 04:22
6. The Girl In The Dirty Shirt (Remastered) 05:49
7. Fade In-Out (Remastered) 06:51
8. Don’t Go Away (Remastered) 04:48
9. Be Here Now (Remastered) 05:12
10. All Around The World (Remastered) 09:19
11. It’s Gettin’ Better (Man!!) (Remastered) 07:03
12. All Around The World (Reprise) (Remastered) 02:04

Disc 2

1 Stay Young (Remastered) 5:08
2 The Fame (Remastered) 4:36
3 Flashbax (Remastered) 5:09
4 (I Got) The Fever (Remastered) 5:15
5 My Sister Lover (Remastered) 5:59
6 Going Nowhere (Remastered) 4:42
7 Stand By Me (Live At Bonehead’s Outtake) 6:03
8 Untitled (Demo) 4:38
9 Help! (Live In LA) 3:45
10 Setting Sun (Live Radio Broadcast) 3:56
11 If We Shadows (Demo) 4:53
12 Don’t Go Away (Demo) 3:43
13 My Big Mouth (Live At Knebworth Park) 5:21
14 D’You Know What I Mean? (NG’s 2016 Rethink) 7:23

Disc 3

1 D’You Know What I Mean? (Mustique Demo) 7:16
2 My Big Mouth (Mustique Demo) 5:17
3 My Sister Lover (Mustique Demo) 6:09
4 Stand By Me (Mustique Demo) 6:01
5 I Hope, I Think, I Know (Mustique Demo) 4:11
6 The Girl In The Dirty Shirt (Mustique Demo) 5:23
7 Don’t Go Away (Mustique Demo) 4:18
8 Trip Inside (Be Here Now) (Mustique Demo) 4:48
9 Fade In-Out (Mustique Demo) 6:00
10 Stay Young (Mustique Demo) 4:59
11 Angel Child (Mustique Demo) 4:28
12 The Fame (Mustique Demo) 4:45
13 All Around The World (Mustique Demo) 6:31
14 It’s Gettin’ Better (Man!!) (Mustique Demo) 6:39

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Got it today the 12th of June 2019 (the 3 CD version) with three other CDs for 20 euros at Cultura, La Rochelle, France. (It had been 23.99 euros)


By the vinyl, and enjoy the, admittedly mp3, extra tracks. Applies to all 3 and the vinyl not arf bad.

Matthew Holbrook

Now £89.99 on Amazon.co.uk

elliott buckingham

I wonder how limited these are you can still pick up the other 2 boxsets quite easily


If this is as badly remastered as the previous three CD sets, I’m out. No matter how good the music was/is, the remaster sounded pretty awful.


I will just purchase the standard deluxe edition. And anyway, it is not as though everyone has a spare £131.99 to spend on the super deluxe box set. No wonder people download music for free when it costs so much to buy. It seems the music industry has not worked it out if still charging such high prices for a product that more than likely costs bugger all to produce.


You can get the music in the 3CD format for about £15.


I bought the first super deluxe box set directly from the band website, but held off on getting the second one. I finally got one brand new in the States for $50, so it pays to wait if you can.


Wait a year around next Christmas- this thing will drop like a brick.
I picked up both previous box sets for $50 on Amazon US . After the initial sales, I would think it wouldn’t move very fast. These are , to me, easily the most over-priced box sets out there.


I don’t understand all this complaining for the box sets. Oasis made them clearly for super hardcore fans/collectors. For the average buyer there’s the 3CD set, which offers all the music available for this reissue, at fair price. They’ve actually done better than those bands that put out only an overpriced box set with tons of useless stuff, giving no alternative to their fans.


Oh well, I suppose the Oasis brothers will be able to buy more booze, drugs and fags. Just because someone is a hardcore fan of the band (or any other band or artist) it does not mean they can afford £100’s for the stuff that is released. Oh well, I suppose the Oasis brothers will be able to buy more booze, drugs and fags for themselves from the money made from this reissue.


So people stop doing things because it is no longer the 1990s. In that case, I have stopped being vegetarian, stopped watching TV, stopped walking, stopped living. LOL


£90 on HMV website last week……


I sometimes think the “vinyl resurgence” came about purely as a way of inflating the physical size and consequent price of boxsets like this. Psychologically harder to justify a high price-tag when it’s all at CD size. This one smacks of exploitation of a devoted, hardcore fanbase more than most others.


the (un)substance is the same as the previous box sets of DM and MG (which are still available on band’s official store for 100 quids + SH): i won’t do the same error i made buying them (i still regret those purchases), and will prolly chose the simple vinyl reissue.

Ben Williams

Even if the box drops to about £90-£100 before release, its still rediculously over-priced..
You’d think they’d include a bit more exclusive content than just a vinyl copy of each CD. Its like the Led Zep boxes; style over substance. They really should have included a DVD/BluRay with the videos and some new interviews with the band and that, and maybe the 3 UK singles from the album – Do you know what I mean, Stand By Me and All Around The World – as 7″ vinyls and if they were feeling generous, the rare Don’t Go Away EP. That would have been great!
But these over priced and under filled box sets Oasis have done, you might as well get the 3cd versions at under £15 and hope for a singles box and await this new doc they have coming out.