OMD / Souvenir 5CD + 2DVD box set

5CD+DVD box set • Unreleased tracks • Live performances

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (aka OMD) continue their 40th anniversary celebrations with the announcement of Souvenir, a career-spanning seven-disc box set.

This new package features five CDs and two DVDs and is housed in a ten-inch box with a hardcover book, a poster and some 10-inch prints.

CD 1 and CD 2 feature all the band’s singles from ‘Electricity’ to ‘What Have We Done’, as well as a brand new single ‘Don’t Go’.

The third CD contains 22 previously unreleased recordings from the archive – selected and mixed by Paul Humphreys – with titles like ‘Unreleased Idea,’ ‘Organ Ditty,’ and ‘Guitar Thrash’!

Two live shows complete the audio: one from the History of Modern Tour recorded at the Mermaid Theatre in 2011 and a previously unreleased live show from the Dazzle Ships Tour from the Hammersmith Odeon in 1983.

The first of two DVDs contains BBC TV performances from Top Of The Pops, Old Grey Whistle Test, Later With Jools Holland and more. The other contains a live show from the Crush Tour at Sheffield City Hall in 1985, another live show from the Architecture & Morality Tour at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane in 1981, as well as Crush – The Movie.

The book contains the usual ‘unseen photos’, as well as single sleeve artwork, an introduction by Paul Morley and notes to accompany the archive material by Andy McCluskey.

A new 2CD and 3LP greatest hits package – Souvenir – The Singles 1979-2019 (the first two discs in the box, effectively) will also be available separately.

The Souvenir box set will be released on 4 October 2019 via Universal Music. Now sold out via the SDE shop (with non more available!).

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Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

Souvenir - 5CD + 2DVD box set


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Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

Souvenir The Singles 1979 to 2019 - 3LP vinyl


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Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

Souvenir The Singles 1979 to 2019 - 2CD edition


OMD – Souvenir 8CD+2DVD box set

Disc 1 – The Singles 1979 – 1987

1. Electricity
2. Red Frame/White Light
3. Messages
4. Enola Gay
5. Souvenir
6. Joan of Arc
7. Maid of Orleans
8. Genetic Engineering
9. Telegraph
10. Locomotion
11. Talking Loud and Clear
12. Tesla Girls
13. Never Turn Away
14. So in Love
15. Secret
16. La Femme Accident
17. If You Leave
18. (Forever) Live and Die
19. We Love You
20. Shame

Disc 2 – The Singles 1988 – 2019

1. Dreaming
2. Sailing on the Seven Seas
3. Pandora’s Box (It’s a Long, Long Way)
4. Then You Turn Away
5. Call My Name
6. Stand Above Me
7. Dream of Me
8. Everyday
9. Walking on the Milky Way
10. Universal
11. If You Want It
12. Sister Marie Says
13. History of Modern (part 1)
14. Metroland
15. Dresden
16. Night Cafeì
17. Isotype
18. The Punishment Of Luxury
19. What Have We Done
20. Don’t Go

Disc 3 – Unreleased Archive Vol I.

1. Brand New Science (06.1981)
2. Dumbomb (01.1986)
3. Violin Piece (09.1982)
4. Untitled 2 (06.1981)
5. Cut Me Down (03.1986)
6. Radio Swiss International (09.1982)
7. Untitled 3 (09.1982)
8. Weekend (04.1985)
9. Organ Ditty (05.1980)
10. Unreleased Idea (06.1981)
11. Cajun Moon (05.1986)
12. Guitar Thrash (09.1982)
13. SMPTE (12.1982)
14. American Venus (04.1990)
15. Liberator (02.1985)
16. Ambient 1 (04.1980)
17. Unused 1 (12.1980)
18. Flamenco (04.1990)
19. Andy’s Song (04.1985)
20. Dynamo Children (01.1985)
21. Flutey (03.1984)
22. Nice Ending (06.1981)

Disc 4 – Live at the Mermaid Theatre, London (03/02/2011)

1. Messages
2. Tesla Girls
3. New Babies New Toys
4. History of Modern (Part 1)
5. (Forever) Live & Die
6. Souvenir
7. Joan of Arc
8. Maid of Orleans
9. New Holy Ground
10. Green
11. Walking on the Milky Way
12. Sister Marie Says
13. Locomotion
14. Sailing on the Seven Seas
15. Enola Gay
16. Electricity

Disc 5 – Live at the Hammersmith Odeon (10/05/1983)

1. Dazzle Ships – Parts II,III & VII
2. ABC Auto Industry
3. Messages
4. She’s Leaving
5. Georgia
6. Almost
7. Julia’s Song
8. Joan of Arc
9. Maid of Orleans
10. Statues
11. The Romance of the Telescope
12. Souvenir
13. Telegraph
14. Radio Waves
15. Bunker Soldiers
16. Enola Gay
17. Silent Running
18. Electricity
19. Pretending to see the Future
20. Stanlow

DVD1 – BBC TV Performances

1. Messages (The Old Grey Whistle Test 15/04/1980)
2. Messages (Top Of The Pops 08/05/1980)
3. Messages (Top Of The Pops 29/05/1980)
4. Enola Gay (Top Of The Pops 09/10/1980)
5. Souvenir (Top Of The Pops 03/09/1981)
6. Joan of Arc (Top Of The Pops 29/10/1981)
7. Maid Of Orleans (Top Of The Pops 14/01/1982)
8. Genetic Engineering (Top Of The Pops 03/03/1983)
9. Locomotion (Top Of The Pops 19/04/1984)
10. Locomotion (Top Of The Pops 03/05/1984)
11. Talking Loud and Clear (Top Of The Pops 05/07/1984)
12. Tesla Girls (Top Of The Pops 13/09/1984)
13. So in Love (Top Of The Pops 30/05/1985)
14. La Femme Accident (The Old Grey Whistle Test 22/10/1985)
15. (Forever) Live and Die (Top Of The Pops 18/09/1986)
16. Dreaming (Wogan 27/06/1988)
17. Sailing on the Seven Seas (Top Of The Pops 02/05/1991)
18. Pandora’s Box (It’s a Long, Long Way) (Top Of The Pops 11/07/1991)
19. Pandora’s Box (It’s a Long, Long Way) (Top Of The Pops 25/07/1991)
20. Call My Name (Pebble Mill 11/12/1991)
21. Stand Above Me (Top Of The Pops 13/05/1993)
22. Walking on the Milky Way (Top Of The Pops 16/08/1996)
23. Enola Gay (Later With Jools Holland 31/05/2013)


Live at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane (04/12/1981)

1. Almost
2. Mystereality
3. Joan Of Arc
4. Motion & Heart
5. Maid Of Orleans
6. Statues
7. Souvenir
8. New Stone Age
9. Enola Gay
10. Bunker Soldiers
11. Electricity
12. She’s Leaving
13. Julia’s Song
14. Stanlow

Live at Sheffield City Hall (14/06/1985)

1. The Romance Of The Telescope (intro)
2. Crush
3. Messages
4. Secret
5. Tesla Girls
6. White Trash
7. Talking Loud & Clear
8. Maid Of Orleans
9. Telegraph
10. Enola Gay
11. Electricity
12. The Romance Of The Telescope

Crush – The Movie

1. Bloc Bloc Bloc
2. The Native Daughters Of The Golden West
3. So In Love
4. 88 Seconds In Greensboro
5. Hold You
6. Women III
7. La Femme Accident
8. Crush
9. Secret
10. The Lights Are Going Out

Souvenir – The Singles 1979 – 2019 3LP vinyl

LP 1
1. Electricity [Side A] – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
2. Red Frame/White Light [Side A] – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
3. Messages [Side A] – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
4. Enola Gay [Side A] – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
5. Souvenir [Side A] – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
6. Joan Of Arc [Side A] – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
7. Maid Of Orleans [Side A] – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
8. Genetic Engineering [Side B] – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
9. Telegraph [Side B] – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
10. Locomotion [Side B] – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
11. Talking Loud and Clear [Side B] – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
12. Tesla Girls [Side B] – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
13. Never Turn Away [Side B] – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
14. So In Love [Side B] – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

LP 2
1. Secret [Side A] – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
2. La Femme Accident [Side A] – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
3. If You Leave [Side A] – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
4. (Forever) Live and Die [Side A] – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
5. We Love You [Side A] – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
6. Shame [Side A] – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
7. Dreaming [Side A] – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
8. Sailing on the Seven Seas [Side B] – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
9. Pandora’s Box (It’s a Long, Long Way) [Side B] – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
10. Then You Turn Away [Side B] – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
11. Call My Name [Side B] – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
12. Stand Above Me [Side B] – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
13. Dream of Me [Side B] – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

LP 3
1. Everyday [Side A] – Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
2. Walking on the Milky Way [Side A] – Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
3. Universal [Side A] – Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
4. If You Want It [Side A] – Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
5. Sister Marie Says [Side A] – Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
6. History of Modern (Part I) [Side A] – Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
7. Metroland [Side B] – Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
8. Dresden [Side B] – Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
9. Night Café [Side B] – Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
10. Isotype [Side B] – Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
11. The Punishment Of Luxury [Side B] – Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
12. What Have We Done [Side B] – Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
13. Don’t Go [Side B] – Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark

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Dariusz Stochmal

I received this for Christmas but discovered some playback issues with all CDs, issues will vary which CD player I use, I have tried different CD players and also on the computer but at the end I have constant playback issues, corruption skip etc., with the following tracks, was wondering if someone has the same issue, my box is being returned, I’m hoping I can get replacement:

CD2 – tracks 19, 20
CD3 – tracks 16, 21, 22
CD4 – tracks 15, 16
CD5 – tracks 16, 20

Steve W

Just a FYI – I bought the triple vinyl version at their gig last night in York and it only cost me £25, not quite sure how you can fit that on your comparison guide though!

(It was a brilliant concert, it’s hard to think of them as a band that make people dance but they really do. The last time I saw them was around 1987 with the Junk Culture tour and they are just as good.)


I received my 3 LP version of this superb collection in the mail this week. I had bought the vinyl as I am very keen on audio quality and often the loudness wars on cd’s destroy the dynamic range.
To my great dismay, the LPs sound bad to put it mildly. The dynamic range is flat and the “remaster” does not do justice to the original recordings. I’m afraid that this was a digital to analog transfer and a lot of quality was sacrificed in the process. I will be returning my LPs.

If listening to music through ear buds is good for you, I think this collection will do great. Otherwise, I’d save my pennies.


Another opportunity lost to have DVD-audio or BR audio, in surround format.

Florian M. Kranz

grooves-inc.de might still have items left.


I personally listen to really good live shows a lot. If they are really good! I hope the LP sets comes with full download of the 3cds as i have no interest in these live shows (not ebough a fan)


The live concert recorded at the Mermaid Theatre (2011), a BBC Radio 2 broadcast, has really a poor, almost an audience recording, sound. Terrible, I even stopped listening to it. I can’t imagine other concerts from that era or any other concert with far much better sound quality have been recorded…

Top Of The Pops miming performances… it would have been great to have an updated video collection or proper live recordings… It seems we can’t have it all, unfortunately.

Anyone noticed that ‘She’s Leaving’, a commercial (non UK) single, and ‘Enola Gay ’98’ are missing…? I presume this ‘Souvenir’ release is a worldwide release and not only intended for the UK, right. It looks like they wanted to do a good job with this comprehensive collection, but somehow failed a bit.


There’s too much here, who really listens to live albums more than a few times? What I really want to see is the continuation of the re-mastered CD’s, they have done an excellent job from OMD to Junk Culture with all the bonus tracks but on re-releasing the first four on vinyl (of which I have no interest) I contacted the band about plans to continue the CD series & like most other bands now, they have been distracted by the vinyl goldrush & they said they have no plans to re-release Crush, The Pacific age, Sugar tax, etc on CD which to me is an absolute tragedy because these CD re-issues are what the fans really want (as the sound on the original CDs was so poor as CD technology isn’t what it is today when the original CDs were released).

Ade Reynolds

CD technology was great from the very beginning. Unfortunately, a lot of record companies chose bad/so-so mastering engineers to diligently transfer/eq the tape master perfectly to the format. This is why engineers like Steve Hoffman are so revered by discerning listeners & collectors.

Derek Langsford

I have previously said that IMO Junk Culture was reenergized by remastering. The same could be done for Crush through Universal, and especially Crush and TPA which have virtually no bottom end. It would be tragic if they did not get remastered. I’d buy a CD or higher res download and put it on CD/BR if I had to, but really would like to see 2 CD remasters released. Keep CD alive!


No plans to get the other albums remastered and re-released!!!
This must be a joke…not one I can laugh about…

Perhaps we should provide proper tracklists as well, so they might change their thoughts on this decision, whoever made this decision in the first place.

Here some thoughts:
1985 – “Crush”
CD1: original album (remastered)
CD2: b-sides and remixes (remastered):
Concrete Hands [original b-side]
Maria Gallante [original 12″ b-side]
Drift [original b-side]
Firegun [original b-side]
If You Leave [original a-side]
Dynamo Children (Demo, 01.1985)*
Liberator (Demo, 02.1985)*
Weekend (Demo, 04.1985)*
Andy’s Song (Demo, 04.1985)*
So In Love (Extended) [original 12″ a-side]
Concrete Hands (Extended) [original 12″ b-side]
La Femme Accident (12″ Mix) [original 12″ a-side]
Secret (Extended) [original 12″ a-side]
If You Leave (Extended) [original 12″ a-side]
White Trash (Live, Hammersmith Odeon, 3rd October 1984) [original b-side]
Locomotion (Live, Hammersmith Odeon, 3rd October 1984) [original 12″ b-side]
La Femme Accident (Remixed Version) | (12″ Mix – US Edit) [original 12″ b-side]
DVD: Crush – the movie
1986-1988 – “The Pacific Age”
CD1: original album (remastered)
CD2: b-sides and remixes (remastered)
We Love You (7″ Version) [original a-side]
Shame (Re-recorded Version) [original a-side]
Dreaming [original a-side]
This Town [original b-side]
Dumbomb (Demo, 01.1986)*
Cut Me Down (Demo, 03.1986)*
Cajun Moon (Demo, 05.1986)*
Satellite [original b-side]
(Forever) Live And Die (Extended Mix – Tom Lord-Alge) [original 12″ a-side]
We Love You (Extended) [original 12″ a-side]
Shame (Extended Re-recorded Version) [original 12″ a-side]
Dreaming (Extended Mix – Tom Lord-Alge) [original 12″ a-side]
(Forever) Live And Die (Extended Mix – John “Tokes” Potoker) [original 12″ a-side]
We Love You (Dub) [original b-side]
+ demos

CD3: the 1988 versions (remastered)
Dreaming (Radio USA Mix) 3:50 [12″ bonus track]
Secret (New 7″ Mix) [12″ bonus track]
Dreaming (7″ Version – Bruce Forest & Frank Heller) 4:15 [us promo cd]
Dreaming (12″ USA Club Mix – The William Orbit Mix) 7:15 [original 12″ a-side]
Dreaming (Club Mix – Bruce Forest & Frank Heller) 7:13 [original 12″ a-side]
The Brides Of Frankenstein [original 12″ a-side]
Dreaming (Extended 12″ Club Mix – Bruce Forest & Frank Heller) 8:22 [us promo cd]
Dreaming (Dub Mix) 4:29 [12″ bonus track]
Dreaming (Club Mix Edit – Bruce Forest & Frank Heller) 4:58 [us promo cd]
Secret (New 12″ Mix) [original 12″ a-side]
The Brides Of Frankenstein (Dub) [original 12″ b-side]

* taken from “Souvenir: The Singles Collection 1979 – 2019 (Box) – bonus CD”

Rich Weir

Excellent comments in this forum. Agree whole heartedly that a more complete release of extended mixes would be nice. Very much looking forward to hearing the unreleased songs and if even half are as good as the Liberator song they have posted, we are in for a real treat. Noted that they have listed it as ‘Vol 1’ so hoping that means there are enough additional unreleased songs for a Vol 2. I very much favor the prior of music with Junk Culture, especially the b sides from then. Garden City is mind blowing. I think some of the b sides were far superior than some of the songs they chose for both Junk Culture, Crush and the Pacific Age. Hope they do a remastered release of Crush and the Pacific Age. Would love to hear more unreleased songs from that era! As for this whole super deluxe anniversary box set…it’s a little over the top. How many more ‘greatest hits compilations’ is really needed? Grateful nonetheless that it’s being offered.


I contacted the band about continuing the re-mastered Crush, Pacific age & Sugar tax CDs but now they have been distracted by this ridiculous vinyl goldrush re-releasing the first four albums on vinyl, they said they will not be continuing the series of CDs which I’m really disappointed about.


Señores, llega la navidad y hay que vender lo que sea, los pink Floyd una caja a 500 euros una locura, los Beatles como siempre en navidad caja a mas de 100 euros, el difunto mercury de queen una caja a mas de 100 euros, pero el viejo zorro Neil Young con su banda se saca un discazo cd original nuevo este si que es grande viejo zorro, esperemos que se le pase el susto a Mike oldfield con el huracán Dorian que por poco sale volando la casa de las Bahamas, y edita un cd original nuevo, a lo que voy: Aber si después de esta caja recopilatoria y un cd inédito se animan y editan para el 2020 un cd nuevo los músicos de OMD.


Regarding Derek Langsfords post a few days back about no OMD remastered album having a DVD that is not true. Architecture & Morality reissued in 2007 had a DVD with the Live At The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane on it and a few videos. I wish Blank & Jones would go back and redo that So80s compilation with better mastering and make it a 2 or 3 disc set.

Derek Langsford

My mistake, and I even have that edition! That 2007 remaster came just before the release in 2008 of the Messages CD/DVD which has all the promo videos through Universal reducing the need for a DVD with later Virgin remasters. My original point remains that the remaster campaign can continue without a DVD. In fact, the presence of the Crush video in this Souvenir box set relieves Virgin of the need to add a DVD to a Crush remaster – they can keep it to one or two CDs as for the other OMD remasters.

I agree with the desire to have So80s remastered and expanded and I think Piet Blank has said on this list he’d like to do that. I also wasn’t happy with the Dazzle Ships remaster but getting that re-remastered is a long shot. Maybe a 50th anniversary comprehensive 20 CD/4 blu-ray set?

Neil Kelly

Surprised that no one mentions this but the Later would be of interst to me. But one track? What happened to the others? At £80 that’s the final nail in the coffin. Amazed that many are happy with this box set. Outtakes and live albums – really? Nah. I’ll buy the 2 CD set at £9 and download CD3 and CD4 free


What later? I will download disc 3


definitely will buy. hopefully OMD continue the releases of all of the other albums on 180g vinyl
all the way through sugar tax, liberator and universal


I would love this set, but it is way too expensive. With currency exchange it works out at about AU$150 plus postage. I guess I will have to hope that it drops down in price after the release date.


New song Don’t Go is enjoyable enough. I would really like to just pick up that disc 3 to hear any gems that may be on it. Navigation is such a great CD (really should have been a double CD as they left off several from that time period like Satellite and 10 to 1) and I bet that there are at least a few on disc 3.

Very glad that OMD is still doing some great creative work. Besides Simple Minds, they really are one of my long-time favorite groups that I still get excited when I hear about new releases.


I agree…release all the B sides. 10 to 1 was at least issued on Junk culture reissue.

Shawn C.

Went back and forth on purchasing this. The two live CDs are of no interest to me, nor are the DVDs. Would have jumped for a lower price, but probably going to go with the Apple Music tracks from discs one to three on this one.

Robert Lett

This looks awesome, ordered it!


A 40th anniversary anthology compiling 40 memorable tracks without one single single.

CD 1 1979-1990

1. Almost
2. Bunker Soldiers
3. Pretending To See The Future
4. Motion And Heart
5. Statues
6. Promise
7. Stanlow
8. The New Stone Age
9. She’s Leaving
10. The Beginning And The End
11. Dazzle Ships
12. The Romance Of The Telescope
13. Silent Running.
14. Junk Culture
15. Love And Violence
16. Hold You
17. 88 Seconds Of Greensboro
18. The Native Daughters Of The Golden West
19. The Pacific Age
20. Flame Of Hope

CD 2 1991-2020

1. Apollo XI
2. Was It Something I Said
3. Walk Tall
4. King Of Stone
5. Love And Hate You
6. Christine
7. The Moon And The Sun
8. Black Sea
9. The Boy From The Chemist Is Here To See You
10. Very Close To Far Away
11. New Babies New Toys
12. History Of Modern (Part 2)
13. New Holy Ground
14. The Future Will Be Silent
15. Helen Of Troy
16. Stay With Me
17. Final Song
18. Art Eats Art
19. One More Time
20. La Mitralleuse

CD 3 20 b-sides

1. I Betray My Friends
2. Annex
3. Sacred Heart
4. Navigation
5. 4-Neu
6. Her Body In My Soul
7. Garden City
8. Concrete Hands
9. Firegun
10. This Town
11. Satellite
12. Burning
13. All She Wants Is Everything
14. Can I Believe You
15. The Place You Fear The Most
16. The New Dark Age
17. The Grand Deception
18. Kill Me
19. The Great White Silence
20. Hahaha

OMD is the band that started it all for me.


Can‘t accept people who love OMD forget awesome DRIFT.


Disappointed too. I hoped for more this is not a wow box. Look at Soft Cell value for the money.


nice to see the chronological order of singles, its pointless otherwise. and EVERY single included not just the hits…. yes echoing above, CRUSH is the next album due for deluxe, its 35th anniversary in 2020 bodes well. i’d expect, following Junk Culture for all related singles extended mixes to be included and If You Leave which wasn’t on an album. Pacific Age would then follow and include the 1988 standalone single Dreaming. from then on OMB is a solo project until the reunion…. i think that period is less marketable to fans, but Sugar Tax was a success commercially. anyway, nice edition with Factory style graphics, but £80 is a bit much for basically one CD of unreleased material bar live recordings….


Disappointed. Who wants live albums. Original extended versions would have been nicer.

Derek Langsford

While I have not been a big fan for their whole 40 years (do not care much for Junk Culture, Crush, The Pacific Age, and Liberator), their last three albums have rejuvenated my keen interest in the band. Rather than so much (additional) live material I would like to have seen an update to Navigation included (the b-sides which easily fill up 2 CDs now) and 2 or more CDs of 12″/Extended/remixes. The updated singles collection is a great way to celebrate their 40 years and the outtakes CD will be interesting for at last one listening, but when one can get the 2 CD singles set for £9 it makes getting the rest in the boxed set a very expensive proposition, especially for those outside the UK.

Mike the Fish

There’s the band remix of Stay for a possible single which could have been put on here too.


Still missing Secrets b-side “Drift” as a digital copy. Only for this song I would pay for a wjoke box like this one….

Richard Shea

Agreed mate, DRIFT is possibly my all time OMD track and yet neglected it seems. I wonder if they’ve lost the master on this one, if so you’d think they’d do a copy from a mint vinyl.

Derek Langsford

And I don’t think Maria Gallante has been out digitally yet. Will have to wait for the Crush remaster, if it comes.

Glen Withonen

As nice as this set may be, unfortuneatly I think the inclusion of the Sheffield conert & Crush movie on the second DVD could mean we’re less likely to get a Crush remaster, or atleat a ‘deluxe’ version with that nice visual content included. I think presenting that material on a nice Crush deluxe remaster really would’ve made a lot more sense!

Derek Langsford

None of the OMD album remasters to date has had a DVD. So a Crush and TPA remaster with the same approach as the Junk Culture remaster (the remastered album plus the b-sides, 12″/Extended mixes other non-album or demo tracks) is still viable.

Which reminds me, they could have updated the Messaged DVD to include videos for the singles off the last three albums.


Great news! However, would have liked to have seen the ongoing remaster programmes for the last 2 great OMD albums – Crush and The Pacific Age completed before seeing another greatest hits compilation. We have yet to see the singles from the Pacific Age make their debut on CD as well as the extended versions which none has yet to see on CD. Any news of that Paul?

Mike the Fish

At least three extended versions from The Pacific Age have been released on CD. I would struggle to call those two albums great, especially The Pacific Age.


I personally love both of these albums (Crush and The Pacific Age) – much better than the 3 90s albums


Although I generally tend to accept these deluxe editions for what they are, for once I have to say that I have to echo the sentiment of others – a Complilation of their 12″ mixes would have been preferable to the live sets.
For me live sets mostly don’t get played more than once* so they hold little interest for me personally.

Still it is what it is!

* If anyone is interested here are the live albums that I do actually enjoy listening to (in no particular order):

– Secret World : Peter Gabriel – a great live album with versions that surpass the studio version in many cases

– Minimum Maximum : Kraftwerk – a superb greatest hits package

– It’s Alive! : The Ramones – Possibly the greatest live album ever (and I’m not even that big a Ramones fan)

– Methods of Dance : A great Japan live Bootleg recording

– Stage : Bowie – I might even prefer the original to the Visconti restored version


Unreleased Archive Vol I.

I wonder if there will be a Vol II someday with post 80’s material.

John Simmons

I’ll probably go for it when the price goes down a little, the only thing that’s missing for me is some more of the early pre-drummer live stuff which was featured on a free 7″ that came with Organisation…I’d love about an hour of that stuff.


Really looking forward to the singles collection and have been hoping for a comprehensive collection like this for some time.

As others have said it’s long overdue for bands like Duran Duran, Kate Bush, Siouxsie & The Banshees, etc to release a comprehensive singles collection like this.


Wasn’t there a plan to release a comprehensive Siouxsie and the Banshees’ singles collection a pair of years ago called “Ever After”? Duran Duran definitely need one with all of their A sides, it shouldn’t even be that difficult now for them if they work on it with Rhino/Warner (they have the Parlophone output from 1981 to 1995, then “Paper Gods”, while the band owns the albums from “Medazzaland” to “All You Need is Now”). No licensing nightmare, yet the last compilation was “Greatest”. I suspect Kate Bush does not like comps, The Whole Story has never been replaced/expanded since 1986.


I understand all die-hard collectors discussing about this box-set pros and cons, but… I wish Duran Duran would offer a quarter of this release! I’d settle for a comprehensive DD singles collection because probably it may be the only classic band that lacks from that! Anyway, their indifference about fans nourishing is legendary… Hail PSB!


I’m happy with the duran boxsets singles 1981-1985,
and singles 1986-1995, thats there peak era for me.

I don’t care about the releases after that. So its good
enough for me, along with multiple greatest hits,
the 2CD remix compilation, and many other
cd singles.


Steve W

Very tempted by this… I shall consider, although I’d like the price to drop a tad. Essentially it depends when / if the new Bowie boxset is released!


I wish they’d included the following 12″ singles on at least one disc:

1. genetic engineering (ext.)
2. telegraph (ext.)
3. locomotion (long version)
4. talking loud & clear (ext.)
5. so in love (special american remix)
6. forever live & die (ext.)
7. if you leave (ext.)
8. secret (’88 ext. mix)
9. dreaming (dance remix)
10. pandora’s box (diesel fingers mix)
11. call my name (12″)
12. dream of me (interstellar cool serviced mix)


Blank and Jones collection is the closest you’ll get.


Pity it’s unlistenable and that Brides Of Frankenstein is dreadful.

Mick Lynch

I think the remastered versions of Dazzle Ships and Junk Culture have extended / 12″ version, and Im guessing the albums following them will aslo have these extended versions when remastered.


Most of those are already in print on the Blank and Jones OMD disc, or on the cds of the albums they came from. Only 4 of these are currently OOP, so far as I can tell.


Any idea of the price for the 3LP set ?


£33 plus postage on the official OMD site.


Looks awesome. I hope they got all the 7″ versions right, including Messages (previous compilations stuck with the extended 10″ version) and Shame (would be the first time ever on CD). The bonus material disc seems to contain a lot of premature ideas that resurfaced later on the well known songs. For instance Guitar Thrash sounds like the guitar riff of Genetic Engineering. I might be wrong ofcourse, but guessing what those bits and pieces should sound like is part of the game.


12″ versions would have been preferable to live performances – how many of those have we had?! Will probably still buy it as have been a big fan since 1980 – although I jumped ship for their pretty banal mid-80s nonsense. It wasn’t until Shame that I started buying their stuff again.


I really would have preferred a full collection of their 12 inches instead of another singles compilation. That would have been the icing on the cake for me.


I reckon it would have been nice to have both. Have the box set one as a 12″ mixes collection, then have the 2CD as it is. I’ll definitely be getting at least the 2CD one as I lack many of their singles, and as good a set as Messages was this does so much better! And all in original single versions to boot!

Shame they couldn’t remaster the radio edit of Metroland though.

Gareth Pugh

Ordered and looking forward to it. Not a complaint, but Like others, I was a bit surprised how straightforward the campaign is being kept – no retailer-specific incentives or signed versions, no bundles to work out your best strategy on to get what you want in the best combo (!). Just all kept very simple with everything sold separately.


Where are the Amazon and JPC lists Paul?

John Lloyd

This morning also saw mention of a re-issue of Fac 6 – the original Messages 7″, but with the B-side, Almost, remixed by Vince Clarke, on clear vinyl (I think) and limited to 2,000 worldwide. Since then – the news has vanished, so who knows… It was due the same day, October 4th.

Timm Davison

Hi John Lloyd,

I also saw that listing – but all the links have been removed. I spoke via email with someone at Lexer Music who told me they’d been asked to pull the listing for the 7″, but that it would likely be back up in a couple of weeks. Given that the Factory Records Use Hearing Protection box set is including a replica of the original Electricity 7″, perhaps it’s to save on confusion?
Although, if you look at the picture of the box set, it looks like the Electricity 7″ single in the top right corner. Maybe it’s in the box set, even though it doesn’t say so in the listing?


@Timm –

I think the boxed set is supposed to include some prints of the singles covers so I expect (suspect) that what we are seeing is just one of those prints.

Luckily I still have my original Factory Electicity single (with thermo printing) – it’s a lovely item.

Timm Davison

@ Trash –
I used to have a copy myself. Found it at a record store in Seattle for 5 dollars (yes, 5 dollars) in 1994-5 or so. Sadly, at the time, I was young and needed money. I ended up selling it for about 110 dollars. Now I wish I’d kept it, but, I am getting the Factory Use Hearing Protection box, so I’ll have a replica copy at least!

Gary Hunter

I am a huge OMD fan and i’m a little disappointed with this, I would have preferred a selection of their 12 inch singles compiled say over 2 discs, instead of the archive disc, by all means have a CD of unreleased material, full songs, surely they must have enough to do that, 2 live CD’s??

The price of the double CD is around £9 which is certainly a good deal as is the 3 Vinyl for £33, however, do we know if this is on 180gm vinyl??


The 5 disc digital version is £19 on google play if you don’t mind mp3s. You would also be spared the pretentious ramblings of Paul Morley.

Gareth Jones

As a casual fan rather than an expert, please could somebody briefly explain to me what Crush – The Movie is? Is is essentially a promo video made for every track on the album, like INXS did for ‘Full Moon, Dirty Hearts’, Super Furry Animals did for ‘Rings Around The World’, etc.?

Nigel Brown

I remember that I really enjoyed Crush – The Movie, partly of course because I love the album, partly because its a very well put together film. It’s of interest, I would suggest, to both casual and die hard fans. Around 60 minutes long, it’s a track by track “making of Crush” documentary containing various interview clips with all band members and associated professionals, interspersed with video clips of each track on the album. Some of these are the official promos; others are tracks being filmed played in the studio (overdubbed, I think – not live). The footage on location filming the promo videos (for So in Love and Secret, I think) is fun, and Andy’s description of how he came to write 88 Seconds in Greensboro is particularly memorable, as it includes some of the shocking documentary footage that inspired him. Crush – The Movie is a very worthy inclusion in this box. Hope this helps.


@Gareth Jones –

I used to have this on VHS so I have not seen it for years but seem to recall it was videos for all the album tracks plus various extra bits of footage (but can’t exactly recall what).
Fo me it is one of the reasons for buying as I can’t wait to see it again…


£80-90 seems to be the new defacto price for similar sets, must admit though disc 3 and dvds are wonderful, the rest is a bit ‘meh’ for the price. Expected more I have to say from this much trailered set. Thought it was odd that there were no variants to the box set, i.e. signed, white label etc , as they are moneyspinners, perhaps OMD are being fair to people for once!

DJ Salinger

Agreed: the singles discs are superfluous to hardcore fans but the other discs are…persuasive. And given what’s not included here, the door’s still open for future DX editions of the later albums. We hope.

OMD are having a proper second wind right now: the world now loves ‘Dazzleships’, and the last two albums have been a great return to what they do best. The recent ‘Live with LPO’ album is phenomenally good too, especially for the re-imagined deeper cuts; who’d have thought a McCluskey solo era b-side would be a highlight?

Oh and Richard Houghton’s ‘Pretending To See The Future’ is a recommended good read, especially on the early years.

It’s a pretty good time to be an OMD fan. I’ve even forgiven Andy for ‘Liberator’.

Brad Breault

Hello and yes as an outsider casual fan of OMD until the last 2 years, they do seem to be having a second wind. I’ve now seen them live twice since 2017, and they just stole the show on their package tour in the US with Berlin and the B-52’s, I’m now hooked on a band I once didn’t pay much attention to. As a latecomer this box set seems pretty nice actually, especially for the old video footage and ‘Crush’ film which sounds pretty interesting. And I must say the last 2 studio albums are quite solid to me as well. Whatever diehard fans are thinking of this box set, it actually appeals to me as both a set of ‘the hits’ along with things I would never have went after til now (I have recently bought the remasters of their first 4 albums on CD and feel bad I wasn’t on their bandwagon much sooner). In the end with most bands’ catalogs let’s all be at least somewhat happy there’s still some money around to get some of these items made for those of us who still give enough of a shit to even have them!


This looks great and a nice time for a retrospective hopefully before some vinyl reissues we need of Sugar Tax, Liberator, and Universal (I know they’re basically Andy solo but I still like ’em).

Tim South

Universal music once again leading the way with these CD/DVD boxes. Now how about releasing one of The Police……..


I thought that might be the case Paul! No worries at all and just ordered via SDE!


I am a sucker for anything OMD but over £100 (when you include shipping) is too much for what is essentially 3CDs and 2DVDs (I have everything on the first 2 CDs many times over, except the new, generic-sounding, single). I am going to have to cross my fingers for a deal on this before it is sold out.


OMD were the group I grew up with musically. I bought the Factory ‘Electricity’ 7 inch off a friend at school (he was already listening to John Peel, I sadly didn’t really listen to it until well into 1980) and never looked back.

They’ve had a couple of missteps over the years (which is fair enough) but they have a great back catalog of classic synth pop tunes.

And I only ever bought the original 80’s Best Off so this is the right time to get back on board. The new single is pretty good too.

The OMD website shop says it’s a limited edition Paul. I don’t suppose you have any ideas on the number of box sets they will make? It’s not a deal breaker of course!


Honestly wish they didn’t have the singles CDs and lowered the price a bit. Some great stuff on the discs and DVDs but this is priced a little more than my budget allows.


Just need a reissue on vinyl of the rest of their first era albums.
Junk Culture
Pacific Age
Sugar Tax
Especially the latter as it’s £100’s second hand!


Not too bad at all but I’d prefer much rather to see deluxe editions (2 or 3 CDs) of each album to be release. Less Junk Culture which has already been released some years ago. Sometime ago (word has it) Edsel consider to release OMD albums this way, I mean deluxe, but now I know it was just romours.


You wonder if Edsel did ever get their hands on Junk Culture knowing their history whether they would have made a bigger cock up than the actual band did. As for this box set £80 is just silly money and they are all jumping on the bandwagon with their stupid pricing and it would have been a far better idea to leave out those best of discs which can be bought separately. Looking at that forthcoming Cure box set containing 4 CD’s and 2 Blu-rays for £42 just shows that OMD box is a rip off.


The 40th anniversary 7” of ‘Electricity’ is really a rip off, €13,50, excl. shippingcosts…

Peter Jenkins

I was at that Hammersmith Odeon gig . Supported by the Cocteau Twins if memory serves.
“Dear Mr Bank Manager . . .”