Oleta Adams / Circle of One 2CD deluxe

Remastered • Notes by SDE

Caroline International will reissue Oleta Adams’ 1990 album Circle Of One, in April, as a two-CD deluxe edition.

Adams came in the public eye when she sang and played piano on Tears For Fears‘ 1989 album The Seeds Of Love and, in particular, that album’s second single Woman In Chains. This led not only to Oleta touring with Tears For Fears in 1990, but also to her signing a recording contract with Fontana.

The Circle of One album was co-produced by Roland Orzabal with Dave Bascombe stepping in to finish things off as the Tears For Fears singer-songwriter had to focus on the preparation for The Seeds of Love tour.

In fact, the album features Oleta’s version of song originally written by Roland and Nicky Holland for Tears For Fears; a song called Rhythm of Life. Worked on during the Seeds of Love sessions, the band were never satisfied with their own attempts to do justice to the composition, and despite many attempts, a master version was never recorded.

Oleta’s rendition (as remixed by William Orbit) was issued as a single, along with the title track, but it wasn’t until Oleta’s cover of Brenda Russell’s Get Here was issued as a 45 in early 1991 (around eight months after the album was first released) that Oleta had a big hit single, with the song going top ten on both sides of the Atlantic and propelling the album to the number one spot in the UK charts.

This new deluxe edition is remastered by Andy Pearce and Matt Wortham and gathers up all the B-sides and extra tracks from the various singles and adds a CD of remixes of Rhythm of Life and Circle of One – both of which got different treatments to appeal to various territories and markets.

In the tradition of the last few Tears For Fears reissues, I’m proud to say that SDE has had some involvement with this set. I interviewed Oleta, Roland Orzabal, Dave Bascombe and Nicky Holland last year resulting in an ‘in their own words’ track-by-track guide in the booklet that is included with this double-disc set.

This Circle Of One deluxe edition will be released on 4 May 2018.

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Oleta Adams

Circle Of One


1 Rhythm of Life
2 Get Here
3 Circle of One
4 You’ve Got to Give Me Room
5 I’ve Got to Sing My Song
6 I’ve Got a Right
7 Will We Ever Learn
8 Everything Must Change
9 Don’t Look Too Closely – B-Side
10 I’ve Got to Sing My Song (Live) – Live B-Side
11 Birdland – B-Side
12 Think Again – B-Side
13 Watch What Happens – B-Side
14 Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me – Single
15 Rhythm of Life – Rhythm & Prophet
16 Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me – Edit
17 Rhythm of Life – Gospella

1 Circle of One – Full Cycle
2 Circle of One – Hot Mix
3 Circle of One – T Remix
4 Circle of One -Yvonne’s Circle Mix
5 Rhythm of Life – Full Mega
6 Rhythm of Life – Rhythm Dub
7 Rhythm of Life – Syncopated Urban Mix 7” Version
8 Rhythm of Life – Syncopated Urban Mix 12” Version
9 Rhythm of Life – Heavenly Edit
10 Rhythm of Life – Reverend Jefferson’s Choo Choo Dub
11 Rhythm of Life – Reverend Jefferson’s Deeper Rhythm Mix
12 Rhythm of Life – Jules & Skin’s Rhythm Mix

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Now I have it, a very fine set but any clues Paul why the best two versions of Rhythm of Life (Full/Twilight) were omitted please?


To answer my own question two years on after playing the album today, its because they are on the CD single..

Todd R.

Remember 2019 will be the 30th anniversary of SOL….so new album this fall, rescheduled tour into Spring 2019, SOL SDE box fall 2019, 30 years on……! (just a thought……)


Got my signed copy from SDE shop. Awesome! I really like the remastering on this. Interestingly, the liner notes contain this curious note: “Due to timing problems the following has to be omitted: Circle of One-Circle Dub/Swing on the Groove Mix.”

It appears the folks who compiled this honestly believe that’s the only omission. No mention of the missing Twilight Version and 12″ Orbit mix of “Rhythm of Life,” which are much more egregious in their absence.

Still, overall this is a great release. The interviews are fantastic Paul!!


A while back an article was posted on this site called “Don’t Stream It’s Over”. The article was very interesting and made some good points about Super Deluxe versions of records being made available on streaming sites at the same time as they are released in physical format.

So let’s take this Oleta Adams reissue as an example. I like Oleta and would want to listen to this reissue. However, aside from some very select outlets it is available precisely nowhere.


Surely, it should be made available on streaming sites in tandem with the physical outlets so that everyone who wishes to hear this album may do so while contributing royalties back to all involved? By not being available to stream this reissue will eventually just fade into oblivion.

So what, exactly is the logic behind this? Those who want to purchase the physical product will always do so, but those who want to stream it should surely be given the option to do so?


I had to get an Amazon account because nobody could order me the first TFF box reissue (The Hurting)! It’s nothing new. Bad distribution, and the sellers in my area keep getting worse with their selection. Obviously, this does drive people to streaming etc. …


I am in the US and can’t find a single outlet selling this. Not streaming either. Why, in this day and age, would a label make it so difficult to consume?


This is still available approximately nowhere to stream. I appreciate there is a certain value in windowing the release for a period of time to physical copies but why at this time isn’t it available to stream?

What is the point in putting the work into remastering and curating this collection if it can only be heard by the most die-hard of fans willing to buy a (pricey) physical copy.

It just doesn’t make sense to me? The only version available to stream is the original release.

Surely the time and love that obviously went into this reissue is worth more than a niche, restricted physical-only windowed release?

The whole thing seems archaic.


I’m not interested in remixes, live cuts or 7” versions, so I am not the target market for the 2CD. I am however, like many others, an Oleta fan who would like to hear the remastered version of what I think is a great album.

What I can’t fathom from a business point of view is – why put work into a project and then only make it accessible to a very niche portion of the market?

Put it out there for everyone?



Hi Paul

What’s the deal with this? All the streaming services have the original 1990 masters and the hard copy doesn’t seem to be available anywhere in the US. Even on Amazon.

Why didn’t the label (Def Jam) pick up the remasters for streaming do we know?


Any chance of getting any additional signed copies? I ABSOLUTELY LOVE OLETA and would do anything to own a signed copy.


Sorry but there isn’t anything here which would tempt me to buy. I already have all the tracks I like on cd including the superior Orbit extended mix and the ‘original’ Twilight mix of ROF (which fits so nicely into the track listing of Seeds of Love). Did by the Circle of Life remixes and the ROF remixes from 5 years later ( included here) but only ever listened to them once as they are a million miles away from the acoustic piano sound of Oleta at her best. CD2 is A wasted opportunity to showcase Oleta as a pianist and vocalist rather than as a disco queen.


The 12″ version on the 1990 CD is an edit/fade (7:22) of the ‘Full Length Version’ (7:45).


They couldn’t be arsed to include the single version of her biggest -only- hit, “Get Here”?!?!


That’s now 2 key tracks that are missing.

I know people have different views on this, but when space is limited, I think the focus should be on including all vocal mixes/edits rather than dubs.

I would like to see the two dubs of Rhythm of Life on CD2 removed and replaced by:

Get Here (Radio Edit) 3:27
Rhythm of Life (William Orbit 12″ Mix) 7:22

Julian H

Paul, any comments on this?


Well, well, I never thought I’d see this get the re-issue treatment. I’m thrilled! I wore this album out at the time and the b-sides are excellent too. Some of the remixes are really good too especially the Yvonne Turner mix of Circle of One and the Full Mega/Gospella mixes of Rhythm of Life.

The only admission I would comment on is the Twilight mix of Rhythm of Life which to my ears sounds like the original mix (as the version on the original album is itself a remix, if i remember rightly).


You’ve Got To Give Me Room is one of the finest tracks of the 1990s, beautifully understated.

The 1995 remixes of Rhythm of Life are not, in my opinion, inherently bad just different. We are lucky a third-rate rapper wasn’t added.

Neil McL

Hi Paul,

Any chance of getting any more signed stock?



To use your own words Paul, the second disc does looks like hard work!

Doug Carey

Hey, is there anyway to get a personalized signature? ; )

Oleta is from my town of Yakima, WA. In fact, she graduated from my high school (Davis High School) about ten years earlier than me. Many of our local musicians went to school with her.

Pretty cool connection : )

Friso Pas

I’m in. Too bad that only a 100 are signed. Missed it, as I’m seeing this just now. Oh well…
It’s very nice to get this, while we still wait on the Seeds Of Love SDL. Is there any inkling on that ever being released, Paul?

alan hansen

paul, if YOU are afraid; then i’m afraid the rest of us should be VERY afraid.

Chris R

Yes!’ Mine ordered and cannot wait! First time purchase from the SDE Store and could not have been more impressed! Very easy and clear process to go through and will definitely be doing again in the future! Perhaps when the TFF Seeds of Love is finally reissued??? Please, please, please get Roland and Curt to sign some SDE copies and maybe even ask the lovely Oleta to as well!!?? :)
p.s. I hope Oleta will come back to Seattle for another show soon…her absence is missed :(


Shame no vinyl. No vinyl, no sale from me sadly.


Sorry! My bad. Just saw the Gospella mix in the rundown. Great it is there.


Nice compilation. The Gospella mix of ROL is an odd admission. It’s on the 2000 Danny Tenaglia ‘Back To Mine’ compilation and the 12″ remix if anyone is looking. For me the definitive version; her vocals are just sublime and freed from some of the rather era-specific remixes.


The missing Rhythm of Life remixes are on the cd single from 1990 so in case of space makes sense but those later mixes are rubbish so double edged sword!!

Julian H

Also, eight versions of the same track in a row? Not sure I’m looking forward to listening to that…


Damn! Sold out.

Steve W

I adored this album when it came out alhough & haven’t heard it for years. I must dig it out.

Although… I may just order this version instead! :D

Stephen D C

Worth it for the first disc. I collected all the versions of Circle Of One & Rhythm Of Life originally [they tried SO many times to make it a hit, bless ’em].

Oleta is criminally overlooked so this is very welcome.

Woman In Chains is my favourite song of all time. If you’ve never heard Oleta on Tears For Fears’ Badman’s Song then you have not lived.

“If you’ve never heard Oleta on Tears For Fears’ Badman’s Song then you have not lived.”

Well said! :)

Tom M Hans

I was totally blown away seeing that song live on the Seeds Of Love tour. Goosebumps amongst 5000 people. Great show.


It would be a shame if the William Orbit 12″ mix (also known as the “Full Length Version”-7:45) didn’t make it on here. It’s kind of the definitive version of the track. The album version/7″ version is just an edit of this.

Wow! And released on Oleta’s birthday as well! Also, remastered by Andy Pearce usually means THIS WILL SOUND GOOD, so… very good! That’s a good excuse for the constant delay of “Seeds of Love”. Speaking of which, is the live track from the TFF tour?


My first order from the SDE shop. Thanks! Now that this album has gotten the deluxe treatment, there is simply no excuse for Universal to keep sitting on the Seeds of Love reissue. Set it free! Set it free!!!!!


That’s great news , definitely !
Obviously , there are some mixes missing, We could have dream of a 3CDs like Yazz reissue (but then it was also incomplete); I ‘d love to, but, let’s face it, it will never happen…

– Circle Dub(5’23) of “Circle Of One, is missing, as for :
– Twilight version (4’04) and 12” (7’22) of “Rhythm Of Life”,
– US promo Edit (3’27) of Get Here
They would have suit better than Later remixes (If I remember well, The Reverend Jefferson mixes were done 3 or 4 years AFTER the 1st release of the album) , but nothing is perfect in a perfect world !

Jan Burnett

Bought. Nice one Paul.

Todd R.

Jaw dropping WOW.
So happy this is happening – and that SDE has a hand in it all…all that is missing is the SEEDS OF LOVE box and…..

Ringo Funk

Hi all this is the William Orbit remix in full as taken from a CD single, so it shouldn’t be hard to track down and add to the tracklist. Otherwise Paul it would be a huge disappointment a reissue without it …unless there’s licensing issues. Best, RF


Darren Jones

I have the 12″ and the album and I’m sure they are different versions.

DJ Control

I’m hoping it’s cd 2 track 5. Don’t recognise that mix title.

Jon M


No, the William Orbit 12″ mix appears to be missing, which is a shame as it’s a great mix. Any chance you can push Caroline to add this mix to the reissue? As a William Orbit remix collector, I know I for one would love a reissued version of that!


Thanks for adding 100 signed copies to your shop, very nice that she is recognizing SDE readers. Have fun in NY –



…aaaaaannnndddddd ordered.

DJ Control

Can’t see the William Orbit 12” mix on there anywhere. Maybe it’s been given a different title? Any ideas SDE?

Jon J

Cracking album and one long overdue for a reissue. I’ll definitely be getting this.

I would have preferred to see some more of the original remixes (the Twilight version of ‘Rhythm of Life’ and more of the Yvonne Turner mixes of ‘Circle of One’) in place of the inferior 1995 remixes of ‘Rhythm of Life’, but other than that, looks pretty good.

Alexandre de Andrade

I miss Rhythm Of Life (Twilight Version). Love that version!


great….but again, my country is no in the list…I live in South America, it’s nearer than Australia!!!
Please allow us to buy

Neill Rees

No Full Length Version by Orbit?

Neill Rees

Excellent – thanks Paul, sterling work as ever.


Album version 4:20
12″ Orbit Mix 7:22


That’s the edit of 4:20. The omission of the full remastered Orbit is something to cry about. And those awful 1995 mixes really don’t belong here. We want the period mixes as much as CD 2 can bear.. I guess it was just too good to be true.