OMD / The Punishment of Luxury / B-Sides & Bonus Material

Intelligent round-up of remixes, B-sides and single versions

OMD will in December issue on CD that collects together “all of the B sides, radio edits, extended 12″ mixes and remixes” from The Punishment of Luxury era.

This B Sides & Bonus Material release effectively rounds up three singles, delivering ten tracks made up of three non-album B-sides, three single mixes and four extended mixes.

It’s a great little release, which works well as a companion to the Punishment of Luxury box set (nothing on the box is duplicated here). How SDE wishes other artists would do this kind of thing.

B Sides & Bonus Material will be issued on CD on 15 December 2017. There is no vinyl edition.

1) Isotype (Single Mix)
2) Skin
3) The Punishment of Luxury (Single Mix)
4) The Punishment of Luxury (12″ Extended Mix)
5) Lampe Licht
6) The Punishment of Luxury (Manhattan Clique Remix)
7) What Have We Done (Single Mix)
8) What Have We Done (12″ Extended Mix)
10) What Have We Done (Chicky & Coco Remix)

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Mark Turrell

i think this is great.
i got the deluxe edition via pledge, then i ordered the 3 x 12″s via pledge, still waiitng for the third one to arrive.
Now i’ve got those tracks on CD too.

Koen Kroeze

I’m not complaining about this release, I’ve already pre-ordered it.
BUT…somehow I feel a bit ripped off, as I’ve already (pre)ordered the three 12″ singles, which were quite expensive, the shippingcosts were even higher than the vinyl itself. And… so far I got a couple of wrinkled sleeves.
It would be a nice gesture if you would get a digital and/or physical copy for free if you’ve already bought the 12″ maxis (and the deluxe edition), like I did…

Looking forward to have these remixes, B-sides and bonus material on CD…


Super excited for this release. Already ordered it. I wish more artists did this kind of compilation of singles. Loved this new album but still think English Electric is better. Amazing the amount of quality songs they have put out for so many years.


I see nothing in this release to be unhappy about, from a personal perspective.

OMD still exist. They make new music. They make a new album every 3 or so years. They still bother with physical singles. They wrap up each era with a catch-all EP-type release on CD. They still sound like OMD, albeit edging towards a Kraftwerk tribute act lately.

I say “Bravo!”.


Don’t understand why some complain about this release and blame OMD. If the band wanted to cash in then they would have planned and added an extra empty space in the SDE for this CD and thus force the fans to buy this release in order to have à complete SDE set. Back in the days, bands and and labels used to sell limited edition boxes with one CD and extra space for future cds to be sold separately. Together they formed a kind of deluxe edition. For example, in 1991 i bought this R.E.M box : a cardboard storage box containing a single with space to house the R.E.M. In Concert (Collectors’ Edition) series of CDs as well as the ‘Out Of Time’ album.


Paul Murphy

I bought a very nice Fat Lady Sings 6-CD Single set like this.


I was disappointed somewhat of the Pet Shop Boys singles from ‘Super’


The Pets had a great single campaign for Super:

Inner sanctum digital Jan 16
The pop kids digital Feb 16
Happiness digital March 16
The Pop kids CD/DL March 16
Album Apr 16
The Pop kids vinyl May 16
Twenty-something CD/DL June 16
Inner sanctum vinyl/DL July 16
Say it to me CD / DL/ vinyl September 16
Undertow CD (with Annually)/ DL/ vinyl April 17

Thsee included 7 b-sides, 2 PSB mixes, 2 demos and a number of third party remixes. Their collaboration with J M Jarre was also released during this period. Great all round.


Personally I enjoy vinyl/CD/download combined sets. When I listen to an album I choose my format based upon my listening situation. If I’m sitting down with a glass of something enjoyable and able to focus on the music, my choice is vinyl. If I’m working around the house, in motion, and want something to listen to, but not necessarily focus on, my choice is CD. If I’m exercising, riding my motorcycle, or laying in bed trying to sleep but unable to, my choice is digital via earphones. So I guess I’m the one consumer that the combined bundled SDE’s are marketed to! It’s good to be me.

A couple of comments earlier mentioned 3 times the vinyl LP in the SDE. Which SDE did you buy? I bought the deluxe SDE which had a single LP (and not even 180gm) with 2 CDs and a DVD. Where are the other 2 vinyl LPs hiding?

This extra release should be no surprise to fans of OMD as it’s something they have done since re-forming, as earlier comments have mentioned. I think it’s great. It is all new material (no repetitions), the price is right, and it expands my enjoyment of this album. Not sure about it coming down in price though, as the History of Modern mixes/b-sides CD has increased in price to a point where I haven’t been able to afford it (and currently is unavailable on Amazon UK). The Night Cafe CD is still reasonable though, and the b-side tracks are just as strong as any of the album tracks. If you are an OMD fan, then these mix/b-side compilations are essential and, in my opinion, very welcome. I wish more of my favourite bands would do this.

wesley mc dowell

I think its great news.I hoped they would collect all the b-sides and mixes together.I just wasn,t expecting it so soon.Nice christmas present for the fans.I know its not free of course but it is a decent price.I haven,t heard any of the tracks so it will be a fresh listening experience for me.Nice one lads.


I am glad that some bands (OMD, PSB, Erasure, Depeche Mode) are still keeping the single tradition alive, albeit on a smaller scale. Some of my favorite artists used to do amazing singles, and the b-sides were just as worth tracking down as the albums. Tori Amos, especially, is one who comes to mind. I think her initial popularity was rooted in the collectibility of her work and the overall quality of even the “toss offs.” Some of her b-sides were better than album tracks, and I hope she’s going to continue the 2-disc reissues of her earlier work to keep gathering them together along with some of the harder-to-find and unreleased material. The three editions she’s done with Rhino so far have been good, with Boys for Pele being the best in terms of bonus material (IMO).


Very happy about this upcoming CD release. In fact I suspected this would be the case, based on their release pattern during the 2010 and 2013 campaigns. That’s why I didn’t bother with the individual vinyl singles (which are nice collectibles still, no doubt, and I do collect vinyl as well). Nothing to complain about.

This sort of release is something I wish other artists would do.


I’m super excited about this cd release, and have ordered it. I love that OMD has made a habit of collecting the b-sides from each album onto a cd release.


At least we don’t have to buy the original Album again with it as a 2CD set – for a 2CD price!


I too wish it was available on vinyl. Just saying in case anyone notices…looking forward to my VIP experience ticket on Sunday in Glasgow. Never been in a front row seat before never mind the rest of it!

Mark Porter

Colin the VIP is awesome. I was front row in Notts and was brilliant. Had to duck the swinging bass a few times as at Nottingham you are right up to the stage unlike Leicester DeMontefort for instance. The soundcheck was really nice to watch too.
I’m going to two more shows in the tour, having done three already. That’s how good they are. Very highly recommended if anyone is thinking shall I go or not.

Nic Blinston

It’s already been available on vinyl – as 3 separate 12″ singles!


I was put off the 12″ singles due to the extortionate shipping costs! (think it was Pledge so no surprise)

John Lloyd

This is turning into a particularly bitter thread – or perhaps it seems more that way to me than others as it’s, for once, a band I’m especially keen on. To correct a few people, there was NO need to buy the album on vinyl three times to get the superdeluxe edition – people seem to have meant the full, every-format-possible bundle, and that’s not the same thing as the SDE. And at best, only one of the tracks on this set (track 2, Skin) was ready to be included with the SDE when it came out, whether via download, vinyl or randomly-inserted 5″. It was about the album launch date gig when Andy said he was staying over in London at Paul’s to finish off Lampe Licht while Paul extended the A-side for his mix. There’s no proof they even knew what the third single was at that stage, and the final remix on here was not even known about before this release got announced last week. It seems that some people are baulking at things being released to wrap up an album that only came out in the autumn, but forgetting that us avid fans bought the thing in April.

alan hansen

paul, i seriously appreciate and am keen on the idea of wrapping-up all this aforementioned material on one tidy disc. however, i would have preferred this disc be part of the original SDE, even if mailed-out at this later date. (after the main album release, heaven knows they sold the 12″ bundle separately and charged three separate shipping & handling fees.) i’d gladly swap one of my three vinyl albums of this title for one of the b-sides-etc. cd compilation.

Paul E.

@ Alan H- that sounds like a “season pass” where you’ve coughed up for future content without any guarantee of the release and/or it’s format medium nor the quality of the content either. A risky proposition if you ask me.

Jesper Jensen

Paul, don’t give up. Ever! Thanks for your hard work.

Miguel Rocha

Yes, but it’s not like they’re releasing this “era-defining” compilation 10 years from now on the 10th anniversary SuperSDE! It feels a bit like taking the piss, especially for the SDE buyers (like me). Certainly, at least some of these tracks were recorded at the same sessions and could have been released I in the box (even as a dreaded download). It feels like those annoying Japanese editions that have bonus tracks. Predictable but frustrating nonetheless.

Gareth Pugh

To be honest I actually like my favourite artists to surround a new album with some ‘companion’ releases like OMD have here, or Erasure (also have had 3 separate singles on CD this year, each with a new B-side track and for the most part IMHO good remixes), New Order and the PSBs still do. I’m a big Duran Duran fan too and much as I enjoy their recent albums – the title track of Paper Gods is probably in my personal top 3 songs they have ever done – but I always feel a twinge of disappointment that once the album is out and the tour has happened, there’s not much more to look forward to before they go back into studio hibernation again. I’d be very up for a Paper Gods remix CD for instance. Ditto Howard Jones and Blancmange – great albums recently but B-sides and now remixes seem to be a thing of the past. Not meaning to sound entitled here but when you’re really into a band you want a few things to engage with, over a period of time, precisely because you like what they’re coming up with.

Chris Squires

Oh for slower days when a group could release a single a month or so before the LP release, two other singles in the following weeks after LP launch and then a final 4th single 4 months after release. All 4 singles getting healthy chart action and radio play and remaining in the charts for between 7 to 12 weeks. An example of which would be Out of the Blue, making no.13, no.6, no.6, no.6. A years worth of “Experience” for a fan, a year’s worth of adverts and radio play. As Gareth says, as a fan, you want something to interact with for longer than two weeks and it’s gone and forgotten. See it here, buy it from Amazon, listen to it and that’s it.
I prefer less entitled days. when we were happy to get what we got in the order in which we got it. T’internet just makes people unhappy when the don’t get exactly what they want when they want it.

As me Mrs. says….”You can’t be unhappy if you are grateful”… I will leave you to make of that what you will……

On topic, I don’t see the point of moaning…it’s like the budgie…. cheap and will get cheaper. Nice one OMD, at least you are putting some effort in.


So happy they are releasing this! Was wondering what was going on.

Miguel Rocha

Actually, this entire practice pisses me off! Especially after purchasing the exquisite, but inarguably expensive, SDE. Why couldn’t this be included in that collection, regardless of the one track that wasn’t yet ready for release? Hell, after all the outcry about McCartney’s Flowers in the Dirt SDE, I’d even have appreciated if it was download only!!!

Gareth Pugh

I’d tend to agree with Paul here. Also I do think that the deluxe box of TPoL gave you good value for the £65/70ish asking price as it is. Also Steve W I’d give this release a go if I was you – the 2 B-sides I’ve heard so far are particularly strong and the remixes/12” versions have been very good quality ie faithful to the songs and OMD sound rather than club mixes that go nowhere.


Thank you, Paul for expressing my thinking. I don’t get these complaints. Between the Super Deluxe edition and this companion, there’s little to desire. I understand the vinyl consumer wanting everything in that format, and conversely the CD consumer. We don’t often all get everything we want so when an artist is mindful of their supporters in this way I should think folks would be appreciative. I purged most of my vinyl collection years ago believing it’s day was done and began collecting CDs. I will never return to vinyl and the arguments for and against have all been heard. I am disappointed every instance an artist I support makes their product exclusively on vinyl or download as that means I won’t get to enjoy that material, but that is my decision. Also it means less financial support for the artist so, in fact, it cuts both ways. The artist or label is willing to forfeit my financial support and I, sadly, the enjoyment of the art. In truth, maybe it is impractical to make all releases available on every format. I did not buy “The Punishment of Luxury” nor “History of Modern” super deluxe editions because I do not want to spend money on the vinyl component. I would love the demos discs tho. I did buy the Fleetwood Mac-“Tango” super deluxe edition because I wanted the mixes disc but I am aware how much less it might have cost without the vinyl. Some of us win, some lose, but I am not going to discourage an artist from releasing physical product. I would rather have some than none. In these times and cases the consumer might want to think twice before biting the hand reaching out for them. I applaud you Paul.

Peas and Love

Don’t give up Paul! Whatever any artist or label does, not matter how good value for money, no matter how meticulous they are in the content and presentation of any SDE there will always be someone who’s not happy and wants a moan. Gotten love people whinging about missing tracks that hadn’t been written yet!

Paul E.

This is a challenging debate: we get one nicely assembled single CD for less than the cost of two CD singles AND don’t need to wait 10, 25, 30 more years (see INXS “Kick”) for the Super Deluxe Anniversary Edition…wait a second, what’s the argument?


I think it’s great there are b-sides and remixes. I just feel they shouldn’t be compiled together this soon. It all feels too neat and efficient.


Why couldn’t this be part of this deluxe box that cost me 70 Euros (+postage)? I’m sick and tired of the stupid way to rob me of my Money. I’ll give this and anything else a pass. I’ve had enough. And today I receive a mail announcing the re-release of Numan’s Album Dance on freaking Vinyl which i don’t want but with an unreleased Version of one of the really good tracks on the Album. I retire from buying records for once and all.


The whole album campaign appears to have been thought out and executed just too predictably. And now we have this mopping-up exercise straight after. Where’s the fun in that? Imagine if the Pet shop Boys did this after each album. There’d be no mystery.

elliott buckingham

did they do a release like this for English electric these last 2 albums are the best by these since the early 90s

John Lloyd

Elliott, it was the Night Cafe ‘single’, which put all the bonus tracks from that “era” with the mixes of that track as a mini-album. You’d still need to chase the Dresden remixes etc for completion, whereas this set is everything they’ve released this year.

Oh, and Stanlow is right – they were writing the B-sides once the album was put to bed. In fact they accidentally wrote their NEXT A-side before they managed to complete this bundle, but you’ll have to wait another year for that.

Gareth Pugh

Exactly, and the History of Modern Pt 1 CD single (which closed out that album’s campaign) did the same as Night Cafe. John, I’m intrigued by your comment about a new single having been recorded already but not out for at least a year… are they planning a new Best-of?

John Lloyd

I might have already said too much – I don’t know what is in the public domain and what isn’t. But it’s my understanding an ‘all the A-sides’ double disc compilation will come out this time next year, and just by chance the new song they wrote by mistake while trying to create a B-side will be their 40th UK single in 40 years as a band. My source – their record label management.


Yes, the Night Cafe EP (as I think of it) is fabulous. It includes two of the strongest / most poignant songs I think OMD have ever done: Kill Me / No Man’s Land. Brilliant! Worth a £5 of anyones money.


Gorillaz used to do these releases with “G-Sides” and “D-Sides” – loved those releases.

Biffy Clyro also do these for all their albums but usually digital only releases. Really wish they would release them as CDs as they had lots of great b-sides and bonus tracks.


They say time goes quicker the older you get but this is crazy. lol

Steve W

Not sure howi I feel about this – I love this album & I’m still playing it (esp the last 2 tracks). In general I don’t care for remixes nowadays but extra tracks, hmmmm…


It feels like there isn’t as much focus on the idea of albums having an “era” anymore. I miss when there was that lead up to the release and you got the first single–maybe with an album track for the b-side so you had a little more of a feel for what to anticipate. Then the album would come. And then you had months afterward, sometimes up to a year, of more singles, videos, b-sides, remixes. Sometimes the single mix would be a radical re-working. Sometimes the b-side wasn’t on the album but radio would pick it up, and it was like a mini-extension of the era.

Everything seems so “instant” now–dump some videos on Vimeo, some tracks on iTunes, no one is clear about what the “single” is, do a world tour (where the real money is), move on. The record companies keep complaining that no one cares about music anymore, but they’ve basically trained them not to care. If you were just getting into music now, how would you become a collector? What’s to collect? Files? JPEGS? There’s no “collector’s item” when everything is a download. There’s nothing to really get excited about if you just click a button in a program and at midnight on “release day” it automatically shows up on your phone.

And I probably just sound like an old man complaining about “the good old days.”

Jason Schafer

This is a great idea but I never understand why artists lump the remixes of all the same tracks back to back. At least make it a listening “experience” by alternating and shifting things around a bit. Still, this is one to get I suppose.


I don’t understand that either. I suppose, in some ways, it does mirror the old days of the “maxi-single,” when you got a disc with just the remixes and maybe a b-side or two. But when it’s a full-length disc, I do wish they would try to break it up a bit more to make for more of a listening experience.

Of course, I’m sure there are some people who are just as adamant about preferring to have everything grouped together.


Good idea . Better than a deluxe edition , charging you for the original album again /

alan hansen

yes… this collecting of peripheral album-sessions material is now routine for OMD (which i think is brilliant, even if this is my second-least favorite OMD album). my complaint (sorry) is that it wasn’t made part of the SDE – the very expensive SDE, which came with not one, not two, but three copies of the vinyl album; but not this collection of b-sides et al.


From recent comments they’ve made though, at least one of the b-sides hadn’t been recorded yet at that point. Better to wait and have them all, and, as the person below said, not be forced to but repetition down the line.

Auntie Sabrina

Great idea at a great price, reminds me of when The Human League released their Love And Dancing mini-LPin the 80s.

Chris Squires

Now THAT was an album that ripped through the old sixth form like wild fire. Mornings and lunchtimes…. just the coolest album at the time. It fought for rotation with No Parlez as I recall.

Darren Briscoe

I wish it was on vinyl…


That became an “era” awfully quick!

Actually, though, they did the same thing for the extra stuff for the last two albums as well. And some of us fans who couldn’t give a toss about vinyl appreciate it greatly.


That was my thought exactly–that seems to be an era that has been closed really freaking quickly. I just got the album about a month ago. Feels like it had just barely begun.